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Naruto stared out the window of the inn he was staying in. He was somewhat impressed. Everything looked so life like. From the beam of sunlight shining through the window to the wind blowing gently along the grass lifting up stray leaves as it went, it all was pretty much the epitome of warm spring day.

After a while of staring out the window Naruto realized something profound.

He was bored.

Kirito left awhile ago to check out the meeting for the group that was going to face the boss that was on the first floor. He said he would keep him updated once he came back, but its been hours goddammit!

Naruto, deciding as a man that he couldn't take sitting down anymore, he looked for a quest to do in the meantime. He went into his inventory and changed into a long sleeved gray tunic for his journey which was a little loose over his muscled form, along with a pair of tan wool pants that went down to his ankles and a pair of brown assassin attire buckled boots. On his shoulders Naruto had some brown leather spaulders. Sheathed on his shoulder with the handle pointing down towards his chest was a saxe knife with a white handle with a matching one was strapped to his waist on his belt buckle. Each blade was a little over a foot long and the metal was about at the average strength of a regular dagger.

Checking himself out in a mirror, and appreciating the view, he went to dive out the window like a badass. Though at the moment, a badass he was not, as he smacked his head on the window frame causing him to do a painful backflip which sent him crashing onto a fruit stand below, causing fruit raining everywhere.

As he lay there in a pile of fruit he had one thought going through his mind.

"I hope no one saw that."

Sadly as per usual that day, his luck wasn't that great. There, standing a few feet away from him and giggling, was a little girl of about ten years of age. After the giggling died down the little girl approached him.

"Hey mister, are you alright?"

Naruto rose to his feet and dusted himself off.

"Yeah, I was just fighting a rabid …uh pillow monster! And soon after defeating it, it used the last of its strength to toss me out the window."

The little girl just stared at him in awe for a second before she replied.

"So that must mean your super duper strong right?" Naruto nodded with a heroic look on his face as if he just climbed Mount Everest with his teeth because his hands and legs were tied behind his back.

"Would you please get me a couple plants then? My mother is sick, and I need those for the cure!" begged the little girl. Naruto didn't even have to contemplate this. He was bored, and he could never say no when asked for help.

As Naruto was about to answer a quest request popped up in his menu.

Find the Cure

Quest Details: Walk through the Killer Mantis Forest near Tolbana and locate the herbs to save Little Emily's mother.

Quest level: 9

Experience Awarded: 1500

Col Awarded: 3000

Accept: Y/N?

"Now that's a quest! I mean seriously this is just enough experience to get me to level ten, and I get some col in the deal too. Definitely gonna accept this."

Quest Accepted.

The little girl ,whose name he now knew as Emily, ran up and hugged him and shouted out with joy.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was scared you were gonna say no and I'd have to go get them myself and die and then my mommy would be sad, and she'd die from heartbreak, and the disease that she's got at the same time, and then the whole town would be sad, because I'm a cute little girl and my mom is the most beautiful women in the whole world, and then everyone would cry because two innocent things would be lost to the world!"

Naruto sweatdropped. " Very imaginative one, isn't she."

"No problem Emily, I'll get those herbs for you in a flash…..or as soon as possible hehe." With that Naruto walked off in the direction of the forest.

~ Line Break ~

As soon as he entered this forest, he had gotten an ominous feeling about this place. It wasn't the darkness of the forest or the creepy shadows that came out of nowhere which occasionally freaked him out enough that he had to stifle several high pitched screams. It wasn't even the fact that every so often some bushes would rustle as if something was in there. Which thankfully there wasn't….he checked….a lot. No, it was more along the lines of some errie chattering noise that sounded like a woodpecker on steroids that had recently drank three cups of coffee, then finished it off with an energy drink. It was seriously stressing him out!

But he was Naruto Namikaze! Wooer of the ladies, King of Handsomeness, with the strength of five thousand surgically enhanced super soldiers with the entitlement of Ramen master, and all around general badass. So he forged on stopping every now and then to check the area for the herbs he needed. He already had 3 winterbane stems, 2 spiceroots, and 4 windflower petals. All he needed now was a single taffy leaf.

