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Normal Talking: "So Youthful!"

Normal Thoughts: 'I'd tap that.'

Demon Talking: "Bite my furry red ass."

Demon Thoughts: 'Why you little...'

Jutsus: Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu

"Hey Granny Tsunade, what'd you want to talk to us about!" Yelled Naruko with her usual big smile in place, as she slammed the door to the Hokage's office open, the rest of the Konoha twelve and the two sand siblings following right behind her.

Or, at least she had that smile on her face before a fist with a lot of power behind it slammed into her head, the fist coming from a certain pink haired girl. "Naruko, you idiot! Show some respect to the Hokage." Sakura yelled as she watched Naruko stand back up, rubbing the back of her head.

"Sorry Sakura-chan, but you didn't have to hit me that hard, geeze." Said Naruko as Hinata moved up beside her fiance to check that she wasn't to badly hurt by the chakra enhanced hit to the head. Hinata turned towards Sakura with an angry look.

"Sakua-san, do not hurt my Naruko-chan again, or you will be answering to me." Spoke Hinata with a look on her face that could scare the Shinigami. After Hinata and Naruko began dating, Hinata gained more confidence, and became very protective of Naruko. The look alone was enough to nearly make Sakura wet herself.

Tsunade watching this exchange, decided to make her presence known. "All of you be quiet, you're giving me a migraine!" Yelled Tsunade, making everyone focus their attention on her. When she looked at Naruko, she sighed, before beginning what she wanted to talk about with the assembled shinobi and kunoichi. "I called you all here today, to discuss a very important decision the council and I have made regarding you, Naruko." She spoke with her official Hokage voice.

"What about me Baa-chan?" Asked Naruko with a confused expression crossing her whiskered face, her body taking on a more defensive stance, as she looked at her grandmother figure.

"Naruko, the council and I believe it to be in the best interests of the village, that you be placed under the CRA." Tsunade said, and paused to allow the information to sink, and to see the reactions she got, which surprised even her. While everyone gained either shocked or angered looks, Naruko just seemed confused.

"What's a CRA?" She asked, not understanding why everyone around her seemed so angry and shocked at such a simple sentence. Her response caused nearly everyone in the room to face vault, the first to recover being Sakura.

"You baka! The CRA stands for the Clan Restoration Act. Tsunade-sama basically just told you, you need to have multiple wives." Spoke Sakura, her tone becoming more subdued as she finished the sentence. Naruko's expression of confusion quickly turned to one of shock and incredulity.

"What!?" Yelled Naruko, who seemed to be in a state between panic and anger. "B-But, I-I just asked H-Hinata-chan to marry me! Now you're telling me I have to have multiple other women!?" It would seem she chose to swing towards anger.

"I'm sorry Naruko." Spoke Tsunade trying to keep up a calm and professional appearance, while on the inside being torn up at the anguish of the girl she considers a daughter. "But there's nothing I can do. The council thinks this is for the betterment of the village." She said with a slight tone of finality at the end.

"But you're the Hokage! You can overrule a decision made by the council!" Yelled Hinata, the rage and anguish in her eyes very clear to all the people in the room. Kurenai looked worried for the girl she views as her own daughter, she knew that this announcement must be tearing Hinata up on the inside.

"Normally you're right, but this law was placed in by the first Hokage, and so there was no way I could overrule it." Said Tsunade trying to clear things up. She saw that this had the affect of calming both Hinata and Naruko down, if only a little. "Besides I agree with this decision, it is what is best for the village as a whole."

Hinata looked shocked at the words coming out of her leaders mouth at the end. "How, how could this possibly help anyone, let alone the entire village?" She spoke in a calmer tone than before, but it was clear that Tsunade was on thin ice with the Hyuga heiress. Hinata now had her arms rapped around Naruko trying to comfort her.

To the shock of everybody it was Shikamaru that spoke up this time. "This is all so troublesome. You guys do know that nearly every country Naruko has ever visited and helped has sent marriage contracts for her." Seeing the nods from everybody he decided to continue his explanation. "This a chance for the village to forge powerful alliances with different countries, because now Naruko can except multiple wives from other countries." He finished with a sigh.

