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Chapter 1. A Difference in Life

River couldn't recall how many test they had run through her. They had run so many of them that it almost became routine. Each day was a different test, but all of them ended up painful. There wasn't a night where she had normal dreams. She always had nightmares. She would wake up screaming, only to realize that she had run through another test. Her arms used to be marked with points were she had been injected countless times. Day after day, year after year, she had no other objective but to fight and kill. She trained until her knees would buckle with exhaustion. Her hands would be bruised and blood stain. More than once she would taste her very own blood in her mouth. They always told her what her purpose was. To become a trained assassin. She killed, murdered, and killed some more.

After years of being held captive, finally she was released into the world. There was freedom, but it was limited even then. She had to accomplish the Silence order, no matter the cost. With the number of test she was given one would think she was a merciless machine, but there was something she has kept hidden from all of them. The visions she gets. Sometimes she sees a young women with red hair looking down at her, whispering tendering words that she can't make out. Sometimes she catches glimpses of other people she hasn't met yet. She's not exactly sure why she hasn't mentioned it. She just feels like this secret ability is something she should keep quiet about. But when it comes to a person she is about to kill, she sometimes sees more than she should. She writes about her visions in a blue notebook, along with a doodle of what she has seen. Her visions tend to come true, like glimpses into the future. Now as she sits outside a café parlor with a notebook at hand she scribbles about her most recent vision. A man and the bowtie. She hasn't been able to distinguish this man yet. She suspects that she soon will with the numerous visions she had recently. A family man walks next to his wife. The moment River looked up, she regretted it because she sees the same man dead, by a gunshot. Another thing she couldn't stand about her visions. She could never tell when they will happen. I guess no one could tell the future, she sighed closing the notebook to look at her watch. Just around 6:00 P.M. She smiled, tucked in her notebook into her purse, and stood up. Before she left she stopped at the table with the man and his wife.

" Enjoy your night," she whispered with a sly smile before leaving.

As soon as she was outside, she pulled out her gun. She unreleased her curls of blond hair and applied hallucinogenic lipstick. Another order, another kill.

The Doctor flipped his screwdriver around, smiling to himself his eyes caught his refection by the mirror. Today was a special occasion. He had actively been going after the Silence for years with no luck. Now it seemed like time was giving him an upper hand. Donna, his boss and loyal friend had finally got a hint on their next attack. It wasn't much evidence to go by, but it was a clue nevertheless, the Doctor simply couldn't refuse just an offer. Since he was young he had always planned to abolish the Silence organization. It was the Silence who had killed his mentors his friends, and his family. Generally speaking the Doctor was a gentle soul, but when it came to the Silence that was a different scenario.

" Oi! Are you going to take all night in there?" Amy's rough knock shook the Doctor from his train of thought. Startled, his elbow knocked over the toothbrush holder and the soap dispenser. He tried to catch it before it hit the ground, but his reflexes apparently had other plans because they bumped into the towel rack and many other things fell to the ground. The bathroom door suddenly opened. " What is going on here? What are you doing to my bathroom Doctor?" Amy gawked the floor.

" N-Nothing I was simply…remodeling," The Doctor grinned sheepishly before forming a more valid explanation " Have you ever thought of limon colored towels, matches the whole tone of this small bathroom, not to mention it adds a bit of color to it. It's been kind of dull lately, maybe adding more rubber duckies-"

" My bathroom is fine! It's you that's the problem," Amy shook her head teasingly. " Get out and do your mission already before you destroy my bathroom!"

" I was remodeling!" The Doctor protested as Amy kicked him out of the bathroom. Once outside he was greeted by Rory.

" Looking fancy tonight eh?" he politely murmured even though Amy shot him a critical look. " Not with that bowtie," she muttered crossing her arms.

The Doctor shot Amy a look." Oi! Bowties are cool! If you must know I'm heading towards a party," he grinned fixing up his bowtie again. " It's the great party thrown by the governor. Donna did some snooping around, turns out their has been death threats to the governor by the Silence." The moment he said that Amy and Rory face became somber. The Doctor almost regretted mentioning it. Of course he hasn't forgotten the promise he had made both of them. He promised that he would find their daughter, who had been taken by the Silence a long time ago. It was because they came to save her that they found him. Each day he is thankful for just that. Over the years they had taken care of him. Even though they are relatively much older than him, the Ponds have become his best friends. The Doctor wanted to promise them again how he will bring their daughter back, but he doesn't want to keep promising without keeping it true. So he decides to smile and make his way outside.

"Until next time then," he waved goodbye and began heading outside when he heard footsteps behind him. Amy approached him.

" Be careful all right," she aimed to give him a hug, but the Doctor almost immediately took a step out of her reach. " Ah! I forgot how you don't like to be touched. See, you spent too much time away now that I'm soon going to forget you ever existed." The Doctor knew she was only teasing. He gave her a gentle smile. He wish he could explain to her why he avoided contact as much as possible, but he thought it better if he didn't tell her. It's happen before, especially when he was younger. A simply touch revealed the whole life of a person in his very eyes. The past, the present, the future. Sometimes he doesn't see everything, only bits, only glimpses, especially when it it's the stuff that hasn't happen yet. Amy, for instance, he only sees bits of her future. He wonders if it's his presence that alters her future. When he figured out that he can actually focus his brain to see a particular moment in that person life, he realized that his ability should be kept hidden and that he should try to avoid all contact possible. Of course sometimes things slips.

Last time he was at the Ponds house it happened. He was simple stepping into the kitchen after eating his favorite snack when Rory and Amy surprised him with a sudden snapshot as each of them came to his side. He saw a gravestone and the names of both Amelia Pond and Rory Williams written in it. After that he couldn't be okay with being with the Ponds. Not after seeing that.

" See you soon Amy," he smiled before getting into his blue car, he decided to call Tardis. "

Tardis can you direct me to the governor's house?"

" 5 blocks to the left and one turn to the right at South Avenue," A female machine replied.

" Can't wait," the Doctor replied, hoping that his luck would turn around with the Silence.

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