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Kid Flash: Sorry, I don't like the disclaimer. I think it should be something more like..
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Me: There, was that so hard... Kid Flash! PUT DOWN MY CHAPTER NOW! OR I'll GET RID OF MY CARTOON CRUSH ON YOU!
Kid Flash: Ah, so you have a crush on me?
Me: *mutters under breath* Great, now he'll have an even bigger head.

I walked into the darkness, away from See-More, away from the Hive Five, away from everything I had ever known. I felt tears pop up in my catlike, pink eyes, and immediately wiped my eyes furiously. I knew my knees were shaking, but I didn't care. I knew Kid Flash was watching me, so I steeled myself, making sure I didn't show weakness.

I knew what I had done and what I was doing, but I could barely believe it. I stopped, and sat down, back against the wall behind me and knees pulled up into my chest.

I had just, more or less, quit the Hive Five. Maybe even quit evil.

All for that hero boy, Kid Flash. I had caught Kid Flash, he had escaped, and I had tried to track him down again. Madame Rouge, one of the leaders of the Brotherhood of Evil, had accused me of being weak, so I had decided to try and prove her wrong by catching him before she did. She had found him first and then, from how beat-down he looked, given him one heck of a fight.

I had had See-More track him, and lead me to Kid Flash. I had trapped him, weak and unprotected, in an electrical containment field. I had listened to his whimpers and moans until Madame Rouge showed up, and I even attempted to give him to her.

She had struck me, and tried to take the remote controlling the field. It was at that point when I finally reached the end of my patience. I broke the remote, and attacked Madame Rouge. Even she had been unable to avoid me hexes. Apparently, she had finally been impressed by that, and told me she'd keep in touch.

All for Kid Flash. He had told me a rushed, "Thanks!" before darting off, strength returned along with his super speed. See-More had tried to comfort me by offering to go steal stuff, I didn't even remember what, but I had declined and ended up where I was now.

Gripping the rose he had left for me, I sat deciding what to do. See-More, through kind of nice to me, would doubtless tell the others eventually. The world of evil was no longer appealing, and the hero world would definitely be hesitant with me. That left either seclusion (no thanks) or the life of a citizen (yawn).

"What am I going to do not" I whispered to myself, fingering the petals. That boy had turned my world upside down. He had, as cliche as it sounded, made me see the the error of my ways. He had been the first guy, hero or not, who liked me for me, not as some weapon or threat. And he had treated me like and actual.. human being. Evil now seemed... well... evil to me.

I had to figure something out. And I was not leaving this spot until I did. I heard footsteps, normal speed, and glanced up far enough to see the yellow-and-red boots of Kid Flash.

At the sight of him, I knew I couldn't keep it together anymore. I buried my head in my knees, and for the first time in so many years, I cried. Really cried. My body shook with my sobs, and I blocked out everything else until he came over.

I sensed him sit down next to me, and readied myself for some sarcastic comment that was sure to come. But it didn't. He just sat next to me, watching and listening to me cry. I felt a hand come around my shoulders, and I looker up, teary eyes causing Kid Flash to blur slightly. He looked at me with solemn, bright blue eyes, and pulled me into a hug. I froze for a second but then buried my head in his shoulder, sobbing and crying like I was seven years old again.

"Jinx, it's going to be okay. I'll help you." he said in an understanding voice. I forced myself to stop crying, and jerked out of the hug to wipe my eyes furiously. I looked him in the eyes, and demanded, "How can you help me? I'm a criminal! NO hero will ever help me!" He looked a little startled for a moment, then reached hesitantly for my face. I didn't know why, but I let him. He wiped gently at the moisture at my face, and spoke softly. "I'm a hero, and I helped you. You helped me, Jinx. So I'll help you."

He stood, and offered his hand to help me up. I stared at it for a moment, then looked at his face, at the caring blue eyes, at the soft smile on his lips. Then I put my grey, dainty hand in his red gloved, muscular one, and stood.

He smiled, and I smiled back. I was about to ask him what we were going to do now, but before I could I heard a French-accented, satiny voice that made my blood run cold and made Kid Flash's carefree face turn stony.

"Well, will you look at this. Kid Flash stayed for a bit more fighting. And you, Jinx. I did not expect your betrayal to be this thorough." I whipped around, and prepared a hex for the person who, right now, I hated more that anyone. "Madame Rouge."