Sighing, Naruko stepped forward, her hand firmly clamped with Hinata's. "Alright Baa-chan, I'm willing to go along with this as long as me and Hinata-chan can stay together." She spoke with an unmatched conviction in her voice, warming both Hinata's and Tsunade's hearts. She then pulled Hinata in for a quick but loving and passionate kiss, making everyone blush. "So Baa-chan, how exactly will this whole multiple wives thing work?"

"Well bacically you will have to take on a minimum of six wives by the time you reach 21 and have at least three children by the time you are 25. If you don't reach the required amount of wives by the age of 25 you will be forced to take one of our choosing. And finally, once you have had three children you will be given a seat in the council, and the Uzumaki clan will be made an official clan of Konoha." Explained Tsunade, happy to see Naruko taking the news so well.

It was at this point that Ino stepped forward. "Will you be taking marriage contracts from inside the village as well, like from some of the different clans?" Asked Ino with a blush on her face causing Tsunade to raise an eyebrow, and Hinata to tighten her already tight hold on Naruko's hand. Naruko just remained oblivious to it all as usual.

"Yes, in fact we've already gotten marriage contracts from both the Inuzuka and Hyuga clans." Said Tsunade with a slight smirk on her face as she looked at the red faced Ino. Then Neji asked another question.

"How exactly will Naruko be choosing her wives?" He asked trying to take the attention off Ino, and back onto the task at hand. Naruko looked towards Tsunade questioningly as well.

"I've already sent out the message that we will be taking marriage contracts concerning Naruko to the other countries. They should be arriving by tomorrow if I'm right. Then I will sort though them and keep only the ones where you know the girl in the contract. At that point I will call you here to decide on who sounds like a good fit." She finished with a smile directed at Naruko. "Now are there any more questions that anybody would like to ask?"

When nobody stepped forward to talk, she decided that it was time to end the meeting. "Alright then, well you are all dismissed, thank you for your time." She spoke as she watched both Hinata and Naruko disappear in a shunshin and everybody else just walk out.

When Naruko looked around she was surprised to find that Hinata had shunshined them to their shared apartment. The apartment it self was actually fairly large with a kitchen, three bathrooms, a master bedroom, two guest rooms and a large living room with a couch, two armchairs, a coffee table, and a plasma screen TV.

Right now they were in the master bedroom which held a queen sized bed, two end tables on each side of the bed, two dressers, a surprisingly large closet, and a painting of both of Naruko's parents, Mina Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. After realizing where she was, Naruko turned towards her girlfriend with a confused look.

"Hinata-chan, why did you rush us out of their so fa-!" The rest of what she was going to ask was cut off from the deep, passionate kiss Hinata was giving her. She soon lost herself in the kiss as she dominated Hinata's tongue with hers. When air became a problem, they both pulled back from the kiss looking at each other with eyes filled with love.

(Lemon Scene Begins Here!)

The first to talk was Hinata. "Naruko-chan, do you love me?" Asked Hinata, not once averting her gaze from her girlfriend's beautiful ocean blue eyes. Naruko seemed taken aback by the question.

"W-What, of course I love you Hinata, what kind of question is that?" Asked Naruko with a slightly hurt tone in her voice at being questioned by the love of her life. Hinata's smile widened at the claim, as she moved her lips right next to her girlfriend's ear.

"Then I want you to prove it to me." She spoke, and before Naruko had time to question what she meant by that, Hinata pulled away from Naruko, zipped down her sweatshirt, and took it off revealing her D-cup breasts, leaving her in just her bra and pants. "I want you to make love to me Naruko-chan, I want you to show me how much you love me." She said as she took off her pants, leaving her in her bra and panties as she hooked her arms around the still stunned Naruko.

The blush on her face was bright red and Hinata could feel something poking at her leg. "Hinata-chan, you don't have to do this, I'll love you no matter what." She said as she tried, and failed, to calm her raging boner. But Hinata was determined, so she took one of her hands and rubbed it along the large bulge in Naruko's pants, eliciting a groan from her lips.

