Me: You know, you can be very annoying sometimes.
Kid Flash: I know.
Me: I think you stole my disclaimer.
Kid Flash: I know.
Me: You need to give it back.
Kid Flash: I know.
Me: Why are you only saying, "I know?"
Kid Flash: I know.
Me: Wait a second... *reaches for Kid Flash, had goes through him* A hologram! Where did you even get one of those?!
Kid Flash: I know.
Me: It's from Robin, isn't it? Oh, I'm gonna kill that kid.
*Yellow and red flash* Kid Flash: Here's your disclaimer, doll. *puts disclaimer in my hand, races off*

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I opened my eyes quickly at the sound of a door opening, and was not at all surprised to see black hair and a domino mask. Robin had been up here every day to yell at me in the week and a half I, and I hoped Jinx, had been here. I started off out routine.

"Hey, Robin. You bring Jinx along this time?" I said. Every day, the same conversation, more or less. Now he was going to say something along the lines of "No. Criminals are not allowed in here." and I would say something like, "Good thing too. Jinx is not a criminal anymore, so that makes things easier. Then he would go on some rant about 'once a criminal, always a criminal,' and 'betrayal' and 'playing you'. I got ready to fire back my usual response when Robin broke the routine.

"How you healing?" I opened my mouth, stopped, and thought for a minute. "Thanks to my quicker healing and how awesome Raven's magic stuff is, I'm mostly good." Robin gave me the 'go on' look I had seen so many times. "Cuts, bruises, and burns down to a minimum now, and my systems are fine now. Heart and breathing stuff is normal. It's like it never happened." I said persuasively. Robin looked at me, making sure everything I said was true (I hated it when he read me like a book), hesitated, and called out. "You're good to see him.

I held my breath a bit, hoping. And when I saw that familiar pink hair and grey skin, I didn't stop to think. I simply jumped out of bed, ran light speed to Jinx, and threw my arms around her. I felt her go stiff for a moment, and then I felt her arms go around me too. I could feel her breathing harder, and when I pulled back a little I could see tears on her face. She held me tighter. "I- I thought you might have... I was afraid I could have.. that you could've...gone." She said between breaths, her voice higher-pitched than usual and occasionally cracking. I broke away from her, looked into those beautiful pink cat eyes, and said without skipping a beat, "Don't worry about me, Jinx. I'm not going anywhere. I held her delicate face in my hands, and pressed my lips to hers. She stared at me in shock, but after a moment, she closed her eyes. And so did I.

It felt like we had been kissing for too long and for not enough time when I heard an annoyingly familiar voice say, sounding amused, "Sheesh, you two, get a room." I broke away from Jinx for a moment. "We're in my room. You can watch or you can leave." He pretended to think for a moment, and said, laughter in his voice, "I think I'll watch." Jinx and I groaned and said in unison, "GET OUT!" He laughed, and walked painstakingly slowly to the door. The moment I heard it shut behind him, I pulled Jinx back to me. She smiled hugely, and I said the most cliche line I could think of. "Now, where were we?" I dipped Jinx, to which she yelped, and then pulled her back up in front of me to her giggles.

"Oh, that's right," I said as our lips neared each other. Jinx giggled, and said in a cute, slightly breathless voice, "You are so cliche. And then our lips touched, and everything else melted away.

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