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THE RUNDOWN: This is a companion piece to Blinded, which if you have not read, Damon and Elena have been sleeping together at night during Season 3, but have not been acknowledging that fact during the day due to some rules placed on their trysts, including the use of a blindfold for Elena. This story starts the next day after Blinded ends, but can be read as a stand-alone piece as well. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Sighted

I haven't opened my eyes and I already know: she's staring at me. I have no idea how she's even awake considering how exhausted we both were after last night. It's actually a little demoralizing. Clearly, I'm going to have to step up my game if I want to get any sleep at all. Not that I mind finding the cap on her stamina and soaring right past it. Girl may be a hellcat but she's still human. Oh, the fun we're going to have.

I take a breath and try to control my smile. I love the smell of her room. It's soft and flowery sweet, like summer picnics and cotton dresses and fragile innocence. But there's something a little different, a little darker this morning. There's a hint of leather and the spice of my cologne, a dim trace of sex still lingering somewhere in between and pulling all of them together. It's deliciously intoxicating and I hope I never take it for granted. Because it's not like last night was the first time we've slept together, but it is the first time I stayed afterward because things have changed.

She's ready to try being an "us."

She shifts a little deeper into her pillow, her girly-printed sheets rustling under her.

"Go back to sleep," I breathe.

A pause, then a cheerful and whispery, "Can't."

I grunt and stretch with a yawn, reaching up to extend my arms and finding her headboard, lengthening the muscles in my back and hips and legs as far as I can but her bed is too short. Thank God I'm not taller, I'm already practically hanging off the end. Her pulse spikes when the sheets pull down and cold air hits my abs, and this time I can't help my grin. You'd think she would be used to me by now.

I open my eyes and find her staring at me just like I knew she was, a warm blush bringing life to her cheeks as she bites her lip.

"Jeez, Elena, can't a guy get a little privacy?" I scowl and her eyes pop in shock. "How would you like it if people looked at you like some sort of meal?"

"That's not-" she starts defensively and cuts off, her eyes narrowing as the corner of my lips turn up. She yanks the pillow out from behind my head and bats at me with it. "God, you're such a jerk!"

I chuckle and grab the pillow, pulling it towards me and she comes with it, soft bare skin pressing against mine. I fling the pillow off the bed and wrap her in my arms, tickling her side and holding her still while she squeals and wiggles on top of me, and it's not doing anything but making me wonder why we ever went to sleep in the first place.

I stop my assault to let her catch her breath and her forehead drops onto my chest, her hair tickling my nose and cascading over my shoulder. I can feel her smile.

I brush her hair back and drop a kiss to her crown, and she looks up at me, absolutely beaming and my throat closes.

"Hey, Elena-" Both our heads whip towards the third voice that just cut off, Elena's bedroom door banging against the wall while her brother gapes at us. "What the hell?!"

"Oh my God, Jeremy, get out!" Elena shrieks and sits up, pulling the covers up around her. I wink at him and flutter my fingers in a wave, and his expression turns murderous.

"What is he doing here?" Jeremy snaps and I rest a hand casually behind my head.

"I'll tell you when you're older," I smirk at him, hearing Ric starting to grumble from his room down the hall.

"Jeremy, you can't just barge in here!" Elena yells and I clear my throat, trying not to laugh at how red her whole exposed back is.

"What is wrong with you?" Jeremy yells back. "What about-"

"Can you guys keep it down?" Ric mutters, shuffling into the bedroom to stand next to Jeremy while rubbing at his eyes, and Elena sucks in a breath. "My head is killing me."

"Mornin', buddy. What's for breakfast?" I say lightly and his hand drops to his side, eyes bulging and then narrowing when they land on me lying next to Elena, who is still desperately clutching the sheet to her chest.

"You son of a-"

"Can everybody please get out of my room?!" Elena screeches and Ric and Jeremy both look at her, an identical shade of red taking their cheeks. "Now!"

Jeremy stomps out and Ric looks back to me, pointing at me threateningly. "We're not done," he growls.

"Can't wait," I grin and flare my eyes at him, Elena falling back down to the mattress in a huff when he slams her door behind him.

She starts to pull the sheet over her head and I tug it back down, rolling onto my side and propping my head up so I can watch her face. She's not crying, but nothing about her reaction is helping to ease the nerves in my stomach.

I take up a lock of her hair, toying with it and twirling it around my finger.

"So…I'm thinking a right hook or two, followed by an omelet and then a trip to Home Depot to buy some deadbolts."

