Man, It's been a crazy four months. I've gone through a lot of stuff, but now I'm proud to present you with chapter 10 of "Note to Self".

It's good to be back.

"Left punch... right punch. Right punch... left punch"

Ed stood over the punch table having trouble deciding which bowl he should fill his drink from. For the first five minutes he was dead-set on drinking from the left one. It was a bit darker than the one on the right and to Ed that meant it was most likely "stronger" and had more sugar. But then again stronger doesn't always mean better, and Ed didn't want too much sugar. That would give him nightmares.

"Right punch" Ed announced to himself.

But when he tried to pour himself a drink, he just couldn't. He started to think to himself, I can handle stronger... but then again-


Ed's kid sister Sarah came barging up to him. "Ed!"she screamed at the top of her lungs, "Quit holding up the line!" Sarah pointed towards the growing line of kids backed up behind Ed.

"Sarah! I'm trying! I just can't-"

"Can't what!? Ed, you're making Jimmy thirsty!"

From behind her stood Jimmy doing what he did best, staying out of Sarah's way.

"Sarah", Jimmy said as he tapped her on the shoulder. "Maybe it would be best if we just let your brother be and we just-"

"No Jimmy! I'm not leaving till we get our punch!"

Sarah reached in front of Ed and grabbed the ladle out of the bowl. But before she could pour a drink Ed grabbed it.

"Please Sarah! I'm almost done!" Ed said as he tried to pull the ladle from her.

"Let go fish-face!" Sarah said as she yanked it back.

"Ok." Ed said as he released his grip.

Having no opposing force the ladle came right into Sarah's face with a loud smack.

"Ow! Why'd you do that Ed!" Sarah shouted as she covered her face.

"Oh!" Ed started shaking his hands. "I'm sorry baby sister! It was an accident I swear!"

"Ed! You're so mean!" Jimmy said as he grabbed Sarah. "You know what i'm going to do? I'm going to- I'm going to get a teacher! And you're going to be in a lot of trouble for hurting Sarah! You might- you might even get a Saturday school!"

"But it was an accident! Oh I'm so sorry Sarah!"

"Jimmy, how bad is it?"

Sarah took her hands from her face. On her forehead was a tiny swelled red bump. It didn't look serious, but it wasn't going to disappear till after tonight.

"Oh, it's not that bad Sarah. You can barely notice it…" Jimmy said. He was quite the talented liar. Well he had to be to avoid all possible confrontations in his day-to-day life.

"Thanks Jimmy." Sarah said as she rubbed her head. She then raised her fist to Ed, "When I get home I'm telling mom about this!"

All color drained from Ed's face as he heard mention of his mother. Besides the Kankers, soap, and toothpaste, the only thing that gave Ed night-terrors was the thought of him being punished by his mom. She of course never hit or smacked him around. No, the things she did were worse, much worse.

"No Sarah! Please!" Ed said. He got on his knees. "If you don't tell mom I'll let you drink from my gravy tub!"

"Why would I want to do that!?"

"Because it's delicious."

"I don't care about your tub or anything else you have! Now let go of me!" Sarah tried to free herself from Ed who had wrapped himself around her leg.

"Please Sara! You know what mom did last time! I can't go another week without TV!"

"I said let go of me Mono-brow!"

She pressed her nails hard into Ed's arm making him scream.

"Ow baby sister, that hurts."

"Will you two quit yammering!" Lee Kanker said as she strolled over to Ed and Sarah's little scuffle. "Short-stuff I know you're a Drama-Queen, but take it somewhere else. Mama's thirsty."

"Drama-queen?" Sarah questioned as she gritted her teeth. "Why don't you just shut up and get out of her Kanker!"

Seeing the look of pure fury on Sarah's face Ed let go of her leg and scurried himself away.

"Did you just tell me shut up?" Lee asked.

"Did- I- stutter!?"

Lee shook her head. "I was gonna forget the whole incident in the store the other day." She started cracking her knuckles. "But now you're just asking for a poundin'"

"You gonna fight me Kanker!" Sarah said through her clenched teeth.

"Did I stutter, drama-queen?"

Seeing red, Sarah grabbed the punch ladle. "You wanna get nuts!?" Using the ladle Sarah smacked a pile of plastic cups off the table. "Come on! Let's get nuts!"

"Hm, Short Ed-boy, is that you stuck in the waste bucket?"

