The bullet hit the dummy at the opposite end of the long room. It went through the centre of the forehead.

Bang. Bang.

The second and third bullets entered at the chest. Both sides. Both hearts.

A slow, deliberate, singular set of applause began to echo through the dim room. From the shadows appeared the light of one eye. When the rest of the figure was visible, Madame Kovarian adjusted her eye patch before her free eye focused on the lone person in the centre of the room.

The little girl let her gun arm drop to her side as she looked at her keeper.

"Very good." Madame Kovarian came a few steps closer. "Who are you going to kill?"

"The Doctor," the little girl said, flatly, her eyes barely daring to even momentarily glance sideways at the woman.


"To end the war."

"Why else?"

"Silence will fall."

"Silence must fall," Kovarian hissed, and her thin mouth twisted with obvious satisfaction. "What else must you do?" At that, the girl hesitated, and Kovarian's hand darted out to grab the girl's shoulder tightly, her nails digging in. "What else?"

"His – his friend," the child stammered, her voice desperate, "She must – she must - I can't remember. I'm sorry!"

"There is no sorry. There is only success and failure. She must be taken care of if she also knows his secret. Silence her, capture her, kill her, or be positive she is ignorant, to be honest we don't care." Madame Kovarian rolled her eyes. "It's the Doctor that's important. He's the one that's dangerous. But that woman is a risk. Neutralise her. And kill him. River Song failed us a long time ago. You are our last hope. To kill the Doctor, and neutralise his companion." As she spoke, one of the agents of the Silence emerged out of the shadows next to her. The little girl stared at it with wide, frightened eyes as Kovarian continued to speak. "Neutralise her. Kill him."

When they both returned to the shadows, the girl remained in the small pool of light the centre of the room possessed, staring at the practice dummies all around the room as she raised the gun again.

"Neutralise her. Kill him," she whispered to herself.


For half a second, she smiled.

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