Chapter Eight:

Harry blinked his eyes, adjusting to the light that was streaming in through the window, but without his glasses, he knew trying to focus would be futile. He would have to just wait for a nurse to come by and get his glasses for him. He could makes out colors and shapes, but not much else.

He looked to the right and saw a head of black hair and long red hair. "Mum, Dad?" He called out sleepily. He had found a picture of his mother and father in Aunt Petunia's basement and had committed the picture to memory. She had found it in his hands and torn in up and threw it away, ignoring the cries of her nephew.

He heard soft whispering, and with a blur, the woman with red hair left the room.

He blinked realizing that he was not surrounded by a blur of white, and it certainly did not smell like the hospital. It suddenly clicked for him that he was no longer at the hospital, but somewhere else. But where? Harry tried to calm his emotions, and keep everything in check for the time being, he couldn't freak out now, that would solve nothing.

He racked his brain, trying to recover any memories from the last couple of days, but the last thing he could remember was his Uncle Vernon coming to "visit" him.

If visiting is what you could call what Vernon did. His uncle had started drinking heavily when he started elementary school, he had gotten a promotion and often needed "just a little kip," to keep the stress levels down. His aunt had always turned a blind eye to what was going on in her own home, preferring to live in the ignorance of perfection.

He sighed, trying to readjust to get a little more comfortable.

"Hey kiddo."

He turned to the somewhat familiar voice.

"It's Tony. I am going to put your glasses on you if you would like."

"Please, Mr. Stark."

Tony shook his head at smiling at him, "Tony, please. I'm not that old."

Harry smiled, feeling safe for the first time in awhile.

"How are you feeling?"

"Better . . . if you don't mind me asking, where are we and why am I here?"

"What do you remember?" Tony asked, a frown appearing on Harry's face. "I saw you hit your head hard when that whale of a man pushed you to the ground. You hit pretty hard."

"That's probably why I don't remember much. I remember Uncle Vernon coming in, reeking of alcohol." Harry closed his eyes. "He didn't mean to hurt me, he only hurts me when he gets drunk." That's only every day.

Tony sat down next to his bed. "You don't have to be afraid of Vernon Dursley anymore."

Harry shook his head, not wanting to believe it.

"I promise you, he won't hurt you again."

Harry closed his eyes. "Please don't lie to me Mr. Stark. I know what he does is wrong, but no one ever does anything about it. My uncle is mates with the principal and has connections in the police department. Nothing ever happens, and I always end up getting hurt worse when I get back. It's okay, I'm a survivor and I only have a couple more years in the cupboard."

Tony's head snapped up. "What cupboard?"

Harry closed his eyes, pausing for a second, trying to formulate a response, but luckily he didn't have to. The door to the room opened and in entered a matronly looking woman, wearing an old looking nurses uniform accompanied by a man with salt and pepper hair, wearing a suit that looked old but taken care of.

"Ms. Potts informed me that Mr. Potter awoke a couple of minutes ago."

She got out her wand.

"What is she doing? Why does she have out a stick? Where are we?"

"Easy Kiddo," Tony reassured him. "I will explain it to my best of abilities, but you have to trust me." Harry looked down, trusting adults to do something was never his strong suit, but then Tony reached down and picked up his hand. "I'll be right here with you."

Harry nodded, trusting a man he only met a couple of days ago, and watched as the woman waved the stick in an intricate pattern, muttering nonsense words. He then saw a piece of parchment and a quill, which was weird anyway, and then it started to write on its own accord, which just shocked him. He looked to Tony, but there was no reaction there.

"Magic is real," Tony told him, squeezing his hand. Harry was a little reassured, if Tony Stark was telling him that magic was real, than who was he to deny it. Tony was world renown for his intellect in almost anything science, so for him to say that magic was around, well it must be true.

Plus, he was feeling loads better without any of that extra haze that the pain medication side effects would normally leave behind. It had to be the potions that he was taking. He wondered if they would tell him more about magic.

"Thank you Mr. Potter. It looks like that nasty concussion is healing nicely. Do you have a headache?" Madame Pomfrey inquired as she was reading the parchment.

"A dull throb," He answered truthfully, "right behind my right eye." It was were Vernon had slugged him at the hospital. "Right after, my uncle hit me, I felt strange and something lashed out from me."

A man with dark hair, had entered with a headache potion, raised his eyebrows to the point where it was almost lost in his bangs. "Parental magic," he whispered.

Luckily, Harry didn't hear Snape's almost silent whisper. He was too busy taking in everything around him. There were bottles of what Harry now knew were potions (as if he was going to swallowing anything without an explanation, he had learned that the hard way with the Dursleys), Madame Pomfrey, as she had finally introduced herself to him, had explained he would be taking several to help speed up the healing process. Harry was ecstatic, that would mean he wouldn't have to undergo surgery for his arm. He hadn't been looking forward to that.