Rolf scratched his head as he stared at the legs squirming out of the trashcan.

"Rolf!?" Eddy's voice sounded of surprise and relief. "Thank god- Get me out of here!"

"First Rolf must ask, why is three-haired Ed-boy in the waste bucket?"

"Because I was looking for the punch line- Who cares?! Just get me out of here!"

Seeing no other better option Rolf grabbed Eddy's legs and pulled him free. Shaking his head of trash Eddy dusted himself of debris.

"Oh thank you Rolfy-boy" Eddy said as he tried rubbing a stain off his shirt.

"It's been Rolf's pleasure to help you out of your predicament Eddy, now excuse me, I need to go gather refreshments."

"Oh no you don't" Eddy grabbed Rolf by his shoulders. "Have you seen Marie Kanker!?"

"Hm… last Rolf saw the blue-haired trailer sister she was dancing with Double D Ed-boy."

"Dancing?" Eddy said. "You're joking, right?"

"No Ed-boy." Rolf said shaking his head. "The two were participating in what call this country refers to as 'slow'-dancing."

Dancing? Eddy thought. More than that they were slow-dancing!?

"I'm too late." Eddy said rubbing his forehead. "That blue devil has Double D in her demented hands. He can't fight the power of her corruption! Not by himself!"

"Devil? Corruption? …Did three-haired Ed-boy catch an illness in the waste bucket?"

"Where did you say you last saw them!?"

"On the dance floor." Rolf said pointing towards the other end of the gym; "Is Double D Ed-boy in danger?"

"Danger you wouldn't believe. Excuse me Rolfy-boy."

Pushing Rolf aside Eddy darted towards the dance floor.

"Hm, Ed-boys just keep being stranger everyday." Rolf said scratching his head. "But enough of distractions. Rolf needs to quench his thirst."

It was perfect. We were laughing. We were talking. We were even dancing. Everything was absolutely perfect. And I freaking' ruined it!

"God dammit Marie!"

Marie stood between all the dancing couples rubbing tears from her eyes. It had been a few minutes since she scared Double D off but she hadn't moved from her spot.

You should have listened to May. You shouldn't have moved so fast. And now because you were an impatient moron you sent Double D running and you're causing a scene in front of everyone.

"Calm down Marie. Calm down. You just need to get out of her, and head home. Just head home. Head home- God dammit!"

Nearby onlookers had become aware of Marie in her emotional state and slowly started backing away from her. Soon there was a small empty gap between her and the others as if she was in her own protective bubble. As she stood isolated Marie heard her name being called.


May appeared from behind and approached her sister.

"Marie?" May saw her sister's red eyes. "Are you crying? What happened?"

"I- I- God dammit May I screwed up!"

May wrapped her arm around Marie. "Hey, hey, everything's gonna be alright."

"No it's not May." Marie said wiping her nose. "I acted like an idiot and I- I- scared off Double D. All because I'm just stupid trailer trash."

"Hey, were not trailer trash alright. We just live in one." May scanned the area. "Now let's just get Lee and get the heck out of here."

"Ok" Marie sighed.

The two of them pushed their way past people as they tried looking for their other sister.

"I don't see her nowhere." May said as she looked back and forth. "Hey I wonder why all those people are gathering near the punch table?"

"KANKER!" Came a loud war cry.

Eddy stomped his way towards Marie and May.

"You think you can just stuff me in a trash can and get away with it!? No way Jose! You know, I'm tired of all the crap you and your psycho sisters have given me, Ed, and Double D! It ends tonight! Once and for all! End of the line Kanker! It's time I settled this and put you in your place! You know before now I never even once thought about hitting a girl, but right now I'm not convinced you are one! So yeah! I'm gonna teach you that you can't mess with me or my- Are you crying?"

Eddy stood in front of the two girls with his mouth open.

"Just get of here munchkin!" May said to Eddy.

"I didn't think you could cry..." Eddy said. First slow dancing, now crying? Had hell frozen over and pigs started flying?

"Well she is! Now scram!"

Eddy slowly backed up and started to walk away. Damn, he thought. If someone as tough as Marie was crying you know something really bad happened.

Watching Eddy walk away Marie remembered what Double D had said to her.

"I don't think I can be a relationship at the moment. I have a lot of things on my mind, like school and Eddy."

