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Full Summary: Everyone knows that Arcadia Police Department and Arcadia Fire House 81 has never gotten along. Rookie Officer Alex Winchester is very aware of this, since her father, Police Captain John Winchester, seems to hold the most hatred for one firefighter in particular, Fire Captain Lucifer Pellegrino. And when Alex has a drunken, one-night stand with the hottest man she's ever met, she regretfully files away the memory and continues on with her life. Unfortunately, fate has other plans, and she quickly discovers that recently ex-candidate Firefighter Castiel Novak was the sexy hunk she met that night. Things get even worse when someone starts to target police officers and firefighters in the City of Arcadia. After all, all heroes must fall.

Notes: Creds to River Winters for the inspiration! I reuploaded several chapters to change the cop lingo and phonetic alphabet to reflect the standards I researched on the internet...

Warning: Lemony smut! Lots of it.

Disclaimer: Nothing's mine but the plot and words.

Chapter 1

City of Arcadia, Squad Car A781

Monday, November 11th


"42-Bravo, 10-97."

Hearing her FTO's voice in her ear, Alex unbuckled her seat belt, sliding out of her patrol car without any difficulties. She patted the hood fondly, scanning her surroundings as she approached the scene she'd just pulled up to. One other patrol car sat running next to the sidewalk and she was glad she hadn't been the first responder. Caleb Blacker slammed the passenger door and grumbled as he shifted the heavy duty belt on his hips. She tried not to do the same with hers, though the weight was pushing on her hip bones painfully. Two more months and then you can relax…

Dispatch echoed, "42-Bravo, 97 with 32-Bravo."

Joining Arcadia Police Department had been pretty easy given that she had come from a long line of Arcadia police officers; she had a grandfather, a father, two brothers, a smatter of cousins, and many dead relatives to attest to that. It was the Academy that had been a different story. Alex considered that the darkest and most trying part of her life; it was there that she'd come the closest to giving up and turning her back on the family legacy. If it hadn't been for her partner and fellow rookie, Jo Harvelle, she might have done just that.

Alex and Jo were both two months fresh out of the Academy and eight weeks into the sixteen week Field Training Officer program. They had been sisters in suffering and now they were sisters in arms. Jo winked at her from the doorstep of the residence, clipboard in hand. On her other side, Cpl. Dean Winchester was speaking to a distraught women in the open doorway.

Yeah, Jo's FTO was Alex's oldest brother. Alex was envious and at the same time sorry for her friend. Dean could be a real pain in the ass sometimes about protocols and whatnot. But at least he wasn't a frigid robot like Caleb. Alex sighed as her FTO fell into step next to her, both of them walking up the pathway to the house.

As they approached the door, Jo angled her body a little in order to include them in the conversation. Alex flashed a polite smile to the woman in the doorway who was dabbing at her teary eyes with a wrinkled tissue.

"These are my partners, Officer Blacker and Officer Winchester." Jo said amicably. "They're here to help."

"Hello ma'am." Caleb dipped his head in acknowledgement. "May we speak with your husband?"

It was always better to talk to the parents separately. Alex caught the puzzled look the woman threw her way, eyes flicking down to her shiny, gold nameplate: . Yeah lady, Dean's my brother. She got that question all the time. Alex cast a sideways glance at the clipboard in Jo's hand as she passed – just like she'd thought, a missing person's report. She'd thought it was one of those bogus calls, where the helicopter parents called on their kids who had been gone for like thirty minutes. She tried to recall the call history that Caleb had pulled up on the Mobile Data Terminal. Mr. and Mrs. Branson had called in to report their fourteen year old son, Justin, missing after he hadn't come home from football practice. They'd called his coach, his friends, checked every place they'd thought he could be. The little turd was probably someplace he shouldn't be and asked his friends to cover for him. Too bad his parents had called the cops.

"Um, y-yes. Brian's in the living room." Mrs. Branson's voice was timid and she sounded like she was going to cry again.

Alex was thankful she was bypassing the bawling mother. She was never really good at calming down hysterical people. Caleb followed her inside, where she immediately spotted the father sitting on a couch in the living room, his head in his hands. He looked startled when they came in.

"Hello, Mr. Branson? I'm Officer Winchester and this is my partner, Officer Blackburn." She would've gone for a handshake but the man didn't stand.

He glanced at her name tag and then at the door where her brother stood. Yup, it happened every time she ended up at a scene with her brothers or her father. Alex sighed again and tried to regain his attention.

"We're just here to ask you a couple of questions about your son?" She stayed a safe distance away, just like she'd been taught in the Academy. Primary initiates contact with the subject while secondary acts as cover. Watch his hands. Remain in defensive stance. You never know what to expect.

"I already told the other officers everything I know." Mr. Branson frowned, rubbing what looked like tear tracks from his face.

Keep your voice neutral and friendly. Remind him that you're here to help. "I understand that, sir. We're just being thorough. Is there anything you can tell us that might help us narrow down the possible places he could be? His favorite places to hangout or eat? A best friend's house?"

Mr. Bransone shook his head and swallowed thickly. "No, no. We called all of Justin's friends. No one's seen him. I even drove around downtown to stop by all his favorite spots. I know he's not there and he would tell us if he was gonna go anywhere. Justin's a responsible boy. He wouldn't just disappear like this."

The man's voice rose with each sentence and Alex could tell he was getting worked up again. Alex looked at her FTO for support, but Caleb just gave her a standoffish look. He was letting her take the reins on this one and that meant taking control of the situation.

"Okay, Mr. Branson." Alex moved closer, pulling out her notebook. "Do you remember what Justin was wearing today?"

And on it went. Alex asked every possible question to get a full picture of the boy's description, jotting it all down on her notebook. Caleb stood to the side, silent, arms crossed over his chest. She could hear Jo asking Mrs. Branson all the same questions. How tall is your son? Where was he last seen? Do you think he could be hiding at a friend's house? What time did his football practice end? Does he have access to a car? All the routine questions to get a bearing on the case. Alex had been excited driving to the call because she'd never worked a missing persons case before, but it turned out to just be like every other call – asking questions, doing paperwork, dealing with distraught parties. At least she didn't have to write up the report; Jo and Dean had gotten there first so they would take point. She hoped the boy would turn up soon; it could get a whole lot more complicated if he really did end up missing or kidnapped.

When they were done with their questions and reassuring the parents that "they were doing everything they could to bring their son home and to please keep their phones on hand in case they had to reach them", Alex and Jo left the house with their respective FTOs. The detectives would handle follow-up investigation.

They stood by Jo and Dean's patrol car as Jo relayed the information over the radio. Dean dug in the truck for the additional paperwork and thrust the papers at her. Alex caught them in surprise.

