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The Void

When Kushina Uzumaki had had the Kyuubi torn from her on the night of her death, events unfolded that would alter the very fabric of existence, because afterwards a great battle occurred between two beasts, one of spirit and one of flesh.

In order to quell the rampaging beast of chaos, the leader of the village, and new father, Minato Namikaze, was forced to execute an act of self-sacrifice as well as an act of evil. For in able for him to succeed in stopping the Kyuubi he performed an ultimate sealing technique upon his child, whose mother was the very person who was the living prison to the Bijuu before its liberation.

The forbidden seal used was of Uzumaki Clan design, created for the sole purpose of forcibly sealing away great monsters that threatened the destruction of homes and lives. It involved a heavy price to accomplish, along with reasonable stamina to hold on to consciousness while performing the technique, the user's life as well as soul are considered forfeit, because in order to do the seal, the Shinigami himself is summoned. And so the new born child, Naruto Uzumaki, was born into death as his bloodied parents covered his fragile body with their own, cursed by his own blood to a life of pain and misery.

Yet something occurred that evening that wasn't meant to happen. As the God of Death sealed the Yang of the Kyuubi away into Naruto's body, a sliver of another piece of foreign chakra entered his soul, where the beast resided within its cage. And set apart from the small fragments of his parents that were placed in there as a final act of desperation to meet their son one day in the future. It could not be said whether it was donated towards him, or if it was absently lost in the process, but the piece integrated with his life, soul, and very existence, and the fates altered completely from what should have been. Changing time and space into a separate version of itself, with the future that was supposed to have been disappearing altogether, as the souls of those who lived, loved and died to exist forever in the afterlife, all faded away silently and unknowingly.

This event would not fully mean anything until almost 17 years later, when war struck the land, and Naruto Uzumaki learned of his destiny.

It was said from a prophecy granted by the Great Toad Sage that he would be a great force who would either bring peace to the world, or would herald in its destruction. However, through his years of hardships, as well as his coming to understand what human nature is in his quest for peace and the eradication of hatred, he realised something at the last moment. There will never be true peace, no matter what occurs.

The whole concept was an impossibility, even if trust could be placed onto people to do acts of good, and to never give into their hatred, it could never stay permanent. Human nature goes against the notion, and as history fades, and facts become legends, then myths and darkness will cloud the minds and judgements of humanity, and war will once again occur.

Armed with this knowledge, he truly felt the world, the universe itself. And he felt at peace. While he was troubled with this, he knew that if he enforced his will upon others, that hatred will be the only constant, and then violence and death will follow. But the choice had to be made while he was there, in a bubble of silence, where the world could not touch him, and where Nature itself blessed him with a gift to use at his command. The Samsara Eyes. Rinnegan.

During his last fight against the ripple-eyed God and its 2 disciples he instigated his plan. By putting all his force, all of his might into one final attack he decimated the enemy with an ultimate sealing technique. By destroying the moon, the original prison for the Juubi, Naruto used his newly gained power to force it back into its prison once more by creating a newer satellite to orbit the planet. Then, when this was completed, he utilised the same power that the first Sage did, 'The Creation of all Things'. Except this was different to what the Sage of the Six Paths accomplished, because instead of splitting the Juubi into 9 pieces, Naruto altered the technique to destroy rather than create.

In the span of a second, Chakra, the very force that gifts powers to Shinobi, vanished. Naruto wiped out all trace of it to be used by humanity in one final act of desperation, and in doing so he accomplished his destiny as the prophecy was completed. Humanity would survive without its Chakra, he had hoped. It was his belief that with power comes the possibility of chaos, for if the ability to destroy was removed, then everything would simply fall into place and peace could be assured, even if temporarily.

This act was not without cost, because of the great toll on the pure life force of the technique; even one with Uzumaki blood running through his veins could not sustain the vast amount of Chakra it took to remove all trace of it in every single human alive. The price that had to be paid was his own life, and it was a life that would receive no recognition for his actions. Naruto Uzumaki was cursed from his birth, to endure a life of knowing no love, to knowing nothing but hatred. He tried so hard to belong, to have someone care for him. But it is obvious that the sins of the father are shown by the son, as his suffering was caused by him in the first place. But even with all of that, and knowing who it was who cursed him, Naruto still couldn't help but love his father even if he hated him at the same time.

