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Kitty Litter of a Different Kind (story)

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Kitty Litter Christmas

Sunday, 1st of December 2013

A Sunday stroll through the park… Robin knew it was a cliché, but as he pushed the triplets in their stroller, walking between his two mates, he couldn't help but find it just perfect.

"Help! Police!"

"Slade, take over!" Robin left the stroller pushing to the mercenary and was off as if a dog was chasing him, tail whipping. Almost instantly he saw what was going on: two armed men were crossing the road ahead towards a car which had its motor running. Claws out, Robin leapt. The first man got a foot in the face, the second an elbow. The car's engine roared to life, but another jump landed the teen on its hood. The driver only stared in shock at first and then hit the brakes. The hero was ready, though, and with his perfect balance he stayed put before kicking in the windscreen. He dragged the driver out, bashed his head on the hood of the car hard enough to knock him out, and jumped off, landing nimbly on the sidewalk, grinning.

"Robin, thank you!" a man called out to him, the storeowner by the looks of it. At that moment two police cars screeched to a halt next to the scene as well.

"No problem, glad I could help!" the teen smiled, and then his eyes met those of his mates. "Oh… fuck," he mumbled, ears drooping a little.

"Ma-ma!" Oliver then cried out, prompting the other two to do the same. Robin's face split in a grin again and he hurried over to his beautiful brood.

"We'll talk about this later," Slade growled.

"Could we just leave now? That cop is looking at me funny," Red X groaned.

"I hope you are imagining things," the hero warned him.

"Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma!" Oliver insisted, making grabby-hands at Robin.

"No, little guy, if I pick you up, your brother and sister would want to be carried too," the teen tried to explain. Oliver gave him a thoughtful look and then shone up again.


"Ha! If at first you don't succeed…" Red grinned down at his son.

"…ask the half-wit," Slade filled in and got a playful punch in the shoulder from the thief.

"Stop it you two, I have three children not five," Robin snorted. "To the playground!" he added and to the babies' delight he grabbed the stroller and took off running.

"Speaking about childish," Slade muttered as he followed.

All the kids loved the baby-swings, but the one who seemed to have the most fun was the fearless little Alexandra. Her hair was still white as snow and as the children's eye colors had changed, hers had turned into a almost ethereal turquoise. She had been the first to sit up, and Robin knew she was very close to crawling.

The triplets were about to turn five months old, but as Ferocitas they were ahead of human children in their development. It wasn't always very obvious, however, mostly because of their size, and they were all different. Still, Robin had begun to think of them as 'toddlers' though it was really about six or seven months too soon for that in human terms.

Oliver already used a few words, even though most was gibberish, while Dominic rarely spoke at all. He could, though, that much they knew, it just seemed that he preferred not to. He seemed happy enough, however, and Doctor Leslie had spent hours on the phone with Robin telling him that it was 'perfectly normal', which had become code for 'stop bothering me'.

Robin carefully placed Oliver into the swing, minding his tiny tail which poked out from the elastic opening in the diaper and slits in the clothes. The little boy, still smallest of the three, babbled away happily, smiling with his whole face, showing off the gorgeous dimples he had inherited from his father. He had most likely inherited the hair color too; a rich honey with a hint of copper. His big eyes were a stunning deep blue and he could melt hearts at ten paces. Red himself now sported reddish-brown hair which fell into his eyes but was quite short at the back. Robin didn't know if his mate had dyed it to match his son's, but it looked good none the less. They were used to him not keeping the same hair color for more than six months tops, though, so the cat knew that he had to enjoy it while he could.

Slade was swinging Alexandra, who was howling with laughter. Red had gotten Dominic to giggle as well in his swing. The boy had Robin's black hair and Slade's iron-grey eyes. It often looked like he was thinking very deep thoughts, and not only when he was filling his diaper. Dominic was the one who had figured out that he could reach a toy on a blanket by dragging the blanket towards him. Slade had been quite proud of that achievement.