"Are you kidding me?"

"Rookies get the paper." Dean smirked.

She decided not to say anything back. It was always hard deciding when to treat her brother like a brother and when to treat him like a senior officer. Alex shivered as a breeze snuck through the thin fabric of her uniform jacket and crowded closer to the warm hood of the Crown Victoria.

"How much do you wanna bet he's doing something illegal?" Jo appeared at her side with the bulk of the papers, a pen in her hand and a flashlight under her arm.

Alex snorted. "Teenage boys."

"You better make sure those are neat and tidy." Dean barked. "If even one of my reports get kicked back this time, I'm gonna make you do it a hundred more times."

"Yes, sir." Once Dean had turned back to his conversation with Caleb, Jo rolled her eyes at Alex. "It's always the ones he writes that get kicked back. My handwriting is perfectly legible."

Alex chuckled. "Oh I know. His handwriting's always been crappy."

"Looks like this is gonna be my entire night." Jo said forlornly, pen flying across paper.

Alex didn't envy her friend. She hated when they arrived at a call that ended up demanding the remaining hours of their shift. She'd rather be canvasing the neighborhood and talking to people. Most law enforcement officers felt that way, but unfortunately, paperwork was integral part of their job.

"Sucks for you."

Jo and Dean would probably have their hands full with this call; they'd wait for the go from Sgt. Jody Mills and then call in for the off-duty Crime Scene Analyst to come take a look. Afterwards, maybe they'd do the prelim search if the detectives were too backed up. Lots of waiting.

"Thanks for the support." Jo said sarcastically.

"You're welcome." Alex shot back, smiling as she finished the last paper Dean had given her. "Here, I did these for you. We should meet up for dinner. Pizza?"

It wouldn't hurt to make plans if Dean and Jo ended up being sprung free from the call.

"Thanks." Jo didn't look up as Alex shoved the pen back in her breast pocket. "Sounds good. You sure Blacker will be up for it?"

Alex shrugged. "We'll see."

Caleb ended up not being up for it and she couldn't say anything about it, not if she wanted to get through training with flying colors and stay in the good graces of her FTO. Dean and Jo ended up still tied up with the missing persons call. So they grabbed subs from the Subway by the highway and ate in silence, parked in the empty, back lot of the local library. Caleb was more of a lone wolf than a team player, preferring to cruise around on his own instead of hanging with the pack that congregated downtown this late at night. She, on the other hand, liked hanging around the other officers, trading stories and forging friendships.

It was a slow night, the usual on a Monday in Arcadia. Most people had just finished a day of work after a relaxing weekend and preferred to stay in the comfort of their homes. Alex liked working nights, but she'd rather work the second half of the week instead of the first. But of course, as a rookie, she had no say in the matter and got the crappy hours. The only other excitement that happened that night was a minor kitchen fire that turned into a drunken bar brawl. Needless to say, tasers were deployed, the firefighters arrived on scene, and the mood foul.

She'd been raised into the rivalry, and everyone knew that Arcadia PD just didn't get along with Fire House 81. No one cared why, they just did. It wasn't hatred persay, because the police officers and firefighters respected each other in character and duty, they just competed at everything they did and took every opportunity to insult and undermine each other. It was kind of ridiculous actually. But community loved it because it always provided entertainment at the cook-offs, baseball, football, and soccer games, charity events, and every other social event in which both departments could be pitted against each other.

By the end of their shift, she wasn't even trying to hide her yawns. Caleb shot her a disapproving look as she turned off the engine, yawning loudly. Alex joined the rest of the officers on her shift in the briefing room, where they usually waited until a sergeant dismissed them from their shift. The sergeant on shift, Jody Mills, came in a few minutes after Alex and Caleb arrived.

"Alright, get out of here." She waved a hand in the direction of the door. "And drive safely."

Alex liked Jody. Most of the officers disappeared into the locker rooms after that. Alex waited a little for Jo or Dean to show up but after ten minutes, she guessed they were hung up on a call.

"Waiting on your brother?" Jody took of her jacket, unclipping her radio and setting it on one of the tables.

Alex smiled sheepishly. "Yes ma'am. He's my ride home tonight."

Earlier this week, some jackass on a motorcycle had zoomed by too close to her parked car and ripped off the side-view mirror, earning a place for a her sweet, black '69 Ford Mustang in the repair shop. She had been forced to hitch rides to work with Dean, who held it over her head to get her to do the grocery shopping. Alex, Sam, and Dean all owned apartments in the Parkway Apartment Complex a few blocks away from the station – like their dad, who lived in their Alder Canyon Townhome their lives revolved around their work.

Caleb, dressed in civilian clothes and freshly showered, stuck his head back in the briefing room. "You coming to The Roadhouse, rookie? Drinks on Anderson tonight."

The officers in Arcadia had built a habit turned tradition of going to The Roadhouse, a fine bar downtown and local hangout for cops, after their shift for drinks and chatting. It was a great way to build camaraderie and trust within the department.

She shook her head regretfully. "Not tonight. Looks like I'll be waiting on Dean."

"See you tomorrow, then." He left.

"I better get going too." Judy gave her an apologetic smile. "I'd give you a ride home, honey, but Sean's got a fever and well, you know."

Alex waved away her concern. "Don't worry about it. Go home, Sarge."

When Dean and Jo finally did return to the station, Alex had already changed, showered, and eaten half the grapes in the bowl dispatch had put out in their little cafeteria. They both looked pretty tired and Alex took it upon herself to drive Dean home, a good choice too since he fell asleep the moment she pulled out of the parking lot. He must've really had a long night to conk out like that. After rousing him, avoiding his instinctive punches and usual grumbling, she pushed him up the stairs to his apartment door; after making sure he was awake enough to lock the door behind him, Alex entered her own apartment, dropped her duffel bag, and crawled into bed.

Tuesday and Wednesday were not any more exciting. She heard the usual "Dean got a 5150 that pissed in the back of his car" and "Steve almost got a bite today, but the little twerp jumped a fence" and even "He was so drunk, when I got him to EDF, he passed out and cracked his jaw on the floor" but more commonly "It was those skate rats again". Alex hadn't been on the job long enough to tell any glory tales, but she enjoyed listening to the other veteran officers speak animatedly about theirs.

Four in the morning on Thursday, she forced herself to get up to go jogging with Sam. And as usual, they showered and dressed to meet Dean at their local café for breakfast before Sam went on shift. He worked the third shift, days on the second half of the week. She didn't envy him. Day shift was a thousand times more boring than night shift.

