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Full Summary: Uchiha Sasuke has the strange habit of dating anyone who asks him out for exactly one week, before breaking up with them on Sunday if he doesn't grow to love them. Then Uzumaki Naruto comes along, asking Sasuke out on a whim and never imagining that he would take him seriously. But Naruto isn't looking for a serious relationship - the only problem with that is Sasuke's perfect faithfulness as a boyfriend, and the slowly shifting emotions the week brings out in both of them. Just how long is one week? Certainly not long enough to actually fall in love in seven short days... Right?

There are several things that are pretty essential to the fic that you probably should know before you start reading - such as the fact that Seven Days takes place in a Japanese high school. Therefore, I couldn't avoid using 'san' and 'chan' and most especially 'senpai', though I did cut it when I could. And also, because they're in a Japanese high school, they have clubs, the main one being the archery club (which actually plays a pretty big role in the story so...) Naruto and Sasuke are both in it, but Naruto is a third year and Sasuke is a first year, meaning Naruto's essentially retired from the club, so he doesn't have to attend it anymore since he's graduating soon. If he goes to club, it's because he's attending as an example.

The other very important thing to note is that Seven Days is based off of the manga, Seven Days, by Takarai Rihito and Tachibana Benio. As in, very largely based off of it, with most of the dialogue and the plot coming from the manga itself. So if the dialogue doesn't flow as well and sometimes it seems disjointed between the talking and the thinking, it's because it came from the manga; and no, I couldn't avoid not using the dialogue because it's just so perfect. I love Takarai Rihito. Seriously, everyone needs to check her out! She's amazing. And check out Seven Days manga version too! LOVE.

And now for pairings: the main one is, obviously, SasuNaru - but perhaps it's more appropriate to say SasuNaruSasu in this case? There's definitely no set uke or seme in this fic, because Seven Days is ultimately more psychologically based than anything else. There is also ItaSaku and past SasuSaku. By the way, Sakura's last name is not Haruno. It would've screwed up the storyline pretty majorly, so I had to make it seem like a spinoff of something similar to Uzumaki. You'll see why if you read.

I apologize for any OOCness, as it is inevitable :( especially in this fic. And I apologize for the freaking massive A/N! D: If you do choose to keep reading despite the super long intro, I hope you like it as much as I do :)

Seven Days


If you're male, liking someone would imply looking at her face first, followed by her chest, and then maybe finally, her legs. Personality isn't a factor—after all, isn't everything skin-deep?

What else is there to love?

Uzumaki Naruto sighed, eyes fixed on the sky outside the window.

His teacher was currently droning on about some math formula or the other, but he could care less. School was extremely tedious; each day was the same, drifting by slowly and carelessly with no changes whatsoever. Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered to come to school.

A movement from outside distracted him, and he glanced down to see two girls, on ground-level, waving up in his direction. Confused, he glanced around him to see if perhaps they were waving at someone else; spotting nobody, he turned back to the second-story window and gave a little, hesitant wave back.

Instantly, both girls flushed and turned to each other. Even with the window muting the noise from outside, Naruto could distinctly imagine the squeals and 'kyaa's the younger girls were so fond of. He sighed again and shifted away from the window, dropping his cheek into his palm.

It was human nature, after all, to judge by appearance. It wasn't just males who were superficial and focused on the exterior. No one bothered about things they couldn't see—like the heart.

In the end, he thought, those girls don't like 'me' as a person. Rather, it's all about my face.

Oh well.

He yawned then, somewhat loudly, without bothering to cover his mouth as the teacher dismissed them for their next period. In an instant, something whacked him hard across the back of his head.

Naruto winced and glared balefully up at his attacker. "Ow! Jeez, what do you want, Ino? Why'd you hit me?"

"Naruto…" Ino arched an eyebrow, arms crossed.

Yamanaka Ino was one of his closest friends in the school, and despite being somewhat rude and abusive (especially to Naruto; she never stopped nagging at him) he knew that it was just because she cared about him.

"Did you hit me with your fist just now? You did, didn't you? How scary." Naruto feigned shock; but this time, there was a hint of a smile in his voice, and Ino merely shook her head in exasperation.