He walked into a 20 foot clearing, and there at the center was the only taffy tree in the whole forest. He scanned the surroundings cautiously at first, wondering if it really was so easy. Shrugging he walked up to the tree and plucked off a taffy leaf, and put it in his inventory.

That's when things decided to take a turn for the worse. From out of the forest came several, Level 7 Killer Mantises. Naruto looked around at 15 Killer Mantises, sighed, and unsheathed his knives. He held them in a reverse grip, and stared down them down. The Killer Mantises were green mantises slightly larger in size than an average human. These creatures have 4 arachnid legs that they use to support themselves, as well as 2 more scythe-like limbs protruding out of the side of their chests that they use for attacking. One of these limbs is green while the other looks like an actual metal scythe. They have large red eyes that look sideways along with small but sharp triangle teeth, and a blue tongue.

As soon as one of the Mantises moved he attacked.

Turning on his Drive ability he charged at them, marking a clear path through them in his mind. As he approached the first one he ducked under an incoming attack and stabbed his knife upwards through the Mantises jaw killing it instantly. He then proceeded to block the bladed arm of another Mantis and countered by using his right hands knife, stabbing the blade through its semi armored chest, sending the creature into pixelated oblivion.

Naruto smirked, and took it up a notch. Activating Drive again he marked another path. Sprinting towards a group of five on his left, Naruto quickly skewered through the chest of a nearby Mantis and used the momentum from the stab to jump. He twisted through the air and slammed both knives into the skull of an incoming Mantis. He then rolled with the landing, activated the Pierce ability, and propelled his knife at a charging Mantis. The knife soared through the air piercing through the Mantis' eye and impaled the Mantis behind it through the throat.

Facing the remaining Mantis, Naruto dashes forward, weaving through each attack the Mantis threw and ending the little match by stabbing his knife through the shoulder, then slicing it directly across the chest.

He walked over to where his other knife landed, and re-equipped it.

"That's seven. Eight more to go."

5 minutes later

The last Mantis had its virtual head removed from its shoulders, and depixelized. Naruto sheathed his blades, and smiled.

"Man that was a lot easier than I thought. Seriously I didn't even get a scratch on me." As soon as he said that a large scythe-like blade sliced through him, and took a quarter of his health away, simultaneously knocking him a couple feet away.

Naruto got to his feet, and looked at his health bar.

"Holy shit! That hit took over a quarter of my health. What the hell was that?"

That's when he saw it. A giant ass, sub boss Killer Mantis that had two health bars. The Mantis was blood red in color with black stripes going down the scythe blades on each arms, leaving a intimidating, enraged looking insect beast. A sub boss in Aincrad was a very difficult type of enemy. While not as strong as regular bosses and far lesser in health, they're a kind of bandit leader type of enemy in terms of skill that shouldn't be reckoned with alone as it usually resulted in death. In some rare cases they are only a little bit more skilled than regular enemies, making them not much of a threat. Occasionally if your lucky a sub boss will drop a rare item. This is called a random drop. Random drops usually consist of items that you wouldn't generally be able to buy in a store, or able to easily earn on a quest. This was a level 11 sub boss, and it was one of the ones that were a lot more skilled than its underlings.

Naruto quickly unsheathed his knives, and held them in his usual reverse grip. Seeing that it was a sub boss, Naruto decided to get serious.

The red mantis charged and swung its scythe blades at a rapid speed that Naruto could barely keep up with. All Naruto was able to do at the moment was block, and even then that slowly drained his health.

"Shit! I need to get some breathing room, and fast! I guess I'll have to use that to get out of this." Naruto blocked a couple more times and then activated Barrage, a skill he's only able to use once a day. Time seemed to slow down. Everything was crystal clear, and he saw the incoming attack from a mile away. He dodged and retaliated with a series of attacks. A stab to the back leg, a cut across the chest, a vicious thrust to the throat, a double bladed lunge to the area where a solar plexis is located, and to finish it off he took both knives, stabbed one into the lower jaw, and the other one was shoved ontop of the skull simultaneously.