Friday, she met Jo and Charlie for girls' club night. Charlie worked as a veteran communications officer on Sam's shift, meaning Alex could text her for updates on her brother without actually interfering in her work. The other two girls got mildly drunk since Alex was always the unofficially designated driver. She didn't really mind; being drunk always left her feeling out of control and embarrassed so she tried to avoid it. She got to hear all the juicy details on how Charlie's virtual kingdom was doing – nerd! – and she even got the scoop from Jo on how Ellen had chewed out Squad One because one of their officers had flashed his badge trying to get out of a speeding ticket off-duty. Based on Jo's stories, Alex was determined not to get on the wrong side of Lieutenant Harvelle.

She slept all of Saturday and went back to work Sunday night. Two more weeks of nothing past, she enjoyed Ellen's Thanksgiving dinner with the officers who weren't on duty, the missing person's case got kicked up to Detective Bobby Singer, and she forgot all about it.

Parkway Apartment Complex, Apartment #31

Saturday, November 30th


Alex was enjoying her last day off-duty – curled up on her sofa with a big, fluffy blanket and a cup of coffee with her favorite crime drama running on TV – when her phone rang. She ignored it the first and second time it rang, but when it rang the third time she knew it was important. Caller ID said it was Dean.

"I'm relaxing." She pulled a pouty face even though he couldn't see.

"Get your stuff Al, briefing in twenty. Be down in two."


He hung up. Alex threw her phone on the couch in frustration and peeled back the blankets. Damn it was cold. She hurried around the apartment, grabbing her equipment and stuffing it into her department-issued duffel bag.

"Keys, keys, keys." Alex ran from the counter next to the front door to the kitchen counter to her bedside table to the bathroom. "Where are my fucking keys?"

Alex checked her phone. 1 minute and 2 seconds left. She sat still for a second, trying to remember where she'd thrown her keys last night. I walked in, closing the door, I had my jacket in my hand and I put them –

"Aha!" Alex shouldered her duffel bag and plucked her keys from where they'd slid off the counter and into the plotted plant that sat conveniently next to the open edge. She hurried downstairs where Dean's Impala already sat running. He pealed out of the parking lot at an alarming rate.

"Woah, Dean, slow down!" She rolled the windows up to minimize wind damage as she wrestled her hair into a low bun. "What's going on?"

"It's the Branson case."

Arcadia Police Department, Briefing Room


Alex had never seen so many blue uniforms squished into the briefing room. Must be serious then. It only made her more nervous. She was still new enough not to know many of the officers aside from the ones in her squad that worked her shift. She hadn't been able to get anything out of Jo, who'd been tight-lipped and shook her head, in the locker room. Based on the whispers around her many of the other officers were also out of the loop. She checked her watch. Sam was already out on patrol; would Squad Three be coming as well for the emergency briefing?

"Listen up, everyone." A voice at the front of the room immediately drew everyone's attention. "For those you who are unaware, I'm Lieutenant Eliot Ness, the on-duty watch commander. I know many of you are off-duty tonight, but we've called you in on an urgent matter. Detective Singer, if you will."

Alex watched the handsome, middle-aged man step away from the podium to allow Bobby Singer to take the spotlight. Bobby had been like an uncle to her growing up, having been her father's beat partner for more than ten years. Bobby opened the file in front of him, looking more serious than she'd ever seen him.

"Two weeks ago, Cpl. Winchester and Officer Harvelle responded to a 14213(b)(3). Mrs. Branson reported her fourteen year old son, Justin Branson, missing at 1918 after he didn't return home from football practice. The preliminary, secondary, and tertiary search of the surrounding neighborhood turned up nothing." Bobby looked grim as he pointed towards the board behind him; pictures, labels, and words constituted a set-up that the investigating officer had created. "We've exhausted all other leads and turned up nothing. However, we have reason to believe that this man" – Bobby tapped a finger on a picture of a man– "Duane Tanner, twenty-eight year old Caucasian male, blonde hair, green eyes, is our prime suspect. He has priors for 242, 245, 246, 487(a), 647(f)…and 243(b) with a 187."

Everyone in the room immediately stiffened. Alex dug her fingernails into her palms, the familiar surge of fury ignited by shared pride blossoming in her chest. Whispers of "cop-killer" hissed through the briefing room and Bobby paused to let the revelation sink in.

"Mrs. Branson has identified him as Justin's recently hired chemistry tutor. Today, we're bringing him in." Bobby said, holding up a handful of what looked like search warrants. "Squad one's got the workplace, Squad two's got the residence, and Squad four has the school. Our first priority is to find Justin Branson and bring him home, understood?"

There was a strong chorus of "Yes, sir!" and then Bobby said, "Let's get this son of a bitch."

Everyone sprang into action and adrenaline pumped hard in her veins. Alex shared an excited look with Jo across the room as she filed out with the rest of the Squad Two. She wondered if Duane Tanner would be in his home and what it would be like to breach the house. It would be her first warrant search on the job.

"Rookie, let's move it!" Caleb called, throwing open the door to the fleet lot.

Once she and Caleb were buckled up, Alex threw the Crown Victoria into reverse and trailed the other patrol cars peeling out of the lot. The excitement caused her head to buzz and her fingers to become restless on the steering wheel as voices overlapped each other over the radio, simultaneously providing comfort in her ear and information through the car console. The officers that had arrived at the residence before them were already putting out information over the radio.

"2-Bravo-Sierra to all units on Tac two. Initial perimeter in place. 32-Bravo, cover secondary perimeter. All remaining units 10-23 on a tertiary perimeter." Jody was interrupted by dispatch.

"Station A to all units. Duane Tanner is believed to be armed and dangerous. Proceed with caution."

Her bulletproof vest had never seemed so heavy and constricting as it did then.

"Better to be safe than sorry." It was Jody again – Alex set her radio to Tac two, switching off scan to filter out the other squads' commands. "12-Bravo, 22-Echo, 2-Kilo, and myself will breach the front."

"32-Bravo, copy. We'll take the southeast corner." A deeper voice responded and Alex knew it was Dean. "22-Bravo on the northeast corner. 62-Bravo on the northwest corner. 72-Bravo on the southwest corner."

A heartbeat later she heard confirmation from the other units.

Alex eased off the gas pedal in dismay. It looked like she wouldn't be getting any action after all. She couldn't blame Dean for picking the closest units, but this meant she would be on the outermost perimeter, nowhere near the house. The MDT said pleasantly, "One message." Caleb turned the computer in his direction, allowing her to drive as he checked the message.

"Drop me off at the primary perimeter." Caleb said, unbuckling his seatbelt.

"Sir?" Alex turned to look at him, confused.

Her FTO gave her a hard look. "Sarge wants me in the breaching party."

