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"I cannot believe I'm here… in this costume again," I groaned.

"As I remember it didn't turn out so badly for you last time," Alice reminded me and I almost smiled.

Almost smiled.

I was feeling particularly grumpy because Edward had left for work without waking me this morning. He had left a note, but I would have preferred another form of goodbye.

I fished the note out of my pocket and looked at it sadly, it was even harder now I was back at the hospital, knowing he was here but I couldn't see him. Not yet anyway.

Sorry, I didn't wake you, but it was so early and we've got a really busy night. I know you'd rather not, but I'm quite looking forward to seeing you all dressed up again and I won't confuse the kids with Santa drooling over an elf ;) I'll be watching eagerly and make sure you keep the costume afterwards

Love you, but you know that already.


"Oh, here," Alice said and pushed another note into my hand. "He wanted me to give this to you before we started."

"Another?" I smiled widely and she nodded.


Are you thinking about the first time you got to wear this? I can't pass by the closet without thinking about it. The second time I saw you wearing it was just as memorable, can you believe it's been a year to the day since I got to call the Bearded Elf my girlfriend? It's a shame the night didn't go entirely to plan…

I smiled widely. It was Christmas Eve, a whole year of calling Santa my boyfriend. Life was, pardon my French, fucking awesome. Although, Edward was right, that first night we got together had turned out a little different to what I'd hoped for.

One year earlier.

"Are you two getting in or not?" The disgruntled carriage driver was getting fed up waiting for us to finish kissing.

Edward pulled back and smirked.

"No," we both answered in unison.

"Let's go, Santa," I whispered.

His house didn't have a naked Alice or Jasper anywhere to be found, and I'd spent the best part of a month fantasizing about getting Santa to bed. His house was still a mess, but it didn't matter. As soon as we got close, he threw me over his shoulder and ran the last few feet to his front door.

"Edward," I squealed. "What the hell are you doing?"

"Speeding things up." He laughed and flung open the door. "Santa's got a busy night planned to enjoy a present of his own."

He put me down and before I could get my balance he kissed me hard and I stumbled backwards, pulling him with me. We tumbled to the hard wooden floor with a loud thud.

"Ow," I muttered.

"Oops, sorry." He chuckled. "Are you okay?"

"Can't breathe," I gasped dramatically. "I'm being suffocated by Santa."

Edward helped me to my feet and flicked the bell on my hat playfully. "You need to get used to being like that," he said roughly.

"By that do you mean you cutting off my air supply?" I scoffed.

He leaned in close and kissed me once, but it was a kiss that I knew was a prelude of what was to come. "No, Bella, you need to get used to being underneath me… only with a lot less clothes."

My mouth hung open and I went dizzy. "Holy shit," I murmured. "Is it hot in here?"

He laughed, but then his mouth was on mine again quickly. He was hungry, passionate, and I still wanted more. This time there was no one or nothing to hold us back. I opened the buttons on his tunic and he shrugged it off his shoulders. My hand immediately latched onto the belt of his pants and then we heard the "Ding, dong," of the doorbell.

Edward looked to me, puzzled and then we both looked at the door. Through the frosted glass, I could make out two figures.

"Carol singers?" I suggested and he nodded, kissing me again.

I resumed my mission to get his clothes off, and opened the belt and the button of the pants. I was just about to push them down when the doorbell rang again.

"Sweetheart, are you home?"

"Mom?" He groaned under his breath, "Now, seriously?"

"Your mother's here?" I almost cried in frustration.

"Sorry… yeah, just let me get rid of them." He took two strides towards the door.

"Edward, your pants," I tried to warn him before he opened the door but it was too late.

"Hey, Mom, Dad," he said and the red pants slid down his legs before he even realized what was going on.

"Oh God," I whimpered and covered my face.

Underneath the Santa costume, Edward had gone for loose, white cotton boxer shorts, which were incredibly sexy. The only problem with loose boxers, they did a poor job concealing the erection he was sporting… in fact they seemed to be emphasizing it.

