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Spells and reindeers

"Hey, Glin," Elphaba said as she walked into her dorm room. She closed the door behind her and put her bag on her desk. "What are you doing?"

Galinda didn't even look up. "Shh."

Her roommate raised one eyebrow. "Okay," she said slowly. "Nice to see you, too."

Galinda sighed and turned around. "I'm busy, Elphie," she said seriously. "And I can't be distracticified."

"You can't be distracted?" Elphaba gasped in mock shock. "No… You're not doing homework, are you?"

"Of course not!" Galinda cried out, horrified. "I would never do such a thing!"

Elphaba sniggered.

The blonde sighed and looked at her friend. "I'm just trying to find a tiny little spell," she explained with a sheepish look.

Elphaba frowned. "A spell?" She looked over Galinda's shoulder at the book the blonde was reading. "What for?"

Galinda bit her lip. "Elphie," she said, "have you noticed anything strange about Fiyero lately?"

Elphaba flushed a little. "Um… No, I don't think so," she said as casually as possible. "Why?"

Galinda just sighed again. "He's been acting all distant and moodified…" She fidgeted with the fabric of her dress for a moment. "I think he doesn't like me anymore," she confessed.

"Oh, Glin…" Elphaba shook her head. "Of course he still likes you," she tried to comfort her friend. "Who doesn't like you?"

Galinda sniffled. "That's exactly the point, Elphie!" she whined. "He likesme, but he doesn't… well, like me anymore!"

Elphaba tried to make sense of that logic.

Galinda looked at the book again. "But it doesn't matter," she said, shaking her head. "This will remind him of the fact that I'm his girlfriend and he loves me. It's perfect!"

"Galinda," the green girl tried, "magic can be dangerous. Madame Morrible –"

"I don't care, Elphie," Galinda cut her off. "I want my FiFi back, and I want him now."

As if that was his cue, there came a knock on the door, and Galinda squealed. "Oh, that's him! Elphie, quickly, into the bathroom! I want to be alone with him for this!"

Elphaba sighed, but complied, and Galinda quickly inspected her mirror image before going to open the door.

She smiled broadly at the Vinkun prince. "FiFi!" she squeaked. "What a nice surprise!"

"Surprise?" He raised an eyebrow at her. "You asked me to come here, remember?"

She flushed. "Oh. Yes. Right." She let out a nervous giggle. "Come in."

Fiyero entered the room and Galinda quickly closed the door behind him, then padded over to her desk and read the spell one last time. This would work. It had to.

She started chanting.

Fiyero spun around. "Glin?" he asked suspiciously. "What are you doing?"

She didn't respond; she just squeezed her eyes shut and kept on chanting.

When she finished, she stayed quiet for a while. Fiyero didn't make a sound, and she didn't want to open her eyes yet, afraid of what she'd find. "FiFi?" she asked hesitantly.

A loud, snort-like sound was her only reply, and her eyes flew open.

The moment she laid eyes on Fiyero, she gasped. Then she opened her mouth and screamed, "ELPHIE!"

Elphaba immediately stormed out of the bathroom. "What?" she asked in bewilderment. "What happened?"

Galinda pointed with a trembling finger, and Elphaba furrowed her brow in confusion. "Glin?" she asked slowly. "Why is there a reindeer in our bedroom?"

Galinda suddenly let out a long, loud wail that caused Elphaba to wince. "Elphie!" she cried. "That's not a reindeer!"

"Are you sure?" Elphaba moved closer and tentatively poked the antlers of the animal. Its ear turned in her direction and it huffed at her. "Maybe," she mused. "It looks like a reindeer, but it could also be a caribou… It certainly belongs to the Cervidae family –"


Elphaba looked up. Galinda could tell by the absent look in her eyes that she was still trying to figure out what kind of animal it was, exactly, that was currently occupying their dorm room; but Galinda couldn't care less. "Elphie," she said pleadingly. "It's not a reindeer."

She took a deep breath and stared at the floor, feeling ashamed of herself. "It's Fiyero."

Elphaba stared at her best friend. "What did you just say?"

