So this is a oneshot that I though of quickly :) Or is it a drable?

I am finding myself shipping young Kristoff and Anna more than I should...

He was a a curious boy, you couldn't blame him.

He had been following the same men for probably two months now, and he had only collected one pound of ice (two if you count the part Sven bit off). Kristoff knew he could do better. But the men didn't. They just ignored him, and his dreams of becoming a professional ice collector.

He needed a family. His parents had died tragically and left him with his uncle, who worked as an ice collector. Unluckily, he too died, but not before Kristoff got the taste of the job. The men, uncle's friends, didn't welcome him though. He was too small. He was only a child.

But Kristoff wasn't a child, he was just a very mature 8 year old.

This is why, when he saw palace horses heading towards the forest, he followed them instead of those stupid men, who were anyways going to fast for him to keep up.

He didn't want to be seen of course, spying on the king could be a felony.

He hid behind a rock, trying to quiet down Sven, who was loudly talking next to him.

The sight was incredible.

As a little boy, he hadn't seen many people, especially because he hung around with the ice men. He had never even seen the king. Or his daughters.

The first daughter looked about his age, maybe one or two years older. She was pretty, that was for sure, but she seemed closed, too restricted. He heightened his gaze towards the young girl in the blanket, held by her father. She had bright red hair and freckles that framed her face perfectly. Even though she seemed knocked out, she still had a faint smile on her face. A reassuring smile. He goofily smiled himself. He had seen the older girl's bright blue eyes. He was wondering what beauties that little red head was hiding behind her closed eyes.

A troll started to approach them, Kristoff quickly hid behind the rock he was behind.

Kristoff had never had a crush, he barely knew what that was.

He didn't even know who this girl was, he didn't even know her.

He peaked back up over the rock.

He shouldn't be mesmerized by that soft red hair with a few strawberry blonde highlights, and that bright beige skin with a tinge of—Kristoff was interrupted by Sven shaving him, bringing him out of his daydream.

"Hey don't worry Swen," the boy reassured his best friend, "I'm probably never going to even see her again anyways."