A year later.

Caius POV

I watched as the love of my life, my mate, wife, and mother of my children rocked our son Charles to sleep. It's been a year since the death of Victoria, and everything is going great. Charles was born six months after Victoria's death, and we conceived another child after. The child is to be born in six months, and I can't wait. I don't know what I would do if that fateful day in the airport didn't happen. When people ask how we met we tell the story of the airport and how I helped her find her mother.

Jessica is expecting and Marcus is over the moon. He's nervous but happy. Aro and Angela have a little girl named Alexa. She looks like Aro with Angela's eyes.

Bella and I were married shortly after the battle. Angela , and Jessica had a double wedding which was tirering. I bet your wondering about Mike and Eddie. They are now married and having a child who would have know Eddie was the girl in their relationship.

"Caius what are you thinking of?" Bella asked sitting Charles down in his crib.

"About what happened since Vickie's death." I say she smiles and sits in my lap making the rocking chair squeak in protest under our weight.

"Lets not think. Just take me to bed." And so I followed the orders of my beautiful queen.

Bet you think omg the end. Lol. I know men being pregnant isn't possible but it's my fic. Now that it's the end, I working on a new fic and I would love it if all my fans check it out.

It's a twilight crossover with Thor. Thor and Bella pairing. Rated M.

Bella is saved by Thor when she is caught by Vickie and tortured. They turn out to be soul mates. Will Bella ever be the same? What will Thor's parents think. What about the Avengers?