January 2nd - Beca

Well, I'm 24 now. I have to say, at this point in my life, I'm doing ok. I've got an amazing, beautiful wife that loves me and would love me no matter what I was doing. I've got a good job, great friends, and my family's proud of me. I'm doing ok. And more on the family bit a little later.

It was nice to get back into the studio today. It was the usual banter. I got some good natured ribbing because I was hoping to see Penn State win the Rose Bowl, but everyone understood that I don't care a ton and it's because of the aforementioned family. Unfortunately for Uncle Zack and his mom, they didn't win. But they lost in the last seconds and it was a real high scoring game. Uncle Zack said something like "At least it wasn't a blowout." and went on about how most of the players are young and they'll be getting a lot back. I don't know, it was like that song that's supposed to be how English sounds to non-English speakers to me.

They got back to the house around 7:30, and at about that same time Aubrey and Stacie showed up and Stacie, knowing how I love me my Taco Bell, made us all a nice little fiesta. The food was so good. If it weren't for Chloe, and if she weren't madly in love with Aubrey...Who knows, we're the younger two...Just joking, I love you Chloe.

Uncle Zack gave me about $150 worth of thumb drives from him and Aunt Trica, mom, and his mother. Like I said, we're only kind of related through marriage, but she's a great person. The real amazing present, and the part where I promised to get back to the family bit, was of course from Chloe. Her present was basically from her and her parents. Apparently, they know someone who's opening up a new club out here and, after hearing my music both on the radio and what Chloe sent him, he's agreed to let me spin at least once, more if I do well. I can't believe it. Chloe skyped her parents in and they said "You're part of our family now Beca, you have been for five years now, we want nothing but the best for you. We're so proud of you and we love you." I'm not going to lie, I cried. It really meant a lot. It could be a big break. What sucks is I still haven't settled on decent name. I have some time, but not a lot. I'll think of something. Now excuse me, there's a naked redhead in my bed. I can't pass that up.

Zap's note: And this concludes this portion of the story for now. We might revisit at some point, you never know. As far as I (in your mind put lots of emphasis on I because the site strips out certain characters) am concerned, the story's not done till both Smeg and I are dead or unable to write. Which granted, the way things get between him and I sometimes you never know could be soon.

A/N: Not much to add to this, like Zap said, this concludes this burst of Diary entries. We wanted to put in the Staubrey proposal and what not. We both hope that you all liked what we've done. If there was something you loved (or hated) leave a review and let us know! Going forward from here, I have the next chapter of F&F almost ready to go, but I got distracted by something new that's almost finished too, then by this. So hopefully those will be out soon. Until the next time, folks!