"It's because you do unrefined things—like yawning out loud—with that good-looking face of yours that the girls you're with always dump you in a flash, you know? It's about time you got conscious of things like that and did something about them." She looked slightly reproachful, and Naruto felt a twinge of mutiny.

"Yeah, yeah," he mumbled, laying his head on his desk. "I get it."

"You never listen to advice when it's given to you." Ino sighed, leaning against his desk. "If you go on like that, your current girlfriend's going to fall out of love with you pretty soon. Maybe even today."

Naruto glanced up then and smirked. "Thanks for your concern… but I already got dumped."

Ino was quiet for a moment. He didn't meet her gaze. "…When?"


He'd picked up his pen and was doodling on his worksheet, waiting for Ino to answer. When she remained silent, he looked up; she was staring at him again with her usual compelling gaze, forcing him to answer her unspoken questions.

Laughing a little, he dropped his pen on his desk and leaned back in his chair. His voice was nonchalant. "She told me… that I wasn't the person she thought I was."

Ino rolled her eyes at that. "There, didn't I tell you so?"

Naruto shrugged and picked up his pen again, twirling it between his fingers with a small smile on his face. "It's her own fault for assuming. They're always the ones who confess to me to begin with—and then they get all disappointed when I'm not what they expect me to be."

"Well you can't blame them, I guess. In your case, there's a huge gap between your personality and your appearance. It's practically a scam." Ino's voice was so matter-of-fact that Naruto dropped his pen again, an indignant expression on his face. "When you're drawing your bow, you look beautiful. Even though I know exactly what kind of person you are deep inside, I still catch myself thinking that."

She looked out the same window Naruto had been staring out before, a gentle expression on her face. "How should I put this? I think there's a very… stoic air around you when you draw a bow. And then there's that face of yours, which makes you seem just like the prince these naïve girls have been fantasizing about. Well, I guess it's not that hard to understand why they would dream about you."

Naruto sighed for the third time that morning, hating Ino's truths. "I guess this image is going to follow me until I retire from the archery club…"

From the beginning, he'd entered Konoha Academy through an archery scholarship. Konoha Academy was built in a famous uptown district in Japan and was originally a school for young, elite, well-bred women, until it went co-ed three years ago. Ever since then, it had begun to take in boys as well, but the ratio of boys to girls still remained uneven with an overwhelming number of female students.

Most of the female students at Konoha Academy were pampered, sheltered girls who knew close to nothing about the outside world. In comparison to many of the other co-ed schools close by, the girls from Konoha Academy seemed to have picked up several unusual impressions regarding boys. They all wanted the boys of their choice to be beyond perfection—an impossible task.

"They should get it in their heads that perfect guys like those from a book or TV drama don't exist," Naruto scoffed. "I'd consider myself lucky if I could get someone as realistic as you, Ino."

Ino raised her eyebrow, smirking, a challenging look in her eyes. "Oh? How about it then? Do you want to try going out with me?"

"Sure, why not?" he answered immediately, completely serious.

Ino stared at him for a long moment before turning away, shaking her head. "No way—agreeing to it so lightly…!"

"So you were just kidding?"

"Of course!"

"Okay!" Naruto agreed, smiling.

"I knew you didn't mean it from the start." Ino re-crossed her arms, looking exasperated.

Naruto's voice turned solemn as he glanced out the window. The sky was as blue as ever—unchanging. "Stuff like falling in love… You never know when it's going to happen to you."

They were both quiet for a minute or two, lost in their own separate thoughts, until Kiba's loud voice intruded.

Kiba was Naruto's other best friend. They'd been childhood friends ever since they could walk, and it didn't take long for Kiba to become Ino's friend as well, introduced to her through Naruto. They frequently hung out together at school during lunch and self-study periods - like their current class.

"Hey! Do you guys want to order pizza?" he called, holding up a takeout menu as he made his way over to Naruto's desk.

"Yeah, yeah!" Naruto said instantly, perking up. Ino laughed a little, and the solemn atmosphere was broken.

"I'll have the eggplant and minced meat one," Ino decided, flipping through the menu.

