With a sneer on my face I walked through the crowds of people in the small airport. I was wearing a black suit with a white button down shirt underneith. My Volturi crest hung losly on it's silver chain around my neck. I looked around and noticed all the humans were looking at me with wary eyes. Smart humans.

"Mommy! Where are you!?" I heard a little girls voice from somewhere. Suddenly I stopped walking, when I felt a small tug on my black dress pants. I looked down to see a little girl who looked about 5 years old. She had long, dark hair, that fell in little ringlets down to the middle of her back. She had the biggest, and the most gorgeous brown eyes possible. She had a look of pure sadness, and lost look in her eyes. My heart told me to help her, while my head said to just walk away. I listened to the one I hadn't listened to in almost a thousand years. My heart. I bent down in front of her and smiled gently at her.

"What's wrong?" I asked. Tears filled her eyes, and she sniffled softly.

"Mommy took me to the potty and I went out the wrong door. Now I can't find her." She sniffled again.

"Well, how about we go find her together. What's your name?" I asked her hopeing that I could find out as much as I could about her. I didn't know why but I felt a weird connection toward her.

"Isabella, but I don't like that name. So I go by Bella." She said blushing slightly. My beast purred contently. What is wrong with me, my beast never purrs.

"My name is Cauis, and it's nice to meet you Bella." I said telling her my name without thinking. But hey, I'm a king I can do what I want. I just wander why, out of all these people to help her, she chose me. I picked up gently careful not hold her to tight or let my skin touch hers and make her cold. She seemed to find me combterble though cause she calmed immediatly. I started walking toward the service desk, I turned to Bella.

"What's your mother's name?" I asked Bella. She looked up and gulped before telling me.

"Renee Dywar." She frowned. It was kinda cute how her nose wrinkled when she frowned.

'What's wrong?" I asked after a minute.

"My mama's last name is Dywar, but mine is Swan, why?" She asked looking up at me with a courious look on her face.

"Is your mom and dad split?" I asked in the simplest way possible. She nodded. "Well is your mom remarried?" I asked, she nodded again. "Well that is because when she married your step-dad she took his name."

"Oh, thanks for explaining." She said with a small smile. We walked up to the desk and the woman behind it looked at us with a dull expression. She looked at Bella and disgust covered her face.

"Hey can you call Renee Dywar to this desk, and stop making that face, if you don't like childeren keep it to yourself." I growled at the end. She nodded and quickly smiled at Bella who frowned again.

"Renee Dywar, please come to the front desk please." She said before turning back to me.

"Thanks." I said between gritted teeth. She nodded and looked down at her paper work. Stupid humans, they didn't respect anything. After a few minutes of waiting Bella became nevous again. Her little hands gripped my shirt, I chuckeled.

"We'll find her." I said, she calmed but didn't let go of my shirt. Soon enough a woman about 23 ran to us.

"Bella, baby." She said relief in her voice.

"MOMMY!" Bella squealed happily. I looked at the woman closly. there was a slight resemblance, I guess Bella takes on after her dad's side. I handed Bella to her mother, who mouthed a quick thanks to me. I nodded.

"No problem." I said. I looked at Bella who looked back at me.

"Thank you Mr. Cauis." She said softly with a blush on her face.

:You're welcome Bella, just try not to get lost again, okay?" I asked with a smile. She nodded her head. I turned and walked out of the Pheniox airport to find my brothers. I quickly found my two brothers Aro and Marcus standing next to a black limo.

"Brother what took you so long?" Aro asked with a smile. Ah Aro, always the happy and cruious one.

"I helped a little girl find her mother." I said with a nuetral expression. Marcus snorted.

"You help a human you have to be lyin - " He was cut short when I felt to small arms wrap around my legs. I looked down to see little Bella. I looked down at her and smiled.

"Bella are you lost again?" I asked humor clear in my voice.

"No, I wanted to say goodbye, and thanks, I don't know what I would do. Thanks, and bye Mr. Cauis." With that she let go and ran to her mother who was watching and making sure she wouldn't get lost again.

"What did I tell you?" I asked Marcus who had a shell-shocked expression on his face.

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