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This story is a Futa Naruko/Harem fic I randomly got the idea for after reading a few different fanfictions. This will contain a female, futa Sasuke and Naruto obviously. It will not have any yaoi, not that I'm disgusted by it or anything, but it doesn't tie into the story at all and I personally do not write it. It will also not have any futa on male, that crosses the line for me.

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Normal Talking: "Awesome."

Normal Thoughts: 'Bitch, please.'

Demon Talking: "I'll eat your soul."

Demon Thoughts: 'You sassy bitch.'

Tsunade Senju, the fifth Hokage, revered slug sannin, and second female Hokage was not having a good day. Not only did she have to deal with her usual mountain of paperwork, all Kages have to endure, but her assistant, Shizune had taken all her sake away, even her secret stash! 'Oh well, I might as well finish up this Kami damned paperwork.' She thought with a sigh. 'Hopefully i can pass this damn position off to Naruko soon.' Her musings were cut short when Shizune and the two council elders, Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado.

"Tsunade, we need to have a conversation about the Kyuubi jinchuuriki, Naruko Uzumaki." Spoke Koharu with a small amount of distaste leaking into her voice when she mentioned Naruko, as she Homura approached the Hokage's desk. Even after defeating Obito, and even managing to convince Satsuki to return to the village, Koharu still had a strong dislike of Naruko.

"And what is it exactly that you want to talk about concerning her?" Asked Tsunade with a bit of suspicion in her tone. She had grown very protective of the blonde, and would protect her from this two if need be.

"We will explain this all in a council meeting if you could please call one, Tsunade-sama." Said Homura in a far more respectful and professional tone than his fellow elder. You see unlike Koharu, Homura actually holds no anger or disgust for Naruko, that's not to say he ever helped her, he just remained neutral towards her, and now holds respect for her after defeating both Pein and Obito.

Tsunade eyed them both with suspicion. 'Homura makes this sound like this could be some something serious, and possibly harmful for Naruko.' She began to stand up from behind her desk. "Alright Homura, I suppose this must be something fairly important, Shizune could you please call all of the Clan heads here for a council meeting." She spoke with her official Hokage tone.

"Of course Tsunade-sama." With those words from Shizune, Tsunade and the two elders made their way from the Hokage office to the official meeting hall for the village council. The walk from the office to the meeting hall was about five minutes, giving Tsunade time to muse on what has happened since Naruko had defeated Obito. After defeating him, she had convinced him to change his ways and use the powers of his rinnengan to revive all the fallen jinchuuriki, but the jutsu had been to costly and Obito died from it. After that Naruko had been praised as a hero, and had begun dating one Hinata Hyuga. Tsunade was about to continue thinking when she realized they had reached the council chambers.

The room itself was circular, lit all around by lights on the ceiling to leave no places to hide for assassins. A large, circular table with an opening, and no middle, to allow speakers and criminals to stand with all attention on them, stretched around the room from the entrance, chairs lining the outside, for all of the various Clan heads. At the center of the table was the largest chair, with the Leaf village symbol on it, showing it's the Hokage's seat. The elder seats were located on either side of the Hokage's seat.

She then noticed that all of the current Clan heads were already there. To the right of the Hokage's seat was the Aburame clan head, Shino, the Inuzuka clan head Tsume, the Kurama clan head, Yakumo, and the Uchiha clan head, Satsuki. Satsuki and Yakumo were sitting together, as expected from two people who are engaged. When the two did get married, they would no longer be the heads of two separate clans, but the heads of one larger clan. Because Satsuki was a futa and the last of the Uchiha she could take on multiple wives, and was already married to Karin and Konan. To the left of the Hokage's seat was the Hyuga clan head, Hiashi, the Yamanaka clan head, Inoichi, the Nara clan head, Shikaku, and the Akamichi clan head Chouza.

The reason Naruko wasn't at the meeting was because the Uzumaki clan was never officially made a clan of Konoha, and the Namikaze clan was never officially made a clan because of Mina Namikaze's untimely death.

When Shikaku noticed Tsunade's entrance, he immediately stood up and asked the question everybody else was thinking. "Hokage-sama, if I may ask, why was this impromptu meeting called?" He asked with a curious expression.

"That is a good question, Shikaku-san, Homura-san, you have the floor." Spoke Tsunade as she took her seat at the center of the table, leaving Homura and Koharu standing in the center with all eyes on them.

Homura stepped forward first, deciding it better if he were the one to deliver this news. "As all of you know, Naruko Uzumaki-Namikaze is the last of the Uzumaki clan and the only daughter of our late fourth Hokage, Mina Namikaze." At this nearly all the clan heads looked down in respect for their fallen leader. "You should also know that she is a futanari, a trait she got from her mother, Mina, and an out and proud lesbian, currently in a relationship."

"Would you please get to the point, Homura-san." It was Satsuki that spoke out this time, not liking the way this old man was talking about her best friend. It was because of Naruko that she met the three women she loves.