Tamping down the feeling of dismay in her chest, she swung a hard left out of her route to the outer perimeter. "Yes, sir."

"You stay on the outer tertiary perimeter, got that?" Caleb was already half-way out of the car as she pulled up the scene where squad cars were already set up in defensive position outside the house. "You okay by yourself, rookie?"

She decided to give him an eye-roll. "Yes, sir."

He slammed the door shut and patted the hood in parting. Alex was unhappy separating from her partner. She felt that they were deliberately keeping her out of the action because she was a rookie. How was she supposed to get any experience if they didn't let her participate. She drove down the block, joining the other officers who were setting up the tertiary perimeter and parked her car in formation along with the other squad cars just like she'd been taught in the Academy. At least she was getting practice in defensive formations.

"32-Bravo to 2-Bravo-Sierra, all secondary units in position." It was comforting to at least hear Dean's voice in her ear.

"2-Bravo-Sierra, copy. Breach team in position."

Two breaths later she knew the door had been kicked in when she heard voices yelling. She could hear them from all the way down the block. Arcadia Police Department! If he came barreling through the back, there were four cops ready for him and even more on the opposing street if he got through them and jumped the fence. If he came through any of the side alleys, there would be even two more officers waiting on the side. He would have to be stupid to come running out the front. The yelling ceased and silence settled over the residence and the surrounding area. She held her breath, wondering just what was going on inside those walls. Had they found him? Was he even in the house? Were the other squads going to get lucky and find him at the school or his office? Maybe she'd get lucky and he would somehow slip away and she would catch him before he got past the outermost perimeter. That would be a glory tale to tell.

The silence seemed stretch on forever, but when she looked back on it, it had only been a few seconds. A few seconds in which she licked her lips, her vision tunneling to include only the door, hyperaware for any sign of microscopic movement –

Caleb's voice screamed through her earpiece.


The blast rocked the entire neighborhood, causing her to stumble. It was a few seconds before she realized that the blue spots moving in her vision where officers abandoning the perimeter in favor of the house. She immediately began running towards the burning house, fear causing her heart to pound against her ribcage. She had only one thought: Dean!

The world was a cacophony of piercing sirens and jumbled shouting. Voices were screaming in her ear again.

"11-99! 11-99!"

"Officer down! Officer – "

"Multiple officers injured –"

"2-Bravo-Sierra to all units, report! Are you guys – "

"Dispatch! Clear the air – "

"Where's the suspect?! Has anyone – "

"What the hell just happened – "

"Sergeant Mills, what's your status?! What's – "

Officers were running out of the fire, others were running inside, and others lay on the ground unmoving. It was all chaos. She could see the wreckage where the house had blown apart from the inside, pieces of furniture crashing into the squad cars forming the primary perimeter. Debris littered the scene.

Alex had just passed the last of the squad cars and made it onto the front lawn when she tripped over a body. It was an officer she didn't recognize, but she did recognize the smell of burning flesh and the blood seeping into the pavement. Her throat constricted and she suddenly couldn't breathe. She couldn't tell if he was alive or dead. Dean's still in there somewhere! She shield her eyes against the smoke and heat as she desperately scanned for some sign of her brother. She was frozen in place, battling a tiny battle in her heart. Her duty was to serve and protect all of her brothers and sisters. All of them. She choked out a sob, falling to her knees next to fallen officer. She forced herself to roll him over, fingers digging into his neck to find any sort of pulse.

Alex fumbled for her mic. His nametag read J. Anderson. "32-Bravo with 22-Echo, officer down – he got caught in the blast, I – I can't find a pulse." She coughed, inhaling the smoke that was coming on the wind.

"32-Bravo, fire and medical are on their way. ETA 5 minutes."

She immediately began CPR.

30 compressions. Two breaths. C'mon, breathe. C'mon.

"C'mon." Alex muttered, breathing hard as she continued compressions. "Please, please."

She pinched his nose and placed her mouth over his. Two breaths. C'mon Anderson.

She shoved her interlaced fingers down as hard as she could. When she grabbed for her mic again, her fingers were slippery with blood. "Where are those medics? I need those medics now!" She desperately cast a glance around to find there were more unmoving bodies, other officers administering CPR and emergency first aid just like she was.

Another officer dropped to their knees next to her, a first aid box clattering to the ground. She ignored them as they searched for the source of the blood. She didn't know how long she stayed there, pumping her hands into his chest, checking for a pulse every cycle. It seemed like an eternity before she heard the fire sirens.

Firefighters spilled on scene and she called to a paramedic to take her place. Her hands and uniform were soaked in blood. When finally, gloved hands replaced hers, she stood up and staggered back, taking gulping breaths of air. Nothing could get the scent of blood and ashes out of her nose. Her eyes watered as she scanned her surroundings. Someone had already set up a triage station on the surrounding block and officers in dirty uniforms were being treated everywhere by paramedics. Fire trucks and engines from House 81 were parked around the perimeter, firemen scrambling around the fire with hoses in their hands. Geysers of water were being poured onto the burning house.

Another person steered her towards the back of an ambulance and she realized she was in shock. Her hands were trembling uncontrollably and she couldn't speak. She just kept hearing Caleb's scream in her ears over and over again. Bomb.

When she spotted Dean standing by one of the unharmed squad cars, her legs almost gave out under her. He seemed wholly unharmed, only pieces of his uniform singed and soot covering every inch of his face and hands. Eyebrows drawn tightly together, he was speaking very harshly into his mic and she was glad to see that he was still functioning. He's okay, Alex, he's okay.

She shoved away the paramedic that was trying to treat her and walked briskly to her oldest brother. When he saw her, his voice faltered and he abandoned his mic to wrap his arms tightly around his shoulders. She hugged him back with all her strength; she needed to make sure he was real, alive, and okay.

"You're okay, thank god." Dean pulled away, holding her at arm's length. "Is that blood? Alex?!"

She found her voice again, laughing weakly. "Yeah, I'm fine. I was on the outer perimeter. This isn't my blood. Where's Jo? And Caleb?"

"Jo's okay. But Caleb…" Dean eye's tightened and his expression hardened.

Something tightened in her chest. She could read in his eyes what he wouldn't say. Caleb didn't make it. "Dean?"

"He was standing right next to the bastard when it happened."

The news hit her harder than she thought it would and she blinked the tears from her eyes. Caleb hadn't really been her friend, but he had been her mentor, no matter the brief length. He had been her partner, and she hadn't been there to have his back.

Alex swallowed thickly, trying to shove down her emotions. "What the fuck happened?"

"It was a suicide bomb. Tanner was hiding in the basement." Her brother gritted his teeth and she knew he was battling his own emotions as well. "By the time Caleb saw him, it was too late."

