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Bo had woken up in bed that morning a little cold. She was alone in the bed. She had expected to find her little sister, Kenzi curled up beside her. She wasn't. Bo sat up a little and saw that Kenzi had moved to sleep with their mother, Aoife, in her smaller single mattress. She only did this when she had bad dreams, and of course, today, she would have bad dreams. It was reaping day.

She swung her legs off the mattress and stretched. She remembered when she was scared of reaping day. It was four years ago when Bo first had her name entered into the system for the annual Hunger Games. She had been terrified. She had watched the games on television at the Dal, a warehouse that used to house coal that was nestled near the center of District 12. Watching those kids kill each other gave Bo terrible night terrors. The day of her first reaping, she had vomited at least twice that morning. Her heart had never beaten so fast as they called the tributes. She remembers their names, Kyle Griffin and Hailey Holland. It was maybe the happiest moment of her life; she had survived for another year.

That was over now. She was sixteen, and many reaping days had gone by. She would have her name entered six times this year. That was mandatory. But if you're really poor, which constituted most of Bo's district, then you could enter your name more times to get tesserae. Tesserae was gain and oil that would last one person for an entire year. Bo had put her name in for enough tesserae for her, Kenzi and her mother. Her name would go in twenty times this year. And for Kenzi, one time.

Bo tied her hair back in a ponytail, grabbed her jacket and wandered over to the kitchen table. Kenzi had set out some goat cheese for her as her reaping gift. She quickly pocketed the cheese and headed out the door. The part of the district that the young brunette lived in was usually crawling with coal miners on there way to work. Not today. The streets were empty, only the light wind kept Bo company as she made her way to the edge of the district.

She passed a few gates as she reached the edge of District 12. She was heading for the meadow, and from the meadow to the woods. She passed the electric fence with ease. It was hardly ever on, they didn't have nearly enough electricity to get themselves through the night let alone power a fence all hours of the day.

She was in the woods now; her element. She felt the most peace here. She wanders over to a specific tree and uncovers her bow and arrows from some underbrush. Hunting and poaching was illegal and if certain Una Mens ever caught her there's no telling what they would do, other Una Mens tended to turn a blind eye to it because they often bought . But you can't live on tesserae forever. So Bo had to start finding other means of food. Her father had taught her how to hunt. Sam Dennis was a coal miner who died in an explosion a few years back. She hadn't cried that day, she only felt furious and she didn't know why. Things had only gotten worse for the Dennis family from that point on. Her mother had become a shell of herself and Bo was forced to take the reigns and practically become a surrogate parent for Kenzi.

She remained quiet as she prepared her bow. Off in the distance she saw what looked to be a deer. She lined up for the shot. She had the animal perfectly in her sights when a voice came from behind her.

'Good morning, Bo.'

It had thrown her off. The arrow shot into the distance but struck a tree a few meters away instead. The deer's eyes shot up at her and then it sprinted off, further into the forest. Bo turned around and shoved the person in the chest.

'Shit, Dyson. That was the first deer I've seen all year.' Bo growled. Dyson tipped his head back and gave a hearty laugh. Dyson Thornwood was a seventeen year old boy from Bo's district. He was tall, handsome but rugged and his eyes often twinkled when he laughed.

'What were you going to do with a deer, Bo? How exactly were you going to sneak that back into the district?' He chuckled.

'I don't know…I guess I wasn't really thinking. I got excited I guess.' Bo sighed. She went to retrieve her arrow from the tree. When she returned Dyson was sitting in the grass with a bag in front of him.

'I come bearing gifts.' He joked. He pulled out a loaf of bread and tore Bo off a chunk. When she took it she smiled and sat down with him. It was still warm.

'It's fresh…' She says taking a bite.

'Consider it a reaping day present.' He smiles and tore off a piece for himself. Bo reached into her pocket and pulled out the chunk of goat cheese. Dyson took out his knife and began slicing pieces off for each of them.

'Happy Hunger games and May the odds be ever in your favour.' Dyson mumbled.

They had finished their food and sat in silence for a little while, just enjoying the nature; the peace. They enjoyed the fresh air. It was something they didn't get often; living next to the coal mines really did a number on the lungs.

'We could do it you know…run off and live in the woods. No one would ever find us. I'd take my family, you take yours and we could go.' Dyson offered. Bo shook her head.

'We wouldn't get two miles.' She replied.

'Yes we would, I know we would. We know these woods, the Una Mens don't.'

'You sound insane.' Bo laughed.

'Say what you want but I couldn't raise a family here.' Dyson sighed and leaned back into the grass.

'Neither could I. That's why I'm not. I would never bring kids into this world, living here.' Bo declared.

'You don't want kids?' Dyson asked.

'Not here, I couldn't do that to them. Besides, I'll be looking after Kenz and my mom for the rest of my life anyway.'

'I suppose…we should get some hunting done soon if you want to stop by the Dal before the reaping.' Dyson adds pulling out a rusted pocket watch and glancing at it before her put it back in his pocket.

They shoot a couple of squirrels and some birds before they head to the Dal. A boney old woman named Lou Ann takes a couple of squirrels in exchange for some of her soup. Bo heads home with a container full that should last them well into tomorrow's supper. Before she leaves the warehouse she spots a pin it's muddled in with some other junk but she sees it. She thinks Kenzi would like it. She offers up one of her birds for it but the woman and the counter refuses and let's Bo have it. When she returns home, Aoife is there braiding Kenzi's hair. Kenzi is already in her special clothes for the reaping. Bo looks and sees that her mother has already laid out her dress on the bed. She quickly washes up and throws it on before she sits down in front of her mother to get her hair braided as well.