"Magic is real," Harry whispered mostly to himself.. "That explains so much. When I was younger I could make things happen, and didn't know why. I just thought I was a freak like Uncle Vernon said."

"You are not a freak," Tony said furiously. "I don't want you thinking like that again. I will not have any son of mine thinking that he is a freak."

Harry's head whipped around so fast that he almost got whiplash.

Remus slapped his hand on his forehead, and Pepper groaned.

"I'm what?" Harry couldn't believe what he heard. There was no way that he heard that right. His dad was drunk, and he never knew anything about his mother.


Tony was staring out the window, hoping that his son would wake up soon.

"Tony, you are fidgeting," Pepper scolded him, handing him his cup of coffee, as she wished that he had something to tinker around with. Pepper had found some house elves and taught them how to make Tony's coffee since they wouldn't let her in the kitchen, and in this castle there was no socket for her to bring his Keurig.

"Of course I'm fidgeting. My son has been in a coma for the last day, and I haven't even had the chance to tell him that I am going to take care of him, that he never has to go back to his relatives again. I don't even know how to tell him that."

"You will figure out a way." Pepper put a reassuring hand on his back.

"Mum? Dad?"

Tony took in a deep breath, knowing that subconsciously his son was called out for James and Lily. One day, he would be calling him Dad and be worthy of the name, but right now he was just Tony. He didn't measure up to James Potter who had given up his life for his wife and child. But he was going to try his best to earn the title.

"Go tell Madam Pomfrey and Remus that he is awake."

Pepper nodded and ran off.

"How are you feeling?" Tony asked, placing the glasses on his son's face. Without his glasses, Tony could clearly see Lily's eyes. She may be gone, but their son was looking right back at him, and he wouldn't fail her. He couldn't fail their son. God, how am I going to tell him that I am his father? Scenes from Star Wars flashed in his mind, and coming out and saying, "Harry I am your father," in his Darth Vader voice probably wouldn't be the best idea. Did wizards even know about Darth Vader and Star Wars? And would things like that actually exist, hell magic existed so why not the force? Okay Tony, get back on topic now.

His son gave him a generic answer asking questions that Tony knew was inevitable.

When Harry admitted not remembering much, due to Vernon Dursley pushing him and making his head hit the ground, Tony saw red. That oaf, Vernon Dursley, would never see the light of day again when Tony was done with him. Dursleys life was going to become a living nightmare brought on by Tony Stark personally. They didn't call him the Merchant of Death for no reason, and he was conniving to boot. He was going to hit Dursley where it hurt the most.

It was no more than they deserved after treating his son like a second class citizen, and even worse than that. Tony knew that his son was probably treated no better than a slave in that house.

His son had gone through hell on earth, something that a child should never go through. He was going to make it up to him tenfold.

"You will never have to go back to him again," Tony vowed his son.

Harry closed his eyes. "Please don't lie to me Mr. Stark. I know what he does is wrong, but no one ever does anything about it. My uncle is mates with the principal and has connections in the police department. Nothing ever happens, and I always end up getting hurt worse when I get back. It's okay, I'm a survivor and I only have a couple more years in the cupboard."

Tony questioned about the cupboard, and watched as Harry tried to formulate a response. But the explanation was going to have to wait. Pepper had returned with Madame Pomfrey, and as much as Tony wanted to find out more about Dursley, it was his son's health that was the more pressing matter for the time being.

He heard Harry ask more questions about magic and watched as his son looked wildly around, checking to make sure that he hadn't left him. He picked up his son's hand on instinct and whispered some quick reassurances to him as Madame Pomfrey started her exam.

The parchment showed that the concussion was well on its way to healing, however hadn't completely healed. Even with magic, the brain still had to heal itself. It wasn't surprising that Harry had mention having a headache. Tony closed his eyes, trying to calm himself, not wanting to blow up and lose his cool at the moment.

Harry wouldn't be receptive to that reaction.

Harry then admitted that he had a bout of accidental magic, which had called Tony to him. Harry didn't quite know that though, and that git, Snape, almost blew Tony's secret, only Harry didn't hear. This was much to his relief. Telling Harry would be one of the hardest things that he would do, and everything just had to be perfect.

They had talked at length the previous night on how to tell him. In the end, Pepper, Remus, and Tony had decided on taking Harry on a little vacation away from it all, and to tell him over dinner. Dumbledore had suggested one of the islands that the Blacks had owned in Greece, Pepper suggested one of the small Caribbean retreated that belonged to Howard when he was alive. Tony didn't care were, he just wanted Harry far away from Dursley, and they wanted Tony and Harry to get to know each other before they laid the bomb on him. It was felt that Harry would be more receptive to it all if they already had a relationship.