And so the era of the Shinobi ended, with those that survived the war returning home to curse the one who saved them all. And so a legend began of the one who doomed all Shinobi, who removed the power that made them as strong as the Gods. This legend passed down throughout time, until those who were so far away from that time sat down and thought of his actions. And their conclusions were that he was a hero, who brought an end to a world in constant war, who was a martyr for a greater cause that any could understand. However, in time, his tale became that of myth, and even though his story remained true, he was seen as an avatar of the Gods, causing him to become one of history's, and religions, whose story was as famous as the legend of Hercules.

But this was not the end for Naruto Uzumaki.

For untold years he moved through the never-ending void. An empty darkness that time never touches, where a second is both an eternity and non-existent. No human should ever be able to traverse this land of nothingness, yet his curse continued even after his body was destroyed.

His chakra was the key. His curse was the key. The Shinigami, who cursed him from the moment he gained his prisoner, was the key. For when the God of Death sealed away the mighty Fox Spirit into his fragile, tiny body, a small, miniscule piece of the Gods' chakra latched itself onto his body and soul, causing him to be shoved into the nexus of the universe where he floated for an eternity and not at all.

His mind could not handle what had occurred to him in that void, the very presence of the never-ending darkness, and the knowledge that he could never join those he cared for within the afterlife drove him mad. And slowly but surely, his very existence began to unravel, for that was his curse, his punishment for glimpsing into the eyes of the Gods. For the punishment of summoning the Shinigami, Minato Namikaze was claimed by the God to reside for eternity within its stomach in endless battle with the Yin of the Kyuubi. However, Naruto not only looked directly at that which should not be viewed, he also achieved the ability to completely glimpse into the domain of the Gods. The path to unlocking the Rinnegan is difficult for a reason, and all those who achieve it suffer eternal torment in the void, followed by the complete and utter destruction of the soul. This was the fate of the Sage of the Six Paths, the man who dared to attempt to transcend the human limits set by higher powers and instead glimpse at what was eternally forbidden.

But whether by accident or by design, when the sealing of the Kyuubi was being completed, the Shinigami's chakra acted of its own free will, and it was here in the dark space that it acted.

His body that had remained in a stasis like state began to de-age, the time span it took was both eternal and instantaneous, drifting through ages once past until his form took the same one it did when he was first cursed at only an hour old. Then, as if triggered by the completion of such a task, Naruto's child body disappeared without a sight or sound as the space he occupied imploded as there was no one for it to provide for. The age of the Shinobi had finally ended and a new era was about to begin.

Time Unknown

It was a bright flash that had been visible from the kitchen window that had alerted her first, and then it was the unmistakable crying of a child calling out for its mother. Curious as to why a baby would be in her garden, the proprietor of the humble abode hurried out of the room to the outside. And shockingly, there laid a naked new-born simply lying on the grass bawling his eyes out.

Eyes widening in both surprise and concern, she rushed to the baby and picked him up to cradle him in her arms.

"Now where are your parents little one?" she questioned rhetorically. 'Wait' she thought, 'this child looks no older than a new-born. I would have definitely been aware if someone had given birth here, and I didn't sense anyone around either.' If she had been thinking correctly, and not worried about how a baby appeared out of nowhere, she would have noticed the slight energy fluctuations that occurred from deep within the boy before it vanished like it was never there in the first place.

The woman sighed tiredly before her face grew a small smile, "Come on then little one, we can go inside and we will see what happens when my husband arrives.

Taking the baby Naruto into the house, the woman set aside the now silent infant, who had at that point had fallen asleep in her arms, and after securing him on the floor wrapped in a soft blanket she had found, continued with the preparation of the meal she was making for herself and her husband for when he returned from work.

When the food had been fully prepared and she had set it out to cook, she wandered over to her new house guest to get a good look at him. The baby was small, she had wondered to herself, having only ever seen one in passing or on television. He had a small tuft of blond hair on his head and strange whisker like birth mark, three on each cheek. Before when he had had his eyes open, she had seen eyes of a deep violet colour. In short, to her he was the cutest thing she had ever seen.

