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Naruto – Age 1

It was strange at first, to have such a small life form in the inn with them, especially one that requires practically 24 hour a day attention. Not that he was complaining, even if it was tiring. And there were some times when he believed that Miya would forget that he even existed. He understood though, he had heard the jokes being told when his boss had come in to work after her first maternity leave, all smiles with a gait not found in someone who was as tired down as he was after being forced out of bed at 3 o'clock in the morning to check on a wailing baby. When he had come round to asking Takami about her experiences with a child, she claimed that, "Even though I am not always around, I can always feel him next to my heart." The words had been uttered back then, and she repeated them verbatim when he ended up screeching to the whole research team about why he couldn't unlock a door, a door which turned out to be a vending machine. 'There is no such greater bond than a mother and her child' he had been told, and while he accepted it, it was still annoying.

'But then again' he would muse, 'Miya is of a species with a very limited population. To see a child that would not have to grow up to fight because of her interference must be some kind of Godsend to her.' Which when analysed can be seen as an ironic statement, seeing as how Minaka was determined to bring about his so called 'age of the Gods'.

But there was no way that any morbid imaginings should pervade the ambience that the family of three had constructed for themselves. For on that day was a year exactly since little Naruto had graced the husband and wife with his presence, and as it was a nice enough day, especially considering the Autumn months had just begun not to long before, the family had decided to take a wander through the Capital's large park on offer to the public. With Miya smiling serenely as she guided Naruto along as he sat in his pushchair, giggling out one or two words every now and then, the most prominent being 'mama', 'dada', or for some strange reason, 'Rama'. Staying next to his wife as the trio wound their way through the brown and red of the crisp leaves that littered the hidden path, the mid-morning sun granting a sudden boon of sunshine and warmth. Takehito had time to reflect the past year in the comfortable silence they found themselves in, as they waited for a suitable time to eat lunch at some unknown restaurant they'll most likely pass later on.

The year had been full of positives and negatives, yet there was one specific moment that could have had completely different results if what had happened, happened in a completely different way.

Miya was a Sekirei, albeit a Sekirei of completely different proportions to any other, and little Naruto had the potential to be an Ashikabi, someone who has the ability to 'wing', for a lack of a better term, a Sekirei to them.

Now no one had actually realised this at all, they all just went with the flow. Even though in hindsight, Takehito assumed that Minaka had at least assumed that something could happen, but with the everlasting grin on his face, who really knew what thoughts resided within his twisted mind.

So, of course, Miya was giving her new child some fuss and attention, not comprehending the prospective of being shackled to a new born child. All it took was her to get a little bit too close when it happened, a surge of power that blacked out over half the city and a look of surprise on the face of the eldest Sekirei that would have made anyone who had known her seriousness before would have assumed they were different people entirely.

It took almost a week to find out what happened. At first, everyone had believed that Miya had been winged; however, that wasn't the case. In fact it was more of an anti-winging. If Miya had not been exactly who she was in relations to her race, and Naruto had been 100 percent human, then Miya would have been bonded to her child forever. Instead it was more of an acceptance of the new chick in the flock than a mating or bonding. Miya was the 'pillar' of the Sekirei, almost like a Goddess given form and the conventional aspects of the Sekirei don't apply to her. So while Miya hadn't found herself technically married to an infant, something that relieved more than one person, it did cause her to be even more affectionate and protective. Later in the year a further hypothesis was created then accepted by everyone, including Miya herself. Miya's role as a Sekirei was more of a mother, or big sister as she would smile serenely at the speaker while emitting an aura of death, to all Sekirei. And while Naruto was human, the Sekirei DNA within him caused that feeling to cross over to him as well.

But that wasn't the time for reminiscing about the senselessness of the so called 'Sekirei Plan', the day was designed specifically so that the family could experience some time together, something that had been sorely lacking, particularly because of Takehito's work. And the couple had decided that not only did she not see enough of her husband as it was, but in the end he wouldn't see his son a lot.

They sat down upon an empty bench, with Takehito taking Naruto out of his pushchair, holding him to his body, as his left arm wrapped itself around his wife's shoulders, with her leaning into him. His eyes were closed, and a smile was on his face as he basked in the calmness of the situation, the wind was rustling the leaves, leaving a nice breeze that gently kissed the content trio. All the while they knew that no matter what, they had to have more of these 'together days' while the lives they led didn't focus them onto the battlefield that the Capital would eventually become.

Naruto – Age 2

Naruto was being chased by a very scary monster with a crazed look in its eye, its ferocity unmatched by anything else that existed in the world. He sprinted down the stairs, around the corner, out of the door and outside. Before he could escape the wrath of the terrible demon its arms wrapped themselves across his middle and picked him up.

"Naruto," the monster said sweetly, "Did you really think you could escape me?"

Shaking with fear the little blond haired boy shook his head quickly from side to side.

"Good, because no matter what you say or do, we are taking a bath."

Dejectedly, Naruto bowed his little head, subconsciously grabbing his mother's hand as she led him back into the house, urging him to go up the stairs.