"It's Fiyero!" Galinda flapped her arms helplessly. "I tried to cast the spell on him, you know, so that he would like me again, and… and then… this happened!" She took one good look at the reindeer, then burst into tears. "Oh, FiFi, I'm so sorry!"

Elphaba slowly circled the reindeer, studying him from all angles. "If you poop on our floor, I'm going to hex you," she told him.

Fiyero glared at her – or, well, she thought he did. It was hard to interpret his gaze in reindeer-form.

She grinned at him. "You're right," she sniggered. "That's probably not as impressive a threat as it was before your girlfriend turned you into a reindeer."

"Elphie," Galinda blubbered, "this is not funny –"

"I think it is," Elphaba said, still grinning. "Can't we leave him like this? At least he's quiet – I think I actually like him better this way."

Galinda stomped her foot. "Elphie!"

"And you stuck with the Lurlinemas theme! How lovely!" Elphaba bent forward to look into the animal's eyes. "How about we dress up your antlers with Lurlinemas decorations?" she suggested to him. "And we could paint your nose red, and –"

Fiyero turned his back on her and started moving towards Galinda instead, but the blonde squealed and jumped back. "Stay away from me!" she shrieked. "You're disgustifying!"

"Galinda –"

"Just look at him, Elphie!" Galinda wrinkled her nose. "This is awful! My boyfriend looks like a reindeer! What if someone finds out? We have to change him back!"

Elphaba quirked an eyebrow. "We?" she queried, and Galinda glared at her.

"Yes," she said, gritting her teeth. "We. You're the one that Morrible is writing to the Wizard about, not me, Miss Superwitch. You figure something out."

Elphaba threw her hands into the air in exasperation. "Why?" she demanded of no-one in particular. "Why do I always get mixed up in these kinds of situations?"

"Because you're my bestest friend." Galinda tugged at her arm. "Now, come on. We need to find more magic books."

Elphaba looked at the reindeer for another moment. "Stay here," she told him. "Don't poop and don't eat anything… unless it's part of Galinda's wardrobe."

This time it was the blonde who glared at her. "What Elphie is trying to say," she said to the reindeer, hesitantly reaching out and patting his head, "is that if you stay here and be a good little FiFi, we'll come back with a counter spell. Okay?"

The reindeer sniffed and scraped its hoof over the floor.

Galinda started pulling at Elphaba's arm again. "Come on."

"I don't think they have magic books in the library here," said Elphaba. "Not the kind we're looking for, anyway."
"Library?" Galinda stared at her roommate as if the green girl had grown two heads. "Of course not," she said, as if that was the stupidest thing she'd ever heard. "I didn't get this book from the library, either. I would never set foot in there… except to drag you out of it."

"Well, where did you get it, then?" Elphaba asked.

Galinda grinned devilishly. "You'll see."

"Morrible's office."

Elphaba stared at the thick, wooden door in front of her. The door to the lions' den.

"You've got to be kidding me," she muttered.

Galinda shook her head, sending her blonde curls flying around her face. "No kidding," she assured her friend. "This is where I found my book."

"Galinda." Elphaba was trying her hardest to stay calm, but frankly, she felt like screaming at the blonde. "Why in Oz," she began, massaging her temples in an attempt to ward off an impending headache, "would you break into Madame Morrible's office to steal a magic book?"

"I didn't steal it!" Galinda protested. "I just… um… borrowed it." She looked at her friend sheepishly.

Elphaba just sighed. "Whatever," she said tiredly. "How did you get in last time?"

"Window," Galinda said, pointing, and Elphaba sighed again.

"Right. Let's get this over with."

She waited until Galinda had climbed through the open window – which took quite a while, given the fact that Galinda was determined to perform this particular task without either ripping her dress or breaking her nail – and then climbed in after her. The blonde was already bouncing around the room, looking for a book that might help them.

"Hey, look!" Galinda held up a book. "This looks just like the one I used to transform FiFi into a reindeer in the first place!"

"Yes, well, we don't need the same book, do we?" Elphaba said a bit irritably. Suddenly an idea occurred to her. "Glin? You did check the original book for counter spells before we came out here… didn't you?"

Much to her relief, Galinda nodded. She sniffed. "Of course I did. What am I, an amateur?" she asked indignantly.

