Disclaimer and Notes: I'm tackling a subject that has been addressed in Marvel comics, but I will go ahead and admit I'm doing it differently. That's all I'll say for now, haha.

For the purposes of my story, let's assume Thor had already discovered that Loki was pretending to be Odin and rescued him. Loki is now on the run and this all takes place shortly after "Thor 2: The Dark World". Yes, Loki is actually in this. He just doesn't show up until chapter three, but he's talked about constantly.

The Truth About Lies

Throughout his life, grief had been one of those words he rarely experienced. He would not say that his life had been without strife, far from it actually. For years, he, the Warriors Three, and Sif had traveled the Nine Realms to help others whenever they were in need. Foolishly, he had once considered those occasions a merry good time, but now he considered it an obligation, a duty. And, it was one he took very seriously.

Grief had helped him to make that change in his life. Grief of a brother's loss.

Thor closed his eyes as he remembered Loki letting go of Gungnir and falling into the great void. He had believed his brother to be dead, and he had grieved. He had been so unaccustomed to it that he hadn't known how to handle it. At first, it had kept him isolated from his family and friends. He had partially blamed himself for Loki's demise. After all, if he had never disobeyed his father and gone to Jotunheim, Loki might not have ever discovered that he was a Frost Giant. If that had never happened, maybe Loki would not have been so determined to prove himself a son of the All-Father. Maybe he wouldn't have been so determined to become the King of Asgard, to show all the realms that he belonged here.

Of course, he didn't know then and he didn't know now if that were truly his brother's motivations. He honestly didn't understand Loki at times, even when they were children. That's why he was known as the God of Mischief, he supposed. Loki loved to cause trouble and no one knew why most times…not even their father.

Despite this flaw and the chaos that his brother had caused, Thor had grieved for him. He had missed him. He believed at that time that it would be impossible for him to ever feel that bad again…but life had a habit now of proving him wrong.

He now grieved the loss of his mother. And, worst yet, he knew for certain that Frigga's death was partially his fault. He had brought Jane Foster to Asgard; he had unwittingly summoned enemies to their home. And, his mother died protecting Jane. It was a noble death—he knew his mother was now in Valhalla, but that didn't make it any easier.

He stood at the railing on a balcony and looked out across Asgard. It looked as it always had despite the recent battles, but he knew it wasn't the same. It never would be ever again.

He turned around to go inside with a sigh and saw Sif leaning on the frame of the entrance.

"Are you all right, Thor?" she asked. Despite her being as tough as nails and one of the best warriors around, she always had a habit of worrying about him, especially after everything that had happened recently.

"Of course, my friend," he replied, squeezing her shoulder lightly as he passed by.

"I can never tell anymore," she said, turning around to look at him. "I know that you miss your mother. I do, too, but you can't stop living. She wouldn't want that for you."

"Who said I have stopped living?" Thor asked. He sounded almost a little offended. "I still help to protect the Nine Realms. I go and make merry with you, Fandral, Hogun, and Volstagg almost every afternoon." He then smiled and said, "Stop worrying, Sif. I'm fine."

Before she could say anything else, he turned around and walked away. The smile he had plastered on his face faded away as quickly as it had come.


Thor was on his way to his bedchambers when he heard a resounding "NO" echo through the corridors of the palace. He knew that voice anywhere. It was his father, and he could tell that he was angry. Very angry. Thor stopped for a moment to see if he could figure out what was wrong, but all he could hear now was continuous muffles. Curious, he crept to the nearby council chamber and peeked inside through the cracked door.

Odin was inside with a woman he had never seen before. She was dressed in a dark green gown that went all the way to the floor, and her dark black hair hung loosely and wildly about her shoulders. She looked strange despite her beauty, so unlike the people here, so Thor knew she was not from Asgard.

"Why not?" he heard the woman ask testily. She placed her hands on her hips and glared at Odin.

"It is not your place to question why! We made an agreement many years ago and I expect you to keep it!"

Thor was surprised to see his father's skin redden significantly. It seemed as though he was getting angrier and angrier by the second. He was on the verge of exploding, and for once, Thor was grateful it was not at him or Loki. He watched with interest as the woman glared at Odin and seemed unintimidated. That was new. Usually people backed off when the All-Father showed hostility, but this woman showed no fear at all.

"I could help him!" she replied insistently. "He is so depressed and lost! He doesn't know what to do now or how to feel. Don't you want to help him?"

"Of course I do," Odin snapped, "but replacing Frigga is not the way to go about it, Gaea!"

The woman threw her hands out exasperatedly and announced, "I do not want to replace her! I merely want to tell him the truth!"

"No! He is not ready to hear it! He never will be! Despite what you think, I know what is best for him and this is not it!" Odin shook his head for a moment and added, "I think it's time for you to leave."

Gaea didn't move. She folded her arms across her chest and replied, "Thor deserves to know the truth. He needs to understand who he really is! This would tell him so many things about himself! It would answer questions that others and he, himself, ask all the time! Why is he so obsessed with Midgard and its people? Why is he so protective of them? Why does he feel the need to go there all the time? You know as well as I do the answer to these questions, and yet, you've never told him."

"And, I have no intention of telling him," Odin spat. "This discussion is over. There is nothing you can say that will make me change my mind."


He glared at her irately and threatened, "If you do not leave now, I will call my Guard to escort you away, and you may not like where you go."

She cocked an eyebrow and smirked. "Do you really think I'm afraid of you and your Guard?" She cast a look towards the door and Thor immediately stepped back. He wondered if she had seen him. He chanced a peek again and saw that she was looking at Odin once more and speaking. "But I will leave for now. Just know that this isn't over."

"Yes, it is," Odin replied. He turned his back on Gaea as she started to walk away.

Thor ran hurriedly down the corridor. He didn't want his father or the lady to know he had been eavesdropping on their conversation. When he turned the corner down another passageway, he leaned against the wall and contemplated what he had just heard. He didn't know what to think. It was obvious this Gaea and his father were talking about him. There was something she wanted to tell him that Odin did not want known. He wondered what it could be and if he really wanted to know. Before he could even contemplate an answer to that question, Gaea turned the corner and smiled at him.

He stood straight and waited for the woman to disobey Odin by speaking to him. Instead, she kept walking, but she did reach out for his hand. It could hardly be called a handshake at all, but as she slipped her hand away, he realized she was handing him a small piece of paper. He met her eyes as she looked back at him while she continued to walk away. She winked at him before turning down another corridor.

Thor looked down at the paper and unfolded it slowly. There were only four words on it:

Midgard. I'll find you.

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