Marie then thought, Why would Double D be worrying about school!? He's a straight-A student! That just means there's only one thing holding him back.

"YOU!" Marie screamed.

Flinching, Eddy spun around. Looking to his left, then his right, Eddy pointed an unsteady finger at himself. "Me?" He asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

"This is your fault!"

Eddy's eyes widened. "What I do?"

"You're the one who upset Double D! You're the one who ruined our moment!"

"… You two had a moment?"

With clenched fists Marie started approaching Eddy.

"Hey woah! Woah! Back up!" Eddy said as he stumbled backwards.

"When I'm down with you munchkin you're gonna wish I'd killed you!"

"Oh- um oh!" Eddy looked around for help, anybody who'd stop Marie; "oh- oh- oh... Mr. Hopkins!"

In almost an instant Eddy bolted away from the scene.

"Hopkins isn't gonna save you now Eddy!" Marie shouted as she sprinted after him.

"Wait up Marie!" May said chasing her sister.

From behind the stage curtains Jonny and Plank stood ready to commence their evil plans. Jonny had outfitted himself in his Super-Villain costume complete with an evil cape, pink rubber gloves, and a gourd helmet.

"Nows the time Plank." Jonny said emitting a maniacal laugh. "Everything is right on schedule. The teachers and staff are all out of the way. The traps have been set. And most importantly our targets, the two shadow people stalking our neighborhood, are right here ready to be defeated."

Jonny paced around behind the curtain.

"Now Plank I know what's on your mind. I know what you've meant to ask me. The question that's been digging at your brain for the past few weeks. It's nestled deep inside, it's poked around, it's been whispering to- Alright, Alright! I'll stop monologuing."

Jonny cleared his throat. "The question eating away at your subconscious. Who are… the Shadow People!? Well I'm glad you asked. I was asking myself that same question. But then I really started thinking. Who would wander the cul-de-sac at night? Who would skulk around Double D's house? And most importantly, what two people do I know are incredibly short and gigantically tall? Factoring in all those elements, I was able to deduce that the Shadow People are in fact…Ed and Eddy!"

"…What do you mean you knew that already!? And you didn't think it would be a good idea to tell me!?"

"You know Plank, you have to remember that I'm the Super-villain and you're the minion! Not the other way around! "

"But enough of that. It's time to start the show!"

Jonny and Plank stuck their heads through the stage curtains. They were able to oversee all the gym from their little hideaway, which made it the perfect place for the two to witness all of their villainess schemes. Also Jonny's head blended in nicely with the curtain.

"Alright Plank, you ready?" Jonny pulled out a switch with a red button on it. Above it read 'Danger'.

"Ok. Begin the countdown. 3…2…1…" Jonny pressed down on the button.

…Nothing seemed to happen. People were still dancing and the crowd circled around the punch table didn't move.

"Ok let's try this again. 3…2…1… go!"


"3, 2, 1, go!"







Less than nothing.

Jonny hammered his finger down on the button multiple times.

"Plank!? Why isn't anything working!? The batteries are plugged in and the anti-interference generator is on. You set up the traps right?"

"…What do you mean I was supposed to do it! You're the minion!"

Jonny smacked the switch on his head.

"Are you saying you didn't set up any of the traps!? The gourd water cannons? The gourd juice sprayers? Not even the gourd animal throwers!? Great, just great!"

Jonny went behind the curtain. He paced back and forth with his hands on his hips.

"It's alright Plank. We just- We just have to go to plan two. You did set up plan two, right?"

"… O.k. then, well just have to go with plan 3."

Jonny grabbed a burlap sack he had smuggled in earlier that day. From inside he pulled out a mechanical contraption.

"I call this, The Gourd Launcher! No Plank! It doesn't actually launch gourds! I'm not trying to kill people. It just shoots their seeds."

"Yes I harvested all the seeds myself. Yes that's why our room smells."

Loading up the seeds Jonny activated the gourd launcher. It came alive in an instant and started emitting a tiny buzzing noise. The whole thing looked like it was jury-rigged by someone who didn't know what they were doing, which was most likely the case in this situation.

"Plank," Jonny said devising an evil grin, "let's go."

"Your gonna die shortcake!"

After dodging Sarah's strikes with the punch ladle, Lee had gotten hold of the spare ladle and engaged Sarah in a duel. As the two of them struck and parried each others blows with the utensils, a crowd had gathered to watch the two of them duke it out.