"What about the boy?"

Dean couldn't have looked more pale. "Dead. Tanner killed him a week ago. Fucker had the body stashed in his basement."

Alex was suddenly furious. How could someone just do something like that? How had things gone so wrong? She wanted to punch and kick and scream. Why? Dean's hand tightened on his sister's shoulder as he felt her tense up. He had experienced tragedies like this before and he knew it didn't get any easier. Alex was distracted from her anger by the commotion in front of the house. The fire was pretty much dead and the firefighters were sorting through the wreckage. She spotted the black body bags laid out on the sidewalk and felt like throwing up. There wouldn't be enough of the bodies to recover; bombs blew everything to smithereens.

"You should probably get back to the station." Dean squeezed her shoulder one more time before his hand dropped back to his side. "They're already clearing out the scene, calling all available units back on patrol."

"What about you?" Alex didn't think she could let her brother out of sight after his near-death experience. "I don't…"

"I gotta stay. Sarge needs me." Dean looked at his sister, his face softening. "I'll be okay, Al. Do you need someone to drive you or are you okay by yourself?"

Are you okay by yourself? The last words Caleb had said to her. Alex turned away from her brother, rubbing a hand over her eyes, willing herself not to cry.

"I'm good, yeah."

"Okay, Sam's waiting at the station."

She suddenly felt guilty that she hadn't asked about her twin. She hadn't realized that he might still be at the station, worrying about both of them. Alex took one last look at her older brother. She didn't want to leave him right now, she couldn't.

"Stay safe."

Dean's mouth twisted before he nodded. "You too."

Alex drove back to the station by herself, the emotional pain further magnified by the vacant passenger seat. Sam didn't ask her any questions, just hugged her for a long time. They held her back at the station for four more hours and she answered all the necessary questions. She was able to avoid the room where they'd placed Justin Branson's parents, but the entire department could hear their cries of despair. She was glad she hadn't been the officer to deliver the news. When she finally showered and changed, the sky had turned black with twinkling stars. It didn't seem fair that the night was still so beautiful after something so devastating had happened.

When she climbed into Sam's car, heart heavy with grief, he said. "They're having a tribute tonight at The Roadhouse for Caleb. Do you want to go?"

No. She nodded. It was only right to pay their respects to a fallen brother.

City of Arcadia, The Roadhouse

Saturday, November 30th


Alex hadn't gotten drunk in a while, but she thought tonight she deserved to numb out the pain. Plus, it helped to block out the pity stares every one kept giving her. At least someone had informed her that Officer Anderson was in the hospital and would make a full recovery. She was glad he was okay. She was pleasantly buzzed. She didn't know how many drinks or shots she'd had, but when she saw one, she drank it. Drinks were apparently on the house tonight and she wasn't the only one taking advantage of it.

Intelligence Officer Ash Lindberg sidled by to refill her shot glass. She had been surprised to learn that he bartended at the Roadhouse on weekends. He gave her a sympathetic smile before tending to another officer demanding another round. She glowered at his back.

Why was everyone looking at her like she was broken? Yeah, her FTO had died and yeah, she hadn't been with him when it had happened. But it wasn't her fault. It wasn't. Alex dropped her head into her hands, wishing she'd get drunk faster. And this wasn't the place to do it.

She slid off the barstool, making her way to the door to grab her cellphone from Sam's jacket. Her gun and badge still sat in Sam's glovebox and she felt weirdly guilty leaving it behind. It was a weird sort of loud in the Roadhouse. There were many more officers than usual, all of them here to commemorate Caleb Blacker and what he'd given to his country, and they were all talking. But they spoke in low, respectful tones that created a soothing, peaceful atmosphere. Alex couldn't stand it. She wanted to forget herself tonight. Forget the mistakes she'd made. Forget how she'd left her partner behind.

She sent a quick text telling Sam she'd take a cab home, and then left her cellphone along with her wallet (though she took a few bills) and keys in Sam's jacket pocket. She told herself she was just going to head out for some fresh air and then come back in. Alex stood on the sidewalk, staring down the street. The Roadhouse wasn't necessarily in the middle of downtown but it was near enough to walk several blocks to get to the clubs that vibrated with Dubstep and bodies. So, she headed that way. She was kind of cold and regretted her decision to wear shorts and a loose, sheer top; seeking out the warmth of other bodies, Alex walked into the first club she encountered, flashing her ID at the mean looking bouncer in the illuminated doorway. It was so dark and so loud inside that she couldn't hear herself think. Perfect.

She made a beeline for the bar, ignoring the writhing mass of bodies on the dance floor. She wasn't that drunk. Not yet, anyway. Miraculously, there was an empty seat and she squeezed into it.

She signaled to the bartender. "Gin and Tonic, please."

When her drink finally came, she nursed it slowly. Her eyes floated over the other faces crowded at the bar and she felt the sudden urge to flirt shamelessly. There were many attractive males with delicious bodies – or so she surmised in the dim lighting – and she was beginning to think maybe she'd have a harder time choosing a target than actually getting her flirt on when she felt a heated gaze on her from the other side of the bar.

His eyes were a startling shade of blue and the low light in the club made them a sultry, dark color. There was an invitation in his gaze that made rivers of heat spread across her chest. He had dark hair, tousled like someone had run their hands through it. When he saw her looking at him, a killer smile spread across his lips. It made her dizzy with want. She looked away then, unable to handle the rising heat of desire in her body. Wow… Alex risked another look to find that he was still staring at her predatorily. She turned her whole body away from him and downed her drink quickly, ordering another one because she felt the need to hold something cold against her flaming cheeks. She hadn't been this turned on since…well since ever. And all from a freaking smile.

A disturbance drew her attention back to his side of the bar and Alex turned back around to see a flustered, drunken woman wiping at his tight, navy t-shirt with a couple of napkins. Looks like she spilled her drink on him. Her jealousy flared instantly as the pretty, busty blonde took advantage of the spill to roam his chest with her manicured hands. He politely avoided her greedy hands and hopped off his seat. The blonde was still apologizing and attempting to reach for him as he declined her help. She wanted to throw her drink at the bimbo's face. Get off him, bitch. Haven't you done enough damage? Alex was surprised at the heat of her jealousy. She didn't even know him.

The young man turned to head for the bathroom, but she was surprised when he looked over his shoulder and shot a daring smile straight in her direction. That smile…those lips… Alex could feel herself blushing profusely as he disappeared into the crowd. Jesus Christ, she was hot everywhere. Before she even knew what she was doing, she vacated her seat and left her drink behind, heading in the direction of the bathrooms. She wasn't as drunk as she'd have liked, but she was grateful that she still had most of her reason and clarity in mind as she approached the divide to the male and female restrooms.