Oh my…

"Shit," he hissed. I tried not to giggle as he bent down and yanked the pants back up quickly. "I…. um… so, what are you guys doing here?"

"Interrupting something, clearly," Dr. C snickered. "I do hope you have company, or I'm seriously going to be seeking professional help for your Christmas character fetishes."

Edward sighed and rubbed his face with one hand and pointed to me hovering a few feet away, with the other.

"Hey, Dr. C," I said nervously and blushing furiously.

"Bella," he said, taking in my outfit and still obviously dying to laugh. "You both seem very attached to those costumes."

"Dad," Edward warned. "I will slam this door in your face if you say another word."

He held up his hands, but still burst out laughing. "Sorry, it's just quite a sight."

I looked anxiously to Edward's mother who had never met me.

"Sweetheart, forgive me for not hugging you… just yet," she said and then grimaced. "When you're… less… um… wound up, perhaps."

"Kill me now," Edward groaned. "Why are you here?"

"We thought you were here alone and came to take you to our house for Christmas. We hated the idea of you being here on your own." She glanced at me with a cheeky smile. "But I see you are most definitely not alone. I'm Esme, and you my dear, must be Bella."

"Hello," I mumbled, still distracted by the huge boner that Edward had been sporting. "It's nice to meet you. Dr. C and Edward have both told me so much about you."

She walked over to me and gave me a tight hug. "I feel like I know you already. At first you were the girl my husband would have adopted if he had the chance, and then you were the girl who stole my son's heart."

I blushed even more and Edward grinned.

"You have no idea how relieved I was to discover you were also the bearded elf… I was very concerned for a few days," she teased and winked at her son.

"Okay, I think you've humiliated your only child more than enough for one night," Edward interrupted and stood beside me, his arm sliding around my waist. "I appreciate the gesture, but you don't have to worry about me being alone."

"Well, of course the invitation extends to Bella." Esme smiled sweetly. "We'd be delighted if you'd spend Christmas with us."

"You can even bring the costumes," Dr. C added, laughing shamelessly.

I saw Edward shake his head and I couldn't help but giggle.

"Carlisle, stop it. You're embarrassing them," Esme scolded. "Bella, would you like to come?"

I didn't know what to say. I'd been looking forward to spending the night with Edward, but the idea of having Christmas with my two favourite men and Esme sounded pretty fucking great. Usually, I ended up playing the fifth wheel with Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper.

"Um…" I looked to Edward to make sure he was okay with this. "Don't you want to be with your family… alone?"

"Bella, you've been like a part of my family for ten years," Dr. C said kindly.

"I'm spending Christmas with you, Bella," Edward told me. "I'd like to spend it with my parents, too."

"Okay." I grinned. "I'd love to spend Christmas with you all."

"Wonderful," Esme said happily. "We'll have dinner tonight and then you must try some of my eggnog, Bella. I've been perfecting it for years."

"Go easy on the eggnog," Edward whispered. "I need you conscious and alert tonight… my mother's eggnog is a little on the strong side."

I didn't go easy on the eggnog unfortunately. It was too delicious and I passed out on the couch before Esme and Dr. C went to bed. I vaguely remembered Edward carrying me up to his bedroom, still dressed like an elf. It wasn't exactly the way I'd planned to ring in Christmas, but I was too content and too happy to care.

"Are you still with us?" Alice nudged me and I grinned.

"Yeah, just thinking about stuff." I held the note tightly in my hand. "I guess doing this again isn't so bad. I just wish Rose had asked Edward to be Santa, you know?"

"Maybe she'll let you guys borrow the costumes again?" she suggested.

"We do have unfinished business that's for sure." I smiled wistfully and followed her out into the hall.

Rose stomped over to us and thrust another note to me. "Next time you see your boyfriend, please remind him I'm not a fucking mailman. He didn't want to listen to me when I tried to tell him to deliver his own note.

I laughed and opened the note.

Remember Christmas Day? I know we didn't buy each other gifts, but waking up next to you was the best present ever.

