Alfred walked toward the big oak doors at the end of the hallway and opened one slowly.

"Master Bruce," He called, "Time to get up."

No answer. The Butler sighed. It's going to be one of THOSE mornings.

He walked up to the window and opened the red velvet curtains. The sun streamed in from the windows on to the king sized bed. The figure buried under the blankets dramatically swung his arm moving the sheets over his head with a 'whooosh'.

"No need to be a drama queen Master Bruce. Now get up I have began preparing breakfast."

"Mmmm" Was the sound the deep voice responded with.

"Master Bruce."

"Alllllffrreedd." The billionaire whined.

"You are acting like a child."

"You are acting like a childdd" He mimicked.

The british man rolled his eyes and walked out of the room. Maybe he'd have better luck with the young master.

Then again, maybe not.

Alfred walked into the teens room and once again, opened the curtains.

Again, the 'whoosh' of the blanket was heard. Did everyone in the house have to feel the need to cover their head in a dramatic fashion.

"Good morning Master Damian."

"Mmm" said coming from the bed.

Alfred missed the days when Damian was young and he would be up before anyone else in the house. But sadly, he entered the age of a teenager, and caught on to his fathers habits.

The butler pulled the blankets off the boy, exposing him to the sunlight.

"Pennyworthhh..." Damian groaned.

"Come along and help me get your father up."

"Five more minutes."

"Master Damian, I insist you get up this instant or I will confiscate your kitten army."

The teen slowly rolled out of bed with a groan and sent a glare to Alfred.

Why must they insist on getting back at extremely late hours and sleeping all day.

They two walked up to the master bedroom.

"I'll go check on breakfast, get your father up."

Alfred walked down the stairs into the kitchen and saw Dick sitting by the counter.

"Master Dick, I was not aware you were coming for a visit."

The man (boy at heart) walked up and trapped the butler in a hug.

"Alfred!" Dick exclaimed. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too Master Dick but I must insist you let go before my waffles burn."

"Oh.. Sorry Alfie."

"No need to apologize the manor was lacking in the amount of hugs given."

As Alfred continued making breakfast the two talked about the 'latest gossip' as Dick calls it four a few minutes.

"I wonder of Master Damian has waken up Master Bruce yet." Alfred said.

Alfred walked up the stairs (Dick following) and went up to Bruce's bedroom doors for the 3rd time that morning.

He opened the door to find not only did Damian not wake Bruce up, but he was sleeping with him.

Dami was curled up at his father's side, head resting on his strong chest. Bruce's arms were wrapped around him protectively.

"Oh my gosh." You could practically see the sparkles in Dick's eyes.

The eldest brother pulled out a camera.

"This is going on next year's Christmas cards."

Alfred rolled his eyes, but there was a smile on his face when he walked out.