The Barrage ended soon after, and the sub bosses health dropped to its second health bar with only a quarter remaining. Enraged, it lunged out with a rapid double swipe that knocked Naruto's health down close to zero.

Seeing how little health was remaining he quick equipped a health crystal, and crushed it. With his health back up to full, Naruto smirked.

"The tables have turned haven't they…I'm going to enjoy this you bastard." Naruto exclaimed darkly. He activated Drive for the last time, and was in the monster's face in an instant. Crossing his knives he ended the monsters life by lopping of its head.

A Congratulations screen popped up.

Exp. earned: 6280

Col earned: 3700

Items earned: 1

"Cool, I got a bunch of exp. and col. I wonder what item I got though." Naruto checked through his inventory to see what he got. Looking through the weapon section he soon found what he was looking for. He then gasped. Apparently it was a random drop, and a good one at that.


Bow/2 handed

Range: Mid to Long

Type: Pierce

Attack: 50-70, Damage increases as player levels up, and earns more skill points

Durability: 2000

Weight: 90

Requires: Level 10

Equip + 25

Agility +25

Strength +25

Running +25

Description: The Arcadian is a mid to long range type weapon that comes with an unlimited supply of arrows. It also comes with the option of creating your own arrows, but that ability is only unlocked at level 70. The bow looks like a classic Recurve bow with the arrow rest, and the grip being a light green. The rest of the wood is a darker green that you would associate with leaves, and the bow string is a simple Dyneema string. The bow can also be equipped with more than one item so if an enemy is able to get close, you can pull out your other weapons.

Naruto equipped the bow, and gave it a few tugs on the string to get used to the feeling of having a bow again as he hadn't used one since he quit Archery Club. Soon he felt well acquainted with it, and headed back into town the long way.

~ Line Break ~

It was around night when Naruto made it back, and he went over to Little Emily's house to turn in the quest, and hopefully see the cure in action. He didn't like the thought of someone dying NPC or not.

He walked through town and spotted Kirito with a hooded person, chatting while enjoying their dinner together. Seeing as he wanted to know what happened at the meeting, he walked over to them.

"Yo! Who's the creeper under the hood?" Naruto said lazily.

The person under the hood bristled, but calmed themselves. While Kirito just sighed at his friend's behavior.

"This is our new temporary group member who'll be helping us with the boss tomorrow." Kirito explained.

"So what's the plan for tomorrow then?"

"Us three and a large group of people led by a man named Diabel are going to attack the boss Illfang the Kobold Lord. Our job is to stay back, and take out all the Ruin Kobold Sentinels while the main group takes on the big guy."

Naruto looked thoughtful before he nodded, "Yeah ok, sounds reasonable. Besides, it gives me the chance to try out something new." He turned to the hooded figure and inclined his head towards them.

"You don't talk much do you? Its okay, most are struck speechless when in the presence of the Great Kaze." The mysterious person just snorted in a vain attempt to hide their amusement.

"Oh ho? It seems you do have emotions under that cold exterior of yours." Naruto grinning in victory. The creepy, hooded cold hearted person, at least to Naruto's eyes, apparently didn't share Naruto's opinion and made sure to make it known to him.

"Maybe I just didn't want to talk to idiots?" The now newly revealed female spoke in a somewhat harsh tone. But Naruto rolled with it, happy to finally get some words out of her.

"Heh,well this idiot got you to speak! So I feel that's a win for me. Anyways creepy girl, Kirito, I gotta go finish up this quest before I get too tired." With that, Naruto walked away and disappeared into the alleyways of Tolbana.

As both of them watched as he left, the hooded girl turned towards Kirito.

"Your friend…..He's a strange one isn't he?"

"Yeah, but he's still a good friend none the less."

~ Line Break ~

Naruto walked to the outskirts of town near where he last found Emily. He walked past the inn he was staying at and took two lefts, then eventually arrived at where the quest was marked on his map.

