The votes are in and are host for the countdown to Christmas is ….. JAY!

Jay: (Slides on his knees) "That's right fools I'm the host of this show, Kai, light the fireworks!"

Kai: "Whatever." (Lights up the fireworks)

(The fireworks explode in the air and one of them lands on jays head which catches on fire.)

Jay: (screams and runs around in circles) "Help I'm on fire, call the fire department!"

Garmadon: (walks over to jay with a bucket of water and dumps it on jays head to get rid of the fire.)

Jay: "Wow garmadon that was the nicest thing you've ever done for me, see guys the Christmas spirit is all around us."

Garmadon: "Your girlfriend payed me to do that for $10 bucks, I still don't like you. You talk too much."

Jay: "Just please go away."

Garmadon: "Epic fail for you on the grand entrance." (Walks away from jay.)

Jay: (Sighs) "Well it looks like it's the end of the show already and only 24 more days till Christmas."

Zane: "Jay I don't think it's time to end the show yet."

Jay: "Yes it is Zane, I'm to embarrass to show my face right at this moment. Everything will be normal again on the next chapter." (Walks away)

Zane: "Sure jay, sure."

Strange how things work for them, oh well not my problem. Any ways on Saturday there will be truth or dare so you can start daring now. And in the next chapter Zane will be co-host. Don't worry jay will be there with all of his hair.