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The first time I saw her was three months ago.

I only came in to check out a musical textbook, to see if it would be worth ordering for the school I work at. I'm glad I did, though.

When I first saw her, she was huddled up in the corner, engrossed in a book. My attention was fully drawn to her when I heard her quiet laughter, obviously amused at whatever she was reading. After she left, I picked up the book she'd put down and checked it out, along with the musical textbook.

That night, I read the novel the girl had been reading, finding myself laughing and enjoying it. I'd finished it by the morning, having barely touched the musical textbook or slept a lot.

After I'd finished teaching I went back to the library, hoping to see the girl again. I was incredibly happy – possibly too happy – when I saw her in the same position, just with another book.

I handed the book back to the librarian and finally looked through the music book. It seemed acceptable, if not slightly boring, so I sent a sly text to the principal that the books would be appropriate.

Not of my own accord I find my eyes wandering over to the girl – the library girl – and taking in her looks. Her hand is pointing down, most of her face covered by long, thick dark brown hair. I can just see her pink lips pulled into a look of concentration as she continually reads her book. She's slumped in the chair so I can't really assess her figure, but I can see a nice cleavage due to her fairly low cut dress. And her legs. Possibly her best feature. Long, pale legs, one crossed over the other.

Library girl is pretty.

As she gets up to leave, my eyes fly over to her once again. The dress she's wearing showcases an amazing hourglass figure. Standing up, she brushes her hair out of face revealing a pair of dark brown smoky eyes. I take note of where she places the book, but I'm unable to move until she's walked past me. I breathe in and catch a floral scent which once again draws my eyes to her. I turn around in my seat and just see the back of her. That, and her spectacular ass.

Ever since that day I've visited the library every day she does, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. I've checked out the books she's read, but I haven't managed to find out her name.

All I know is that she's beautiful and has exceptional taste in books.

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