She didn't hesitate before pushing open the door to the male restrooms.

He stood at one of the sinks, his ruined shirt in his hands under a steady stream of water from the faucet. Alex just stared. Holy fuck… He was definitely one of the hottest men – if not the hottest man – she'd ever seen. He was lean, and definitely taller than her, with muscles that didn't bulge but defined his body in salacious ways. She couldn't help it; she allowed herself to follow the light dusting of hair that disappeared beneath the waistband of his jeans. Her whole body tightened and she swallowed hard. He looked up when she entered and a roguish smirk appeared on his wholly handsome face.

"You know, this is the men's bathroom." His voice was deeper, rougher than she had expected and it made her skin hum with heat.

Her bravado left as quickly as it had come and mortification took its place.

Alex blurted, "Oops!"

She turned on her heel, throwing the door open, and made a mad dash for the crowd on the dance floor. Oh my fucking god, I can't believe that just happened. Holy shit! Alex shoved her way into the middle of the dance floor and allowed herself to get lost in the tangle of limbs. The dubstep beat reverberated through the floor, echoing in her bones and making her head pound. I just stared at him. I just fucking stared at him like a creep. She dragged her palms down her face, embarrassment flooding through her entire body. Okay, Alex, get yourself together. He's just one guy. It doesn't matter. Don't worry about it. There's plenty of other sexy guys here. Alex tried to convince herself by throwing her body wildly with the beat, gyrating with the other bodies pressing up against her from every side. The music washed away her reason and she allowed herself to let go, closing her eyes. It got really hot really quickly with so many people dancing in such close quarters and soon, she was swaying and twisting to the rhythm that vibrated through hips, arms clasped above her head. Hands settled on her waist and she welcomed the feel of a hard body pressing into hers. She was slowly getting drunk on the music, the alcohol rushing through her blood, her lust rising again to match the beat as she ground her hips back into the hips behind her. Alex let her head fall back onto the shoulder of the man that had decided to dance with her, reaching back to tangle her fingers in his hair. She imagined it to be dark and tousled and his body to be lean and muscular. Suddenly, the feel of something cold on her back snapped her out of her sensual haze and she turned around quickly, puzzled.

Blue eyes, avidly dark, gazed back at her. Alex took a startled step backwards, dropping her arms, but he kept his hands on her waist, his smile amused and even a little chagrined. His navy t-shirt was damp, clinging to the defined planes of his chest. Oh…

"You." She didn't know whether to be mad or coy. Had he followed her into the crowd?

He hooked his fingers into her belt loops, tugging her closer, hips hard against hers and leaned down to brush his lips against her ear. "Hi. I'm Cas."

Cas. Knowing his name just made him even more appealing. Alex curled her fingers into his wet shirt and whispered, "Hi."

She was suddenly very shy in his embrace, embarrassed at how much he turned her on and desire raging for her to just rip his clothes off.

She turned her head so that her lips brushed his jaw and her heart slammed against her ribcage. "I'm Alex."

Tonight she was just Alex. She wasn't a Winchester and she wasn't a police officer. She was a really, really horny young woman who'd just met the sexiest man alive.

He said in a low voice that made her toes curl. "It's really great to meet you, Alex."

She moved slowly against him, her lust overcoming her suspicions, her movements melting into his as they swayed to the pounding beat that spilled out of the club's speakers. It was one thing seeing his delicious body and another to be pressed up against it, feeling all the curves, the dips, and the muscles. It was more erotic than she cared to admit. He's so…Jesus, help me…

She wanted him very, very badly.

Alex slid her hands up his chest slowly, amazed at just how unbelievably sculpted his body was – Calm down, Alex. Calm down. She took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart as she clasped her hands behind his neck, pulling herself closer to him as she followed the circular motion of his hips with her own. Cas reciprocated, hands tightening on her hips to pull her flush against him. Alex gathered her courage and gave into her urges, pressing an open-mouthed kiss to the smooth skin of his collarbone. She felt him take a sharp breath and allowed herself a small smile –

And then his hand was tangling in her hair, tugging her head back, and he crushed his lips to hers. It was a heart-stopping kiss with carefully controlled hunger that made the whole world tumble at her feet. Alex gasped into his mouth, allowing him access to tease her tongue with wet touches from his own. He pushed her backwards, easily carving his way through the crowd, until her back hit the far wall. With nowhere to go, she was helpless as he attempted to crush her between his body and the wall, desperate to get closer, closer, closer. His blazing hands were suddenly everywhere, yanking at her hips, curled in her hair, gripping her jaw, brushing her cheek, cupped behind her thighs – he half-lifted, half-shoved her up the wall and she had to wrap her legs around his waist for support, shuddering as he grabbed her ass, rolling his hips into hers in an upwards motion . Fucking Christ! She broke away for air, gasping and blinking in the dark, clinging to him as he trailed wet kisses down her jawline and neck, nosing aside the sleeve of her shirt to sink his teeth into her shoulder. She felt like she was on fire, a whimper falling out of her mouth as he suckled hungrily on her skin.

"Cas, I…" She bit her lip, fingers tightening in his hair as he dragged his hot tongue across the bite mark. "Nngh.."

His devilish mouth left her skin and he looked up at her through his eyelashes, panting harshly. "Did you need something?"

She crashed her lips to his again, unable to control the desire that made her legs clench around his strong waist. He kissed her back with equal fervor, thrusting against her with a low groan. The friction made her curse whoever invented clothes.

"We should – we should –" She tried to speak against his mouth but it was hard not to get lost in his passion. "Cas, not –"

He claimed her mouth for one more wet, long, voracious kiss, sucking on her lower lip as he pulled away. Touching his forehead to hers, Cas stopped for the moment, their hot breaths mingling in space between their bodies.

"Your place or mine?"

Her heart hammered in her chest at his question, making her heady and drunk with arousal and excitement.

"Yours." She replied breathily.

She was almost sorry to have said it as he stepped back, letting her slide down his body so she could touch the ground again. Alex was already thinking about those hard hips again, only this time naked, when he laced their fingers together and pulled her through the crowd to the entrance. It made her giddy to realize that this was really happening and she was getting into a cab with a stranger – a hot, sexy, irresistible stranger. If she hadn't been drunk, she'd never put herself in such potential danger. But tonight, she wasn't reasonable, calculating Officer Winchester. I'm a hot chick who just bagged the hottest fuck of her life.

