Harry Stark:

Lily Potter stood in the bathroom staring at the muggle pregnancy test in her hands, she doubled check to make sure that the test did say what she thought it did. Was it blue if you were pregnant, pink if you weren't?

But Lily Potter knew that she was pregnant. She had missed too many cycles to chalk it up to the stress of the war. The test was positive, and that should be impossible, should being the operative word. James had been hit by a rather nasty spell, courtesy of Dolohov, which made it impossible for him to conceive naturally. And with James being the last of a noble and ancient line, they were going to have to figure out a way to have a child, and they were actually planning on adopting and then using a family spell to adopt the baby by magic, after the craziness of Voldemort was defeated. Children was something that both of them wanted more than anything in the world.

She sighed, sitting down on the toilet, wondering how she was going to tell her husband. She had already confessed to the infidelity, not that it was completely intentional. James had been somewhat angry, but understood. She thought he had died like so many of their friend, comrades, and old schoolmates.

Hell, they had been married two months when he went missing on a mission gone wrong. Lily had thought she was a war widow, and just didn't know what to do. Her sister didn't talk to her anymore, due to her freakishness, Sirius had went rather insane with grief, and blamed himself for what happened to James, and Remus had disappeared on a mission. Though Dumbledore had promised he was safe.

She had no one, no one but Tony Stark. She had gotten in touch with him and he had made his way to the United Kingdom to stay with her for awhile.

Tony and Lily had met when they were both ten, and quite on accident. Tony's father had drug him to England for the Stark European Expo, and Tony had wandered off, leaving behind a "nanny." Tony had been an expert on not being seen when he didn't want to be seen, and well this nanny was somewhat of a lush, making it that much easier for him to slip away. Lily's father had brought his exceptionally bright daughter to the expo, wanting to spark her interest in Engineering. He knew all hope was lost on Petunia, as all his eldest wanted to do was be a housewife.

Lily had been staring at the newest concept car (her father had wandered off to look at the next display) that Howard had designed when Tony started explaining the schematics to her. Naturally, she hung on every word, asking intelligent questions, and keeping up with Tony, which Tony admitted later had been wicked. No one could keep up with the boy genious.

Just as they were going to the next display, a large crash occurred, and Tony and Lily were buried under the rubble of a huge exhibit that had been hanging about them. But, somehow, they weren't crushed. A shield had expanded around them, protecting them from the metal and wood that would have most likely killed them. Lily started gushing apologizes, and tried to explain how weird things happened to her sometimes, but unexpectedly, Tony did the same thing, explaining that sometimes magic and science were the same things.

A little known fact about him was that Tony came from a long line of squibs. He explained what a squib was, and that he wasn't actually a squib, but would never have enough magic to channel through a wand. However, Tony did have enough to protect him in stress reactions, or at least that was the way his mother, Maria Celeste Black-Stark, had explained it to him because she was the same way, except that Tony was more powerful than she had ever dreamed of being.

And a friendship was formed. Lily explained that she made things happen, and didn't always know why. Tony had correctly suspected that she would be going to Hogwarts soon.

Tony wrote to her all year long, and continued to write to her through use of owl mail, which he found ridiculously slow and had vowed to find a way to make cell phones work with abundant magic. He listened to her as she swore off James Potter and then listened to her go on and on about him. She listened to him as he went on about his one night stands, never finding meaningful relationships.

Then one night she got the worst news of her life, her husband of two months was missing and presumed dead. They were newlyweds, and now she was newly widowed.

Lily had called the only person she knew could be there for her during this time, Tony. He dropped everything and flew to London on the Stark private jet. He had wanted to take her away from England and the craziness of the war, but she was stubborn and wouldn't leave. She wanted to stay in the country of her birth and help win the war that had claimed the life of one too many lives, and where Tony could understand where she was coming from, he drew the line at staying at their small cottage.

They lived together in a penthouse apartment, mostly just talking about life, and just trying to get by without James. But there were times where late night drinking and philosophical talks about life would lead to them being more than just friends.

It was a complicated matter, even more complicated with James and Tony being related through the Black line.

Tony stayed with her for months before life in the States called him back, and they ended their casual relationship. She realized that she was using him to warm her bed and as a substitute for James, and she never properly mourned him.

Two weeks after Tony had left her to go back across the pond, James had been found.

Life had gone on, and Lily missed her period. She chalked the first time to stress, couldn't ignore the second month of a missed cycle.

She was two months pregnant.

With Tony's baby.

The banging on the door had brought Lily out of her daze.

"James, I'm pregnant."

He was silent for a couple of minutes, something that Lily wasn't accustomed to. James and Tony were both known to fire off at the mouth first, and then to think about what they said later. After several minutes of awkward silence, a big smile formed on his face.

"We are going to have a baby!" He shouted, and then he looked at his wife's face. "Lils, I know he isn't mine, and I know that we are going to have to tell Tony, but that doesn't mean I am not going to love him or her any less. You thought I was dead, you didn't go out looking to cheat on me Love. I will love you and little Harry forever."


James smiled. "It just came it. It seems right though." That was the husband that she knew and loved.

"If she's a girl?"

"Then you can name her."

"You aren't mad?"

He took her into his arms and kissed the top of her head. "I wanted you to have a baby, whether it came from me or not. Dolohov took away my ability to have kids, not yours. I love you. I love this baby. He is going to be my heir."

"You know, it might be a girl."

"Boy, girl, it doesn't matter." James hugged her. Lily hugged him closer, and all was right. She just had to let Tony know. Tony, her best friend of almost ten years. How was he going to take the news? Tony had always told her that he never wanted children, in fear that he would be just like his father. From the months they spend together, she knew that Tony had severe Daddy issues and for good reason.

Lily knew though, she knew that Tony would be a good father, no matter what.

She sent an owl to Tony, but never got a response. She couldn't believe that Tony would just ignore her, but there was no other way to find him. Tony was an extremely hard man to get in contact with the muggle way, and the secretary told her to send paternity concerns to the Tony's lawyer. She wasn't going to do that. She kept trying to send him owls through the public wizarding post office, but she never got any responses, and that wasn't like Tony. Sure, he thought it was weird that he had to answer through an owl, but he had always gotten back to her before. And with each passing month, James and Lily got busy with parenthood, causing the monthly letters to end, and James just assumed that Tony was running from responsibility.

No one would ever have to know that little Harry James Potter was the biological son of Anthony Edward Stark. They could live a perfectly normal family life, their fairy tale, as soon as the war was over.

Unfortunately happily ever after rarely occur, and 15 months later history was made.

James and Lily were found dead in the wreckage of a little cottage in Godrics Hollow, their son was hailed a hero.

And Tony lost himself in a world of booze and girls, while his son was being left on the doorstep of number 4 Privet Drive.

AN: Revamped to fix some mistakes to increase continuity of this story and to add some depth and background to how Lily felt.