Disclaimer ~ I don't own Bleach. This is a sequel to Lost Child. This takes place after a time skip of around six months give or take.

Lost Child: First Christmas
~Adoption (part 1)~

Kaien sat in the thirteenth division working on writing up a particular report in regards to a recent Hollow event. A frown appeared on his face as he crumpled the paper up in frustration and tossed it into the trash can. Taking a deep breath he found himself wondering why he couldn't get the report down the way he wanted.

Ukitake knocked on the door. "Take a break from your paperwork. You can finish up the write up tomorrow. You have a meeting to sign those papers in front of a few other nobles. You don't want to let Miyako down. You then have a fukutaicho meeting afterwords. Now come along Kaien."

The younger Shinigami stood up and pushed his chair back into the desk and followed after his captain. "We've been waiting for a few months for the paperwork to go through. I'm honestly glad that we were able to get it signed as fast as we did, normally it takes time for the paperwork to get signed."

"It helps that you had Unohana and the head captain also backing this adoption. On top of this the child is a genius so none of the other noble families will object to him being added in, but because of his mental issues none of them will make a case for being allowed to adopt this child into their own clan. Well... there were a few families that spoke interest until they found out. And of course it makes sense that his sister would be adopted with him as well."

The two walked to the Ukitake clan's estate where quite a few people were gathering already. Kaien scratched his head as he looked around. "I don't see Momo-chan and her friends from the academy. And are you sure that you wish to host the ceremony at your place."

"We've discussed this. I want to be Shiro-chan's godfather so I might as well go this far. You said that the first time you wanted the children to see the Shiba-clan estate was when you could bring both children. Shiro-chan can't participate in his own ceremony because of his age and because of his mental state. You also didn't want Ganju-kun to feel bad because he wasn't being allowed to participate in the ceremony."

"Yes... but..." Kaien paused as Miyako came up and hugged him.

"You're just as nervous and excited as I am and when you get nervous you find yourself worrying about everything not to mention nitpicking everything."

"Nii-sama! O-nii-sama's getting drunk!" The sound of Kyoraku's voice caused a look of horror to cross his face as he saw the young female running up to him with a rather worried look on her face. As soon as he made the face a grin spread across her face. "I got you! It's actually uncle Kyoraku who is drunk and you and I know how well he can hold his drink. Plus Nanao-chan is with him keeping him out of trouble."

"That isn't funny." The fukutaicho of the thirteenth division frowned at his little sister. "What did you tell Ganju to make sure he didn't come?"

"I told him that I was spending time with just Miyako nee-san and that we would be doing girl related things. You would think by now that he would figure out that I'm not into girl related things."

Kaien let out a sigh. "You are old enough now to act like an adult."

"Hey, don't worry about me. Unlike my eldest brother I know that pretending to be an idiot isn't a good thing. I don't want the reputation of being an idiot actually."

"Yo!" The sound of someone speaking caused Ukitake and the three Shiba clan members to turn their heads to see four academy students. Three were male and one was female. The female academy student held her hands together nervously while the red headed male held his hand up in manner of greeting.

Kukaku walked around the other three and held up her hand in similar greeting. "Yo!"

The red haired academy student blinked a couple of times. "Um..."

Kaien let out a deep sigh. "Why don't you three introduce yourselves."

Kukaku held out her hand to the the academy students. "I am Shiba Kukaku, the one and only daughter of the Shiba-clan."

"Abarai-Renji..." The academy student held out his hand, his cheeks turning red as he looked at the girl's chest area.

Miyako giggled and leaned over to whisper into Kaien's ear. "You know, I wonder why Isshin had such a reaction like you told me he had when Kukaku has grown into a young lady for some time now."

"Perhaps he's been just to busy to notice." Kaien felt like rolling his eyes but held back.

"Or he knows all to well but doesn't want to admit that his little sister is growing up." The sister-in-law of the clan smiled. "Because I've seen him do that a lot of times around her and she's getting tired of it, him pretending to forget."

"I will have to talk to him about that." Kaien walked over to his sister as Izuru Kira and Kusaka Sojiro introduced themselves to the young Shiba clan member.

Renji blinked a couple of times. "Aren't you older then us?"

Kukaku's eyebrows rose up. "Of course I am. Perhaps you can tell my stupid brother who is supposed to be acting as the head of the clan as well as the taicho of the tenth that. He keeps going ballistic every time he thinks that I've grown up."

The small female who had yet to introduce herself looked up. "Wait... are you the little sister he talked about still bathing with? You don't look little?"

"Yeah... that's my brother for you. You must be the girl that nii-sama and nee-san are adopting."

"Hinamori Momo..." The girl trembled slightly before Kukaku clapped her on the back.

"You know, I like you a lot! I'm glad you're going to be a part of my family."

The female academy blinked a couple of times, not at all sure what to think of this reaction.