"Don't talk like you can even hit me Lee! I've beaten 8th graders better than you!"

Sarah did an overhead strike that Lee narrowly avoided by moving to the right. Then using her shoulder Lee pushed Sarah causing her to collide into the punch table. Noticing an opening as Sarah regained her balanced Lee attempted a left swing. Sarah leaned back causing the ladle to miss her chin by only an inch. The swings momentum spun Lee around, a mistake Sarah took advantage of by kicking her in the butt.

"Ow! You little twerp!" Lee shouted.

"Oh, did someone get a boo-boo on their behind?" Sarah said as she readied herself for the next attack.

"Way to go Sarah!" Jimmy said from the side as he bounced up and down. "You really got her good that time!"

"Thanks Jimmy!" Sarah gave him a wink.

Jimmy blushed at the sudden expression. "Oh, my" he thought.

Rubbing her behind Lee cracked her neck. "Alright red." Lee flexed her arms and held the ladle as if it was a baseball bat. "Play times over."

Lee meant what she said. Charging at Sarah, Lee swung at her head. Ducking beneath the knockout strike Sarah weaved to the left, moving further along the punch table.

"Ooh, looks like someone missed batting practice." Sara sneered.

Erupting into a fury of rage Lee swung with a downwards-right swing. Instead of hitting Sarah it struck the table, causing the punch bowl to shake.

"You wanna take a quick break Kanker? You're starting to swing like my grandma!

"Shut up!" Lee screamed. "Shut up!"

Dragging the ladle across the table Lee did an upwards swing, sending the glass punch bowl flying to the floor. The crowd moved back as tiny pieces of glass and Hawaiian punch spread along the ground.

Sarah and Lee gave each other a jaw dropped, wide-eyed look. As they looked at the mess on the floor the same two words popped in their heads.

"Ohhh Shi-" Before uttering the last syllable they were interrupted by a high-pitched scream.

"Help! Help! She's gonna kill me!"

Sprinting past was a terrified Eddy. Too distracted running for his life, he didn't notice the thick of pool of punch collecting on the ground.


At his speed when he stepped on the pool he slid forward past Sarah and Lee and landed belly first on top of the empty punch table.

"Ow" Eddy moaned as he rolled on his back.


Eddy raised his head and looked down his laid out body. Standing in the pool of punch was an enraged Marie.

"Oh please don't do what I think you're gonna- Mama!"

Moving as she if she was a blue-haired tigress Marie pounced on Eddy. The swiftness and impact of their collision caused the table to tip over, landing on the gym floor with an ear deafening bang.

After looking over Eddy's currant assault by Marie, Sarah and Lee looked back at each other. Knowing that their business was far from over the two raised their ladles and exchanged a series of loud war-cry's as they continued their battle.

"Ow, Marie not the face!"

"I've got you now shortcake!"

"You ruined it!"

"Bite me trailer queen!"

"Prepare to be Gourded!"

The four combatants looked away from their opponents. "What!?" They all cried out.

Jonny and Plank stood front and center above the pool of punch "I said! Prepare to be" Jonny raised his launcher; "Gourded!"

From the mouth of the Jury-rigged machine shot a fast nonstop line of gourd seeds. They hit like rocks and Lee and Sarah dived next to Eddy and Marie behind the table to avoid the blast. The crowd fled as seeds ricochet off the tables surface.

"Sarah! Are you ok!?" Jimmy yelled over the loud crashing of seeds.

"I'm alright Jimmy, just get somewhere safe- I'll meet you later!"

"Why the hell is he shooting us!?" Lee said.

"I don't know!" Eddy yelled. "Maybe him and that piece of wood finally snapped!"

"No! No! No! I am in control Eddy!" Jonny said as he unloaded on the table. "You can hide behind there for now but sooner or later you'll have to-" With a small bang the gourd launcher gave out and started emitting smoke. "Well that's what I get for bringing a prototype." Jonny smacked the launcher to see if it had any more juice in it.

"What's going on here!?"

At the entrance of the room stood Mr. Hopkins and the other chaperones. Each of them carried a look of shock and anger. At the sight of the teachers Sarah, Lee, and Jonny each dropped their weapons. The other chaperones went to go check on the other students as Mr. Hopkins stood facing the five misfits.