Christmas morning, one year earlier…

I was almost scared to open my eyes. There was no way I could have consumed that much eggnog without paying a high price the next morning. From behind closed lids I felt surprisingly okay, so I braved a peek with one eye and was instantly met with a gorgeous green eye staring back at me.

"Merry Christmas," Edward whispered. "How do you feel, Mrs Eggnog?"

I grinned and opened my other eye, still no trace of a hangover. "I feel surprisingly great." I looked down and realized I was in one of Edward's t-shirts. "I don't remember much about last night… did you undress me?"

"I did." He shuffled closer and kissed me. "I have to admit I'm a little disappointed. I'd hoped the first time I got to remove your clothes would have been something you'd remember."

"Yeah, me too." I pouted. "I don't suppose we could wear them again now?"

"We will… just not right now," he whispered and rolled on top of me. "I'm not letting you get dressed; I want to remove the clothes you're still wearing."

My stomach clenched and my heart began to thump loudly in my chest. Were we going to do this now? With his parents downstairs… on Christmas morning? It would make a goddamn fantastic present I suppose.

Edward was back in the loose, cotton boxer shorts, grinding against me as we kissed and I gasped as he rubbed in just the right spot.

"Edward," I breathed and ran my hands up and down his back.

His breathing was ragged and his kisses became more intense. I pushed him over onto his back and straddled him without breaking the kiss. After a few seconds, I sat back with a smirk and raised my arms over my head.

"My shirt looks good on you," he murmured hungrily and then tugged it off. "But you're even more perfect without it."

His hands caressed my breasts and my eyes fluttered at how good it felt. When his hands were replaced by his warm mouth, I moaned a little too loudly.

"Sssh, Bella. I will not be interrupted again." He rolled us both back over, pulling my underwear down and finding me more than ready for him.

"Oh my God, Edward." I arched my back when he pushed two fingers inside me.

He kissed me, presumably to try and muffle the noises I seemed to have no control over.

"Bella, I need to…" he croaked, so I wiggled his boxers down.

As he toyed with my clit, I wrapped my hand around his length and slowly moved it up and down. His eyes squeezed shut and a deep groan rumbled in his chest.

"I want you now, Edward," I told him and he nodded.

"I'm yours, always, Bella," he said as he slowly eased inside and I was almost done.

We fit together so perfectly in every way. A month ago I didn't even know this man existed and now I couldn't imagine my life without him. Slowly moving back and forth at first, he was tender and loving, but we both needed more and each thrust of his hips came harder and faster.

My orgasm rushed through me like a bolt of lightning and it hit me everywhere from the top of my ears to the tips of my toes. My entire body clamped down around him and my release was almost immediately followed by Edward's. I watched, in awe, at his expression. If it was at all possible, he looked even more beautiful like this.

"I love you," I whispered and he smiled a tired but exhilarated smile.

"I love you, too."

"She can't hear you. Whatever he's written in these notes has her away with the fairies." Alice's voice interrupted my lovely memory.

"Hey, Elf Girl. Wake up!" Rose jabbed me with her elbow.

"Ow, Rose. What the hell?" I rubbed my arm and shot her a dirty look. "It's Christmas Eve, be merry. I'm here doing this as a favour for you, aren't I?"

We were still hanging around waiting for Santa to arrive. I was still pissed that Rose hadn't persuaded Edward to dress up again. I still had to enjoy him in that suit, but now after some other dude was going to be wearing it, I doubted it would have the same appeal.

I looked around the ward, hoping to see a glimpse of him. If I couldn't see him in the Santa Suit, I'd happily take seeing him in his scrubs… or his white coat.

"He's with a new patient," Rose told me. "They're hoping she'll be settled enough to see the end of Santa's appearance."

"Oh, okay," I said a little dejectedly. It was our anniversary… our first official anniversary anyway, and I hadn't seen him all day.

"Hey, Elf-Girl, Did you miss me?"

I spun around in horror and instantly covered my nose and the bells on my hat. "Oh, shit," I muttered. "What kind of torture do you want to inflict on me now?"

A very different and slightly older looking Embry stood grinning at me. "I came to see Doc, and he asked me to give you this." He handed me yet another note, and swatted the bell on my hat before I could dodge out of his way.