Cas gave the driver directions, keeping one arm securely around her shoulders and she kept a hand on his chest, hugging herself to him. She became desperate for his lips again in the brief time that they were parted from hers and as soon as he was done talking to the driver, she had yanked his face back down to hers. He chuckled against her lips, a sound that made her heart flutter, and pulled her onto his lap so that she was straddling him. They didn't bother with seatbelts, which ended up being a poor choice when the cabbie swung a hard left and they slid across the backseat; Cas had to slam a hand against the window to keep them from falling.

Alex laughed in spite of the scare, drunk and uncaring. She just wanted him, more of him, all of him. Cas kept one hand against the door and one arm around her waist, continuously tugging her closer to him like he couldn't get enough. The cab screeched to a sudden halt and Alex had to break their edacious kisses to steady herself with both hands on the rear window pane. Cas's laughter rumbled deep in his chest, making a beautiful smile grace her own lips. She liked his laugh.

A moment of clarity came through the lust and she became still in his lap, placing both of her hands on either side of his face. He really was very handsome, and his bright blue eyes did things to her that she couldn't explain.

"Alex?" He was breathing heavily, lips wet and swollen, giving him a roguish appearance that made her desire leap.

Cas seemed puzzled by her sudden lack of wildness, but she was delighted to find that he couldn't seem to keep his hands away from her. He brushed his thumbs against the bare skin between the waistband of her shorts and the edge of her top that had ridden up in their passionate frenzy. She was amazed that he was even in the cab with her, still holding her to him like he wanted her. I'm not even…

All her insecurities rose up at once, rearing its ugly head in the face of Cas's undeniable handsomeness, and making her throat tighten. She knew she wasn't the prettiest girl around or the shapeliest… no, shut your fucking face Alex. He's here with you now; don't throw this chance away just because you're fucking insecure!

Before she could lose her nerve, she blurted, "You're really hot."

The cab started moving again, the momentum, throwing her hard against him. He caught her deftly and she buried her face in his neck because she was blushing really hard, and fisted her hands in his shirt to try to stop herself from shaking. It took her a few moments to realize that she wasn't shaking; he was, and he was laughing. It really was a beautiful sound.

She sat up, almost knocking her head against the roof of the car, and demanded, "What?!"

His blue eyes twinkled with mirth as he said, "Nothing, you just surprised me. And…"

He trailed off seductively and her lips buzzed pleasantly. "And what?"

Her libido instantly flared at the way his pupils dilated with a dangerous tint.

Sliding one hand into her hair, he brought his lips a hair's breadth away from her own and said, his voice sounding strained, "And… if you keep moving like that we're not going to make it to my apartment."

Alex couldn't contain her moan this time as he reclaimed her mouth with renewed vigor, that frenzied need accelerating through her body like a wildfire. She hadn't even realized she'd been grinding against him, her body begging him for whatever the night had promised. It was only through a lust-induced fog that she acknowledged the cab had stopped and the driver was just trying to get their attention.

She waited impatiently as Cas paid and thanked the driver before pulling her out of the cab. She shivered in the night air and let him lead her across a parking lot and into a building. She didn't recognize the complex or the surrounding area. They ran up the stairs together, giggling like mad and stealing breathless kisses in the darker corners of every landing. The fifth time Cas stopped her on a landing and swept her against the wall, she laughed against his demanding mouth and tried to push him away.

"Where the hell is your apartment?" She asked, gasping as he kissed the corner of her mouth, then her jaw, then her neck.

Cas tugged one of her legs up to wrap around his firm waist, groaning as he rocked his hips against hers carelessly. "Too far. You're driving me insane."

"Cas…" She moaned, half in pleasure, half in protest as he suckled on the skin of her neck, matching the motion of her greedy hips with his own, only rough and hard.

"Okay, okay." Cas released her leg reluctantly and pulled away to lead her up another flight of stairs.

She promised herself that if they had to go up another flight, she'd just fuck him in the stairwell. She was already too far gone as it was, the alcohol making her head swim, and she didn't know if she'd make it to the apartment either. Thankfully, he turned out of the stairwell into a brightly lit hall and stopped in front of a door. Finally.

She noticed his hands shaking as he fished the keys out of his pocket and unlocked the door and only then did she realize that he was just as nervous as she was. They fell through the doorway in a tangle of limbs, both reaching for each other before they even realized it. He slammed the door shut and crowded her against it, making her drown in his furious kisses. She reached for his damp shirt immediately and their hands knocked against each other in the struggle to get it off. She was just about ready to rip the damn thing off his body when he finally pulled it free over his head and threw it to the floor. Her shirt went next, his hot hands searing her skin as he unbuttoned her shorts and shoved them down. She almost fell over getting tangled in the fabric and they both laughed as he steadied her and she slowly kicked them off. Alex fumbled with his belt, nearly panting with frustration as she tried to figure out the damn thing. Cas laughed again into her hair and within seconds the belt fell to the floor along with his jeans. She finally indulged herself, running her hands over his naked chest and shivering as he cupped the back of her thighs and hoisted her up, just like before, forcing her to wrap her naked legs around those tantalizing hips. He kissed her desperately and Alex felt an odd sense of completion at the feeling of his skin against hers.

Now that she knew he wasn't the confident sex-god she'd initially tagged him for, Alex felt that she needed to get one thing across. She pulled away, gasping for breath as she said, "Cas, I don't – I don't do this a lot." By this, she meant going home and having sex with strangers. "Really, I don't do this ever." Her voice got smaller as she confessed. "Actually, I've never done this before."

Cas's muscles flexed as he hefted her up to disperse more of her weight against the door. The smile that spread across his face made her tremble with want.

"Me neither."

She was comforted by his answer. Wrapping her arms around his neck in relief, she leaned into him again and whispered, "Good."

Cas captured her lips and her nerves melted away in the heat he provoked in her. He loosened his grip on her so that her toes just barely brushed the floor, and he slid a knee between her legs. She let out a cry of erotic surprise when he cupped her there. She clutched his shoulders, unable to believe that he was actually doing that to her. He rubbed her slowly through the fabric of her underwear and she moaned, squeezing her eyes shut at the pleasure his touch ignited in her. Her body was reacting dangerously to his touch and she would have fallen if he hadn't been holding her up against the door. When his hand disappeared into her underwear she whimpered, her head falling back against the door.


He had a finger inside her and she clenched tightly around him, pleasuring coursing through every fiber of her body as he continued to touch her.

Cas groaned, his breath hot on her face as he said, "You're so fucking wet. Alex…"

Alex clung to him desperately, feeling like she would somehow die if he continued and die if he didn't. She was doomed and helpless, craving the erotic sensations he stirred in her. She bucked uncontrollably against him when he rubbed his thumb there. Her whole body shook under his ministrations as he slid another and then another finger inside her, rough skin against the sensitized nerves, all the while, his thumb pressed insistently against that one sensitive nub. His fingers stroked deep, slowly drawing out her pleasure as torturously long as possible. Harder! Faster! Please!