She looks at me and it's ninety-five percent pissed off, three percent embarrassed, and the other two I can't pin down which makes me want to bail out the window before I have to hear her say the word "mistake."

I set down the section of hair I'm playing with, smoothing my palm over it before I pull my hand back to myself.

"Fine, French toast, then," I shrug, "if you're going to be all picky about it."

I give her half a smile and she softens, her mouth twisting into a frown that locks my muscles in place before she's pushing me onto my back, curling up against me with her head on my shoulder. I swallow my relief, encircling her in my arms and pressing a soft kiss to her forehead.

"They're never going to accept us," she whispers and I close my eyes.

I do my best to make my tone teasing when I say, "Were you expecting a party and a parade?"

"No, I just…" she trails off, shaking her head.

I sigh and I wish I could tell her that it'll all be fine, but I won't lie to her. The amount of time it would take for her friends to be comfortable with me and her together isn't an option because she doesn't want to live that long. And even with all that Stefan is, she only got a taste of the judgment that's going to rain down on her when word spreads about who was in her bed this morning. I don't give a fuck what Blondie or Witchy or her brother or Ric have to say about any of it, but I know she does. And it's not like they don't have a point in how wrong I am for her, but I'm done with the unrequited pining and she's the one that asked me to stay.

She pulls away suddenly and sits up on her knees to face me, determination strengthening her face.

"You know what?" she snaps and I stay very still, because I have no fucking clue. But I have ten guesses running through my mind and I don't like any of them. "Screw them," she scowls and points at the door. "They can get over it."

Okay, was not expecting that one.

She crosses her arms over her chest and cocks an eyebrow at me. "We're leaving."

I scoff. "Yeah, sure we are," I say mockingly.

"I'm serious, Damon. I want to go."

I lock my jaw as I consider her.

So that's her plan? To keep us hidden? Why am I not surprised. Because sure, she'll have sex with me after I climb through her window when everyone's asleep, but she won't let on a hint about it the next day. Just like how she texts me all the time, but she only calls when her friends aren't around. And now she wants to be with me, but only where no one can see us together? It's not like I'm not looking to take out an ad in the paper or put up a billboard, but fuck that.

"Send me a postcard," I sneer at her. "Or not."

Her mouth gapes as I roll out of bed, looking for my pants.

"Are you freaking kidding me?" she hisses as I start sliding my jeans up my legs. "Were you just waiting for them to find out so you could check that off your Piss Off the World list before you bailed?"

I round on her, not even bothering to finish my zipper or button I'm so furious. "If anyone is running, Elena, it's you. You want to slink off because you're embarrassed? Be my guest. But don't expect me to go with you."

Her face falls and body sags, but she's going to have to get over it.

I turn around to grab my shirt that's hanging on the back of her chair, slipping my arms through the sleeves.

"Damon…" she says softly and I cringe.


Boots, I need my fucking boots so I can get the hell out of her room. I glance around and they're by her window seat. I don't even want to look at that damn bench that I have stepped over so many times coming in here at night. Should've known.

I grab them and yank them on, turning to get my jacket. I face the window again and Elena's in front of me, sheet wrapped around her and blocking my exit. I don't even remember hearing her leave the bed.

I narrow my eyes at her but she doesn't move. I could go downstairs and through the front door but fighting Ric and Jeremy right now would be a bad idea with how pissed off I am. I could use Jeremy's window, I consider, and am about to take my first step in that direction when her voice stops me.

"Let me explain," she pleads. "I'm not hiding, I swear. I just…"

"You just what, Elena?"

"I want to give us a chance," she tells me and it sounds so sincere that I have to remind myself that she's trying to keep me a secret. "And we can't do that here, not with them. Damon…" she sighs and shakes her head, "we need a fresh start and things are going to be hard enough without everyone telling us how wrong we are. I swear to you, I will fight for us and I will stand up to them, but first, can we just have five minutes to enjoy this on our own? Please?"

I clench my jaw and she glances down and tucks her hair behind her ear, and when she peeks back up at me, her eyes are open and honest when she says, "I just…I just want to be with you, only you."

And just like that, all the fight leaves my body. Which is so fucking unfair and what's worse is, she knows she's won.

Because she steps closer into me, dropping the sheet and snaking her arms inside my open shirt, kissing my chest before she nips at me.

"We can bring the blindfold, if you want," she whispers and I groan.

I drop my jacket onto her windowsill and weave my fingers into her hair by her temples, tilting her head back so I can see her eyes and releasing a deep breath when they settle on me. I've waited a long time for her to look at me like this, and one night isn't about to satisfy that need. But fucking hell if my mind isn't spinning with all the things I want to do to her with that black scarf in place.