"Thanks for the note, but if you touch my bell again I will kill you," I said and he laughed.

"You can go now," Rose said, waving him away and he threw her the finger. "You little shit."

Alice and I laughed as she chased after him. "So what does this one say?" she asked, trying to peer over my shoulder.

I pressed the note against my chest and walked away to read it.

I wish I could think of a better word, but this past year has been simply amazing, Bella. When Rose ordered me into that hideous suit I never thought for a second that it would lead to this. I wish I could be there with you to hand out gifts, but I think that Rose was under the impression we'd get a little distracted. She's probably right. How many dinner reservations do you think we missed because of our mutual distraction? I don't think we could count… but there was one I rather wish we'd missed.

June, six months earlier…

"Really? She had to be here… tonight?" I sighed as soon as I saw what… or who Edward had noticed heading our way.

"Tanya is here?" Esme asked. "Oh dear."

We were out to celebrate Edward's birthday with his parents and seeing my former employer and Edward's former girlfriend wasn't part of the plan for the evening. Ever since she'd fired me and been dumped by Edward, Tanya's outrageous behaviour grew worse and worse.

She took a few really high profile jobs and her face was plastered over billboards and buses all over Boston. Unfortunately, she'd taken her desperation to look perfect one step too far and decided to have a boob job. According to Esme, who was still friends with Tanya's mother, it went disastrously wrong and she was left with one bigger and more… northward facing… than the other.

She was currently waiting for corrective surgery, but as a result the offers had started to dwindle, who wants a lingerie model with wonky tits?

I kept in touch with Jessica, who to my amazement was still working for her. Apparently, since I left there had been at least seven second assistants come and go. Her demands had evolved from simply demanding breakfast be ready and waiting for her, to arriving early enough to serve it to her in bed.

"Well, look at this," she said, turning up her nose as she approached the table. "Don't you two look cosy?"

Edward's hand was on top of mine on the table and he made no attempt to move it. "Tanya," he said coolly. "How are you?"

"Fabulous," she gushed. "I have the most incredible, handsome boyfriend and I'm writing a book."

"A book?" Dr. C almost choked on a mouthful of wine and even Esme was trying not to smile.

"Yes, it's a sort of how to guide for aspiring models." She put her hand on the back of Dr. C's chair. "I thought I'd share my talents with others."

"Talents? Insane demands more like," I said without thinking and Edward chuckled.

She ignored my remark and started babbling about the plan for the book and I found myself staring at her chest. She had a ruffled top on to hide the problem I expected, but if you really looked the difference was noticeable. One was definitely more pert than the other.

I made myself look away, only to find Dr. C staring at them… and Esme. There was only poor Edward making a conscious effort to look at her face.

"Are you still renovating that house?" she asked and Edward nodded. "How you can live like that is beyond me."

"It's nearly finished," Edward told her. "As soon as the kitchen and bathrooms were finished, we focused on our bedroom. We've only got a few more rooms and the garden and it'll be done."

"Our bedroom?" she repeated.

"Uh oh," I mumbled.

"She's living with you?" Her voice went an octave higher and she might have been angry, but her expression didn't change at all… Botox related problem I guessed.

"Yeah," Edward said casually. "Since Valentines."

"That man stealing little tramp is living in my house." Her voice was louder and I cringed.

"First of all, Bella neither stole me, nor is she a tramp, Tanya," Edward hissed. "We were over a long time before I ever met her, I just didn't know how to tell you. Second, you hated that house; you wanted me to buy some overpriced penthouse apartment like yours."

"You wouldn't have met her without me," she screeched. "She was my assistant."

"Edward, let's just leave it," I whispered but he shook his head.

"Actually, we met at the hospital, Tanya. Bella volunteers there and she was on my ward handing out presents with me. It was just one great big coincidence that she worked for you," Edward told her.

"Tanya, maybe you should go back to your table," Esme said kindly. "You and Edward both changed so much, it happens and now you've both moved on. He's happy with Bella, and like you said you have a wonderful boyfriend of your own and a successful career. It would be a shame to leave things on such bad terms, don't you think?"