Elphaba chose not to answer that.
"I checked the book," Galinda continued, "only there weren't any counter spells in it. At all."

"Okay." Elphaba rubbed her forehead. "Let's keep looking."

They went through all the books, but they didn't find anything that could help them.

Elphaba was currently going through one of the thickest spell books she found, searching through the pages. Meanwhile, Galinda was inspecting the other book again – the one that looked like the original spell book.

"Hey, look," she said, surprised. "It's not the same book. The title says something else." She wrinkled her nose. "'Reserval'? What in Oz do they mean by that?"

Elphaba was by her side in a clock-tick. "Reversal?" she asked hopefully, and Galinda studied the book again.

"Oh, yes!" she gushed. "Reversal! You're so smartified, Elphie!"

Elphaba rolled her eyes.

"So…" Galinda thought about it for a moment. Then a hopeful smile lit up her face. "Maybe this can reverse the spells that were in the original book!"

Elphaba resisted the urge to smack her own forehead. "Maybe," she mimicked Galinda. "Come on, let's go. The sooner Fiyero is back to his usual, annoying self, the better."

Galinda pouted. "But how do we even know if this is the right book?" she protested.

Elphaba pointed at the book cover. "Because it says here that this book contains all the spells needed to reverse the spells that are in the original book," she said through gritted teeth. "That's how."

Galinda grinned broadly. "Yay!"

"Take this." Elphaba pushed the book into Galinda's hands, then climbed out of the window. Galinda handed her the book and clumsily climbed onto the window sill herself.

"Would you hurry up?" Elphaba hissed. "What if Morrible comes…"

She cut herself off and both girls stiffened when they suddenly heard a key turning in a lock.

"Morrible!" Galinda squeaked, and Elphaba beckoned her. "Come on, Galinda, quickly!"

Galinda wailed. "My skirt is stuck!" She tugged at it. "Elphie, go!" she whispered dramatically. "Save yourself!"

Elphaba rolled her eyes again. "Morrible would never kill you, you silly goose," she said. "She might turn you into a broomstick and sweep the floor with you, but she wouldn't kill you."

Galinda kept on tugging at her skirt desperately. Suddenly, it was free, and the blonde scrambled through the window, landing outside it on her behind with her skirts billowing all around her.

Elphaba chuckled softly and helped her friend back to her feet. "That was close. Let's go, before anything else happens."

They made it back to their dorm room safely. Galinda threw open the door. "Fifi!" she beamed. "We found the book that can change you ba-"

She looked around the room. "FiFi?" she asked in a small voice.

Elphaba's face much resembled a thundercloud. "Where is he?" she asked in a dangerously low voice.

Galinda swallowed. "I… I don't know," she said. "He's not here…"

"Glin?" Elphaba was inspecting the door. "Was the door open when you came in?"

Galinda paled. "Y-yes," she said shakily. "I think so…"

"Great." Elphaba let herself fall back onto her bed. "Just great." She shook her head and rose to her feet again. "You know what?" she said. She handed Galinda the book with the reversal spells. "Here you go. The spell you need is on page thirty-six. Good luck finding your boyfriend." With that, she plopped back onto her bed and pulled out her Life Sciences book.

Galinda was staring at her open-mouthed. "What…" she spluttered. "What do you mean, I…"

"He's your boyfriend," Elphaba pointed out. "You're the one that cast a spell on him. So fix it."

Galinda shook her head. "Oh, no," she declared, grabbing Elphaba's wrist and yanking her back to her feet. "You're going to help me, whether you like it or not," she said sternly. "We have to find FiFi and cast the reversal spell. Now come on." Without waiting for a reply, she dragged a reluctant Elphaba with her.

"Where do you even want to look for him?" Elphaba complained. "We have no idea where he could have…" She trailed off upon seeing Morrible talking to a few men she didn't recognise, with behind them several groups of students whispering excitedly.

"I think we found him," said Galinda, pulling Elphaba with her. She plastered on a radiant smile as they approached some students. "Hi, Shenshen, Milla! What's going on around here?"

"You haven't heard?" Milla asked incredulously. "Oh, wow, Galinda! There's a reindeer walking around campus!"

