Godzilla and friends go to Disney World chapter 1: upon arrival.

After a long flight from Monster Island to N. America, feet stepped out of the plane and out come Godzilla, Rodan and all their friends. Godzilla looked at the majestic castle.

"Look at that castle!" Said Godzilla. Godzilla went to buy a Disney World camera. Rodan and Mothra walked up to the castle and looked at it.

"Cool." Said Rodan.

"Are you kidding me?! It's Fantasmic! Get it?" said Mothra.

"Yeah." Said Rodan.

Godzilla got the camera and a park map. Godzilla told them that they should split up and meet back at the monorail station for the fireworks. Rodan with Godzilla, King Ghidorah with Gigan, Kumonga with Kamacuras, Mothra with King Caesar. So they split up and they got ready for fun.

What ride will they ride? Find out in part 2!