In front of him was a cottage of average height with a small wooden fence surrounding it. On the other side of the wooden fence was a well groomed lawn with flowers occasionally popping up in places every once in a while.

The cottage itself was simple in the making. Stone walls, wooden door, the regular plus sign like windows, and to top it off was a brick colored tile roof.

Walking up the cobblestone pathway to the door Naruto began to wonder about the bow he had gotten earlier in the day. When he read the game manual when he first got the game, it mentioned nothing of bows. Not that he was complaining, it's just the principal of it. Then again, it also didn't say he'd get trapped in a psychopath's version of a wet dream either, but lo and behold here he was. So he was just going to take things as come.

Done with his inner monologue he saw that he was at the door, and knocked. The Quest Screen popped up again.

Quest completed: Find the Cure

Turn in: Y/N?

Mission turned in.

Experience Awarded: 1500

Col Awarded: 3000

The door opened, and a little brunettes head popped out to see who it was. As soon as she saw who it was she flung open the door and Naruto was subjected to a bone crushing hug from a surprisingly strong little girl.

"Brother! Your back!" Little Emily exclaimed with tears in her eyes.

'Oh look it's my littl-WHAT THE FUCK!? HOW IN THE FUCK DID THIS HAPPEN! I HAVE A LITTLE SISTER NOW? What's next, ramen rains from the sky?! Hehe, although I'd like that very much actually and honestly I've always wanted a little sister, but I never thought I'd get one this way.' Naruto shrugged and returned the hug.

"Hey Emily! How's my favorite little sister doing? Any boys I need to beat up?"

"Kazeeeeeee. I'm your ONLY little sister, and I'm ten, you beating up a ten year old would count as child abuse because the only boys I'd like would be my age!" pouted out Emily."

'She's right….Whatever, I'll just prank any boy that looks her way. Mwuahahahaha!' Naruto contemplated maliciously.

"Eh heh, anyways, on to other matters! How's your mother doing now that I got you the cure?"

"Oh she's doing much better. She even got out of bed today, and the doctor said she'd be fine in a week! Wanna stay for dinner? Mom made ramen!"

Naruto froze. Time just seemed to stop, and then a bright beam of light from the heavens shown down upon the cottage. The melody of angels singing was heard and Naruto felt as if his whole soul was being purified. He collapsed onto his knees with tears streaming down his face as he thanked Kami for this opportunity. He was very grateful, blessed, and accepted the very generous offer.

Emily took him on a tour through her house, showing him each room. The first stop was the living room. A couple of red satin cushioned chairs. A fireplace with a painting above it consisting of a grassy hill with the sun dipping over the horizon. The walls were a pale blue, and off to the side of one of the chairs was small table with some candles on it for lighting. The floor was made up of wooden planks, and in the center there was purple rug with a lion's head emblazed on it.

Next up she showed him the two separate bedrooms where she and her mother stayed. Each room had the same basic layout. The beds were in the corners, there was a window that overlooked the countryside, and they had personal effects laying around. The main difference was that her mother's room had several tissues all over the place, and the bed was unmade, as if the person who was in it just left after being there for awhile.

He finally came into the combination kitchen/dining room. The kitchen part had a wood fire stove, several mahogany cupboards that were filled with preserved food, and the pans to cook said food in. In the middle of the room was a rectangular wooden table, with blue table cloth lain over it. Four chairs surrounded the table.

A woman with shoulder length black hair was humming, and stirring the homemade ramen that she had cooking in the pot. She eventually noticed she had guests, and looked up from what she was doing. Naruto made eye contact, and did a quick glance to memorize the features in his mind.

The woman was absolutely stunning. Bright green eyes that reminded him of the forest outside, a slim face, that showed almost now signs of age except for the laugh lines around the skin of her eyes. Her body was as beautiful as her face was. A slim waist, C cup breasts, and a nice looking ass. Naruto denying his inner perverted nature acted as if he didn't notice that first.

