I accidently sent the whole file to my Beta-Reader Zsadist at Heart, with the scene that I cut out from the original story because I couldn't really fit it in, instead of deleting it.

But she still corrected it, so I feel like I should post it, even if it is only a short little paragraph...
So have fun with this short little thing.


"And I know a lot of short cuts no one ever takes; you just have to use the back alleys, for example.
They are wider than they look. You have at least 3 inches on both sides; that is more than enough, and trash cans can be shoved to the side; they only make a small dent.
I really don't know what their problem is. I never have any problems when they are driving, or get sick.

And take the next turn, that's a short cut. And through the small park! The bridge there is stronger than it looks, just ignore all the creaking. I often take it when in this part of town."

At this point Monroe decided it was better for his sanity to ignore the Grimm in the backseat before he got motion sick from listening to him...
Sean shook his head and tuned his Grimm out, too.

No need to give himself nightmares.

"Yeah, fine, just ignore me! You are all so mean, that's why it takes you so long to get anywhere! Why don't you let me-"


"And stay the hell down in your own seat! Take your catch as an example, he is still exactly where we put him, not moving from his spot!" Monroe complained as Nick leaned between their seats, which got him a swat on the head from the Blutbad.

"If you keep trying to climb into Renard's lap, I swear I will knock you out, Grimm, no matter how hard your head is. And then you and your short cuts and your back alleys will drive back in the trunk, where you can't do any damage!"

"Hey! That's the first time I hear you complain about it!"
"It's also the first time you try to kill us with a car! So keep your ass on the seat or I will tie you up! And not in the fun way!"

"And stop distracting the driver!"


a N: And that's it, people. But I'm very happy about all the Reviews I got for this story, and somehow I'm surrprised (and worried) how many people know someone who drives like that.. :)
Good thing I don't have a driver's licence...

(And yes, I have an Aunt who tried to tell a house to move out of the way. It was also the last time she was allowed anywhere but the passenger's seat...)