"Ah-ma-ba-ba-MA!" Oliver said happily, making Robin grin.

"More? Can you say more? Mooore…" he tried.

"Mo! mooo!"

"My clever little boy!" the teen laughed and pushed the swing a little bit higher. None of them were swinging that high of course, just enough to get a little tickle in their tummies.

"Oh-oh," the teen heard Slade say. "Diaper bag time." He plucked a protesting Alexandra out of the swing and went over to the fully loaded stroller.

"Dominic's ears are drooping, I think it's time for a nap," Red X was next to announce.

Robin checked his watch: "Yes, we're late!"

"I remember a time when my biggest concern didn't include being late for naps," Slade said philosophically while he expertly changed his daughter on a blanket on the ground.

"We all do," Robin snorted. "But we like naps, don't we Ollie?" he said and lifted his son up. "Yes we do! No, no don't give me that bottom lip! You can go sleepy in the stroller… wanna drive really fast?"

"Mama!" the kitten grinned and grabbed his 'mother's' hair. "Mama boom!"

"Boom? Oh no, not boom-boom in your pants?"


"Yeah, I can smell it now too. Don't put away the bag, Slade…" he sighed.

Being a parent was a very glamorous life…

Once they were back in the apartment all kids were sleeping soundly so, after carefully removing their thin jackets, the parents let them stay in the stroller. The back had been tilted down so they were comfortable, but they all knew that moving them was dangerous. If they woke up and didn't go back to sleep at once, they were no fun to be around. Robin and Slade claimed they had all inherited that from Red. Red tried to point out that the only genes all of their kids shared were Robin's, but he had to admit he was the one who did tend to get the crankiest without sleep.

"Well?" Robin said as they had left the stroller in the nursery and came out to the living room. "Are you going to try to yell at me, or what?"

"We're not going to yell, Robin," Slade snorted.

"We're not? I'm gonna yell a bit!" Red objected. "They were robbers! They were armed! What the hell were you thinking?"

"That I want to protect people?" the cat-boy snorted, his tail twisting irritably.

"We have children now-" Slade began.

"And like I told you before they were born; it will not mean I'm going to give up who I am!" Robin growled. "When I- when I changed, my life was destroyed! I went from being the leader of the Teen Titans to an instinct driven idiot who couldn't even go on a stakeout without ending up chasing leaves! I was more or less kicked off my team for being useless!"

"We know, we were there," Slade said calmingly. "We helped, we-"

"-laughed," Red cut in. "What? We did? Come on, you were just hilarious sometimes!" he then noticed that Robin wasn't amused and sighed. "Sorry. But as Slade said, we helped, and you got better…"

"Yes, I got better. Hell, I became a better crime fighter than my whole old team combined!" Robin correctly stated. "Sure, I slipped up now and then, but I never stopped trying to control myself. I work very hard, because I do want to be a hero. It's important to me… I mean…" he snuggled up to Red, butting his head against the taller teen's chest, and then pulled Slade close too until his mates cocooned him. "I would never, ever give you or the kids up… the worst thing that ever happened to me gave me the best things in my life too, isn't that ironic?"

"Somewhat," Slade chuckled, "but we just want you to be careful… if you leave us two alone with three kids to raise, you've doomed us all…" he added in a overly dramatic way.

"I have no intention of leaving you, or even go back to patrolling yet… I'm very happy 'just' being a mom right now, but that doesn't mean I can just stand and watch when something like that happens right in front of my eyes!"

"Maybe we should bring the blindfold to the park from now on?" Red chuckled, and kissed Robin's ear, so it twisted away from the tickling sensation.

"That would give us all the wrong ideas," Slade muttered.

"About the 'wrong ideas'…" Robin grinned up at his mates. "They will be asleep for at least half an hour?"

"Yes, we should look over our taxes while we have some peace and quiet," Slade deadpanned.