All in all when Emily said earlier in the day that the townspeople would be sad if someone of a beauty like her died she would be right. Though that didn't excuse the townspeople for their somewhat shallow nature, he understood why they were as they were.

Emily ran up to her mother and hugged her. Emily then whispered something in her mother's ear, who after nodding in understanding introduced herself.

"I'm Rei, and you young man, have my eternal gratitude for helping me get back on my feet. Emily here just told me how brave and strong her brother was, and that she invited you here for dinner tonight. Though she forgot to mention your name."

"Oh. Um I'm Kaze. Nice to meet ya Rei. When she mentioned that you were serving ramen, I just had to come as ramen is the food of the gods and all. I would just consider it sacrilegious if I turned such an offer down." Naruto said, practically salivating near the end.

Rei just chuckled," Well we wouldn't want to anger the gods and all so you might as well join us then."

Soon the table was set, and Naruto dug in while making small talk with the family. Alas fun time came to an end, and Naruto had to head home.

At the door Naruto hugged his new surrogate sister goodbye, and waved at Rei. Goodbyes being said he left home towards the inn he was staying at.

~ Line Break ~

The next day with the pixelated sun rising high over the hilltops Naruto, Kirito, and Mysterious hooded person were walking with a large group towards the First floor Boss room where Illfang the Kobold Lord awaited them. The group of three discussed strategy to take out all the minions as they walked to be rid of the boredom.

As soon as they entered the room Diabel (The leader of the whole group, and secret beta tester) gave out orders to attack.

Kirito and Mysterious hooded person charged in and cut a path through the cannon fodder enemies while Naruto hung back and got ready to reveal his new weapon.

Equipping the Arcadian into his hands he notched an arrow, and let it fly.

The arrow flew through the air and slammed into a Kobold Sentinel's eye pixelating it instantly as it was about cut into a random group members back. Seeing this, everyone stilled in shock.

Kirito was the first one to snap out of it and also the first one to ask the question on everyone's mind.

"Naruto..wha….Where did you get that?" Naruto notching another three arrows and letting them loose in quick succession nailing three more enemies, shouted out a quick answer.

"Now is not the time! Question me later!"

This seemed to get everyone out of their funk, letting out a war cry everyone charged back into battle. It was a long 20 minutes, but eventually they succeeded in pulling out a win against the minions. All that was left was the boss.

As a group they turned, and had a full frontal attack on the beast. Eventually the combined effort of the group shaved down Illfang's health down to one bar. It was then that Diabel yelled to everyone to stay back, he went to charge in.

That's when Kirito noticed something was wrong. Instead of pulling out the Talwar like in the closed beta, he pulled out a Nodachi. Shouting a warning too late, Illfang launched a vicious combo at Diabel knocking his health down to zero, and smacking him away.

Kirirto sprinted up to the downed Diabel, and started speaking with him.

Noticing that Kirito was occupied Naruto decided to distract Illfang by sending a flock of arrows into the midriff of the beast. Illfang letting out a scream of rage dashed at the blonde teen.

Using his newly upgraded agility, Naruto leaped over an incoming slash, landing on a outstretched arm, he jumped higher and flipped upside down behind Illfang. In the air he loaded his bow, and activated Pierce forcing the arrow to spear through the bosses neck coming out onto the other side, then slamming forcefully into the ground.

Illfang just roared as a sizeable chunk of his health disappeared from his health bar, leaving him at 3/4th of a full health bar. Turning around at speeds that he previously didn't have, Naruto was slashed aggressively across the chest with enough force to slam him into a wall, cratering it.

Rushing at Naruto again to finish him off Illfang raised his Nodachi, and swung downwards, only to be blocked by Mysterious hooded person.

Illfang getting even angrier sped up again, and launched a combo of attacks that she only barely managed to avoid that also had the result of tearing off her cloak.

When her cloak was torn off it revealed her beauty to the world. She has long orange-brownish chesnut hair and hazel eyes. For attire she wears a dark red leather tunic with a lightweight copper breastplate and leather pants with boots up to the knees. Her main weapon of choice is a rapier.

