Hermione Granger walked into Bigelow cabin in Greenland and checked in. "Your in luck miss Granger this is the last cabin available," the lady said. As she received the key Draco Malfoy walked in and walked up to the front desk to check in, he looked at hermione, scowled and looked back at the front desk. "Reservation for Draco Malfoy," Draco said. "I'm sorry sir there is no reservation for a Draco Malfoy and I've just rented out the last cabin to this young lady right here." The woman indicated towards hermione. "What that's impossible I reserved it last week." Draco Said, very pissed off. "I'm sorry sir I don't know what happened, I will be happy reimburse you with a full refund and a free weeks stay here. "Now that's okay I think I will go elsewhere and I will not return you can be sure of that!" Draco said and stormed off to the door but before he opened it, Hermione intervened. "Wait, Malfoy!" She said. He looked over at her in surprise and scowled. "What Granger?" "Well seeing as you already had a reservation and I have plenty of room in my cabin, would you considering setting aside our differences for one night." "And why would I do that?" Malfoy said. "Well where else would you go?" 'Hmm, she does have a point but it's Granger, filthy mudblood Granger.' He thought, then he made up his mind, "Fine," He said, "but as soon as I'm gone, we go back to hating each other seeing we haven't murdered each other by then. "Deal," she said. And they headed to the cabin.