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This story is also about the pressure of high school. The level of education is insanely high in Flanders (part of Belgium). Our teachers are supposedly the third best in the world. I'm not saying this to brag about Belgium, but I'm saying that schools are not to be messed with here. Certainly the school that Santana goes to, which is inspired by my own school. I can tell you for one that the school is tough and the pressure is high.

Third and last. This story is much more personal than the last. I'm not going as far as to say that Santana is the same person as me, but we do share a lot of experiences and feelings. My mom however is way nicer than Santana's and so are my friends, luckily. Some parts of the story are related to personal experiences, but everything is written more dramatically than in my own life for the sake of the story.

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I stared at my reflection in the mirror. The long black hair lay flat across my shoulders. My eyes met with brown ones in the reflection. I sighed deeply and quickly applied some make-up to at least make myself look decent for the very first day of junior year.

I couldn't deny it. I was nervous. I didn't really like school that much but every person is nervous on their first day of school. Yes, I had been going to the same school for two years now, but still, it felt new. This year I was a junior. Only two more years at that crappy high school and then I could finally get out of there. And I for one couldn't wait. I put down the mascara and turned away from the mirror. I quickly grabbed an apple to eat on the way to school. Of course I got up way too late for the first day. It was the same every Monday morning but this one felt even worse than usual. After two months of getting to sleep in, I had to admit that waking up at seven am was really tough.

My mom forced me to go to bed at ten o'clock, but she forgot to take away my laptop. Bad idea. I just spent the entire night on the computer.

Just when I was about to grab my bike to leave for school, my mom started talking to me.

"Santana. Did you have breakfast?" She asked.

I sighed loudly. "No, mom. My alarm didn't go off so I didn't have time for breakfast. I got an apple I can eat on my bike."

"That's not breakfast Santana. You should have some real food instead." My mom whined.

"And since when are apples not real food? I'm sorry, mom, but I was under the impression that apples were fruit and fruit was actual, real food." I snapped back. My mood was terrible.

I could see that my mom didn't appreciate my comment. Her face turned angry.

"Santana. Do not use that tone with me, young lady."

I internally rolled my eyes. It was such a cliché that my mom used young lady every time she was angry with me.

"I'm sorry mom. But I really need to take off. Otherwise I'll be late for the first day."

My mom placed a quick kiss on my cheek. "Have fun at school."

"Thanks mom."

I jumped onto my bike and started racing towards school. My mom worked at the bank. I knew it sounded like a pretty decent job but she was basically the receptionist although that's something I would never dare say to her face. She'd be really pissed if I pointed out to that her job is super easy and practically anyone could do it. She actually took pride in her stupid career. Whatever.

I took a couple of bites off the apple and tossed it aside on the road. I was driving way too fast to bike around in Antwerp. Antwerp might not have been the biggest city in the world but it was like the second biggest city in Belgium and that counted for something, right? Apparently it was considered to be the capital of fashion, after Paris of course, and Barcelona and probably a lot of other cities, not that I really cared. Fashion wasn't really my thing. Luckily my mom really seemed to care about that shit so I just stole her clothes in order to properly fit in in high school. But aside from being known for fashion, Antwerp was pretty amazing. The city felt big but you could practically walk to anywhere you wanted and I liked that. I hadn't visited that much other cities but I was pretty sure that Antwerp would always be on the top of my list. I grew up here and I loved every part of it.

I arrived at school and quickly locked up my bike. I looked around the street to see if any of my friends were there yet. I'd rather not walk alone in school. Walking alone on the first day is just plain sad and I'd prefer not start my junior year as the girl without friends despite having been at the same school for two years.

If I learnt one thing about high school, it's that you don't choose your friends. The school chose them, and you can be pretty darn sure you had absolutely no say in it. From the moment you set your first step into the school, you were put into a group of people. People, which you would probably have to spend the rest of your high school years with. Every single person that steps through those big, wooden doors gets a label put on them. Jock, stoner, nerd, slut, nice people, the popular group, and so many more.

And you had absolutely no input into which group you were thrown. Or at least, that's how I saw it. I didn't have a choice. Not on that first day, not in the years to follow. But should I really complain? After all, I was part of the popular group, the group that was supposed to have the most fun. Dating the hot guys, going to the best parties, liked by everyone. When you were a part of the popular group, you shouldn't complain, right? But I always knew that I had never quite fit in. And nobody tells you about the backstabbing that comes with it.