"Actually no," Tanya spat and chose instead to dump the contents of her glass over Edward's head.

"I think I preferred you slapping me in the face," Edward growled as he wiped his face and neck with a napkin. "How I stuck with you all those years is beyond me."

"Why you ever chose her over me is beyond me," she threw back at him.

"Yeah, you're one of a kind, Tanya," I said, helping mop up some of the champagne from Edward's shirt and pants.

"And you're just the plain Jane with no idea who you're up against." She was causing a scene and I hated that.

"Just leave it, Tanya," I told her. "This isn't the time or the place to talk about this."

Apparently she really didn't want to let this go. "Go fuck yourself, Bella."

"You know what… I think I'll just go and fuck Edward instead." I didn't even bother looking at her; she was already getting more of a reaction from me than I'd ever wanted.

"You little bitch."

"Enough!" Esme said to Tanya fiercely.

"Maybe we should leave," Dr. C said, glaring at Tanya. "How about we go to Roast Beast?"

"Sounds good, Dad," Edward said.

"Yes I think that's wise, before I do something much, much worse than pouring champagne over someone." Esme caught Tanya in a stare that had me cowering, so god knows how Tanya felt.

We all stood up and Tanya grabbed my arm. "He's way out of your league," she said to me. "You could never keep hold of a man like him."

"At least my tits are level." I shrugged and shook my arm free.

We could still hear her Tanyatrum outside the restaurant.

"Are you okay, sweetheart?" Esme fussed over Edward and he nodded.

"Yeah, sticky but fine." He kissed her cheek and then went all serious. "I couldn't believe you guys. I was trying to talk to her face and you were all staring at her chest. Thanks, for that."

"Did you see them?" Esme asked me and I nodded.

"She'd probably make more money from the wonky breasts than she will do her book," Dr. C said and then laughed. "Call me crazy, but I don't expect to see that on the New York Times Bestsellers list."

"Stranger things have happened," Edward said.

As we walked, Dr. C tapped my arm.

"Tanya was wrong, you know," he said softly.

"About what?" I asked.

"You're definitely in his league, Edward's my son and I love him, but he's lucky to have you. We're all lucky to have you."

The dinner might not have gone to plan, but that night is definitely one of my top five. I love you.

I grinned and folded the note back up. Not having him here with me sucked, but these notes were a good substitute. Despite the shittiness that was the confrontation with Tanya, the night turned out great. I still didn't manage to finish the mammoth sandwich, but watching Esme try might just have been the funniest thing I'd ever seen.

After that, we'd had a lot of one on one fun celebrating Edward's birthday, he was right; it was definitely one of my top five. As I turned the paper around in my hand I noticed one line written on the back.

I bet I know what your number one is…

Four weeks earlier…

Just before last Christmas, Dr. C had taken my sketches and notes to show one of his former patients. Harry Clearwater owned a relatively small, but successful toy store in Boston. When he was getting ready to retire, his children, Leah and Seth started taking a more active role in the company and persuaded him to expand. Instead of sticking to the mass-produced toys, they wanted to add a range of unique, handmade gift ideas.

It proved successful and they had taken on a small team of designers to help them. I was employed initially on a three month trial, but in April I was offered a permanent position and I loved it. I got paid to come up with ideas for toys, I got to see the ideas come to life and sit on the shelves in the shop.

So far, one of my designs was the company's best seller. It wasn't anything too spectacular, but people seemed to like it. The simple little wooden train came with a carriage which had the child's name printed on it. The middle of the train had four spinning pieces of wood with numbers and symbols on for addition, subtraction etc. It cost barely anything to make and we had a waiting list of people wanting them as Christmas gifts this year.

I worked in a little studio overlooking the main factory floor and one night I completely lost track of time. A loud bang and then someone cursing scared me to death. My phone was dead and there was no one else here, so I armed myself with a toy sword and a can of snow spray and took off hunting for the intruder. I was convinced it was just kids messing around, but instead I found one Dr. Edward Cullen sitting in one of the toy cars we made that were waiting to be packed and shipped to customers.

