Merry Christmas everybody!

Jay: This is our last chapter of our story.

Everybody: Yay!

Garmadon: I'm in a good mood today, so let's get my dare over with.

Jay: actually, it's a dare for you and wu.

Garmadon: Oh, so what is it?

Jay: It's from the ninja of nature. You two have to act out when gorge baley saves haney baley from it's a wonderful life and when gorge meet Clarence.

(So basically I don't know what it's a wonderful life, sorry!)

Garmadon and wu: (Act out the scene for it's a wonderful life.)

Jay: good, now are next dare is for Lloyd from mars twilight. He has to babysit a toddler and find out how the meaning of there is only one difference between a terrorist and a toddler.

Lloyd: Ok, where can I find a toddler?

Jay: well we can turn someone into a toddler.

Lloyd: I always wondered, were do babies come from?

Garmadon: Well son, when a…

Misako: (covers garmadon's mouth.) Let him find out when he's older.

Jay: You'll find that out another time. Here, will turn garmadon in to a toddler. (Snaps fingers and garmadon turns into a toddler.) There you go Lloyd.

Lloyd: Of course.

Jay: while Lloyd does his dare, let's do mars twilights other dare. Cole, you have to tell mars twilight why you faint around her and wide eyed whenever he sees her while they go on a date to a bakery.

Cole: Ok.

Later on, Cole and mars twilight walk to the bakery.

Cole: The reason I faint or wide eyed you is because I never saw someone so pretty in my life like you. I kind of get a little nervous when talking to you because I might say something wrong that might offend you. I wouldn't want that to happen. I want you to be happy. So I have a little surprise for you at the bakery.

Mars twilight: Aww. You shouldn't have.

They both walk into the bakery.

Baker: Are you mars twilight?

Mars twilight: Yes.

Baker: (Hands her something.) It's from Cole.

It was a cookie shape like a snowman, it was four inches tall and three inches wide, it was white with black gumdrops as the buttons, a red licorice scarf, and a black hat with frosting on it. Also, the snowman holds a red heart that said merry Christmas. The red heart is made out of chocolate.

Cole: I hope you like it.

Mars twilight: I love it. (Hugs cole.) Thank you!

Back at the studio…

Jay: They'll be back soon and now to see which villain will wear the Mrs. Claus dress and red high heel shoes. Apparently, we didn't get a lot. So, all of us get to vote. We have one vote for overlord from determine artists. I chose the overlord as well.

Kai: Garmadon.

Nya: Overlord.

Lloyd: Overlord.

Wu: Garmadon.

Misako: Overlord.

Zane: Overlord.

Cole: Garmadon.

Jay: hey cole your back, how was the date?

Cole: great!

Garmadon: Overlord.

Overlord: Garmadon.

Jay: and the winner is the overlord!

Overlord: -_-

Garmadon: Yes!

Overlord: shut up! (Puts on the dress with the red high heel shoes.)

Everyone except the overlord: XD

Jay: Well it's time to end the show. See you on the next countdown to Christmas next year!

Everyone: Merry Christmas!

Hope you like it.