In the Living Room, Takehito was chuckling to himself as he read the paper, "Kids grow up so fast."

An unholy aura descended upon him and his mirth stopped immediately, "Dearest Takehito, I do hope you don't find your son's predicament to be humorous" Her seemingly innocent façade held in place even as she witnessed her husband begin to shake like a leaf, "That's good, because it isn't as if you could have helped me with this situation or anything."

Pivoting on her heel she sauntered off with an inaudible call followed by a childish yelp, managing to break Takehito from his semi-trance. He shivered in shock as he thought to himself, 'What was I on that made me decide to teach her that?'

Upstairs, Naruto had been bested the scary monster that was his mother as she made sure that his small stature didn't cause him to drown in the bath. "You really do make your mother worry Naruto," she sighed despondently. Apparently all of his escape techniques were for nothing as he was acting his age and playing around in the water. "One moment you're set against it, the next it is as if this was your idea all along." She was unsure if he was listening as he had managed to gain a moustache and beard created from the soap bubbles while she was talking.

"Heh-Heh, look mommy," he squealed.

Of course Miya's resolve to want to scold her son for before only lasted a few seconds until a soft giggle was heard from her, causing Naruto's unseen grin to become fully visible as the bubbles disappeared and became water. His eyes closed in contentment as Miya's hand began to lovingly caress his soft, slightly long hair. 'He is like a dog' she thought to herself in amusement.

It was only a short time later that Miya had deemed Naruto clean and presentable for the rest of the day. "It was your own fault for delving into the attic, you know how dusty and dirty it is up there," she said to him after he complained about the bath, that he had had some sort of fun in there had completely slipped his mind.

Sitting down in front of the T.V, Miya changed the channel to one that happened to be aimed at small children. Not really interested in what was on, instead just opening up a book she had grabbed on the way downstairs and began to read, every now and again she would glimpse to her left to see Naruto laughing and clapping along with whatever was on. Nevertheless, she felt like she had to draw the line when her certifiably insane husband had shuffled in front of the television on his knees, with Naruto sitting identically next to him as gormless looks adorned their faces, but eyes alight with enjoyment at what they were watching.

As a slight twitch developed in her eye she decided that she would leave 'both' of her children to their fun as she went to begin dinner. It was a little early, but she decided that she could only take so much stupid in one setting.

It wasn't really a chore to do anyway, if there was one thing that was structured to her life that was highly therapeutic, it was cooking. And she especially loved it when the two most important people in her life showed their enjoyment of the fruits of her labour. Of course, there was also the fact that food tasted much better when made by you, but that was only a side note of the task.

Later, when she had finished everything, she moved back to the Living Room to alert the duo to the fact that food was waiting to be eaten only to find the television turned off, and the ones she were searching for had disappeared. Holding a breath, which was let out as a sigh of discontent, Miya traipsed through the inn in a worsening mood as she searched for her wayward family. Making it half way up the stairs she recalled that she had a voice, and called out that dinner was ready. Not hearing anything in reply, she decided that it would be fair punishment to them id she let their food get cold. Silently laughing to herself, Miya opened the door to the Dining Room where she had laid out the food on the table, only to stop in her tracks as she witnessed her husband eating his food, while watching out for Naruto as he ate his.

"Ah, Miya, we were wondering where you had gotten off to," Takehito exclaimed jubilantly, not noticing the increasing twitch in his wife's eye as he spoke. "Mmmmmm, this is really good Miya, you've really outdone yourself."

Stifling her rage, focusing on the compliment that had been given to her, Miya simply sighed and sat down, and nimbly began eating. Small talk was said between husband and wife throughout, inane conversation that had no meaning other than to quieten the silence that would otherwise have erupted. A situation that would have allowed Miya to fester the fire in her mind that was cooling down, otherwise she would have released the annoyance that had built up over the course of a trying day.

It was there though, in the back of the mind, and though nothing bad would come of it, the memory of earlier that week would remain forever.

Even though neither Miya nor Takehito could ever claim to be as happy as they were without Naruto, it didn't stop them from ever trying to have a natural child. Not because they were tired of him, but because the joy that they felt from one would have been doubled if they had another to share with those feelings. It wasn't to be. Instead it was discovered that Miya couldn't have children, the eggs couldn't fertilize whatsoever. Takehito had taken months to tell her, fearing that she would take it incredibly poorly. When he finally told her, he made sure he had all of the facts. Apparently it was because of the adjustments that had been hurriedly made on the original 5 Sekirei who had been awakened. So it wasn't just her, but those 5 were completely infertile.

Miya had taken it hard, just as Takehito had predicted. She had built herself up from the ground when she had first awoken. Emotionless and apathetic, she had eventually fallen in love, finding something to feel. That grew even more when Naruto came into her life, and then those feeling grew even more as she hoped for another child, and then when the information was revealed to her, she had become even more protective of Naruto, knowing that she could never take in another child of someone else's, and now that she could not have her own, she was frightened of losing him.