Nobody tells you about how bitchy girls can be to each other, but I learnt it, and I learnt it pretty fast. You have to learn quickly or otherwise you never get used to it.

It's not just the backstabbing. The thing is girls hid their true character. You never quite knew where you stood with your friends. Either they did actually like you or they just flat-out lied to your face. Sometimes I wished I were a boy. Things, at times, seemed so much easier being a guy. If guys had a fight, they would just solve it with their fists. You might end up with a black eye, but afterwards two guys could hug it out. I never quite understood how they do it, but it seemed to work. I wasn't saying I would use my fists in every single argument I had with a friend but sometimes it did seem better than the alternative.

When two girls fought, you could practically be sure that it will last for at least a week, sometimes even months. It usually started with something useless, like clothes or even worse, boys. Two girls could be best friends one day and ignore each other the next. There were a couple of outcomes for big fights but soon enough I learnt that the most common is the forgive-but-not-forgotten method.

As the name says, the whole fight just ends without it ever being really solved and everyone seems to have moved on. But if you believed that a girl ever forgets anything like that, you're wrong. They could hold grudges for months, even years. And that was exactly what happened between Quinn Fabray and me. Quinn Fabray. Everyone knew Quinn and if you didn't, then you were really missing out. Not only was she the most popular girl of school, she also happened to be the prettiest.

Her long, blonde hair and almost green eyes gave Quinn an angelic face. But don't be mistaken by her gorgeous face and innocent eyes, Quinn could ruin your life if she wanted. At least she didn't succeed in ruining my life, but that's a story for later.

It seemed like ages ago but a couple of years back Quinn was actually my very best friend. At that time I thought that she was going to be my best friend for the rest of my life, but I was just naïve. Quinn and me met for the very first time at hockey. I couldn't quite remember how or when, but we quickly became great friends.

We had gone on trips together and I would practically spend every weekend at Quinn's house having sleepovers. The Fabray household was filthy rich and you could see it. Their house was four stories high and looked amazing. It was a dream house and I haven't even started on the size of the garden. I tried counting it out and I was pretty darn sure that you could fit four and a half football fields in that huge yard.

Apparently Quinn's father owned one of the biggest companies in the country and even though Belgium wasn't that big, it was still impressive. Her dad also happened to own the hockey club and our hockey club was a reasonable size.

The thing you need to know about hockey, is that it was full of rich kids. Rich kids who either really did want to play sports, or were forced by their parents to actually get off their lazy asses. If you played hockey and you didn't own a big mansion, you didn't belong. Nobody said it out loud but everyone knew it. My family was rich enough for Quinn to even talk to me, but I wasn't sure whether I should be happy or sad about that.

So Quinn and I became best friends, and for some strange reason, so did our moms. They hung out almost just as much as Quinn and I did once they decided to go golfing together. I still don't quite understand why golfing is considered a sport. It's basically just standing still, not moving your feet, hitting a ball and then getting a golf cart to drive after it and repeat the whole process. But on the other hand, you couldn't be the upper class of the population if you didn't golf.

My mom was obsessed with being in the upper class. As a kid, she didn't have many friends. When she and my dad, the most popular guy at college, met and started dating, she saw her chance. She could finally be popular, at the top of the social pyramid. She changed up her appearance, replaced her big glasses for contacts and actually got a decent haircut. So I guess that's the reason she desperately wanted to stay up top. The thought of going back to her previous loser status scared her. So she participated in stupid things like golfing and throwing dinner parties. Whatever.

I walked across the playground trying to spot a friend. I sighed loudly. I barely saw anyone except Finn Hudson, my boyfriend. Yes, I knew I had been ignoring him for the better part of the vacation but he was still really popular. I rather stood with him and his lame friends than walk alone. I hoped he wasn't mad about me ignoring his texts, and calls and all those Facebook messages. I just didn't feel like seeing him because then he would want to kiss me and stuff and I just didn't feel like doing that the whole vacation. So I ignored him. Whatever. Finn wouldn't be mad. Not if I apologized quickly, he'd probably forget it.

"Hey babe."

Finn said as I pecked a quick kiss on his lips. Luckily, he bowed down so I could reach his mouth because he was literally seven feet tall and I wasn't.

"Hi" I faked a smile. It's not that I wasn't happy to see him but I wasn't as happy as I should've been seeing my boyfriend after three weeks. I should've been ecstatic, right? I should've flung my arms around his neck, but I had no intention of wanting to do that. I internally shrugged my shoulders.

