Happy New Year!

Actually, to be on the rooftop was something that was against the building's management's rules. But Hades had managed to bribe the building's security guard, who had the keys, with a certain sum of money to keep him quiet and also give him protection if he were to get in trouble with his bosses.

Hades did all this because Persephone wanted to watch the New Year's fireworks at a better height, since she did not want to go to the town's square, which was sure to be crowded.


Hades and Persephone were sitting side-by-side on the rooftop of their apartment complex, drinking wine from plastic cups and eating a bag of assorted candies. They were watching the town, which was bright with festive lights – some which were still from Christmas – and loud with music and cheers. At this particular time of night on the thirty-first of December, the town was still bustling with activity, since the beginning of a new year approaching in just five minutes, and everybody was filled with anticipation.

"To think; another year has already passed before our very eyes," Hades murmured, cradling his cup of wine in his hands. "Many things have changed, and there would be more changes to come as we move forward in time."

Persephone turned her head to look at her husband, whose gaze was kept on the bright town. "Is that a good thing or a bad thing?" she asked curiously. It was quite rare for her to see Hades so very contemplative, but it was interesting.

With a shrug of his shoulders and another sip of his wine, he answered, "Both, actually. Anything could happen, Persephone. Something could occur that could advance the world to a whole new level, or shake it down to its very core."

Persephone kept quiet, taking his words into mind. Sometimes, the way that her husband would say such things so knowingly and wisely really impressed her, and it left her feeling very enlightened and learned. She considered Hades a teacher for that reason, for she felt like she could learn more from him than she could in a classroom.

"But for anything that happens to us, I could hope to hope that it would only be good things," he then added, turning to look at her with a smile.

This made Persephone smile back and scoot closer to him, with him promptly draping his arm on her shoulder to pull her closer to him. Resting her head on his shoulder, she asked, "What sort of good things might happen to us, love?"

Hades took a few seconds to wonder about the possibilities, before replying, "Like I said; anything can happen. We could travel all around the world, get a house of our own, be famous…"

"Have kids?" Persephone asked with a smile.

Hades' smile turned wider at the sudden thought of parenthood and babies and being a father. "Or two," he added cheekily.

"Or three," she replied as she twined her fingers with his. "I'd like three kids at most."

"Three is a good number," Hades said with a pleased nod. "But let's wait until we are really sure about wanting to be parents, sweetheart. We don't want to rush into things too quickly."

Persephone cuddled up closer to him, wrapping her arms endearingly around his torso. "Of course, darling. But right now, let's just enjoy another year together. Seven years together, and maybe even more to come."

And right after she said that, the ten-second countdown suddenly could be heard from the town square. Hades and Persephone felt shock that the five minutes before midnight had passed so quickly, and that there was only a few seconds until the new year finally arrived But both of them could feel a smile forming on their lips as they inched forward in anticipation, just as the crowd shouted loudly, "Ten! Nine! Eight! Seven! Six! Five! Four! Three! Two! One…"

At the final second, a spark that came from the middle of the square suddenly flew up high into the sky, where it immediately ignited and exploded into a big and colourful firework. At the same time, the cheers of the crowd had reached its loudest as everyone shouted out loud, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

The sensation that 2013 was finally over and 2014 had finally arrived sent tingles of excitement all over everyone. Just as the show of fireworks to celebrate the coming of the new year began, filling the sky with colourful sparks, Hades and Persephone marked the beginning of the new year with a sweet and loving kiss shared between them.

"Happy New Year, my love," Hades whispered to Persephone with a smile.

"Happy New Year, darling," Persephone replied to Hades with her own smile.

And so they continued to kiss each other happily, glad that the New Year had come, and that there was more time for them to be together.

Author's Note:

Happy New Year, dear readers! Unfortunately, I have finally come to the end of the wonderful 30 Day OTP Challenge! D': Oh, how I wish I could do more! But who knows? I might write more modern!verse in 2014! Hope to hope!

Also, I will like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year. May good fortune come to all of you in the time to come, and may the pains of the past be forgotten and left behind as we move on to a (hopefully!) better future. I hope all of you enjoy yourselves, and may we all be happy always!

See you soon next year! :D

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