Kirito had finally finished with his talk with Diabel, and let out a roar of rage. Flying into a rapid combo of attacks he managed to whittle down the bosses health down to halfway before he was knocked back near the wall Naruto was leaning against in support.

"Hey Kirito, I know that this wall is cool and all, but its mine, seeing as I marked it with my body it holds a special place in my heart now. Would you mind getting your own?" Naruto stated.

"Well it's just such a nice wall, and I just needed to check it out, you know."

"Well since you put it that way….no. Tell you what, after we beat this boss I'll help you select your own wall. Nothing feels better than knowing you have a wall at home to come to." Deadpanned Naruto.

Nodding in agreement Kirito looked over to where Asuna was standing. He motioned his head to the boss, and she looked at them, then back to the boss, and shrugged.

Taking that as his cue Kirito dashed towards the boss with Naruto and Asuna following close behind. All of them unleashed their special attacks. Naruto going first activated his Barrage. With timing slowing down, and his enemies movements looking like he was trying to push through a murky swamp. Naruto took out his knives. He started to attack aggressively. A knife to the jugular, a double slash to the thighs, a lunge to the pectorals, a blade to the heart, and finishing stab to both eyeballs, before leaping away.

Asuna did some rapid stab with her rapier, and Kirito moved in for the ultimate finishing blow.

Illfang stumbled away in a drunken manner, and with one last heave of his breath, he collapsed to the ground, and pixelated.

Stunned silence. Then slowly a eruption of cheering exploded out of the remaining survivors. The assorted men and women ran out to each other, and hugged each other in a way that only survivors that lived through an experience could. The atmosphere was positively lively.

That is until…it was ruined by Kibaou, and his group of lackeys pointed out something. That Diabel had died, and that it was all Kirito's fault because he withheld information about Illfang's attack patterns. Saying his fault because since he was a Beta tester he wanted the prize all to himself.

This caused everyone to start throwing accusations at each other that the other was a Beta tester.

This didn't sit right with Kirito, especially after Diabel told him that he didn't want Beta testers to be seen in a bad light. So he went and did something about it.

He laughed. He laughed as maniacally as he could. Even though it pained him to do so, he laughed. Once feeling everyone's attention on him he petered out his laughter.

"You fools. I am better than those newbies you call Beta testers. They don't even know how to level up properly. In fact I'm so much better than them that I actually got to higher level floors, and faced Katana patterns before."

The whole group was looking at him in outrage. One of the people in the crowd shouted out that he was a Beater. A combination of a Beta tester, and a cheater. Kirito smirked.

"Thanks. Don't confuse me with those other nobodies that call themselves beta testers. As I said I'm better than those plebeians."

Kirito then equipped his new Coat of Midnight dramatically, and started to leave towards the exit.

Naruto and Asuna chased after him.

Reaching him before he got to the door Naruto spoke

"I noticed what you did back there. I just wanna let you know, that despite what others think of you I'll always be your friend. So if your ever in need of any help, you'll know who to call."

"Your not coming with me?"

"I would, but I have some things I want to do first, also if I did that whole speech you did over there would be pointless."

Seeing Asuna wanted to say something also Naruto decided to leave so they'd have their private moment.

"I'll see you when I see you. Later." Naruto walked a small distance away to the exit, Watching the group party interface screen dissolve as he walked through the gate.

Drive: Its like a quick dose of Adrenaline to the body, speeding you up to double your normal speed, and temporarily doubles your base strength. It has the added ability of highlighting a route through your enemies, opening up the path of least resistance

Pierce: Sharpens whatever is thrown to the point where its able to penetrate through anything, depending on the strength of the user (Only able to use on thrown objects)

Barrage: An speeds up the Users senses to the point where time seems to slow down, lights seem brighter, whispers are loud, gross smells are repulsive, touches are irritating, and taste explosive. It also super charges the muscles much higher than what Drive does. It can only be activated once per day because of how strong it is.

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