"Naruko-chan, I want this, I'm ready to give myself to you." She said with all the compassion and love she could possibly muster up. This seemed to do it for Naruko as she grabbed Hinata's butt with one hand and put the other on Hinata's cheek.

"If this is truly what you want then I will give it to you." And with that Naruko lightly pushed Hinata back onto the bed, she then began to take of jacket and her tank top revealing a bra containing her C-cup breasts. With that done she crawled on top of Hinata being as gentle as possible as she fondled her breasts and landed butterfly soft kisses on her neck.

She then reached her right hand around Hinata's back and un-clipped her bra, she then used her left hand to remove it. This left Hinata in only her white panties that were becoming slightly moist.

Hinata could feel her nipples hardening from the cold air and her own arousal. Naruko then moved her kisses downward from Hinata's neck, to her collarbone, causing Hinata to moan slightly. Naruko, upon hearing this moan, realized she would like to hear more of them so she moved her mouth downward still to the hardened pebbles that were Hinata's nipples.

Hinata let loose a large moan as she felt something warm and wet engulf her nipple and it then began to suckle on it with earnest. She put both her hands onto the back of Naruko's head to push her farther into her breasts, causing the sucking to increase in intensity. "N-Naruko-chan, please... more!" Hinata lustfully cried out. Naruko then took her right hand and began lightly pinching and twisting her left nipple, causing Hinata to cry out.

While she was pleasuring Hinata's breasts, Naruko trailed her right hand down Hinata's stomach and lightly touched the outside of her now thoroughly soaked panties. The touch alone caused Hinata to gasp sharply, causing her panties to become even wetter than before.

Naruko released Hinata's tit from her mouth and brought her other hand up to play with the nipple. She then began to trail feather light kisses and licks from Hinata's chest and down to her stomach where she stopped to lightly circle Hinata's bellybutton with her tongue, causing Hinata to shiver. She moved down until her face was right above Hinata's panties, where she looked up questioningly at her soon to be lover.

"May I, Hinata-chan?" Naruko whispered as she gestured to the final article of clothing on Hinata's body, her voice barely audible, and yet Hinata had still heard her.

Hinata took a deep, trembling breath and then shakily nodded her head, her eyes locking with Naruko's own beautiful blue eyes. "Y-Yes, you can... Naruko-chan." She spoke, inwardly cursing her infernal stutter for returning now of all times.

Naruko smiled at her once more before she went back down to her prize, slowly slipping off Hinata's undoubtebly ruined panties, to reveal her glistening womanhood to Naruko's eyes. Due to Naruko's heightened senses, she could easily smell the arousal coming from Hinata, and found the smell to be highly intoxicating. It was a mix of lavender with something sweet.

"You smell simply divine, my hime." Spoke Naruko, using Hinata's nickname to help get her aroused. She could not help but put her nose in close and deeply inhale the wonderful scent, causing her cock to become even harder, if such a thing were possible.

But, she could wait, she had to make sure her fiance was thoroughly satisfied, before she could even begin to try to take care of her own arousal. With that in mind, Naruko began to eat her lover out, starting by licking Hinata's lower lips, making Hinata cry out, and latch her hands onto the back of Naruko's head to push her in deeper. "Ohhh... Naruko-chan, please... more!" She moaned crazily, the pleasure almost to much for her virgin body to handle.

Naruko loved the moans coming from her fiance, and they only served to increase her efforts to make the beautiful woman cum. She brought up her left hand to open up Hinata's pussy lips, allowing her tongue to reach in even farther. She used her free hand to tease and play with one of Hinata's nipples, to keep up a duel pleasure.

On Hinata's end, she was having a practical sensory overload, her senses going haywire as her lover continued to eat her out. But just as she felt herself reaching her peek, both the tongue and the hand vanished from her pussy, causing her to groan in disappointment. That is, until she felt Naruko's lips latch around her clit, and teeth lightly bite down on it.