"How have you been?" Finn asked curiously. I felt like he was still a little pissed that I ignored him for so long. He glared down at me.

"Yeah, I'm sorry for ignoring you Finn. I was really busy." Lies. I hadn't been busy. I just didn't want to see him.

His eyes looked sad and I quickly kissed him again to make him happy. It seemed to help because his eyes lit up.

"Sorry Finn. Won't happen again." I quickly mumbled.

"It's okay, San. I get it. It just sucked not to hear anything from you for weeks. I missed you."

"I missed you too." Lie.

Suddenly I felt myself get lifted up by the waist. I let out a little scream as some guy spinned me around.

"Put me down." I said hysterically. Luckily, the guy put me down fast enough.

"I missed you, Lopez."

I turned around to greet Noah Puckerman, better known as Puck. Puck was probably the most annoying, teasing jackass I knew, but I couldn't help but love him, as a friend of course. We'd known each other ever since we were toddlers.

We even went on vacations together and stuff. We drove each other crazy but in the end, we had each other's back.

"Wish I could say the same, Noah." I laughed.

Puck poked me in the stomach.

"Just admit that you miss me. I mean, who could blame you? I would miss all of this too, if I were you." Puck rubbed all over his own body.

"Don't flatter yourself. But yes, I must admit. I missed your stupid ass." I laughed.

Puck opened his arms. I smiled and happily hugged him back. Puck wasn't as tall as Finn, but still taller than me. He wrapped his strong arms around me and I realized that I did actually miss him.

I pulled away and looked up at him.

"I really missed you Lopez. You should have called more." Puck said.

We started walking around the playground, so that the two of us could talk privately.

"Yeah, I know." I shrugged.

"And speaking of calling more, why in the world didn't you call Finn? He kept asking me if I heard anything from you."

A feeling of guilt washed over me. I really shouldn't have ignored him. After all, he really hadn't done anything wrong, had he? "I know, Puck. I should have called. I honestly don't know why I didn't." I shrugged.

"I just felt sorry for him. When I saw him, he always asked about you. He thought you two had broken up and that you were hinting at something he didn't understand."

I sighed. "I really wasn't. I just wanted some space I guess."

Puck stopped walking to look me in the eye. "Do you want to break up with Finn? Because if you do, you should at least do it face to face. Finn is my bro and he deserves that." Puck stated.

"Look, I don't want to break up with him. At least not now, okay? Can you just drop it? Because frankly it is none of your business." Puck telling me what to do was getting on my nerves. He should've just minded his own fucking business for once.

"Fine." Puck grunted.

I decided change the subject. "So how was your vacation?"

"Awesome. My dad got me a job at his firm. It wasn't the best job in the world but I had so much fun. Plus I made a lot of money so that means I can spend it on the real things in life."

I laughed. "And those things are?"

"Drugs and alcohol of course." Puck winked.

I snorted. "I thought you were going for a sober period? Wasn't that your plan? Not drink or smoke for two months."

Puck shrugged. "Look, I have given up on that already. I decided that life is too short to not party. So instead of two months not drinking or smoking, I've set a new goal. I am going to smoke and drink a lot more than usual in two months. With all the money that I earned I can drink and party even more than before." Puck happily threw his arms in the air.

"If you think that can get you Quinn, then go ahead, bro."

Puck had been in love with Quinn since freshman year, but she was totally not interested in him. I was the only one that Puck actually told and I never passed up on the opportunity to tease him about it. Puck had asked her out several times, but she'd never said yes. Quinn had been in love with Finn since forever aka my boyfriend. Ever since Quinn heard about Finn being in love with me, our friendship went downhill and fast. We were already drifting apart for that reason but the moment Finn and I officially became a couple, Quinn had become an ice queen.

To my face she was friendly, but I saw her death-glares all the time and we never hung out anymore. Every chance she got she would insult me. Not real insults that everyone would notice but small things that really got me down.

"Just hope that she doesn't chase your boyfriend anymore." Puck laughed.

I didn't think the situation was that funny actually but I didn't mention it. "Whatever. Finn will never break up with me."

We started walking back towards Finn and his friends and continued our conversation.

"Yeah, I know. But just because he will never break up with you does not mean you can treat him like crap, you know."

I swallowed hard. Puck was right. Fuck.