At least that is what the adoption articles said. Pepper had researched tirelessly about it. Tony wasn't so sure about it, but trusted what Pepper and the researchers had said.

"Magic is real," Harry whispered mostly to himself.. "That explains so much. When I was younger I could make things happen, and didn't know why. I just thought I was a freak like Uncle Vernon said."

"You are not a freak," Tony said. "I don't want you thinking like that again. I will not have any son of mine thinking that he is a freak."

Tony was seething inside. It was bad enough that they kicked around and beat his child, but they had to take away his self-worth. Tony knew that it was like to be neglected, as Howard was never around, but at least he was provided for, and somewhat cared for by Maria. He didn't even register what he said, and by the time he said it, it was too late.

Remus slapped his hand on his forehead, and Pepper groaned.

Looks like he was going to wing it.

"I'm what?"

"Harry, I am your father," Tony said in his Darth Vadar voice.

Remus groaned, Remus just shook his head. Leaving Dumbledore, Snape, and Madame Pomfrey looking at Tony like he was going insane. The Star Wars reference was definitely lost on them. Geez, he would have to teach Remus and Harry some pop culture if they were going to survive in the world.

"Come on! Don't you guys know anything about Star War!" Tony exclaimed exasperated.

"More to the point," Remus looked at Harry pointedly.

"Why don't we talk for a little bit," Tony suggested softly, trying to be reassuring to Harry who was looking wildly around. "Alone."

Tony waited for them to clear the room.

Remus turned and looked at his long time friend. "Tony, I won't be far away. Pepper and I are just going to stroll the corridor."

Tony nodded, shutting the door behind him.

The chair he had been sitting in was still next to Harry. He had spent all night in that chair, not sleeping, but staring at the child. He had studied his face, finding himself, and Lily in Harry's face. He had inherited most of Tony's aristocratic features, a Black family trait. He idly wondered if it was because he was magically adopted, or if he had been born that way. He would have to ask Remus.

He cast a glance at Harry, his son. That was going to take a while to get used to, but now that the cat was out of the bag, then he would rise to the occasion. He had no choice, and if he was honest with himself, he wouldn't have turned his back on Harry anyway.

"I imagine this is a shock for you," Tony said, allowing himself to scoot closer to his son.

Harry didn't say anything, just started studying Tony's face, the same way he had done when Harry was asleep.

Harry nodded minutely, not trusting his voice or wanting to wish for anything.

Tony wished he could read his son's mind at the moment. Maybe someone could come in there and tell him what to do. He had thought he was out of his element before, but this, this was a whole new level. He would adjust, he needed to adjust.

"It's a shock for the both of us. I found out a couple of days ago . . . and I want you to know, we will figure this out together. Just don't give up on me, and I won't give up on you."


Harry looked at his father, Tony Freakin Stark, for a minute, drinking in his features. He could see traces of himself, but then in the one picture he saw of the man who he thought was he father, well he could see traces of himself in him too. In fact, Harry thought that he was the spitting image of the man in the picture.

He had been living the with Dursleys for eight long years, eight long miserable years, as long as he could remember. He would lay in his cupboard at night and wish about a long lost relation coming to take him away from hell. In fact, there were days that he had wished that his uncle Vernon would just drop him off at the orphanage as was often threatened. He couldn't remember anythigng about his parents, however if he tried hard enough, he could often remember a crash and a green light.

His parents had gotten killed in a car crash when he was one year old, and he had been living with the Dursleys since.

This had to be a joke.

"Seriously, you told me I was your son by using the Darth Vadar voice?" Harry shook his head.

"It's not like I do this every day, in fact, all the previous paternity claims have come back negative, thank you very much," Tony said. They kept his DNA on record at his private doctor's office for women who tried to take him for a ride. Common protocol for the rich and famous.

"Well, that's good to know," Harry drawled, sounding an awful lot like Tony.

"Do you have any questions, I'm sure you are in a bit of shock."

"Not supposed to ask questions," Harry murmured, it was such a silent answer Tony had almost missed it.

"Well, I am completely different from those blasted relatives of yours, and I want you to forget everything they ever told you. You are not a freak, and I promise you, you will never have to go back there again, because when I am done with them, there will be nothing left to go back to." Tony spoke with some much conviction and so much passion, Harry almost believed him.

But it didn't really matter, because nothing he wanted ever happened.

"Why? Don't waste any of your money or resources on me."

"Because you are my son, and you are worth it."

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