"Oh, we're bringing it," I smirk at her and her pulse dances.

I lean down to kiss her and she attacks my lips hungrily, her tongue plunging into my mouth as her arms circle my neck and I know she's starved for this, with all the times she asked me to kiss her and I told her no. And for the life of me, I don't know what the hell I was thinking.

I bend and pick her up in a low hug, a quiet laugh trickling out of her with her mouth still pressed against mine as I carry her to the bed, laying her down gently. My body is all predator, hovering over hers when she begins to coyly scoot further onto the mattress. I sit up and grab behind her knees, an excited squeal escaping her when I yank her back towards the edge of the bed.

"Where do you think you're going?" I growl, beginning to kiss her neck as she squirms breathlessly, her hips rocking up towards mine.

My right hand drifts and teases its way up her thigh and I shift, poising my mouth over hers just in case. I slide one fingertip against her and she gasps, her grip on my shoulders nearly painful and it hurts so good. I dip my tongue into her mouth the same time as my finger slips inside her, and her replying moan rumbles all the way down my throat and into my cock. Thank Christ my zipper is undone because she is so warm, so wet for me, and everyone else in this world can fuck off because there's no way I'm letting her go.

I curl my finger inside her and the breathy whisper of my name on her lips is enough to send a shiver down my spine.

"Shh," I press into her mouth and very slowly, begin to circle her with my thumb. Her whole body quivers as she gets wetter, her legs spreading wider as she strains up against my hand. I give her another finger and her grip on my shoulders tightens, nails scratching delectably at my skin. I swallow her scream when I flick my thumb over her clit, pressing against her in rhythm to the clenching throbs I'm rewarded with.

"Damon…" she grits out and I pull away from her over-sensitive clit, but still lightly stroking inside her while she catches her breath because I just can't seem to stop touching her. Ever.

One of her arms slides around my neck, her hand threading into my hair and guiding my mouth back down to hers, and I'm totally lost in her kiss when I feel dainty fingers wrap around my cock. My body jerks with a moan and she smiles against my lips, stroking my entire length with the perfect amount of pressure to drive me insane.

She sweeps her thumb over my swollen head and I groan, thrusting my dick into her hand as she shifts under me. She tightens her grip and I growl, my hips plunging again and my cock gets its first taste of her this morning, never realizing how close I was until her slick warmth stretched around me.

I grit my teeth and make myself stay absolutely still, her hand leaving my shaft to claw at my back in an effort to pull me closer, deeper, but I…can't.

Because Ric is downstairs and he just muttered for the third time in five minutes that if we're not dressed and down there in two, he was going to cut my dick off. And I'm starting to believe him.

I mutter a curse and pull out of her with a herculean effort, standing up to tuck myself into my jeans and closing them before I forget all about friends and brothers and just fuck her every way I've ever wanted to and haven't done yet.

"Damon? What are you doing?" Elena asks me and she looks ten shades of confused and hurt and rejected and I am a fucking idiot.

I grab her hand and haul her up so she's standing in front of me, taking my frustration out on her mouth, her body bent under the force of my kiss.

Ric warns that he's thirty seconds from coming upstairs with a stake and I pull away from her.

"Okay," I say and blow out a breath. "You," I say pointedly, turning her around by her elbow and slapping her ass. She jumps and squeaks and I can't help but grin. "Are going to get in the shower so I can go deal with Ric." She starts toward the bathroom as I begin buttoning my shirt, and she turns around when she's five steps away from me.

"Sure you won't join me?" she taunts and I chuckle, shaking my head.

"Go now, Elena. Or I'll make you wish you had."

"Mmm. Tempting," she smiles and I take a menacing step towards her, probably looking like a grinning moron when she shrieks and scampers into the bathroom, a beautiful giggle floating out from behind the bathroom door she shut behind her.

"Damon, I swear…" Ric threatens from downstairs and I sigh, walking out of Elena's room.

"I know, I know," I snap, loud enough that he can hear as I start making my way downstairs. "Pain and suffering and lots of dire, pointy things…"

A sore jaw, one strained friendship, and an hour of laugh-worthy glares from Little Gilbert later, I'm back home and waiting for Elena to come bursting through my front door, telling me we're over before we began because she can't take the heat. To say Ric was not exactly thrilled about finding us in bed and then at Elena's announcement of her little escape plan is like saying he enjoys the occasional nightcap. You know, just a sip here and there. Right.