"I'm going to catch up with my friends, ok?" I said, totally ignoring Puck's remark.

He shrugged and I walked away towards a big group of popular girls. And of course, they were all listening to Quinn telling a story about her amazing vacation. Frankly, I couldn't care less.

I said hi to all the girls that were at school already. Quinn quickly nodded at me, acknowledging my presence. That was all the interaction that Quinn and I had recently. Suddenly I heard the school bell ringing making clear that everyone was supposed to go to class.

I sighed loudly and walked towards the right class. In all honesty, I was smart. I didn't have to study a lot and I got decent grades. My grades were never above average but for the amount that I actually studied, it was pretty amazing how I managed to keep them that way. One of my teachers from last year had advised me to study more to get better grades but what did it actually matter anyway? Grades didn't determine much when it came to getting into university. Practically everyone got accepted so I studied just about enough.

But I was still smart enough to get into the hardest class. But so was Quinn. Quinn however had a totally different approach to studying than I did. She studied a lot and I seriously didn't understand why. Perhaps she thought it was the way to Finn's heart, but I could assure her that was not the case. Good food was the way to Finn's heart. Finn hardly knew the difference between apple pie and pi. But Quinn studied awfully hard and seemed to pay off. She got amazing grades and was at the top of her class.

That was together with Rachel Berry. That annoying little brat had been in my class since like forever and drove me crazy. She studied like it was the only important thing in the world and then blabbed on for hours about how her singing career was right around the corner. Even though everyone knew it, nobody dared to say it out loud. Rachel Berry was not going to be a star. Her voice was good, amazing even, but nobody in Belgium became famous apart from one or two rare cases.

Plus Rachel had the quality to annoy people from the second they got to know her and that was not a quality you wanted when you craved to become a famous singer. But I wouldn't be the one to burst her bubble. I tried to explain to her once that she wasn't going to be the next Beyoncé but she just started to sing loudly into my ear, trying to make me realize that I was wrong. I wouldn't make the same mistake twice.

Rachel did kind of remind me of one Hermione Granger, but in a way more obnoxious, loud, annoying, and totally not Emma Watson-kind of hot. She knew the answer to every question the teacher asked and had the best grades in class. Whatever. I tolerated her because she always helped me when I forgot something at school. I knew it was rude to use someone, but hey? It was only Rachel Berry. Who could blame me? She would do anything to be a part of what people would call the popular group. But she would never be a part of them, or should I say us. I wasn't even sure.

"So how was your vacation?" Tina Cohen-Chang asked me as we walked to class.

When I first met Tina, I thought she was a foreign exchange student from China, but she wasn't. She was born in China, but when she was a year old, a family here adopted her. Her actual name was Tina Fey, but she liked to remind people of her true heritage. She considered China to be a cooler country than Belgium. I just felt bad for her parents that she refused acknowledge her adoptive guardians by using their last name.

"It was great. How was yours?" I wasn't in the mood to have a long conversation and I just hoped that Tina would tell me about her vacation. That way, I could occasionally nod and pretend I was still listening to her even though I wasn't.

"It was good." Tina said and like I had predicted, she started rambling on and on about her vacation. I caught some words that sounded a lot like England and France so that was probably where Tina had gone for vacation.

We arrived to class after walking up three sets of stairs. I was slightly out of breath but who could blame me? I hadn't played hockey in three months and I was way too lazy to go running during the vacation. I looked over at Tina, whose breath was heaving too. That made me feel slightly better about myself.

We walked into class and Tina and I sat down. My teacher from last year walked in just after us. It was tradition in my school to get last year's teachers to send you off to all your new ones.

"Good morning guys. I'm sure you have all missed school just as much as I did. But I'm afraid this is the last time you'll be my students. From now I send you all off to a new home, junior year. This is the year that all you little birds will transform into big, majestic eagles. This is the moment everything starts to count. These two years will be the start of your life. Not only will this year be the toughest, you will also have to face some hard decisions. If you thought senior year was the hardest, you were wrong. The next twelve months will be the most difficult of your high school career. You will be forced to complete more assignments, take more tests and write more exams than ever. The reason you will have to do all that this year is because senior year is reserved for a bunch of other stuff. When you become a senior you will have to focus all your free time on graduating so we have no choice but to mash everything into one year."