"Of course, my apologies, Uchiha-san." Spoke Homura, trying to get the discussion back on topic. "According to the law placed by the first Hokage, Hashirama Senju, any person who is the last of their clan and capable of producing children must enter into the Clan Restoration Act, or the CRA. Since Naruko is a futanari and the last of the Uzumaki clan, I propose that she enter into the CRA and must take a minimum of six wives, to ensure that her clan does not die out." Homura's declaration was met almost immediately with outraged cries from the various clan heads assembled in the room.

"This is an outrage! My daughter and Naruko-san have been in a happy relationship for nearly a year now, and has already accepted a marriage contract to my daugher!" Yelled an extremely livid Hiashi Hyuga as he stood from his chair. But he reaction was not nearly as bad as Satsuki's was.

Yakumo had to literally hold her fiance back from killing the man. "How dare you try to subject her to this! After all she's done for you and this entire village as a whole." She practically screamed. They were all silenced when Tsunade raised her hand, and began to sit themselves down to listen to their leader.

"Everybody be silent! Now Homura-san, explain to me why I should listen to you on this and not have you thrown out of this room for such a ludicrous idea." Tsunade spoke surprisingly calmly.

Despite all of the negative reactions he was getting to his proposal, Homura stood calm, having expected this type of reaction from the people assembled. "You people don't seem to remember that any and all laws passed by the first must be followed and never removed." He spoke causing everyone's eyes to bug out, remembering the laws passed by the first. Seeing he had their attention once more, he began talking again. "You also don't seem to realize how beneficial this could be to our village as a whole! Nearly every country Naruko has been in contact with has sent marriage proposals for her. We could forge brand new alliances with these countries!"

Tsunade sat in her chair contemplating the problem presented to her. "If I were to allow this to happen, what would be the terms of the CRA?" Questioned Tsunade with a professional tone. The rest of the clan heads looked at her with shocked expressions. 'Is she actually considering this?' Was the collective thought of all those present.

Homura seemed to brighten up at the possibility of this working. "She would have to have a minimum of six wives of her choosing before she turns 21, if the requirement is not met then she will have to be forced to take a wife. She will have to have a minimum of three children by the time she turns 25, to ensure that she is actually trying. And last but not least, when she has reached the required amount of wives she will be given a place on the council for the Uzumaki clan." Homura finished, satisfied with what he has said.

Tsuande seemed to be thinking hard on what to do, when she reached her final decision. "As of right now Naruko Uzumaki-Namikaze is to be placed under the CRA with the requirements that have been placed, are than that appose this decision?" Asked Tsunade as she stood from her seat. Only three people raised their hands, Hiashi, Satsuki, and Yakumo.

"Then the majority of us agree on this decision, Satsuki could you please gather up Naruko and the rest of the Konoha twelve and bring them to my office so I can give them the news?" Asked Tsunade, making it clear that it was an order not a request.

Though she felt like screaming, Satsuki settled for balling her hands into fists and responding in a terse tone. "Of course Tsunade-sama, I will go do that now." She spoke and immediately left the room with Yakumo in tow. Seeing this Tsunade sighed and started heading back to the Hokage's office.

"I can't believe her! I mean how could she do this to Naruko, after everything she's done for us!" Yelled Satsuki as she stormed towards Ichiraku Ramon, knowing that's where ever body else will be. You see, earlier today Naruko had said she would be announcing something big and wanted all her friends to there, including Temari and Kankuro. Unfortunately, Gaara couldn't come because he was going to a meeting with the Daiymo of Water Country, Tazuna, to discuss a trade deal.

"Maybe Tsunade-sama has a really good reason for this. I mean, you heard Homura-san, this could be a great opportunity for us to forge new alliances with other countries and villages." Spoke Yakumo, trying to placate her lover. But her lover did not seem to hear her, continuing her ranting about how unfair the whole thing was. In a few minutes they had reached Ichiraku, when they went in they saw the Konoha twelve, along with their jonin senseis and two of the sand siblings. Naruko was sitting with Hinata on her lap, much to her great embarrassment, the rest were just sitting around.

Naruko was the first to see them arrive. "Great, you guys are here, that means we can make our announcement." With that her and Hinata stood up their hands still clamped together. "Well, this has been in the works for a while now, but I finally got the courage to do it." Said Naruko as she held up Hinata's hand to show the large, blue, diamond ring on her finger. "I've asked Hinata to marry me and she said yes!" She finished with the happiest smile on her face.

Almost immediately everyone burst into congratulations for the happy couple, it made Satsuki sad that she had to break up this happy event to bring bad news. She put a smile on her face as she stepped forward to talk to Naruko, putting the attention on her. "That's great you guys, I'm so happy for you, but Tsunade wants to see all of us, especially you Naruko." She siad with a more serious look on her face.

"Huh, why does Baa-chan want to see me?" Asked Naruko with a confused expression on her face. Everybody else seemed to be thinking the same thing.

"She'll explain everything when we get to her office." Piped in Yakumo for the first time since arriving at the ramen stand, still standing slightly behind her fiance.

"Well, alright then, I guess we should get going." said Naruko as she and the rest of the assembled ninja began making their way to the Hokage tower.

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