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I backed slowly from the room with Loki. When I say backed I literally mean backed, I shuffled blindly behind me with Loki's hand still clasped firmly around mine.

No one seemed to notice us, like there was an invisible bubble around us we shifted out of the room. I allowed myself to be tugged into the the main atrium before I turned around. Pulling myself from his grasp I turned to stare up at him. I was startled slightly with his change in appearance.

Well he didn't really look altogether that different, but his hair now hung past his shoulders and he had the under eye circles of a college student during finals.

He raised his eyebrows at my unabashed staring. I didn't voice it but he really needed a haircut.

"Are you going to tell me what your plan is? or are you going to just drag me about?" I questioned crossing my arms. Something about being near Loki gave me a strange sort of confidence. After all those months of fear and waiting some sort of strength had grown in me and now seemed to manifest itself at Loki's arrival.

"We need get out of the city so Thor can send us to Jotenheim." He responded before reclaiming my hand in his.

"Thor is here?" I asked. As he pulled me to the door.

"No, which is why we must go back to the same place I arrived at, he will not be able to see us else wise." He explained. Shocked I halted both our steps.

"The place you arrived at? As in where the light show extravaganza took place? It will be crawling with SHIELD agents!" I all but screamed. Loki just grinned his psychotic smile in response.

"That is exactly why they won't expect us to come." He said as his eyes lazily drifted over to mine. He continued to walk, a confident yet relaxed stride.

"I think that the fact that its crawling with agents implies that they are expecting you." I said matching his stride and looking into his face. He did not seem concerned.

"It will make it all the more fun then." He said.

We parked the car about a mile from the sight. Through the shroud of trees I could see the bright lights of the make shift lab that had been built around it. I looked over to Loki who had somehow convinced me that he should drive Amanda's car, it had been a poor choice especially since I was almost positive he didn't have a license of any sort. He sensed my eyes and looked over at me. In the dark car he nearly blended in with the night, his dark hair and clothes barely more than a shadow. His eyes ad face where the only thing I could make out. That is until he leaned toward me. I froze. Not knowing what to do. I half expected he would kiss me but logically this was not the time or the place.

"I want to know why you came with me so easily. You know what your fate is, you know what will happen to you. Four months ago I would've had to drag you here, but you walked away with me barely saying a word." His breath fanned over my face like a cold breeze and his voice was low as he searched for an answer, an answer I wasn't sure I could give. I hadn't even thought about my uncharacteristic compliance, I hadn't even thought twice about following him out of that room. Evidently something had changed in me that I could not even place, my confusion bubbled on my lips but I found that I couldn't say anything. Loki seemed to find his answer in this and leaned back with some unidentifiable emotion on his face.

"We need to leave now." He stated and his face settled back into a mask of lazy confidence.

I reached for the door and hopped out of the car, my heart nearly burst when my heels sank a good foot into the mud. I gave a surprised squeal as I nearly toppled over. I hadn't even noticed that I was still wearing my party dress and heels. Loki rounded the corner and looked down at me with barely concealed mirth. I ignored him as I reached for car door mirror and attempted to pull myself free.

"Don't bother, you'll never be able to remove yourself in shoes that ridiculous." He drawled sarcastically. I looked up to glare at him but found myself to be surrounded in a golden light. I choked back a gasp as I realized my clothes where changing on my body. It was the strangest sensation as my cold muddy feet became encased in wool socks and boots. My dress vanished into a thick sweater and stretchy pants. The light dissipated to nothing and I was able to look up at Loki. His clothing too had changed and he now wore Asgardian clothing, it was a more casual version of what I'd normally seen; no cape or helmet.

"You will probably need warmer clothing when we reach Jotunheim." He said more to himself than to me. After that we barely said a word to each other as we hiked to the edge of the facility.

As we approached Loki kept us in the shadows as we circled around to what I could only assume was where we were going to enter.