"You do that, and Red and I will go be quiet in the bedroom," Robin grinned, dragging the other young man with him.

"Well, maybe the taxes can wait," the mercenary was forced to admit when his joke backfired.

"Do we even pay taxes?" Red asked.

"Of course we do! We help support our country like good, law-abiding citizens!" Robin snorted.

"Well, that statement just made me lose any erotic interest. I think I'll go fill out some of those forms instead," Slade muttered.

"Come on, grumpy pants," Red grinned and gestured for him to join them. "Three is more fun, and don't you think Robin deserves a bit of a punishment for scaring us today?"

"I wasn't scared, just annoyed," the older man claimed stubbornly, but then got a special gleam in his eye. "But yes, there should be a punishment…"

"Guys, stop, we just have time for a quickie, nothing fancy," Robin warned them.

"Exactly," Slade smirked and pulled Red out of Robin's arms and into his. "But what's to say that you get to join in?"

"What?" Robin's ears sank.

"Mmmhhh… I like having you all to myself now and then…" Red grinned at Slade. "Not too often, though… my ass wouldn't be able to handle it, but right now? Hell yes!"

"But-" Robin began as the other two men kissed and hurriedly got undressed.

The cat-boy's ears drooped even more as he continued to watch his two mates kissing and grinding against each other. It was hot, sure, but would they really not let him play? His hand found it's way to his crotch, though, caressing and squeezing his rapidly growing arousal. His mates seemed very focused on each other, but the more Robin watched, the hotter he got, until he was grinning and got his pants down. Watching was brilliant! He could see what was happening from every angle. Slade liked to just watch sometimes, and Robin had always wondered why, but he thought he understood now. Besides, it felt like his mates where his two personal sex-slaves, putting on a show, just for him. The cat boy grinned. Yeah, he knew why Slade liked that, all right…

"Fuck him harder, he can take it," he ordered his oldest mate, as he settled down on the bed himself, with a good view.

"Wait! Don't listen to hi- Annnggh!" Red grunted, his plea ending as the mercenary obeyed.

"That's a good boy…" Robin snickered and stroked himself faster. "Don't tell me you can't take it as hard, fast and deep as I can, Red?" he teased.

"Can… too!" the –mostly- former thief groaned. "Give me all you got, big guy- uunghh!"

Robin moaned himself as he watched and listened to his partners.

"I'm… so close…" he mumbled, spreading his legs wide and pushing two saliva-slicked fingers into himself. He needed something there to come, something that stretched him, and even though his fingers were a poor substitute for one –or both− of his mate's cocks, they were just enough to push him over the edge.

He heard the others come as well and for a moment there was just panting sounding through the room.

"That was so sexy, kitten, you fingering yourself like that…" Red let him know.

"Hey, I was supposed to watch you, not the other way around!" the cat boy objected.

"Oh, we were both watching… maybe we should let you come on your fingers more often?" Slade purred.

"No! Next time I want to come on your cock!" Robin stated.

"Very well, you may," the man smirked.

"Promise?" Robin smirked back and crawled up to him for a kiss.

"My lips are lonely too," Red X pointed out a moment later.

Robin laughed. "Fine, you'll get yours. Slade, clean up and get into the kitchen, you're on bottle duty… we'll be right there."

The man snorted good-naturedly and got up while the younger men made out. The kids would be up soon. Slade was glad the kittens weren't walking yet. He didn't look forward to the day when the door could open at a crucial moment. Not that he hadn't had a lock installed, but in the heat of the moment… and that day was approaching quickly, as the babies seemed to be growing by the day…

His chest filled with pride as he thought about his three children. He would probably be able to forgive them from being little cock-blockers. They were already experts in that field after all: waking up at the wrong times or randomly starting screaming or getting tummy aches… Not to mention that Robin had barely let them touch him for the first month after they were born. Not that they often had the energy to, anyway. Even Slade himself had been bone-tired before they got a routine going.