'You look nice, Isabeau.' Aoife's frail voice comes from behind her as she finished her daughter's hair. Bo reaches up to grab her mother's hand on her shoulder and gives it a squeeze. She doesn't really have anything to say to her.

They all head to the square together. Bo and Kenzi go to check in while Aoife goes to stand in the crowd. After they are registered they go to stand with the rest of the children in front of the stage. People from the capital are there. A woman with paler skin and burgundy hair stands in an over the top outfit. It's Evony Marquise. She's the representative for District 12. She clearly doesn't want the job but she's stuck with it. A man is sitting in the chair next to her. His name is Vex. He is only one of two District 12 victors. The other one is dead. He's sitting up there muttering things under his breath as he swirls an amber liquid in his glass, clearly drunk. There are grumblings through the crowd and Bo can here some older kids rejoicing at the fact that if they are not called this year, then they would have survived and made it their whole lives without ever being a tribute. Evony hushes them and shows the commercial for the games. The whole time she is grinning and shaking with anticipation. The commercial ends.

'I love it! Don't you all just love it?' Evony beams, all she gets from the crowd is silence. She pays them no mind.

'It is such an honour to be here again! You all ought to be very proud that you once again get to represent your district in the 74th annual Hunger Games!' She clapped furiously, only a small portion of the crowd had given her some return applause. Bo shifted impatiently from foot to foot. Wishing that Evony would get on with it so that she could go home. She looks around the crowd and spots Dyson standing with a group of boys. He winks at her and turns his attention back to them. Kenzi is shaking slightly as she catches Bo's eye. Bo gives her a warm smile. She wouldn't get picked this year. Her name was in there once against thousands of others. The odds would be in her favour. She looks over towards the group of kids who lived in the 'nicer' part of District 12. She catches a slender, pretty blonde girl looking at her. When the girl realized that Bo had seen her, she looked away in embarrassment. Bo recognized her. They had gone to school together for a number of years. She was always really good at science. Not that it would do her too much good living in this district. Her parents owned a bakery and Bo often sold some squirrels to her father. Her attention was brought back to Evony when the older woman shrieked.

'This is my favourite thing!' Evony smiled as she made her way over to a large glass container filled with little white pieces of paper. They had stopped asking for one boy and one girl a long time ago, citing that it was more fun to see how the gender ratio worked out. She reached her hand in and picked a name from the top of the bowel. She took the paper in her hands and unfolded it.

'Our first tribute is…Lauren Lewis.' She exclaimed, eagerly looking around the crowd to see who this girl was. Bo saw movement out of the corner of her eye. The blonde girl who was looking at her earlier was slowly making her way through the crowd. Even from where Bo stood she could see Lauren desperately trying to hold it together. She was moving too slow for the Una Mens liking so they gripped her arms and drug her to the stage. They shoved her a little once she got to the stairs. She nearly tripped over her own feet going up them. Evony grabbed her and shook her hand almost violently. She took her by the shoulders and placed her in a specific area before she returned to the glass container. Bo really felt bad for the girl. She didn't know her personally but it was always unfortunate to see a peer from your district basically being sent off to die.

'Let's see who gets to join the lovely Miss Lewis in the games, hmm?' She offered before she reached in again and dug all the way to the bottom and pulled out another name.

'Mackenzie Dennis!' Evony shouted and in the same moment, Bo went numb. She felt her blood run cold. No way. It wasn't possible; Kenzi's name was in there once! One time! She felt herself become ill as Kenzi almost burst into tears as the Una Mens grabbed her shoulders and pulled her from the crowd. This couldn't happen. Kenzi wouldn't last in there, she had absolutely no fighting experience, no survival skills. When Kenzi got halfway to the stage Bo dashed for her. The Una Mens were on her before she knew it and were dragging her away. She knew what she had to do.

'I volunteer! I volunteer! No- I volunteer as tribute!' Bo screeched at the top of her lungs.

'Bravo! In the spirit of the games I see! Let Mackenzie Dennis go gentlemen, we have a volunteer.' Evony orders. As soon as Kenzi was free she sprinted toward Bo. She crashed into her older sister ad didn't let her go, her body wracked with sobs.

'No! Bo don't do this!' She screamed into her sister's chest. Bo pulled Kenzi away and steadied her. She had to do this. Out of the two of them she would be the one who would have the better chance of coming home.

'Kenz, I have to do this. I'll be fine I promise. Be good for mom okay? Okay?' Bo demanded as she fought the tears in her own eyes that threatened to blur her vision.

'Bo,' Kenzi whimpered. She saw Dyson come up beside her and extracted Kenzi from Bo.

'Good luck, Bo.' Dyson whispered as he struggled to contain his emotions. She nodded at him before she headed for the stage. Once she was up there, Evony's cold hand shook hers and placed her beside Lauren, who couldn't help but stare at her in disbelief. Evony brought a microphone to Bo.

'What's your name, you brave soul?' Evony asked.

'Isabeau Dennis…' Bo mumbled.

'We couldn't hear you dear, your name?' Evony asked again.

'Isabeau Dennis.' Bo spoke louder.

'How about a round of applause for our tributes!' Evony clapped violently once again. The crowd did not respond. They were silent; it was probably the highest form of respect they could offer right now. They silently said that they do not agree, they do not condone this, this is all wrong. Then slowly, one by one, each member of the audience held three middle fingers of their left hand to their lips and then out to the tributes. They were showing thanks, admiration and their goodbyes.

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