"What are you doing?" I asked and he grinned sheepishly.

"I'm stuck."

"Yeah I can see that," I groaned. He looked ridiculous. "Why are you here?"

"I came to bring you dinner and beer. Then I thought this looked really cool… but I'm regretting it now." His head was poking up out of the roof and his knees were almost by his ears. "Help me."

"There's a reason it's for kids aged six and under, Edward." I laughed. "You're a few years past that mark."

I tried pulling, pushing, bending, and wriggling his feet, but he really was stuck fast.

"I'll take off your shoes, hold on." I bent down and somehow managed to free his feet. "Try it now. You really are stuck, huh?"

"No shit, Bella," he said panicked and I giggled. "It's not funny."

"If you could see yourself right now, I think you'd disagree." I continued to laugh as I tried to help him. I slid my arms under his shoulders and clasped my hands together. "Okay, you push with your legs, I'll pull your body and I think we might do it."

I leaned back, using all of my bodyweight to pull and he was pushing as hard as he could. All of a sudden he tumbled to the side and fell out of the car with a thud.

"Ow." He huffed and stood up brushing himself down. "That was humiliating."

"Are you done playing with the children's toys now?" I teased, which seemed to anger him… in a good way.

"With the cars, yes, But believe me, I'm not done playing," he growled and kissed me.

He backed me towards the car again and the kissing led to more kissing… which led to touching… lots and lots of touching. That in turn, led to nakedness and then really, really, hot, hungry, angry Edward, mind blowing sex on the hood of the offending child's car.

I tried not to react the following morning when the factory foreman told Seth that one of the cars had been sent for repair after a strange dent appeared on the hood.

I put the note into my pocket and saw Alice smiling.

"What?" I asked.

"You are so thinking about sex right now." She laughed. "You're all flushed and wide-eyed."

"Shut up," I muttered.

"Can we do this?" Rose barked. "Santa's ready and the kids are about to explode they're so excited."

This year's Santa was not my green-eyed, sexy as hell Doctor and he was wearing a different suit that I didn't appreciate as much as last year's.

"Bella, stop sulking," Rose warned.

"Fine," I muttered. "Ho, ho, fucking ho."

Alice laughed and then we accompanied second-rate Santa into the room full of screaming, excited kids. We helped him hand out gifts and talked to the children.

I constantly scanned the room, but Edward was nowhere to be seen. I hoped my disappointment didn't show to the children, but I was seriously bummed and my patience was evaporating quickly.

"I swear the next little brat that pulls my beard or rings my bells is getting their gift shoved up their nose," I hissed to Alice who just giggled.

Finally, after the last child opened their present, Santa dropped the sack onto the floor. It made a noise like there was something inside and one of the kids ran over to have a look.

"There's another gift in here," she said and held up a small, gift-wrapped box: The kind of box that a ring usually came in.

"Who's it for, honey?" Alice asked.

"Um… it says To, B-E-A-R-D-E-D-E-L-F," she read each letter out individually and my heart began to race.

"That's Bearded Elf," Alice told her.

"Oh, then it must be for you." The girl handed me the gift and I saw my hands were shaking as I held it.

There was a note attached to it and I opened it quickly.

Come to our closet.

I looked nervously at Rose who was now smirking and she gestured for me to leave. Alice had to give me a push along and I walked slowly out of the room towards the janitor's closet where it all started.

I didn't dare open the box; I was already getting far too ahead of myself wondering what the hell was going on. I opened the door nervously and my heart swelled when I saw the Santa I'd been hoping for waiting for me in the closet.

"Hey," I said, a huge smile forming on my face.

"Hey," Edward said back, his smile matching my own. "Sorry I wasn't there to hand out the gifts… I was busy getting ready for this instead."

"It's okay." I stepped into the room and he shut the door behind me. "I didn't open it."

"You should," he whispered. "That's what people generally do with presents."

"I don't want to," I admitted and he frowned.


"I'm scared." My voice was shaking.