Elphaba cursed softly under her breath.

Galinda pretended to be surprised. "A reindeer?"

Shenshen nodded, gushing. "Isn't that amazing?" she squealed. "It's a Lurlinemas miracle! Lurline must have sent him, to bring us presents and –"

Milla elbowed her in the side. "Don't be silly, Shenshen." She looked back at Galinda. "It was quite scandalacious," she said. "It tried to eat my purse!"

Elphaba rolled her eyes while Galinda gasped in horror. "No! That new one? The one you got from the Oz Boutique the other day?"

Milla nodded seriously. "Thank Oz the animal was captured before it could actually touch the purse," she said, and Galinda breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank Oz the purse is safe," Shenshen said without even a hint of sarcasm.

Elphaba, however, was staring at Milla. "Captured?" she asked.

Milla nodded. "Those men," she said, pointing at the men talking to Morrible, "they're from the zoo nearby. They put him in this thing Professor Nikidik told us about the other day – what was it? A cage? Yes, a cage. Anyway, they intend to take him away."

Elphaba and Galinda exchanged a look. "Where are they keeping him?" Elphaba asked urgently.

Milla shrugged. "How should I know?"

Shenshen, fortunately, was more helpful. "It's back there," she said, pointing. "Behind the café. You know, in that spot where I made out with Maebor and he tried to take my virginity –"

"Okay, bye!" Elphaba interrupted her quickly, already moving towards the spot Shenshen had indicated.

Galinda giggled. "You don't want to hear about Shenshen losing her virginity?" she asked teasingly, earning herself a death glare from her friend.

"Over there," Elphaba whispered as she caught sight of the cage.

Galinda clamped both her hands over her mouth. "Oh, poor FiFi!" she cried. "We have to free him!"

The two girls sneaked up on Fiyero from the side, inspecting the cage from all angles. "Is there a key?" Galinda asked.

Elphaba shook her head. "Just a simple lock with a bolt," she said. "We can manage that." She looked at Fiyero and patted his head. "Don't worry," she told him. "You'll be back to normal in no time."

He made a sad sound, and she rolled her eyes. "Don't be overdramatic."

He pushed against the bars of the cage with his nose.

"Now you know how that poor Lion Cub was feeling," Elphaba said to him. "Now imagine some crazy Vinkun prince shaking your cage back and forth and you get the whole picture."

He glared at her.

She rolled her eyes. "I know you said you weren't shaking him, but you totally were."

Fiyero snorted.

"Oh, get a grip." Elphaba looked over Galinda. "We've already got the counter spell. It's back in our room."

His ears turned towards her and she smiled. "That's better."

"Elphie!" Galinda was panting as she tried to open the bolt. "Can't… open…"

Elphaba was already beside her. "Let me help you."

The two girls pushed against the bolt together, and slowly, it started to move. It took them a while, but finally the lock was open and Galinda could pull open the cage door. "FiFi!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down. "You're free!" She jumped inside of the cage and grabbed his antlers, tugging them. "Now let's get you out of here!"

"Someone's coming!" Elphaba hissed. "Where can we hide him?"

Galinda looked around, panicking. "There!" she said quickly. She led Fiyero towards a door, opening it for him, then ushering her roommate inside before closing it again.

"Where are we?" Elphaba asked, looking around.

Galinda squealed softly. "Crage Hall! Our dorms are just upstairs! This is the basement," she explained to Elphaba. "I've been here once before, with a guy…" She giggled upon seeing Elphaba's face. "But that's beside the point."

"Come on," Elphaba said with a sigh. "We might as well get him back to our room to cast the spell. Make sure no-one sees him, will you?"

Galinda nodded enthusiastically. "Okay!"

She took her job as watcher very seriously, peering around every corner and behind every pillar, while Elphaba carefully led Fiyero to the stairs. "Why did you run away in the first place?" she said to him. "You should have known someone might spot you!"

He just looked at her. He made a huffing sound, but she had no idea what that was supposed to mean, and so she just sighed. "Never mind. Explain once you're back to normal."

They managed to get him upstairs and back into their dorm room without running into any more trouble, and Galinda was relieved when she finally closed the door behind them. "Sweet Oz," she sighed.

