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Saturday, July 14, 2001 – Amalfi, Salerno, Italy



Hermione scrunched her nose, head propped up with one hand where she lay with Draco at her back, sharing the large outdoor chaise lounge. One of the sheets from the bed was draped over the both of them and tugged up high enough on her to cover her bare and swollen breasts. Draco was distractedly running his hand over her largely rounded belly, a past time that he'd become very fond of in the last couple of months, while they enjoyed night five of their much postponed and well deserved honeymoon overlooking the marina on the private balcony.

"No," she searched the sky for ideas, looking at the twinkling stars that were out tonight.

Draco sighed and placed a soft kiss to the back of her bare shoulder then made himself mildly more comfortable by laying back on the plush cushion and tugging her to lay down with him instead, the both of them staring up at the sky now. "That was the last one that would be suitable."

"I like Scorpius.."

He ran his hands through her wild hair, lulling himself into an even more relaxed state. "That's not a girl's name."

"I know," she tilted her head up to get a better look at him, "We'll just have to have another."

Draco smirked and teased her lightly, "Determined to break yet another Malfoy tradition?"

"Of course. Our first is already going against everything as it is."

"Just like her mother."

"Mm..because you're so much of a believer in your family's traditions."

He linked both of his hands with each of hers and folded them over her stomach, breathing a deep sigh that lifted and lowered her with it from where she lay on his chest. "Just a few."

The couple were silent for a while after that. Hermione's head was still buzzing with thought but she noticed Draco's breathing begin to slow and even out, the motions of his chest becoming more steady and like a lullaby for her. She smiled to herself, running her fingers over his left hand and playing with the solid band there - the one that he refused to remove for anything, even when he was working with his potions in the new position at Zabini's company in the department that the Italian just recently opened up.



Hermione curled on her side, making herself more comfortable and tucked her head under his chin, his hands tugging the sheet back up over her shoulders where he knew she liked them before wrapping around her again, one hand rubbing little circles at her back.

"That's her name."

Draco yawned, his response a little groggy, "After that woman?"

She nodded.

Hermione let herself start to drift off, the soothing warmth encircling her too pleasant to fight anymore. She was just on the brink of sleep when he mumbled into her hair.

"So Cassiopeia doesn't even get consideration?"


"Why not?"



"'Cause you're a git," she snuggled into his chest.

He nuzzled against her, rumbling contently, "You can't use that for every argument."

"Can too."

"Why's that?"

"'Cause you're a git."

Draco grinned, feeling her companion smirk against the skin of his chest.


I love you.


I love you, too.