Her vision flashed white as she felt herself cum, her scream so loud that only those at the Inuzuka clan compound could hear her. "N-Naruko, I-I'm cumming!" She screamed, her thighs rapping around Naruko's head, her hands tightly clutching the sheets, and her head thrown back in pure ecstasy as she experienced the first real orgasm of her life. As she finally came down from her high she released her lover's head, her own head dropping to the bed as she took in short, ragged breaths.

Naruko licked the remaining cum from her lips as she slowly crawled up Hinata's body, giving her a sloppy kiss when she finally reached her. When she pulled back she leaned into Hinata's ear and whispered. "So, how'd you like it?" She questioned in a playful tone, with a light smirk on her face as she took in Hinata's red face.

Hinata turned towards her with her eyes half lidded in lust. "It was amazing." She spoke with a happy sigh at the end.

"That's great Hinata-chan, but we're not done yet, I still need to cum." Naruko whispered, not able to ignore the aching in her boxers anymore. She then stood up, and slowly lowered her boxers and then stepped out of them causing Hinata to gasp. Naruko's dick was easily ten inches long, about two inches thick, and had a pair of decently sized balls hanging beneath it.

Seeing the slight look of fear on her fiance's face when she revealed her cock, Naruko became worried. "Hinata-chan, if you don't want to do this, I won't make you." Spoke Naruko, trying to convince her love that she didn't have to do this. Hinata smiled at the concern her future wife had for her.

Hinata mustered up all her courage she possibly could to calm her nerves. "I'm ready Naruko-chan... please take me and make me yours." She spoke with an unwavering conviction, her eyes looking directly into Naruko's. Naruko nodded her head as she lined herself up with her lover's well prepped pussy, her hand's gripping Hinata's waist. She then slowly pushed into her lover, marveling at the tightness with which Hinata's walls gripped her. She actually had to hold herself back from just pounding into her lover with reckless abandon.

On Hinata's end, the stretching of her pussy was causing tears to prick at her eyes, as she felt as if she would be split in two. In the academy, every girl has her hymen broken be an experienced Kunoichi with a strapon. And even after that, years of flexibility training had stretched her body more than the average person. But the girth of Naruko's cock made all that completely obsolete, with the way she was going.

"Oh Kami... you're so fucking tight Hinata-hime!" Yelled out Naruko, as her dick finally reached the end of Hinata's pussy, her cock head pressed up against the entrance to Hinata's womb, two inches of her dick still not able to fit inside. She sat there in Hinata's pussy so that she could become acclimated to the new sensation she was experiencing.

When she finally became used to the feeling, Hinata rapped her legs around Naruko's waist, the pain quickly giving way to great pleasure. "You can start thrusting now Naruko-chan... please, fuck me!" She cried out as she began to feel her lover start thrusting, slowly at first, but quickly picking up speed. She also noticed that Naruko was holding back slightly, to keep herself from piercing Hinata's cervix.

So on the next thrust, Hinata rapped her arms around Naruko's neck and pushed her hips forwards, causing Naruko's cock head to slam inside of Hinata's womb. When Hinata felt that happen she screamed as she orgasmed, the pain and pleasure of having a cock in her womb to much for her super charged body to handle.

Naruko felt her lover's pussy clamp down on her cock, keeping her in their as she rode out her second orgasm of the night. but the convulsions of Hinata's walls around her cock became to much for her to take, and so she blew a huge load directly into Hinata's baby maker. The feeling of her lover cumming directly into her womb caused Hinata to pass out, the pleasure to much for her.

When Naruko had finally come down from her high, she pulled out, cum dripping out of Hinata's slightly gaping pussy. She then noticed that Hinata had passed out, and so she picked her up and placed her under the covers of their bed, joining her right after as she to succumbed to sleep, but not before whispering a few words of love to the young Hyuga heiress.

"Goodnight, Hinata-hime, I love you." She whispered and then finally aloud herself to fall asleep.

(End Lemon Scene)

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