I wasn't expecting a handshake or a pat on the back from him, but Jesus Christ, it's not like I stole her virginity and got her addicted to crack. And I can take whatever he wants to throw at me, but when he went off on her, I fucking lost it.

After her shower Elena pranced down the stairs smelling like heaven and looking even better, and walking straight up to him while cocking her eyebrow and an attitude, she told him he can take whatever warning-her-off-me crap he was about to spout and shove it. I couldn't help but laugh out of pure pride, until his icy gaze turned from me and back to her.

My best friend wasted no time in rattling off a list of my faults, which I was fine with, and apparently so was Elena. It's not like she doesn't know who I am. But when he started guilt tripping her about Stefan, his back hit the fridge with enough force to warrant a shopping trip to Sears.

With my hands locked in his shirt, Elena yelling, and Jeremy trying and failing to pull me off, I thought we were probably at the climax of the event. And when I did let him go and he tried to throw me out, it shouldn't have been such a monumental shock to everyone when I told him to fuck off. Admittedly, it probably wasn't the wisest thing to point out that I've been walking through that front door longer than he has, and it's not like he's her father anyway.

Face, meet Ric's fist.

Whatever, it's not the first time he's hit me and I'm sure it won't be the last. At least this time Elena was there, acting all worried mother hen over me. I always figured that would be annoying, not to mention embarrassingly degrading, but it was surprisingly kind of nice. I still left after that just in case people started getting grabby with the wooden spoons.

It really may not be such a bad idea to get out of town for a while.

Gravel crunches under tires outside and I don't move from my office chair because I already know who it is. I've got a fifty-fifty shot of what's going to happen when she comes through that door, and damn it, I'm going to be an optimist. I finalize the reservation and close my laptop, opening the drawer I keep it in when the front door opens and Elena calls my name. I slide the drawer shut a little louder than necessary and her footsteps head to where I am, casually leaning back in my chair and nursing my glass of bourbon.

When she props up against the doorframe her face is clear, no sign of tears and that could be very good, or very bad. Either she's still on Operation I Don't Care or it's just that I don't warrant a teary-eyed break up speech from her. Really hoping it's not the latter, but there's also no bag on that sexy little shoulder. I take another drink to keep my mouth shut and just wait out the inevitable.

Two blood bags she starts with a, "Hey."

Four bottles of bourbon riding on a, "So..."

The lives of ten sorority girls are hanging on a possible, "I can't do this anymore, Damon."

But she's not speaking. Instead, she pushes off the wall and walks over to where I'm sitting, perching herself on the corner of my desk and leaning back on her hands. Her head tilts as she watches me watching her, and she blushes.

What the fuck?

"Where are we going?" she asks quietly and I take another drink to keep from choking or laughing or both.

"Any requests?" I say and she shakes her head slowly, the soft smile on her face looking like she really doesn't care where we end up.

I nod once and her smile grows before she looks around my office curiously, her gaze sweeping over the wall of books and the few paintings on the walls, the leather wingback in the corner next to the wet bar. She peruses my desk and picks up an obsidian paper weight, gently turning it around in her hands before setting it carefully down.

"What do you do in here?"

"Plot and scheme how to take advantage of impressionable young girls." I grin and she rolls her eyes at me.

"I'll bet."

I shrug. "Seems to be working out pretty well from where I'm sitting."

She crosses her legs with a mocking glare and I chuckle, slipping my hand under the cuff of her jeans and teasing her ankle with my fingertips. She shivers but tries to hide it, and slowly I work my way up to her calf, massaging her smooth leg with just enough pressure that her breathing is heavier than it should be.

"Ready to go?" I ask her, my voice pitched low and gritty enough that goosebumps rise on her skin under my palm.

She swallows, but her voice is still crackly when she says, "Yep."

I try to control my smirk and drag my fingernails back down her leg before I pull my hand away from her, and she blows out a quiet, controlled breath that I pretend to ignore as I drink the rest of my bourbon before setting the glass down. I stand and she sits up, her hands gripping the edge of desk like she's about to hop down.

I've got a better idea.

I lightly cup the back of her neck as I bend to kiss her deeply, and she seems to be on the same track as I am when she sighs into my mouth and her hands fist into the front of my shirt. I unhook her legs and hitch one around my hip, my hand greedily gripping her as it slides over denim from her knee to her thigh before I grab her ass, scooting her forward so I can press my erection against her. She moans with me and I swear, she is not allowed to wear clothes once we get to our destination.

