The Avengers were standing around a now defeated Loki watching him with irritated expressions. He had escaped and it had taken a lot to defeat him again, even though he was a lot easier to fight him without an army at his side. That still didn't make Natasha feel any better about the creepy way Loki was staring at Stark. Apparently Stark noticed the trickster God's smile as Loki was being tied up. "What's so funny Rudolph? See something you like?" Tony lifted up the faceplate and looked at Loki smirking. Loki cocked his head to the side. "I know you don't like it, Stark. I've been in your head. You act so confident, so secure. How do you think your so called team would react if they knew what really goes through that head of yours? Better yet how about if they knew your memories too?"

Natasha was puzzled when she saw the look of panic on Tony's face for a moment before expertly hiding it behind a mask of annoyance so perfect it was almost if she had imagined it, Hell if she didn't know how to do the same thing she wouldn't have seen it at all. That, along with what Loki had just said contradicted everything she knew about Stark. Why would those things bother him if Loki was lying? "Shut up Loki." Tony said his voice not quavering an inch, making her wonder if she really had imagined his panic a moment ago. Loki just smiled at Tony. "Well I think it's time for them to know Mr. Stark." A blue light appeared next to Loki, and then suddenly shot into Tony's head. Tony fell down unconscious immediately. Natasha's protective instincts took over seeing Stark taken down, and she lunged herself at Loki holding her knife at his throat furiously, practically growling. "What the hell did you do!?"

Loki grinned. "He'll be fine, physically anyway. All you have to do is get, your team, Tony, Pepper, Fury, and Rodney in the same room, and it will fix itself." Clint huffed kicking Loki in the back. "That just screams TRAP." Loki shrugged grinning. "He won't wake up until you do. "Then he disappeared. "THE HELL!?" Natasha screamed. Clint cursed and Steve growled. "Since when can he do that!?"

Thor shrugged helplessly. "I don't know my friends. It would be best to listen to my brother to help the Man of Iron." Steve fumed. "Fine, but I don't like this. Someone call Pepper, Rodney- I don't who that is- and Fury."

Four hours later they were all sitting around Tony Stark who was on the bed unconscious. They were waiting on Pepper who had to fly in from some small town where she was meeting some investor. The clicking of the small Clock in the back corner of the room was the only sound in the room, and Natasha wished that Pepper would just hurry up, but feeling horrible for her also. Pepper loved Tony more than anything and the way she watched over him they might as well be married. Suddenly Pepper burst in startling everyone, shuddering and eyes red from dried and still flowing tears.

"How is he?!"She demanded loudly. She was wobbling trying to stand up and talk calmly, and her legs just collapsed her body falling into Rodney who caught her."Shhhh Pepper he's gonna be okay." Natasha looked thoughtfully at Pepper. Pepper knew Tony better than anyone; maybe she could confirm or disprove the dark theory she had about Loki's plan. "Pepper, is Tony hiding anything about his past?"