"26th of December"

Steve awakened to birdsong, and smiled as he wrapped his arms further around the warm body. He went still for a couple of seconds, until he noticed that it was Phil he was holding. Memories from last night returned with a vengeance, and he remembered his terrible behaviour. His reaction to Phil's present had worried the agent so much that he'd apologised; and then Steve had gone and kissed him without warning. He had to admit that it was something which had been building for a few weeks. Still, it had been unacceptable just to presume that Phil really did want to kiss him.

Then Phil had kissed back, and every damn thing fell into place.

With a sigh, he kissed the top of Phil's head, and cuddled him closer. His movements woke Phil, who tensed immediately.

"Just me," Steve said softly. Phil shivered, and craned his neck around so that he could meet Steve's eyes.

"Hi," he said, also whispering. Some of the others were still asleep. "Did yesterday really happen?"

"It did."

"And you really…?"

"Yeah." Steve rubbed noses with Phil, and remembered the day with the fudge. "You?"

Phil nodded, humming, and then pecked Steve's lips. "We should probably get up. I'll need to stretch if I don't want to have a backache the rest of the day."

"There are worse ways you could get a backache," Steve said, and he reluctantly let go.

"And more satisfying ways," Phil said, standing up with a glance towards Natasha, curled in a ball at the other end of the sofa. He smiled down at Steve. "We'll let them all sleep. I'm sure they need it."

Steve stood gingerly as well, and followed Phil into the kitchen. They'd still be nearby if someone wondered where they were (and it was closer to the coffee machine), but it was out of the way enough for them both to give their bodies a quick stretch and work out the kinks. That it ended with Steve being kissed up against the counter was just a perk.

Since it was likely that the others would only want a light breakfast – especially since they now each had a box of sweets to get through – Steve and Phil made at least a dozen slices of plain toast, and set them on a tray with butter, jam, honey, and a few other spreads. There was still some fruit salad in the fridge, if they wanted any later. Steve took the tray out while Phil started up the coffee machine. Gradually, the rest of the Avengers and friends had woken up, and were rubbing their eyes and/or yawning. Steve smiled as he put the tray in the middle of the group.

"Phil's doing the coffee, and there are still leftovers from yesterday," he said.

"This'll do for now," Clint mumbled, and he nearly fell over trying to crawl to the tray. He slumped on the carpet and moaned. Tony flopped down next to him, and stretched out far enough to get a couple of slices. He handed one to Clint, who seemed content enough to nibble on dry toast. He snuggled up to Tony, and Steve smiled widely.

"You're so cute," he said.

"Especially `cause we're waitin'," Clint said around a bite of toast. "God, the way he kisses..."

"And what about you and Agent?" Tony said, narrowing the one eye that he had open, all while winding one leg around Clint possessively. "Don't tell us the cold had anything to do with those chapped lips you both had last night."

Steve chuckled, and he headed for the kitchen just as Phil came out.

"Who wants coffee?" he asked. There were a few grunts. Only Natasha seemed to be alert now, and she smirked as Phil and Steve went to fill the requests.

"You're under the mistletoe," she said. That perked everyone up, and they appeared from behind the furniture like meerkats.

"I'm game if you are," Phil said. Steve grinned at him.

"Always," he said, and he tilted his head down to meet Phil's lips.

It wasn't as desperate as the night before, out on the balcony; but it sure as hell had the same intensity. Now that Steve had a better idea of what to do, he sneaked his arms around Phil's back and went for gold. Phil moaned into his mouth – Steve felt it more than he heard it – which made him even more eager to get the same reaction again. Soon he forgot all about their audience, and got lost in Phil. He'd never felt like this about anyone, not even Peggy; not on this scale. He was even seriously considering taking Phil to bed right now, something Steve never thought he would do so early in a relationship.

"Okay, you can stop now… really… would you just…? Break it up, guys!"

When Steve registered the words, he huffed, and broke the kiss. Phil looked irritated, and glared at the others.

"You asked for it," he said.

"Yeah, but it's like watching your parents make out," Tony said.

"Except hotter," Pepper remarked, and she clearly tried not to laugh when her ex scowled at her.

"I think we'll leave them to get their own coffee," Steve said, and he stroked his hand down Phil's arm to link their fingers together. "Want to go back to that café where the girl thought we were a couple?"

"If she serves us again, I'm giving her a large tip," Phil said, and he and Steve sauntered out of the room.

They'd work out later what to do when Phil returned to the Bus, because he couldn't abandon them; he was central to the team, and they were his people. Steve had to respect that, much as he hated it. In the meantime, he was having the best Christmas, and he wanted to keep it going as long as possible.

The End

I ended it like this because I couldn't think of anything better. Sigh.

Still don't feel too Christmassy, even though we went to the beach today. It nearly rained, which at least would have brought down the temperature. But we all know what it's like when we delve into temperatures, so we'll skip that bit. But I got a book for Christmas where I'm one of the characters in a story based on 'The Avengers'. Best mother ever. One of those stories where your name is used, as sometimes your friends' names. You know the ones? Yeah. They have them for 'The Avengers'. Mum got it through Identity Direct.

Happy Boxing Day! Or whatever the day after Christmas is called wherever you are.