Now, however, they were a well oiled machine. Mostly. Robin was the boss when it came to the kids, though, Slade had to admit. They were all very capable parents, but he had some kind of inner instinct that was seldom wrong. If it was only his advanced hearing, picking up the sounds of the children waking up before anyone else, or his sense of smell being able to tell if a diaper was full from a distance, or if it was something deeper, the man didn't know. But he had learned not to question it. He was the alpha of their little 'pride', but in these matters he happily obeyed his youngest lover.

On cue, exactly as the bottles were done, there was a little 'meep' from the nursery. That would be Alexandra, meaning Dominic was probably already awake, contemplating if he was hungry enough to cry.

"Mommy's coming!" Slade heard Robin call out, prompting Oliver to make his voice heard to with "mamamamamama!"

"Here you go," Slade said and tossed one of the bottles to Red, who caught it deftly and headed towards the cots.

"Who's turn is it to get boobies?" he asked.

"Bobo!" Oliver mimicked happily.

"We really need to start minding our language around them," Robin muttered. "And it's Dominic's turn. Come to mama, big boy!"

"I'll take you then, Ollie," Red told his son, "Because I know how fussy our princess gets if she's not with her papa."

"You're not fussy at all, are you Alexandra?" Slade asked and he plucked his daughter from the crib. "You just prefer more refined conversation, don't you? Have I ever told you about Flavius Aetius? He was a Roman general, now known as 'the last true Roman', and in the Battle of Catalaunian Plains-"

Robin chuckled as he tuned the man out and settled with Dominic in one of the three 'nursing chairs' as they had been dubbed: comfy, wide soft chairs with large padded arm rests. All three would most likely end up on the tip after the babies were completely on solid foods, as they were now rather covered in spit up milk…

He looked down at his son as the boy latched on to his nipple. The hero had still to come to grips with the fact that he had breasts, but they were actually not that noticeable unless he was naked… in a tight t-shirt even Slade's muscular pecs were more of a handful, which Red loved to point out. The memory of the thief running away after doing a 'honk-honk' maneuver on the mercenary still cracked Robin up.

He only nursed one every meal now, as they had gotten so big that it was hard to hold two at once, and they needed more milk too. This way at least they all had breast milk every day, and it was the favorite. Oliver was especially fussy with the formula, which Red was experiencing at the moment.

"Less talking, more eating, son," the thief sighed, as the young boy in his lap was holding one of his monologues again. Probably a speech against bottles, Robin guessed. Alexandra was smacking away, though, her turquoise eyes firmly locked onto her father's face. Slade was still mumbling some random historical facts to her. It was the man's way of cooing, the teens had discovered. He and Red had no trouble doing the baby-talk and weird whimsical noises and songs, but that wasn't really Slade's thing… Still, the babies loved his deep, calming voice and often fell asleep on his chest, all huddled together.

Robin gave his mates a loving smile, even though they were both too busy to see it. A mercenary and a thief and they were still amazing parents. Well, he should give himself some credit too; after all he was not only a cat hybrid of sorts −with all the difficulties that came with− but he was also just a teenager, really not ready for parenthood during normal circumstances. His circumstances were nowhere near normal, though… not only did they have money, Robin also had a job –of sorts- and an education… not to mention the instincts that had thrown him into the heat which had created these three little wonders.

He smiled down on his son again, who looked like he was nodding off.

"Nu-huh, don't' go into a milk coma now. You need to stay up and play for a while, because it's bath-time tonight!"

"Yes, and if mommy stays out of the room we can play with the duckies! He's afraid of them!" Red X stage-whispered to Oliver.

"Pft, they just look insane… and evil…" Robin snorted. "And don't leave them lying around this time, I don't want to trip on another one!"

"Mommy is noooo fun, is he?" Red grinned.

Robin snorted and shook his head before giving his lover a grin back. Family life really had its moments…

To be Continued…

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