Holding Hands

Sometimes, Persephone would just hold Hades' hand for no exact reason.

It could happen at any given time of the day. While they were reading together on the bed, while they were eating at the dining table, while they were watching television and sitting on the couch, while they were out for a walk, etc, etc.

Sometimes, Hades would ask why she would do so (It's not that he didn't like it; in fact, he loved it every moment it happened). And every time, Persephone would always smile, and say that she does have a reason for doing so. She would tell him that she just wanted to feel his skin, which was always so warm and soft. She would also tell him that by holding his hand, it made her feel safe and secure, because he too would hold her back in such an earnest, protective manner.

Hearing her reasons, Hades brought her hand, which was currently intertwined with his, to his lips and pressed a soft and gentle kiss onto her knuckles. When he saw her smile, he also smiled, and said to her, "Persephone, you don't need to hold my hand to know that I will ensure that you are safe. I had vowed to do that for my entire life when I first fell in love with you."

Persephone's smile grew wider as she leaned in closer to his face so that they were no more than a few inches apart. "I know that you will, Hades. I don't doubt that even for a second," she said lovingly. "But can I still hold your hand any time?"

Chuckling, his free hand took hold of her free hand, leaving both of their hands intertwined together between them, holding tight yet gently.

Author's Note:

This is the first day prompt for the 30 Day OTP Challenge (which was created by ericandyon DeviantArt, and OTP meaning 'One True Pairing'). Just to add, this takes place in an alternate universe, so this story holds no ties to my others stories (especially Divine Reborn). Each chapter would only be less than 500 words, as I don't plan to make this a long story - think of it as simply a series of short one-shots.

In this story, Hades and Persephone are a mortal, married couple and the prompts would be about their simple married life (in accordance to the prompt of the day). This is for fun and I always wanted to do the 30 Day OTP Challange, which I knew I could not do with the myth Hades and Persephone in my stories. Furthermore, I notice that nobody has tried this challenge for mythological couples as of yet, so I've decided to give it a go.

But please, let there be no complaints about me making them human and how this has no part to play in the myths, because this is just an AU and it's not meant to focus on the myths. But I do hope you guys will enjoy it!

This will go on for 30 days, with hopefully no delays in between. So the next chapter would be tomorrow. See you then!

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