"Eddy?" Mr. Hopkins walked forward and saw the chaos that had ensued. "What happened?"

"Uh" Eddy was lost for words. "Uh-uh-it was uh- uh… Kankers."

Marie and Lee both shot Eddy a hateful look.

"Ok." Mr Hopkins said rubbing the back of his neck. You could tell just by looking at his face that he was trying his best to hold in all the things running through his mind "You five." He pointed towards Jonny, Eddy, Marie, Sarah, and Lee. "You five go wait outside my classroom. We need to have a little talk."

"Forget that." Marie said getting up. She walked past Mr. Hopkins into the hallway.

"You four. My classroom." Mr. Hopkins said to the remaining kids as they nodded in agreement. He then ran into the hallway to chase after Marie.

"…where's his classroom?" Sarah asked resting her head against the table.

May finally ran into the scene. "Hey what happened- Ahh!" May slipped and fell into the pool of punch.

Running into the English hall Mr. Hopkins saw Marie pull her coat out of her locker.

"Marie? You can't just leave." He shouted down the hallway.

Marie didn't respond, she just walked towards the exit.

"Marie?" Mr Hopkins ran in front of her and blocked her path.

"Move." Marie said staring straight ahead.

"Marie, I can't do that, you need to come with me." He placed a hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off.

"Ok Marie, what's wrong?"


"It doesn't seem like nothing."

"Well that's unfortunate, cause it's nothing!"

Mr. Hopkins looked down and saw Marie's eyes. He saw they were red and puffy.

"Marie, why were you crying?"

"Isn't that what you're supposed to do when you're upset!?"

"Marie. What happened in there?"

"Oh you know!" Marie said with forced positivity. "Some dancin', some drinkin'. Oh and I also acted real stupid and screwed up real bad!" Marie closed her eyes to hold back her tears. "I don't want to talk about it."

"Marie, I can't help you if you don't tell me what's wrong."

"Why do you care? Tell me why?"

"Because I care about my students."

"Oh ok!" Marie laughed to herself. "You know I see how you put up the whole 'caring teacher thing', but I just want you to know, I don't believe it! I see the way you favor some students and just ignore the rest. Is that your plan? You realize you aren't able to reach out to all of us so you just throw people like Rolf, Kevin, and May to the curb? Cause if so I think that's pretty messed up."

"Marie, I don't mean to ignore some of my students."

"Oh ok! Sure! Glad we got all this figured out! So now why don't you just step out of my way, head back to the gym, and go flirt with Ms. Clancy or something. Cause I'm going home!"

Marie pushed her way past Mr. Hopkins and put on her jacket as she stepped outside.

I know I'm gonna regret saying that, but screw it. I'm emotional, I'm tired, and to be honest I don't have time to worry about it. Right now I'm just gonna go home, and enjoy my two weeks of vacation god dammit!

"Yeah! Winter Break! It's gonna be great…"

Mr. Hopkins unlocked his classroom and entered with Eddy, Lee, Sarah, and Jonny in tow.

"Guys sit down." He said as he leaned back on his desk.

"You guys have your own desks?" Sarah said sitting down. "We all sit at tables in our room."

"No one cares, Red" Lee said. "And where's Marie?"

"She left."

"Well then I'm leavin' too."

Lee started walking towards the door.

"Sit down"

"If Marie's not gonna-"

"I said, sit down."

Everyone in the room shrunk an inch at the sound of Mr. Hopkins words.

"Pshh" Lee said trying to act unfazed; "Alright."

As soon as everyone had settled into their seats Mr. Hopkins started talking.

"Ok, who wants to start?"

With little hesitation all four started explaining their stories at the same time.

"I was just trying to get some punch!-"

"-Been egging me on all week!"

"She then stuffed me in a trashcan-!"

"-Stalking the neighborhood! Causing mass hysteria!"

"All right calm down!" Mr Hopkins got up. "We're going to do this one person at a time. No interruptions."

After many grunts and coldhearted looks, eventually Mr. Hopkins felt he had gotten everybody's story so far. Hanging up his desk phone Mr. Hopkins cleared his throat.

"Well we've told your parents about what happened tonight and they're coming to pick you up. When you guys get back in two weeks we'll discuss your punishments."

The four of them nodded in understatement.

"Sarah, Jonny, you guys go wait back in the gym. Lee, your mom says you're to get your sister and head straight home. Eddy stay here, I need to talk to you for a moment."