"That was as amazing as ever Miya," exhaled a satisfied Takehito as he ate his last bite.

"Mmmmhmmm," said a satisfied Naruto from next to him.

Witnessing the content faces on her loved one's faces, Miya let go of all the anger that had risen from before, 'Boys will be boys I suppose,' she thought to herself.

Naruto – Age 3

Naruto loved going to the park, well, it was more of the ability to go outside. He found the whole situation fascinating, as one would do when they were as young as he was. Following behind him was his mother, who unbeknownst to him, was keeping her attention fixed solely on him even if she wasn't actually showing it.

Of course, she had warned him previously for him not to run off or escape from her line of sight. The warnings of the dangers that could occur had frightened him into obeying without question.

Halfway through the park, Naruto lit up as he spotted the play area that he enjoyed so much, and as he turned around to speak to his mother in order to ask whether or not she could take him over there, he was interrupted before a single syllable could be spoken.

"Ahhhh, Miya, is that you?" came a slightly slurred voice from behind the both of them.

If Naruto had been older and more hormonal then he would have definitely have reacted differently than how he did. For standing there with a bottle in her hand was an incredibly beautiful woman. Subconsciously he compared her to his mother, but found their beauty to be almost equal. She was wearing a very, very short dress that contained lots of holes that had been tastefully placed around the fabric.

"Kazehana," Miya replied genially.

Naruto was unsure as to what he should do next. His mother had greeted the woman, Kazehana, like an old friend and was conversing with her amicably. So, cautiously, he stepped forward towards the two of them.

"Eh? Miya who's that cute kid behind you?" the woman, Kazehana, asked.

"Ah, this is mine and Takehito's son, Naruto," she beamed, most likely not realising that she was almost shining with pride.

"Oh, okay," she took a swig of the liquid in the bottle, something that made her stink of something stronger than what his father occasionally had. A blank look spread across Kazehana's face as she processed what she heard, and when the cognition of her mind continued to function, the liquid she had drunk was sprayed out of her mouth comically, fortunately she had the sane idea of turning her head so that she didn't spray it on her friend. "Son?!" she exclaimed.

Miya didn't reply in any way, just simply turned to Naruto and apologised honestly that the trip to the park would have to be cut short. Walking over to Naruto, she gently clasped his hand, turning around she beckoned Kazehana to follow her, and the new trio silently walked back to the inn.

When they had returned, Miya found it empty, seeing as her husband was still at work, so the three of them moved into the dining room, where Miya quickly prepared some tea for the adults to drink, and some juice for Naruto.

It took a while for Miya to get through the whole story, seeing as she kept being interrupted by her friend as she attempted to grasp the situation that had been handed to her, until eventually the tea had been drunk and the information had been told.

"Wow," Kazehana muttered quietly, "That's some tale there Miya." Glimpsing at Naruto, who was simply staring at her inquisitively, her thoughts became jumbled at what she had heard from her old friend, and how Miya had acted with him was completely different from what she would have expected. "You really have changed. First it was marriage, then a child. I wonder what's next for you?"

Miya simply smiled her smile and waved her hand backwards and forwards, "So anyway, are you going to be staying for a while?"

Kazehana scratched the back of her head in minor embarrassment, "Yeah, if that's alright with you I suppose?"

"I cannot see why not."

From that moment things changed, for the better or not were still to be seen. When Takehito returned from work later that day it appeared as if he already knew of Kazehana's arrival, not surprising seeing as how MBI needed to keep track of all of the Sekirei.

Kazehana was smitten with the cuteness that was Naruto, as soon as she possibly could she had grabbed him and began rubbing their cheeks together, claiming how cute he was. And over the days and weeks that happened since she moved in she began to see Naruto in a different light.

It had happened one night when she offered to put Naruto to bed, allowing for Miya and Takehito to receive some 'alone time'. She had offered to read him a story, or at least that was what she told Miya and Takehito in the mornings, and it most certainly wasn't because she couldn't resist those puppy dog eyes. She had just started reading when he shifted off his futon and sat in her lap.

It was then that it happened. Her heart stopped suddenly, and then it beat once, twice, again and again it hit her ribcage with an echoing drum that reverberated throughout her entire body. Her body began to heat up, a feeling like sparking electricity lit up where she held onto the small body of her friend's son. And then, before she had realised what she was doing, she gently pecked the Naruto's lips, where after the heat had gone and a sense of purpose had filled her. There was no more Minaka, no more wallowing in pity. There was only unconditional love for her soul mate.

She smiled down at a shocked Naruto, before nuzzling the top of his hair. It was then that she felt like the very gates of hell had opened before her as fear unlike any other wrapped around her shaking form.

Slowly, she turned her head in order to witness the most frightening thing she had seen, and her doubts existed that she ever could again. A purple haired monster with glowing red eyes screaming out of the darkness appeared. "Ka-ze-ha-na."

The words may have been as sweet as honey. But the screams of fear denied it.

And there we have it, chapter 2 ended.

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