"Ungh….Cas!" She cried his name, the carnal sounds falling weakly from her lips.

When she opened her eyes, she found that he was watching her with rapt attention, watching her reactions to his caresses. His pupils were impossibly large and he was breathing harshly, chest heaving. She recognized the lust in his gaze and it made her even more impossibly aroused and desperate for him. He grabbed her leg again, wrapping it around his waist and spreading her for him. He quickened his pace, thrusting his fingers in and out faster and she cried out in satisfaction.

Alex moaned loudly, unable to look away from him as his fingers brought her to the edge of that precipe. "Cas, ngh! I'm…I'm…"

His nostrils flared and his mouth fell open as he panted along with her moans. She clung to him, slowly losing her mind as the pleasure exploded in every part of her body. He sensed her oncoming climax and thrust his fingers deeply inside, curling them in a way that made her scream as she came. He kept his fingers buried inside her as she rode out her release. Only when the last echoes of her orgasm had faded away did he pull them out, causing her to shudder at their absence. Holy shit. Holy fucking shit. Alex blinked away the bright stars she could've sworn she saw at the force of her release. She slumped in his arms as he held her up, chuckling darkly as he pressed his lips to her forehead.

"That was…that was…" She was breathing too hard to continue.

He tipped her chin up for a slow, deep kiss and mumbled, "I'm glad you liked it."

"Liked it?" Alex said incredulously, lips sliding against his jaw. She enjoyed the feel of his skin under her lips. "That was fucking illegal."

He laughed and she felt it through his chest pressed up against hers. He stole touches of her tongue through their kisses and she realized just how much clothing was still separating them. Twisting her fingers in his hair, she threw caution to the wind and cupped him, feeling him long and hard through the fabric. Well, he's definitely packing…

Cas growled, gripping her wrist tightly in one of his hands. But instead of stopping her, he just stood still as haltingly, she explored his length with her fingers. This time it was his turn to shudder and lean his body against hers as she stroked him lightly. Alex quite liked the way he moaned into the hollow of her neck, the hand on her wrist tightening simultaneously with the hand on her hip. However, when she tried to dip her hand underneath the fabric of his underwear, he stopped her and interlaced their fingers, shaking his head and pressing her up hard against the door.

"Cas?" She wondered if she'd done something wrong; it had been a long time since she'd pleasured a man.

He raised his head to press a kiss to her ear. His voice was husky and heavy with want when he spoke.

"As much as I would like to fuck you against this door, repeatedly, my bed is a lot more comfortable."

Her body hummed at the insinuation in his voice and she nodded, wrapping her arms around his neck as he lifted her into his arms. She was unable to speak, fingers carding through the hair at the nape of his neck, as he walked them to a different room and dropped her unceremoniously onto the bed. In a different time and place maybe it would've have been different, more gentle and sweet and slow. But they had both been drinking and neither could seem to curb their lust. In a flash, her bra and underwear joined his underwear on the floor and he was spreading her legs and thrusting hard inside her, drawing a shocked breath from her lips. He didn't wait for her to adjust to his size and thrust inside again deeply, fingers digging into her hips.

"Oh, Cas!" She was unable to breathe, scrabbling for some kind of purchase on his back as he moved roughly inside of her.

"I know. Just hold on to me." Cas thrust into her again and this time it was him who cried out as she lifted her hips to match his movement, "Alex! Jesus!"

She arched her back, pressing her breasts to his chest and making him hiss at the erogenous contact. He pounded inside her hard and fast, driving her hips off the bed, all carnal pleasures compelling their actions as they lost themselves in each other. Sweat glistened on their skin as they moved furiously, desperately against each other, each coaxing lewd sounds from one another as they fell into a violent rhythm. Alex had never been in a more excruciating bliss. The things he was doing to her were unspeakable and beautiful.

She came first, fingernails carving shallow marks down his back as he continued to thrust harshly inside her. He stopped momentarily, allowing her a moment's rest, before he turned her around and slammed into her from behind. She had to keep a hand on the headboard as the force of his thrusts drove her forward, delicious screams bursting from her lips as his fingers danced wickedly in between her legs. He didn't stop even as she rode out her second orgasm on the bursts of pleasures that came with his unrelenting, jarring thrusts. When she could gather a breath, she begged him – Don't stop, Cas! Harder, please, ah! Ah! – and he would comply, growling lowly into her ear as he bent over her, fingers splayed against the headboard right next to hers. The third time she came, he buried himself inside her and stayed still as she writhed underneath him, crying his name again and again. Cas fell into the sheets next to her, the sweat between their bodies making him slip wetly against her, and he stroked himself as he allowed her to regain some semblance of insanity. Alex didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the thought of another round. He made the decision for her when he reached around her waist to plunge his fingers inside her. Her body responded senselessly, arching away from his body and into his demanding hand, her head craned back over his shoulder as he whispered sweet, dark things in her ear. Her hands twisted in the sheets as he pressed deep and hard, relentless in his mission to make her come undone. After she came for the fourth time, her eyes lidded with exhaustion, Alex felt as if she would never be able to move again. But Cas had other ideas as he climbed on top of her, cradling her thighs in his hands and roughly thrust into her again. She wasn't able to resist, moaning wantonly and a little embarrassed that he'd brought her to so many releases without having one of his own. So she crossed her ankles against his lower back and gave him her everything, forcing him bite into her shoulder to keep from groaning too loudly. The way she moved about him, on him, around him, made him shudder and slam into her uncontrollably – his intense attraction to her igniting a wild, barbaric urge to claim her in every way possible. This time, when she came, he followed her over the edge blindly, grinding his hips into hers desperately and moaning her name hotly against her neck. The euphoria seemed to last forever for the both of them as they clung to each other and rode wave after wave after wave of scandalous pleasure.

She didn't know how long she slept before he woke her up again, throwing the blankets away from her feverish skin to reclaim her body once more. He supported her leg in the crook of his arm, fingers playing at her breast, as he entered her from behind without ever moving from their spooning position. She started faintly, biting back her moans as she attempted to completely wake from deep sleep, but when he told her quietly that if she didn't scream for him, he'd stop, she immediately opened her mouth and released a torrent of licentious sounds that made her blush and him grunt in approval. He braced his other arm underneath her neck, lacing his fingers with hers as he brought both of them to another devastating release.

When he finally succumbed to the weariness of their couplings, she fell asleep in his warm embrace and dreamed about blue eyes and strong hips.

I am in love with Calex!