Author's Note: Okay, so this is my first FanFiction. I've always read them, but there really aren't any for this, so I decided I'd write my own. Hopefully it turns out well. Be kind to me!

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And now... Arctic Amour.

Jack Frost was flying about the world, bringing fun to all as he did. It was his normal job, being the Guardian of Fun, and he loved doing it. Most of the time. Of course, there's nothing like bring joy to others, but lately Jack had been feeling as though something were missing in his life. All the children of the world were like little siblings to him, and Santa, Sandy, Tooth and Bunny were his greatest friends. Yet somehow...seeing young couples enjoying the fun he brought made him envious. They were so in love. And he had been cheated out of that by an early demise.

As Jack flitted over a park in Vienna, a couple that were ice skating on a pond caught his eye. Pfft. What could be so fun about being with just one other person? He wondered. I'll show them. And with a flick of his staff, he made the ice just a bit uneven so the boy would fall. Not so uneven that it would hurt the boy, but just enough that it would make him look stupid in front of his girlfriend.

Floating over the pond, Jack watched in anticipation as his harmless sabotage took place. The boy skated over the patch of ice, his leg began to wobble, and he fell, taking his girlfriend with him. Jack winced as he watched them both hit the ice, and then his eyes widened as he watched the girl start to giggle with glee.

"Oh, Jason, you're so clumsy! Even though you took me down with you, you somehow still managed to catch me!" she chuckled.

Jason smiled at the girl and hugged her close. "Of course, Mikaela. I'll always be here to catch you." Jack watched at Mikaela returned his sweet words with a kiss.

Frowning, Jack flew away fast and hard bringing cold, winds, and snow to the lands he passed over. " you can all feel how I feel! Cold, so cold!" he shouted as he flew. Why? Why all of a sudden was he feeling like this? He had no idea, not a single clue, and even the Man in the Moon wasn't giving him any clues. He started to slow down as he approached the frozen mountains of Norway.

The air was clear and crisp as he dodged mountain tops and trees. He would make sure the next town he came across felt his wrath. The other guardians would scold him for this, but who cares? What they didn't know wouldn't hurt them. As he cleared the final mountain top, he came across his target town...and came to a screeching halt. This little town already had a powdery coating of snow around it, but that wasn't what stopped him. Tucked toward the back of the town was a palace coated in ice.

Struck speechless by the sight before him, Jack flew closer and set himself down outside the entrance to the small town. As he was observing from the outside a voice caught his attention. The voice was speaking to him. Well, more like shouting.

"Watch out buddy! Ice Man coming through!"

Diving aside, he watched as a blonde haired man on a sled carrying ice blocks wizzed by, pulled by a reindeer. Standing up, Jack brushed the snow from himself and proceeded with caution into to the town.

"Guess I'd better watch out for anymore 'ice men', whatever they are," he muttered to himself. As he glanced about the town he noticed the man who almost ran him over was chatting with a young woman in braids.

"Successful trip, eh, Kristoff?" she asked him.

"As you can see, it was very successful. And quick, thanks to your gift, Anna," he replied, and gave her a swift kiss. "Now, the queen and princess of this kingdom have given me the title of Ice Man, so if you'll stop bothering me, I have to get to work," he told her with a smirk.

"Well, the princess says that you can work later. You got the ice here, that's what matters. And I'm sure the queen won't mind," she said with a wink.

Without another word Anna grabbed Kristoff's hand and together they dashed off toward the fjord with the reindeer in hot pursuit. Shaking his head, Jack continued to walk the town. He was so tired of seeing love everywhere. It was all he noticed these days. As he walked he caught bits and pieces of people's conversations. How lovely Arendelle is this time of year, how adorable the princess and Ice Man were together, if the queen would ever marry. But still he couldn't figure out how this town had an ice palace. Could it just be an illusion? I have to find out, Jack thought to himself.

As he strode up to the palace with purpose, he noticed that the palace was not, in fact, entirely made of ice, it merely had icy accents. And the courtyard...amazing! The ground of the courtyard was made of solid ice! With a grin, Jack started skating about the ice, showing off to all the others enjoying this wonder. He skidded to a halt in the center to observe the area, and stopped when his eyes hit the balcony.

There, standing at the edge of the balcony with her hands drapped gracefully over it, was a beautiful woman. She was pale, with platinum blonde hair braided off to the side, only a few shades darker than his own, and the most mesmerizing blue eyes he had ever seen. She was dressed in a blue gown that hugged every curve perfectly and easily told everyone she was someone of importance. She was the most beautiful creature Jack had ever seen.

He reluctantly looked away when he felt an elbow bump his arm, and looked down to see an older gentleman looking at him with a twinkle in his eye. "Aye, that's Queen Elsa, our Snow Queen. Pretty thing, isn't she?" he asked with a wink and a gesture at the queen.

"More than pretty..." Jack said without even realizing it. "Oh, um," he stuttered has he looked from the queen to the man. "Wait, did you say Snow Queen?" he asked, eyes wide.

"Aye lad, Snow Queen. Born with all the grace and beauty one could hope for in a queen, she was also given the gift of winter. She can make it snow and create ice, just by waving her hands around!" he said, waving his own hands as he did. "It gave us a fright at first, but once she learned to control it, we all came to enjoy it. After all, look at the beauty she can create," he said as he pointed up at the queen.

Sure enough, Elsa raised her hand and with a flourish, it began to snow softly. Jack's mouth dropped open. He had to meet the queen. She was not unlike him. He wondered idly if she too could fly, but decided it was more important to figure out how she could do this. "How can I meet the queen?" he asked the old man.

"Well laddie, there are several ways..." the man began, all the while Jack was listening and planning. Planning on how to meet this Snow Queen, planning on how to find out where she got her powers from. He would find out, no matter the cost.