I leave her lips to tug her shirt up and off, flinging it away without a care because the only thing that matters is that I can taste her skin. I nip at her neck and she trembles, her hands making a mess of my hair as she holds me to her.

"Damon," she pants and I fucking love hearing her say my name like that. So much so that I have to reach down to adjust the front of my pants before I free her breasts from exquisite lace, taking one pert nipple in my mouth and getting her back to arch when I scrape it with my teeth. "We can't…in here…" she says timidly even as her legs tighten around me.

I kiss my way back up to her mouth and take her face tenderly in my hands, smirking against her lips when I whisper, "We can do whatever the hell we want." She giggles and I wrap an arm around her waist, pulling her even closer against me so her breasts are pressed into my chest. I realize with disappointment that I'm still wearing my shirt and I growl, wanting her skin against mine. We'll have to fix that.

I lean forward carefully and lay her down on the desk, her back popping up against the cool wood before she resettles against it. I straighten and work open just enough buttons on my shirt that I can reach behind my head and pull it off, her eyes widening at the sight of my chest and I try to control the wince as my cock strains against my zipper. But first things first. Step one: get Elena naked.

She bites her lip with a blush when I make quick work of her socks and shoes, and she actually covers her face with her hands for a moment when I unhook her jeans and unzip them. I yank her pants and her panties off with a little more enthusiasm than precision and she is completely red by the time they hit the floor. That's when it hits me that she's probably never had sex outside of a bed with four walls and a closed door around it.

I slow down a little when I ease her up so her lips settle on the top of my shoulder, her body draped against mine with one of her slender arms wrapped around my neck. I caress her back with one hand while I unhook my jeans with the other, and the sound of my zipper being pushed open by my cock makes her squirm.

I shove my jeans down to my thighs and rock my hips forward so I can slide against her, and she's crazy wet. She always is and it's a drug that I don't have the first clue how to resist, and I don't want to.

I slam into her and I think she sucked in a breath, but my mind can't process anything to be sure. Who the fuck can think when they're buried in exquisitely tight, sinful warmth, teeth digging into their shoulder and nails clawing at their back?

I thrust into her hard and fast as soon as my brain starts firing again and I can't get deep enough, the swollen tip of my cock on a hunt for something that's hidden inside her and I need it, need to find it and own it and claim it because it's supposed to be mine.

Faster, deeper I drive into her until all I can hear are my growls and grunts and her whimpering moans between gasping breaths until she goes completely silent, her body clamping down around me and painting my dick with her pleasure. And that's it, that's what I needed to find so blindly. But even now, I don't stop. I can't.

I lean forward so I can grip the other side of the desk behind her, using it as an anchor to surge more powerfully and she lets go of me, collapsing onto the wood and her hands reaching up so they're positioned inside of mine, clinging to the desk. I slam into her relentlessly and her eyes squeeze shut as she bites her lip, her thighs quivering over my hips before her eyes pop open with a shout, her back bowing under an orgasm stronger than before and I don't even hide my smug grin. And watching her only injects more adrenaline into my body.

I give her every ounce of strength I have in my back and my legs, and I've fucked her this hard before and she's never complained once, so screw it. I chase down my release greedily and focus on everything about the way she feels, her hands searching my body as they drift over my neck and my shoulders and my chest and my stomach and around again until she's touching me everywhere, leaning forward to kiss anything she can reach.

My eyes roll back when she bites my collarbone and my head swells inside her, stretching her more. Her tiny palm presses against my chin and tilts my head up so she can scrape her teeth over my jaw, and I lose it completely, dropping to my elbows to propel forward, burning heat surging through my length and pumping out of me and into her, exactly where it belongs. It goes on forever, glorious, brain-numbing euphoria taking all rational thought with it under each additional wave.

My body jerks as I finish and Christ my orgasms with her are ridiculous. I drop my forehead down to cool wood and try to catch my breath, Elena breathing steadily under me and apparently content to just let me crush her even though I damn well know I should move. I just can't right now.

She shifts and presses a soft kiss to my cheek and I breathe a smile, lifting up enough that I can kiss her. It's all thick and hazy and slow and luscious and I can't believe that this is what I've been missing. So stupid; so, so stupid.

I switch to kissing her quick and playfully, faster than she can keep up and she giggles beautifully, her body shaking under me as I continue to tease my favorite sound out of her. I smack one more on her lips before I straighten and take in the sight I've waited a long time to enjoy, her eyes open and un-blinded, happily smiling and looking like I'm everything she wants to see.

Fuck the scarf. This is a thousand times better.

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