An hour later, the front door slid open and a man's voice echoed through the building. Not hearing his wife's reply, as was customary, nor her visage appearing before him to welcome him home, a shot of panic rushed through him before he took control of himself.

Entering into the living room, he was gifted with a strange sight. The picture he had stumbled in on was of his wife kneeling before a giggling baby as she made silly faces and cooing noises, causing the child to burst into innocent, tiny giggles at her.

"Well, isn't this a surprise," he exclaimed, "when I finished work this evening, my first though was definitely not that my wife had somehow gotten pregnant then given birth in the space of one day."

The woman blushed in slight embarrassment as she got up off of the floor and walked over to kiss her husband in welcome. "Sorry, welcome home Takehito."

Takehito grinned in response, "Thanks Miya." Looking over to the curious looking baby on the floor he asked a question he was dying to ask, "So what's up with the baby anyway?"

"Oh, I found him outside in the garden."

A look of shock crossed Takehito's face at hearing of the callous location that someone would place a new-born, "The garden, someone simply went and put a baby in the garden and left it there?"

"What should we do?" Miya asked.

He sighed in desperation at the thought, "I'm going to have to take him with me back to MBI headquarters to find out who he is. Damn, and I was so looking forward to resting tonight, not to mention your delicious cooking."

Even though a smile appeared on Miya's face, the look that told of untold pain in her eye was obvious. "Takehito, if you act so uncaring about a child's life in such a way, then there will be no food for you to eat anyway,"

A chill went down his spine as he rushed over to grab the infant, picking him up, turning around, kissed Miya on the cheek and ran straight out of the house, leaving his wife staring after his disappearing form with sadness.

The journey across the Capitol was hurried, but Takehito couldn't help but take glances at the child he had placed into a hastily made booster seat with interest. Seeing the cute look on the sleeping face of the child was enough for a soft 'awww' to break out of him. However, in his distraction he forgot that he was driving a car and almost drove straight into an old lady that was crossing the street at the time.

After leaning out of his window and apologising profusely, he continued on with his journey, albeit more carefully this time.

The trip back to MBI was done quickly, mainly due to the lack of traffic as 'many people were at home' Takehito lamented to himself. Reaching the employee car park, he parked the car, unbuckled his own seatbelt, then got out and removed the bundle of cloth that contained the small human within. Due to his working at the company since its inception, it was relatively easy to navigate the winding halls and frequent changes at floors that the building security guidance had created.

It was 20 minutes in to his journey through the labyrinth of a building before he reached his desired destination, hoping that it would be empty, if only to avoid unwanted questions. However, this wishful thinking was for nought as there were still many researchers remaining within the room, including two people he really didn't want to have on his back about.

"Ah, Takehito! What are you doing back here?" inquired his insane boss, one Minaka Hiroto.

Sighing in resignation, Takehito simply told them the truth about how Miya had found a child and how he was going to use the technological works of the company to find out who he was through the use of the DNA analysis machine.

"But Takehito," piped up the other one, a Takami Sahashi who was in a way, the vice president of the company, "Why don't you just take him to the local law enforcement, you don't have to actually do any of this?" However, she retracted her statement after she received an 'are you stupid' look from Takehito, causing her to remember exactly who it was who had apparently found the child in the first place.

"Well let's do this," Takehito said, pricking a tiny finger with a numbed needle so as not to hurt the infant, placing the blood drop into an 'insert here' port within the machine that he was now in front of, and waited for it to analyse the results to find out exactly who the child's parents were. 'Ah, the joys of working for a company like MBI.'

A beep signalled the completion of the examination of DNA, causing Takehito to shift the baby he was holding into only one of his arms, pressing the button that connected the machine to the computer to run the results onto his screen. What he saw was something he did not expect.

"He… doesn't exist?" he exclaimed. "How, how is this even possible. It's like he's not even human. Scratch that, he's like a human, but with Sekirei DNA merged within him. And this energy, it's almost like a Sekirei's but it's like it's dormant. The machine can't make heads or tails of it!"

