It was Friday night in Peach Creek and Double D was sitting at his desk finishing up his science essay. It wasn't due for two weeks but Double D always found that the best strategy for his schoolwork was to avoid any form of procrastination.

"Excellent. Now that I've finished my paper on fungi (having used Ed's toenails as reference) I can finally move on to my History project, then my Algebra worksheets, then my book report, and then my..."

Double D was suddenly distracted by the ringing of his downstairs house phone. No one was there to answer it because both of his parents were away on business trips and had left him home alone. It wasn't so bad because all the extra time by himself allowed Double D to concentrate on schoolwork. But what was distracting was that he wasn't allowed in his parents room and the only other phone in the house was downstairs in the kitchen. So every time it rang Double D raced downstairs to answer it, like now.

"Hello this is Edd speaking." Double D said in a panting manner.

"Whats crackalating sockhead?" D

Due to being called by the nickname 'sockhead' it was apparent to Double D that it was his childhood friend Eddy calling.

"Oh hello Eddy, may I inquire into why you are reaching out to me at this late hour?"

"Oh I'm just relaxing over at Ed's. He said there's a Japanese horror mech-monster movie marathon on Channel 9 tonight, so get your butt in gear and get over here, oh and don't forget to bring snacks because I don't think you want what Ed is cookin'." From the other end of the phone Double D could hear Ed shouting 'Eddy the gravy is almost ready!'

"So Double D you coming over or what?"

"Oh... Well you know Eddy as stimulating as that sounds, I'm afraid I have to decline your invitation. You see I uh... need to go finish up some schoolwork and uh... need to go to bed. You know how I get without my nine hours!"

"Whatever Double D. You know you should get out and live life once in a while, break a few rules. 'Cause that's how you get the ladies." Eddy finished the sentence with much emphasis on the word 'ladies'.

"Sound advice Eddy. Goodnight."

"Adios Double D"

After Double D hung up the phone he slowly walked back upstairs, shoulders sagged and a look of sadness covering his face. In truth he didn't need nine hours of sleep (he was ok with seven). The truth was that he was terrified of monster movies. But it wasn't always like that. He used to find them quite entertaining. Entertaining to the point where he used some of their monster and robot designs in his scam blueprints. That was until a month earlier when during one of the movie marathons Double D became so frightened and terrified that for the next week he was plagued with nightmares. Nightmares of people breaking rules, thrashing his room, freeing his ants, and taking his hat. Double D's body shuddered just remembering them. But he knew that as long as he skipped monster movie night, everything was alright.

As Double D walked down the hallway and entered into his room he felt a harsh wind rub his skin.

"'s cold in here" Double D said frantically rubbing his arms "I need to close that window"

After Double D closed his bedroom window he went over to his desk and started shuffling his papers and reorganizing his work supplies back to their correct positions.

I believe that's enough homework for tonight. It's time for a good hot shower!

After his shower Double D went through his whole pre-bedtime routine. It consisted of brushing his teeth, washing his face, and making sure his dirty clothes were in a laundry hamper.

When Double D finally got back to his room he removed his beanie and placed it on its pedestal right next to his pet cactus Jim.

"Goodnight Jim. See you in the morning"

As Double D crawled into his bed he turned off his bedside lamp. Darkness enveloped the room and Double D felt his breathing calm and a heaviness cast over his eyes. But as he slowly drifted into sleep Double D heard a faint whisper.

"Goodnight Double D..."

"Goodnight" Double D said back.

As soon as the words left Double D's mouth his eyes burst open and all the hairs on the back of his neck stood. What came next was a scream loud enough to be heard all throughout the Peach Creek cul-de-sac.