The whole class groaned. I had heard from a friend that this year was going to be tough. One girl had a major breakdown and she had to go to a therapist and everything. It was awful. When she got back, everyone stared at her like she had done something terrible when in reality, it was the school that made her go crazy. The school considered it to be bad publicity so she was asked to leave. I hadn't heard from her since.

"So make sure that you are all prepared to work hard this year. The assignments you are given will be harder and the teachers will be harsher so be prepared." The teacher warned. He pointed his finger at everyone and continued.

"All of you will have to put in the effort and work hard to make it through to the end because otherwise, you will be forced to sit here in this same classroom next year, repeating the full year once again. You will struggle more than everyone else in your grade because you chose the hardest way. Yes, all of you had the chance to pick the easy route, but you didn't. I admire all of you for that. You chose the tough combination of mathematics and science. You will have eight hours a week of math and eight hours of science split into different subjects such as physics and biology. Your teachers have all graduated from university in the course they are currently teaching. They studied for years and are now here to teach all of you what it means to be a real scientist."

I rolled my eyes. Please, we were in high school. It's not like we were going to do extravagant experiments or change the world's view on science in general. We'd probably see a bunch of formulas and that was that.

"So now, I hereby present to you, your new mathematics teacher, Mr. Philips." Our teacher pointed dramatically to the door.

Everybody gasped when a tall, bald man walked in. Some of people that were still discussing their summer vacation fell silent as everyone's eyes were glued to the man by the door. I immediately felt frightened by him. He looked absolutely terrifying. He was wearing a suit that gave him a sharp, intimidating look. He did not have hair and the light from the ceiling bounced off his bald head. His eyes pierced through everyone. In that moment it felt like he knew every secret, every weakness and everything you had ever done wrong with one glance. An eyebrow rose as he scanned the class. It almost seemed like he was mocking us. It looked as though he thought it was a joke that we were here, in his class. He gave the impression of thinking that we, without a doubt in his mind, lacked the brains to be here.

"Good morning." He said loudly, with a nasal voice.

Nobody even dared to say it back to him.

"Aren't you going to say good morning back to me? I thought you would at least have more manners?" He said slowly.

Everyone mumbled a quiet good morning sir in reply.

A small smile played across Mr. Philips thin lips. His face was pale and his eyes almost seemed to pop out of his head.

"Good." He snickered. With his hands clutched together behind his back, he walked towards the front of the class.

Even our old teacher seemed scared of Philips. He kept staring at the door, wanting to walk out.

"Well, I'll leave you here then, won't I? You can take care of the rest." He said nervously.

"Of course I can." Philips said dryly. He didn't even glance at the other teacher.

"Good luck guys." Our old teacher said while he hurried out the door.

"So this is my class?" Philips mumbled. To me, it appeared as if he was talking more to himself than to the class.

"This guy scares the crap out of me." I whispered quietly into Tina's ear who quickly nodded in response.

"SILENCE!" Philips suddenly yelled. My heart thumped in my chest. This guy was terrifying.

"Who spoke without my permission?" He asked. His face revealed the anger he was obviously feeling.

I couldn't help but stare at my desk, hoping he wouldn't notice me.

"I'll let this one pass, but if someone speaks without my permission again, they will be going to the principal's office and you will have to write lines for me. With all my years of experience I have developed a nice, little formula. One hundred lines."

I stared at him. That was a lot.

"Per word you said without my permission."

I swallowed hard. This guy was tough.

He seemed to smile for a second and said: "But it's the first day, so I'll be nice. I still have an entire year to torture each and every one of you."

He looked over at the clock behind him. "Well, I guess the new student will arrive soon."

Oh, so there was going to be a new student. New pupils got put in a different room with all new students. The principal explained pretty much all the rules and then they got sent off to their respective classes. And Philips was right. Suddenly we heard a small knock on the door. Philips, again with his hands clasped together behind his back, walked towards the door. He quickly swung it open and stared at the student waiting outside.

"Are you the new female student of this extraordinary class?" He asked the girl. I immediately felt sorry for her. Philips was basically giving her a death-glare.

"Yes." I heard a small voice but I couldn't see the girl.

"Yes? In this classroom we speak with two words. I do not solely understand the word yes. I only understand the combination of yes and sir and that only applies when I'm actually interested in what you have to say. And I must admit, that does not happen too often." Philips rambled angrily.

"I'm sorry sir."

"Fine." Philips grunted. "You have earned the right to enter this classroom. I hope you will behave better in the future."