"This… This is… AMAZING!" shouted out Minaka joyously. "A path to the Gods enlightens my way even further!"

"Whoa," Takehito jumped out of the chair he was seated in cradling the now obviously special baby to his body. "I know that it's a special occasion, but you can't have this one. I mean, Miya would kill me!"

"Hahahahahahaha No my friend, if you'll look closely at what it shows here, then you can clearly see that he is compatible with Sekirei, this means that he may become an Ashikabi! How splendid this is!"

Everyone began to slowly back away from the obviously insane owner of the company who had appeared to be stuck in his own little world, possible dreaming of whatever it was that insane genius's dream of.

Takami looked to Takehito, while ignoring the background noise of stupidity, "So you discovered something new. Will he be added to the project? I can guarantee you that untold researchers would love to get their hands on a prize such as this anomaly."

"Anomaly?" he whispered in reply, looking down at the soft bundle, his eyes traced the infants innocent face, studying it for who knows what. "No, I can't. Not with this one. I don't know why, but there's something about him, even if I have only known him for the shortest time, that seems to make me believe he is destined for something. I just don't know what yet."

"So you're gonna keep him then?" she asked, lighting up a cigarette while doing so.

"Yeah, I guess," he answered tiredly.

"Wow, I really wouldn't have expected the great Takehito Asama 'family man'. Doesn't that have a nice ring to it, huh? Besides, what will Miya think to the two of you becoming a family of three?"

"Takami, you should have seen Miya earlier. She was cooing, cooing! If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it either but it was right there. Besides, what about your kids, don't you have a couple of them?"

Takami smiled and a distant look entered her eyes, "Yeah, but I don't get to see them that much. It's not fair but I have to do this."

Not wanting to remain in a nest of vipers for so long, Takehito evacuated the room in order to escape from the reminiscing and the complete madness of his bosses, took the same route he followed back down to the ground floor, then got into his car and drove off. Hopefully to a warm meal and to a happy wife, because if his unthinking, charitable decision got him into hot water then it would be the sofa for a long, long time for him.

Bracing himself outside of his front door 40 minutes later, Takehito tentatively entered his home only to find out that he hadn't needed the attempted subtlety as Miya was sitting on the third step from the floor on the staircase leading up to the first level of the building. Her mouth opened, most likely in either greeting or to question what had happened with the boy, but before it could produce and semblance of civilised language, instead a happy squeal erupted from her throat as she jumped the distance towards him to rip the baby from his grip.

"Awww, my little cutie, you're back!"

Takehito simply stared at the scene with a mixture of relief and surprise. "He isn't human Miya," he said softly.

Her head turned sharply towards him, "What do you mean, 'not human'?"

"The DNA test showed exactly that, partial human DNA… and partial Sekirei DNA."

Miya's breath stopped for a long second before continuing, "How is that possible?" she whispered.

"I- no, we have no idea. It could be a whole manner of things; all I know is that Minaka has taken an interest in him, and that he has some form of energy within his body."


He shrugged his shoulders, "I have no clue, it appears dormant though, but if it hadn't been you that had found him, and if you hadn't been attached to the kid, then he would most likely have ended up as some kind of test subject."

Miya looked carefully at her husband, attempting to uncover his meaning, "So what happens now," she perked up slightly at a thought, "So can we keep him?"

"What is he, a dog?" At Miya's look he chuckled wearily, "Yes, yes." A sigh followed, "I guess that means that I'm a dad I suppose."

Miya's smile was so wide Takehito could have sworn he saw the edges of her lips begin to crack, "That means I'm a mom." A quiet ramble followed, which Takehito couldn't catch, but it wasn't difficult to answer the question that followed next. "He needs a name."

Takehito pondered on it for a minute or two, Miya leaving him alone to think as she gently bounced her new son around in her arms, much to the baby's apparent delight. "He is special, isn't he?" Miya was unsure as to what he was referring to, but she agreed wholeheartedly with his statement. "There is a story, an ancient one, of how a great warrior saved this world. One who was without family, but who was the most special child of all." His hand reached out to caress the hair of his newfound son, his body moulding into his wife's easily. A picture of a 'perfect' family. "Naruto. We'll name him Naruto."

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