Lost Child II: First Christmas
~Adoption (part 2)~

To say Hinamori Momo was nervous was an understatement. In her wildest dreams she never expected that she would be graduating from the academy at the end of the school year or that she and her foster brother would be adopted into the Shiba clan. Of course she never imagined that a few months ago that her granny would end up dying or that her entire village would turn on her little brother beating him to the point he didn't trust adults and never spoke.

She sat up in her bed in the girls dorm and changed into her uniform. One of the other girls looked up from where she was sleeping, a rather irritated look on her face. "Where are you going this early in the morning. We don't have classes today."

"I have a pass off campus."

This caused another girl to groan, letting out an irritated sound. "You know... it's not fair how you're getting all of these passes off campus. What makes you so special."

The first girl who had taken the time to speak to her sat up, glaring at Momo. "Better yet, what is the reason for you leaving today. This little brother again? What exactly is so important about this little brother of yours that he would be taken care of by the forth division."

"He's..." Momo looked at the ground. "I don't know how to explain to them that Toshiro is a child genius as well as having the mental problems he's had the last six months."

"Well... why are you leaving?" A third girl sat up, frowning as she did so.

"My... my brother and I are being adopted by the Shiba clan. I'm going to the adoption ceremony."

"Excuse me?" The second girl glared at her. "I know for a fact my grades are better then yours. What makes you so special that you get adopted."

"I'm not the one whose special. Shiro-chan is. He's the reason we're being adopted by the Shiba clan." Momo stood up then and headed for the door. Something told her not to stay near the girls. She then walked to the boy's dorm and stood outside of the entrance waiting for her three friends to come out.

Sojiro was the first to come out. "How are you feeling about today?"

"I'm nervous."

"Well... you're being adopted into one of the major noble clans, so it stands to reason that you would be nervous about being adopted. We just have to be nervous about intermingling with some of the higher ups in the nobel families. I mean, Izuru's used to it as he is from a noble family and is used to all of this. Renji and I are not. You will make a very pretty princess though."

"Princess?" Momo blinked a couple of times.

"Well... you are being adopted into a nobel family are you not?"

The female looked away before shaking her head. "I don't feel like I am a part of the family. It's Shiro-chan who is becoming a part of the family and I honestly feel as if I'm an outsider."

"Don't think that way." Izuru came down and the three found themselves waiting for Renji.

The last academy student happened to take a long time getting down. Momo's cheeks puffed out. "What took you so long?"

"What?" Renji blinked a couple of times. "I slept in. So what?"

Izuru let out a sigh. "We don't need to be late. This is important to Momo as well."

The three then headed to where they were told the ceremony would be held. Momo blinked a couple of times. "This is the Shiba-clan estate?"

"No... it's actually bigger." The blond haired academy student took a deep breath. "This is actually the estate of the Ukitake clan, so it belongs to Ukitake Taicho. He is likely playing host to the ceremony, though I don't know why."

The three stepped forward and Renji waved a greeting to Miyako and Kaien as soon as he saw them. An older female who was standing near them came over in a carefree manner and repeated the action. The female took them off guard and after a bit of time Momo realized it was the supposed younger sister from the Shiba clan. Kukaku though looked like she was older then them.

Izuru, Renji and Sojiro were taken into the room where the ceremony would be held with everyone else while Momo was led into another room with Miyako and Kukaku. The busty female hurried over and pulled out a plum colored kimono with peach blossoms on it. "You get to wear this for the ceremony."

"I can't." The small academy student clapped a hand over her mouth.

Miyako smiled. "You're a member of the Shiba clan, or you will be once everything is said and done. It's too bad little Toshiro can't see you and that we can't dress him up as well."

Momo bit her lip and looked at the ground, the entire thing more then she had been expecting. She eventually went in and the entire thing became a blur. As she was brought in to sit with the Shiba clan members she looked over to see that Byakuya Kuchiki was sitting there with Rukia. Rukai didn't look at Renji and he didn't look at Momo.

"Please don't let that happen between me and Renji." The small female continued to look at the ground. She heard the Kuchiki noble mutter something about the law to which Isshin and Kaien responded in unison that the Kuchiki noble didn't understand the law. It was then over and she was glad to be heading back to the academy. "I don't think being a princess is something I can do. I mean... I'm nowhere near as pretty as Miyako-dono or Kukaku-dono."

Renji spoke up then. "Well... the sake was nice."

"That's all you can say?" Kira blinked a couple of times while Momo tugged at her comfortable and plain school uniform.

"Well... I think we can say that Momo was pretty. We all said that didn't we?" The red heads comment caused both Momo and Izuru to blush while Sojiro laughed.