Eddy's jaw dropped as he watched the other three scurry out of the room. Soon it was only him and Mr. Hopkins in the classroom.


"…Yeah Mr. Hopkins?"

"What caused the dispute between you and Marie tonight?"

"Oh, hm." Eddy rolled his tongue in his mouth, contemplating his answer. "I'm not sure. Her and her sisters have always acted wild towards me, Ed, and Double D."

"Hmm, I don't know Eddy. Marie seemed pretty upset."

"Yeah, well you know. Women." Eddy laughed.

"You think this is funny Eddy?"

"No!" Eddy said trying to act disciplined.

"Come on Eddy, think. What would make Marie so upset that she, out of all people, would cry?"

"Oh… Well she said I ruined her moment or something, I don't know."

"Her moment?"


"What kind of moment?"

"A moment between her and…"

"And who?"

"Double D."

"Double D?"

"I know, crazy right?" Eddy chuckled. "Like the two of them would ever have a 'moment'."

"What's so crazy about it?"

"Oh come on Mr. Hopkins! You know Marie! You know how psycho she is."

"Hey I won't say Marie is one of my most perfect students. But I wouldn't go as far as to call her a psycho."

"Well that's where you're wrong Mr. Hopkins. She's a ticking crazy time-bomb. And when she blows it's my job to protect Double D from her explosive, evil, conniving ways."

"Protect Double D?"


"Why? Double D's a smart kid, he can take care of himself."

"I thought so too. But lately he's been acting a little off!"

"…How so?"

"Oh ok, just give me a sec' ." Eddy cracked his neck and knuckles. "OK let me run down the list: First, Double D hasn't been spending as much time with me or Ed lately and frankly I believe it's seriously affecting Ed's head- not that I'm saying it was great before. Second, he's secretly been seeing some mystery girl. He's denied it, but I've seen the evidence! And usually this wouldn't bother me, I'd actually be impressed, but it's been causing him to become emotionally unstable. Third, he's been acting a little too friendly towards Marie. Why all of a sudden? I don't know. But I've noticed it ever since you gave the two of them that after-school detention. So you might be at fault here. Now I don't think you did it on purpose, but you did do it."

"… is that all?"


"…Wow Eddy that was- that was a well-informed response."

"No problem Mr. Hopkins." Eddy leaned back in his desk with a look of satisfaction painted across his face.

Mr. Hopkins scratched his chin as he took in what Eddy had told him. Feeling he had a good grasp of the situation at hand he reached under his desk and pulled out a small blue book.

"You got your own personal library under there Mr. Hopkins?" Eddy asked.

"Nah Eddy, I just keep a small collection of novels in my desk drawer." Mr. Hopkins got up from his chair and walked over to Eddy.

"Eddy, have you ever heard of a book called Brother's Keeper?"

"Hm, did they ever make a movie about it?"


"Then no.

"You ever heard of the author Trevor Hunt?"

"Is he the guy who made the movie about the King Arthur mechs?"

"What?- No."

"Then no."

"Well then. Brother's Keeper is book about two male siblings growing up in a small mid-western town. Over the course of a summer they learn what it means to be men and how eventually you have to let go your hold of the people you love and let them take responsibility for themselves."


"Do you get where I'm going with this Eddy? Do you understand the point I'm trying to make?"

"…yeah I think so."

"Ok, what am I trying to say?"

"You want me to get Double D to read this book."

"No Eddy. I want you to read this."


"No the other Eddy in my class."

"… you mean Ed?"

Mr. Hopkins dropped his face into his hand.

"Because besides comics Ed doesn't read that much-"


"Yes sir!"

"I need you to promise me something. Promise me that you will read this book over the break." Mr. Hopkins held the book out in front of Eddy.

"Oh… I don't know." Eddy pushed the book back. "I'm pretty booked the next two weeks with projects, Christmas, Hanukkah-"


"Also I still have to read The Odyssey and do the book report for it-"

"Eddy." Mr. Hopkins bent down and looked him straight in the eye. "I'm not asking you as a teacher to a student. But as a man to a young man. I want you to promise me, that you'll read this book."

Eddy looked from his teachers eyes to the book, and back again. "Ok Mr. Hopkins." He said with a straight voice. "I'll read it."