"Walk straight forward, don't look at anyone or speak to anyone or the illusion will be broken." He finally whispered into my ear. I followed his instructions, as we neared the gigantic fence he put a hand on my shoulder to guide me. My heart fluttered nervously as we approached the metal barrier. He pushed me forward as I attempted to slow. We didn't halt in front of the fence, rather the fence moved for us. I don't know how to describe it but the fence moved around us and we were in.

Loki pushed me on at a steady pace. My nervousness reached a peak as a plethora of agents moved around us. Whenever one would come close they would veer off course away from us, creating a sort of bubble. We kept walking in a straight line toward the white plastic tent. Our path lined up perfectly with a slight gap in the tent, we walked through undetected. I breathed a slight sigh of relief as I realized how easy it was for us to sneak in. This must be some kind of magic. No wonder SHIELD hated him so much, he could literally walk under their noses and they wouldn't notice.

"Don't get comfortable yet." Loki breathed lowly into my ear. "This illusion only works on the unintelligent, sharper minds can see through it." I stiffened slightly at that one. The idea of having to fight my way through here was unappealing, I really didn't want to see more bloodshed. Although Loki was right, several men in lab coats would stare at our path as we walked by. Like they swore they something but couldn't quite make it out. Every time we passed one of them I would flinch as I waited for one of them to sound an alarm. My face was probably purple from not breathing. Loki rubbed a thumb in circles over my shoulder, it was probably meant to be calming but to my wild brain it felt like a nervous gesture.

We made it to the very center of tent with only one more flap standing between us and the way out. Loki pulled me to a stop right outside of it, through the translucent plastic I could see a perfect circle traced into the soft ground. It radiated some sort of unknown power that I could feel even from several feet away. I stared in a sort of trance like state as I tried to see it better.

Loki reclaimed my attention from the circle by placing both hands on my shoulders, he was facing me now.

"You need to get the center of that circle. There will be no point in hiding, so we will have to fight our way there. I will cover you, just focus on getting insides that ring." He instructed. The idea fighting worried me again, he had proven that he had little qualms with murdering innocent people. I looked him squarely in the eye before responding and put every bit of my strength in it.

"No killing." I stated. He sighed in exasperation and murmured something unintelligible.

"Fine." He answered. There was a firm bite in his tone that made his displeasure clear. He brushed past me without another word and flicked the plastic flap open before waltzing in.

Bewildered I braced myself on the other side to run. I burst through flap on a non stop course to the center of the room. I was however cowed by the amount of chaos that had already ensued in the large place. My feet faltered slightly on their own accord. Around me several Lokis where harassing several dozen men, he had regained his scepter from thin air and was using it as weapon. Shaking my head I refocused myself and scrambled to the circle which seemed miles way from me amidst the chaos. I dodged around several men before someone snagged me from behind. I tried to kick him in the shins as he desperately tried to tell me to calm down. I dug my heels into the dirt ground and tried to slip out the grasp. I was getting nowhere when something slammed into my side. It sent both me and the agent into the ground. The impact dislodged me from the man's grasp and I rolled out of the way. I staggered to my feet to come face to face with Loki.

It was however a doppelgänger because he shimmered out of sight a second later. I ran again only a few feet from the circle now, every time someone came anywhere near me some form of Loki would intercept them. It probably looked something like a crazy insane version of football.

By the time I actually made it to the circle I all but threw myself into it. As the chaos raged on I stood and admired it for a moment. It really was a quite impressive sight.

"Any time now." I shouted into the chaos. I watched as every Loki in the room morphed back to the one closest to me. He stepped into the circle. Every agent's eyes in the room went to us as Loki grasped my waist.

"Hold on." The gold light surrounded us. I pictured it looking like the Stark Trek 'beaming up'.

I felt like I was being squeezed through a small hole and then nothing. Silence, darkness, and nothing, no sensation. Until, that is we landed on Jotunheim, Loki steadied me as regained my senses all at once. My first thought was how insanely cold it was.

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