Philips stepped away from the door and started walking towards the front of the class once again.

A tall, blonde girl walked into the class. This girl was possibly wearing the strangest outfit I had seen in my entire life. Belgium didn't have a hot climate but in September the weather was still pretty decent. However, the girl was wearing a yellow rain hat even though it hadn't rained today. She paired it with a pink sweater that had a unicorn on it. It even had a small horn taped on top. The horn was actually sticking out of the sweater. She was wearing green shorts with knee long red boots. I almost had to stop myself from laughing out loud because her outfit looked ridiculous.

But her legs did look amazing with those green shorts and before I even realized, I was staring at them. This girl, despite her awful taste in fashion, was insanely pretty. Her long, blonde hair lay across her shoulders. Her face looked innocent and almost angelic. She looked kind of sad and lost and it seemed like she had no idea what she needed to do so she just sat down on a chair on the last row.

I couldn't keep my eyes off her. She looked amazing. Luckily she didn't notice my staring because she was gazing at her desk.

"What the hell is she wearing?" Tina said with a whisper in my ear.

I simply nodded. I was still amazed by the beauty of this girl. What I liked about her was that she seemed oblivious to her prettiness. I liked that. It was the same with guys. From the moment they knew that they were hot, they lost a part of their allure. But this girl didn't seem to have a single clue how amazing she actually looked and it felt so damn refreshing.

"I have no idea, she looks insane." I laughed.

"Can't she wear normal clothes like other people? I hate people who want too much attention." Tina turned around and stared back at the front of the class.

I did not agree with Tina. I was pretty sure that this girl was not trying to get attention. She probably really liked that outfit and wanted to wear it the first day on school. But Tina was kind of right when I thought about it. Coming to school in that outfit on your first day wasn't the best plan, especially if you wanted people to like you. But whatever, it was her life right?

I was still staring at her gorgeous face and I couldn't seem to tear my eyes away. Suddenly, the blonde mysterious girl whose name I had discovered was Brittany looked up and stared right back at me. It felt as if an electric current was running through my body as our eyes connected. Brittany had a small smile on her lips, which I happily returned, hoping that the eye contact would never end. Unfortunately, I could already hear Philips handing out papers, so I had no choice but to look away. What a shame.

I looked at the papers that Philips was still giving out. We had to fill in our address as well as what our did parents for a living. That was something else that was painfully true about our school. As much as they would try to deny it, they preferred rich, smart kids. It gave them a good image. If you were poor and you got bad grades, there's no way in hell you would be allowed to stay, but if you were rich and you got bad grades, they would probably overlook your poor academic performance. But that was only if you were really rich.

The bell finally rang and everybody quickly got on his or her feet. All I wanted to do was go talk to Brittany, find out more about her. But she was the new girl and judging by the look that Quinn had given her, she did not approve of the other blonde. I know I should have been the welcoming amazing, nice student in class who helps the new girl on her way, but I had my popularity at stake. I knew my popularity wasn't strong enough to endure yet another stab to the back, so I didn't go and talk to her. From the corner of my eye, I saw that Rachel fucking Berry was already talking to her. I rolled my eyes. That was so typical. Rachel Berry was that annoying girl that you met on your first day and you immediately knew that you did not want to be seen with her, but you couldn't seem to shake her off.

I walked behind Tina who making her way towards Quinn.

"Did you see what that new girl was wearing? She looked insane." Tina laughed.

I already did not like where this conversation was going, but I didn't have the courage to stand up for some girl I didn't even know and risk pissing Quinn off. She was scary as hell when she was mad and I wasn't confident enough to battle with Quinn Fabray so instead I shut my mouth, as usual.

"I know, right?" Quinn laughed. "For a second there, I thought she was a clown who was going to perform some kind of act. That's how ridiculous she looked. I had trouble containing my laughter."

My fists clenched. I hated when they did this. What the hell had that poor girl done to them? Yes, that's right. Absolutely nothing.

"So, Philips is tough, right?" I tried to change the subject.

"Oh my god, yes. I had no idea we were going to have him as our teacher. Normally, you have Mr. Shue, who apparently is super mellow. But now we're stuck with Philips, damn." Quinn complained.

"Yeah, he practically already screamed at new girl."

Quinn laughed. "She deserved that. Who comes to school in an outfit like that?"

Tina laughed and I remained quiet, not daring to stand up for her, once again.