"Thank you Eddy." Mr Hopkins extended out his right hand. "Let's shake on it. Man to man"

Hesitating Eddy slowly raised his right hand and the two of them performed the brotherly gesture.

"Now go head back to the Gym. Your mother will be here soon."

Clenching the book in his left hand Eddy got up from his seat and walked towards the door. He looked back before he stepped out the door. "I will read it Mr. Hopkins."

His teacher gave him a slight nod. He then stepped into the hall and slowly headed towards the gymnasium.

"I hope so Eddy." Mr Hopkins said staring at where Eddy just stood. "I really do."

"Sarah!" Jimmy shouted as he saw her and Jonny enter the gym. Running towards her he embraced her in a tight hug. "I hope you didn't get in much trouble."

"I don't know Jimmy. I'll find out after break. But I know my mom is gonna kill me." She laughed to hide her fear.

"Oh it probably won't be that horrible!" Jimmy reassured her.

"Yeah I know." Sarah said giving a slight smile. "But hey the night wasn't all that bad. At least I showed up Kanker."

"Oh yes you did Sarah! Oh you should have seen how great you looked! It was- It was as if you were a dueling swashbuckler! You were like 'whoosh'!" Jimmy performed a sideways slash with an imaginary rapier; "Then 'shing shing'!" Jimmy parried two blows.

He finished his reenactment and the two them burst into a loud fit of laughter.

"I was great wasn't I?" Sarah said looking at the ground. Her smile growing bigger and bigger.

"More than great! The way you narrowly dodged Lee's attacks. All the while intimidating her with bardic jokes and remarks. You were incredible! Sensational! Extraordinary!"

"Wow Jimmy, you're too flattering…" Sarah locked eyes with Jimmy.

"I'm just being truthful Sarah. You really are amazing." Jimmy looked down at his feet. His face was blushing, a fact Sarah hadn't ignored.

"Incredible?" Sarah asked.


"Sensational?" Sarah asked moving closer.

"Of course."

"Extraordinary?" She asked standing inches from him.

"Yeah…" Jimmy was as red as a ripe tomato.


"Yes Sarah?" Jimmy said raising his head.

Sarah closed her eyes and pecked Jimmy right on his lips. By the look of him Sarah was convinced all the blood in Jimmy's body had traveled up and collected in his cheeks.

"Uh- Uh- Uh- Uh" Jimmy was speechless.

"Sarah, Ed, your mother is here." A chaperone said.

"Uh- Uh- Uh- Uh"

"Call me later, Jimmy." Sarah said as she backed away.

"I'll call."



"Pinky-swear promise?

"Pinky-swear promise. I'll call, I'll write, I'll telegram, I'll courier, I'll-,

"Good-night Jimmy." Sarah said with a smile.

"Good-night!" Jimmy cried.

The two waved each other goodbye and soon Sarah and her brother were gone. Jimmy stood staring at the spot where Sarah had just stood and kissed him.

Oh my!- Oh my!- Oh my!- Oh my!-

Jimmy jumped up and down in joy.

"Yippie!" He cried as he extended his arms to the heavens.

This had been the greatest night of his young life.

I wonder what happened to Double D? I mean he just sort of up and disappeared. I hope he's alright, I guess. Nah, I know he's alright. Double D doesn't get in trouble. He's probably sitting at home working on some science paper or something…

Eddy lay on top of his bed staring at the ceiling. For the little incident at the dance his mom and dad had grounded him until further notice. No movies, no tv, no computer, and no music. The last one was a brutal blow to Eddy. He could get by without the other three, but without his tunes?

"That's just cruel and unusual punishment."

Eddy sat up on his bed and surveyed his room. He needed something to occupy his time now that he was on lockdown. He was too tired to exercise, too energetic to sleep, and doing homework wasn't even an option.

"I'm really starting to hate this break." Eddy said doing a double face palm.

Lowering his hands Eddy's eyes caught sight of Mr. Hopkins book atop his desk.

"Pssh." Eddy said blowing air out of his mouth. "Why not? I got nothing better to do…"

Eddy dragged himself up from his bed and snatched the book of the counter. He sunk down himself down in his beanbag chair and flipped oven the book. The book had seen better days. The cover scratched, the binding wrinkled, and the pages reeked of old age.

"Well here goes."

Brother's Keeper

Chapter One

"When I was younger my mom used to say I was always too invested in things I had no power over…