Rei walked over to her bed and kneeling down she reached under it pulling out a red book. Sitting on the bed she pulled out a key and unlocked the diary. Picking up a pen she began to write.

We had out youth retreat the other day. We played a game off truth or dare and I watched everybody as the answered. Especially when Minako was asked if she would give up being a Sailor Senshi. And I know this got all 5 of us started on thinking about our lives and how they had been changed our lives. It really got me thinking on if I would. Would I? Well not exactly. OK let me explain. I would love not being a Senshi if I had never been one, if I had no past life centering around the Moon Kingdom. But I didn't I am a Senshi, and I have been one for a thousand years. There's no changing it and I have come to accept that. But if there was a way, if someone walked up to me right now and asked me to change my whole life, would I? Hell no. Because I love being a Senshi to much, I love having friends like Minako-Chan, Ami-Chan, Mako-Chan, Haruka-San, Michiru-San, Hotaru-Chan, Setsuna-San but especially Usagi-Chan. Actually when I think about it being a Senshi is a really great thing that not many get to experience. Saving lives, sure, don't get me wrong that's a great thing but other things have come from it. Do you think I would be friends with any of these people had it not been for being a Senshi? No way. And if we were there would be no way that we could be this close, not in a million years. I'm 18 now, my life has changed drastically since I was 14. And I have had a lot of growing up to do. But you know what? I don't really care. I wouldn't change it for the world.