"You can say that again." Elphaba patted Fiyero's nose. "Now let's change him back quickly, okay?"

Galinda moved over to her desk, where the book was still lying open. "Let's see… Oh, here it is!" she exclaimed.

Elphaba rolled her eyes. "Just cast the spell already, will you?" she said, but just then, there was a knock on the door.

"Miss Galinda?" a voice called. "Miss Elphaba?"

The girls looked at one another. Galinda looked startled and Elphaba's lips formed the word 'shiz'.

It was Madame Morrible.

"Girls?" Morrible called again. "We're searching the dorm rooms. A reindeer escaped and we need to catch it!"

"We have to hide him," Elphaba whispered.

"Where?" Galinda whispered back. "There's no room anywhere!"

"Bathroom?" Elphaba suggested quietly.

Morrible sounded impatient now. "Girls?"

"Just a clock-tick, Madame Morrible!" Elphaba called back. "I'm getting dressed!"

"Hurry up, dearie!" the HeadShiztress instructed, and Galinda looked panicky.

"The bathroom door isn't big enough for him to fit through," she said.

Elphaba looked around. Then she found the perfect solution.

"Closet," she said.

Galinda looked confused. "There's not enough room in your clo-"

"Not mine," Elphaba said. "Yours. Double doors, so he'll fit through, and it's a walk-in closet, so he'll be fine."

"No!" Galinda hissed. "Not my closet!"

"Glin –"


"Galinda, we have to hurry!"

"But my closet…"

Before the blonde could even finish her protest, Elphaba had already shoved the reindeer into the closet and closed the doors behind him. Galinda let out a weak squeak, but Elphaba ignored her, instead opening the door for Madame Morrible.

"Hello, Madame," she said with what she hoped to be a convincing smile.

"Hi, dearie." Morrible swept past Elphaba, eyes scanning the room. "Don't worry, this won't be long."

There was a loud thump in the closet.

Morrible's head whipped towards the closet, eyes narrowing. "What was that?"

"That?" Galinda laughed nervously. "That was… um…"

"Is something in there?" Morrible wanted to know. Galinda gulped.

"In there?" Elphaba shook her head. "Of course not," she said. She threw a glance in Galinda's direction. "Unless one of your fur coats came to life."

Galinda glared at her friend, but Morrible was still suspicious. "I want to look in that closet," she insisted.

Galinda cried, "No! You can't!"

"Why not?"

"Because…" the blonde faltered. "Because it's my closet!"

Another thump from the closet. Morrible shook her head and moved over towards it.

"Madame Morrible, please!" Galinda cried in a desperate attempt to keep the old fish from opening the doors. "I keep my underwear in there!"

Morrible reached for the doorknob.

Thinking quickly, Elphaba jumped between Morrible and the closet. "Alright, alright!" she said. "Something's in there."

Galinda looked at her with wide eyes, but Elphaba kept her gaze fixed on Morrible. "There's a boy in there."

Morrible stared at Elphaba, then turned to stare at Galinda. "A boy?" she echoed.

Galinda, realising what her friend was doing, shuffled around. "Yeah," she said, pretending to be ashamed of herself. "I… I sneaked a boy into my room. I'm sorry."

Morrible eyed her up and down. "I want to see him," she said finally.

Galinda panicked, but Elphaba remained calm. "I have to see if he's… um… decent first," she said.

Morrible's eyes widened upon recognising the implications of that statement, and when she looked at Galinda and saw her flushed face, that only strengthened her suspicions. "Very well," she said icily. "But I want you both to know that I am very, very disappointed in you both."

Galinda bowed her head, muttering, "I'm sorry, Madame," under her breath, while Elphaba inconspicuously grabbed the magic book and slipped into the closet.

"Hold still," she whispered to Fiyero, before softly chanting the counter spell under her breath. The reindeer seemed to shimmer for a moment… and then changed back into Fiyero.

Elphaba breathed a sigh of relief. "Thank Oz." She took his arm. "Please play along," she whispered to him. "We'll explain everything later, okay?" Without waiting for an answer, she led him out of the closet again.

