Josie slipped into the kitchen at CARLINO'S.

"This," she thought, "will be one of the greatest pranks of all time."

Just as Josie was finishing, Paulina walked in. She immediately telephoned Joe.

"It was only a joke," Josie, alone in the kitchen with Joe, defended herself.

"No, Josie," Joe scolded, "jokes are funny. Putting shaving cream in the tortoni wasn't funny.
People could have gotten sick."

"I didn't think of that," Josie admitted.

"Well," Joe said, "this has nothing to do with your police work, so I can't suspend you, and I can't put
you on desk duty. But, for your own good,
(Josie, having heard Joe use that expression more than once in the past, groaned inwardly)
I can't let what you did go unpunished."

"What are you going to do?"

"Here's a hint," Joe said. "It rhymes with prank." He took down a wooden spoon that was hanging on a nail.

An hour and a half later, Gary called Josie at the police station.

"Listen, J., how about if I fix dinner tonight?"

"That would be great," Josie said.

"What would you like?" Gary asked.

Josie answered, "Anything but rump roast."