"You're scared?" he asked and I nodded. "Why?"

He was being so patient I felt guilty, so I tried to explain it to him so he'd understand. Unfortunately, my word-vomit started instantly and I wasn't sure I even understood.

"Okay, it's Christmas Eve and we're here dressed like this… and you've been leaving me all these cute, reflective notes all day about everything we've shared this past year. Then, I get this," I waved the box in front of his face. "And I wonder if you really might be about to do the thing I really want you to be doing, but then I think what if you're not? What if this is just a normal gift, like earrings? I don't want to open it and be ungrateful, because I would really love earrings or something… but you'd think I hated the gift and we'd end up being all weird and-"

"Breathing is good," Edward interrupted and yanked down my beard. He was smiling and that was a good thing considering my humiliating outburst a few seconds ago. "Maybe if I give you this last note, things might be clearer?"

He pulled out one last piece of paper and placed it in my shaking hand. As I looked down at it, I heard him opening the present.

I loved thinking about this past year and the memories we've made already. The thing is, Bella, I want more… I want a lifetime of memories with you.

Will you marry me?

I laughed hysterically, because it was either that or burst into tears. I looked up and he wasn't there, while I'd been reading, he'd opened the box and dropped to one knee in front of me.

"Bella, my Bearded Elf Girl, I love you. Will you make me the happiest man on the planet and be my wife?" His voice was shaking, but I had no idea why he was nervous.

"Yes," I whispered and he slid the ring onto my finger. "A million times yes."

"Every time something significant happens with us we're in these costumes." He grinned and stood up.

"Every day with you is significant, Edward." I pulled down his beard and kissed him with more passion and hunger than I had ever felt.

Maybe it was the fact he'd just asked me to marry him? Or the fact we were here, in the closet dressed in these costumes with all the unfinished business we had with them? Perhaps it was simply the time of year? Regardless of the cause, the consequence was going to be amazing.

Within seconds we were fumbling with the costumes, quickly removing each itchy, padded item. The heavy red pants fell to the floor with a clatter and I giggled at the memory of the first time we'd heard that noise.

"You'd better not be laughing at me," he mumbled.

"Not you just the sound…" His fingers slipped into my underwear. "Oh fuck, never mind."

"Up," he ordered, moving his hand to grab my ass.

I let him lift me up and wrapped my legs tightly around his hips.

"A year I've been waiting to do this," he growled and slammed me up against the wall.

I kept the noise to a minimum, but fuck it was hard… as was Edward incidentally… really fucking hard. After all, he wasn't the only one who fantasized about this very situation.

Each time he thrust into me, my hold on him grew tighter and tighter. My legs were holding onto him like a vice and I worried that he might not be able to breath, not that he was complaining.

"Fuck, Bella," he panted, the muscles in his back flexed and his legs were starting to tremble. "I'm not going to last long."

The more I could hear, see, and feel him coming undone, the closer it brought me and Edward nibbling on my neck tipped me over the edge. I cried out and Edward covered my mouth with his, swearing and growling as he came with me.

He kissed me softly as we caught our breath and then lowered me gently to my feet. I looked at my ring with a face-splitting smile. "Does this make me Mrs. Claus or you Mr. Bearded Elf?"

"Neither." He smiled. "You're definitely a Mrs. Cullen. The pseudonyms are for special occasions only."

We made a slow, reluctant attempt to get dressed. I would have happily stayed in there all night, but Rosalie had other ideas. She knocked on the door and cleared her throat.

"I know what Santa was planning and because of that I'm going to pretend I had no idea what you two were just up to in here. That being said, you need to get dressed and get the fuck out of my hospital so I can have the closet sterilised." She laughed. "Congratulations to both of you by the way."

"Thanks, Rose," I said excitedly. "We'll be right out."



"You can keep the costumes," she told us, and we burst out laughing.

Who would have thought an itchy, unflattering, costume could have brought me here? I could just picture our announcement in the local newspaper...

Santa Claus & Bearded Elf to tie the knot!

Short and sweet, but what else was there to say?

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