Morrible pursed her lips in disapproval upon seeing him. "Master Tiggular," she said. "Of course."

"It wasn't his fault, Madame," Elphaba said.

"No," Galinda said quickly, trying to hide her surprise upon seeing Fiyero back to normal. "It was mine. It was my idea, and…"

"And I helped her," Elphaba added.

Morrible studied the three of them for a moment, clearly trying to determine whether they were telling the truth or not.

"Well," she said finally. "Given the fact that this is your first offense, girls, and you are claiming that this was not Master Tiggular's doing… I will let you off with a warning."

Elphaba let out a breath and Galinda looked relieved. "Thank you, Madame."

"Now, if you'll excuse me," Morrible said. "I need to resume my search for this reindeer." With that, she turned around and left.

Galinda turned to look at her closet. "Oh, no!" she wailed. "My clothes!"

"Um, hello?" Elphaba waved in an attempt to get the blonde's attention. "You might want to worry about your boyfriend first? You know, the one you changed into a reindeer?"

Fiyero, meanwhile, was just looking completely dazed… and angry. Very angry.

"Would one of you," he said, sounding much calmer than he looked, "care to explain to me what happened?"

"You ruined my clothes, that's what happened!" Galinda held up a golden dress. "This was my third favourite dress, Fiyero! And now you ripped it with your antlers!"

Elphaba glared at her blonde friend, then turned back to face Fiyero. "Galinda wanted to try a spell," she said, "only it went wrong and it changed you into a reindeer instead."

"What kind of spell?" he wanted to know, but Galinda didn't answer.

Elphaba just shuffled around, feeling uncomfortable. "I think that's something between you and her."

Galinda came stomping out of her closet. "That's it!" she screeched, pointing an angry finger at Fiyero. "First you ignore me – me, your perfect girlfriend – and then you refuse to tell me what's wrong, and now you ripped four of my dresses and every other piece of clothing I have in there smells like reindeer! How could you?"

"How could I?" Fiyero echoed. Elphaba winced – this did not look good.

He rose to his feet. "How could I." He let out a mirthless laugh. "How could you? You changed me into an animal, Galinda! Why did you want to cast a spell on me in the first place? And then instead of apologising, you complain about me ruining your wardrobe?" He shook his head. "That's it," he declared. "I'm done with you. We're over."

Galinda's eyes nearly bulged out of her head. "Are you breaking up with me?"

"Yes," he said. "Yes, I am. I should have done this a long time ago, but I didn't want to hurt your feelings. Fortunately, you just showed me how many feelings you actually have – none. You care about nothing and no-one but yourself, Galinda, and I'm sick and tired of it. It's over. Have fun with your stinky dresses." With that, he stomped out of the room.

Galinda gaped at the closed door for a while, speechless. Then she grabbed a book from her desk and flung it against the door. "Fine!" she screeched. "Perfect! I didn't want you anymore, anyway!"

Elphaba took a step towards her friend. "Glin?"

"Don't, Elphie." Galinda shook her head, sending her blonde curls flying. "He'll come to his senses." She turned around and gathered the two spell books from her desk. "I'll just go and return these to Morrible's office," she muttered. "Shove them through the window or something. I'll be right back."

She didn't return for at least a few hours, but Elphaba wasn't worried. She knew her friend probably just needed to blow off some steam.

And she was right, because after some time, the door opened again and Galinda came back in. "Hi!"

Elphaba blinked. "You seem… cheerful?" she said, frowning slightly.

Galinda shrugged. "Yeah," she said. "I ran into Fiyero outside. We talked. We're okay now."

Elphaba stared at her. "You're okay," she echoed. Aside from the fact that she did not understand how it came to pass that those two were yelling at one another one moment, then suddenly seemed to have made up again, she also tried to ignore the sharp stab of something that was definitely not disappointment she felt.

Galinda shrugged again. "We're friends now," she said. "We're still broken up, but we agreed it's better this way." She grabbed her purse. "Hey, Elphie, I'm going out for dinner with the girls. Don't wait up for me. Bye!" With that, she breezed out of the door again.

Elphaba could only gawk at the closed door.

That's it, she decided. She would never understand the phenomenon that was Galinda Upland.