Kiba licked his lips. "I want ribs."

"Isn't that just all meat?" Ino jabbed him in the side, and Kiba flinched away, complaining. Naruto smiled, content to be in the moment with his friends.

It was then that he accidentally overheard a nearby conversation between two of his female classmates.

"Uchiha-kun's not here yet—I guess he's really not coming to school today."

"I wonder if he's down with the flu?"

"Yeah, I'm worried too."

Kiba had noticed the conversation as well, and he stared musingly in the direction of the two girls. "It seems like Uchiha hasn't shown up today."

Naruto cocked his head. "Uchiha?" The name seemed vaguely familiar. Maybe from archery club? "You mean Uchiha Sasuke from first year?"

"Ah, that's right! Uchiha's in archery, isn't he? Are the two of you close or something?" Kiba asked.

"Nope, not at all." Naruto played absentmindedly with the pizza menu, folding the corners over and over. "We just belong to the same club. He doesn't really come to practice anyway." Then a thought struck him, and the girls' conversation suddenly made more sense. "Oh… I see. It's Monday today, isn't it?"

"Yeah. At the beginning of each week, he will definitely say 'yes' and go out with the first person who confesses to him." Kiba leaned on Naruto's desk, chin cupped in his hand and a mischievous smile on his face. "And at the end of that week, he'll tell his partner exactly this—"

"'I couldn't fall in love with you. Let's break up,'" Ino cut in, and for a moment, Naruto and Kiba both stared at her.

Kiba recovered first. "Ah, that reminds me – Ino, you…"

"Yeah, I went out with him for precisely one week in May." She grinned and made a peace sign.

"Why are you so proud of that?" Naruto was confused.

"Because I felt like I had hit jackpot when it happened." Ino's voice was flippant.

Naruto frowned, crossing his arms. "Hey, isn't that a contradiction of what you were telling me earlier?"

"Anyhow, normal guys like me will never understand people who are that popular," Kiba interrupted, slouched in his chair. "Exactly what kind of person is this Uchiha Sasuke anyway?"

"Hmm, well…" Naruto rose from his chair, stretching a little, recalling memories of the few times Sasuke had actually bothered to show up to practice. "A handsome guy."

Kiba snorted. "I didn't need you to tell me that. I can tell just by looking at him." Naruto started to walk away without answering. "Hey, where are you going?"

Naruto turned and walked backwards, hands in his pockets and a cheeky grin on his face. "Somebody's gotta get those pizzas, right? I told the delivery man that I'll be picking them up in front of the school gate." He gave a mock-salute. "See ya. You two can help me finish up my assignment when I return!"

The sun was hot outside, but Naruto relished the warmth. It was, at the very least, still better than the stifling classrooms in school.

He sat down in the shadow of the school wall to wait. Kiba's words echoed in his mind: 'Normal guys like me will never understand people who are popular.'

Somehow, it felt like someone had said something similar to Naruto before… Perhaps Ino or one of his ex-girlfriends, who always nagged at him about his bad habits and traits.

He'd never had any interest in Sasuke before either—but now, he found himself wondering just what kind of person he was.

I'm definitely a much more decent guy than he is, though, he couldn't stop himself from thinking, and then he laughed. How low was he going to sink, comparing himself with some first year?

Naruto was distracted from his thoughts when he heard the steady thrum of a car approach the gates. Pizza man? Then the car came into full view, shiny and new and bright. Whoa, pizza man with a Porsche?!

The car door slammed, and a tall, slender figure emerged from the passenger side. His black hair was somewhat rumpled and his face seemed pale, but he still smiled effortlessly at the driver.

Oh my, Naruto thought dryly.

If it wasn't Uchiha Sasuke himself.

Sasuke chose that moment to look up, and he caught Naruto's eyes. With another soft smile at the driver, the car drove away, and he made his way over to the wall Naruto was leaning against.

"Good morning," Sasuke said smoothly when he was close, somehow managing to appear disheveled but still unbelievably handsome. He always caused a stir with his good looks; even from the first moment he'd stepped into Konoha Academy, he'd been immensely popular with all the girls.

"Yo!" Naruto replied, grinning and waving slightly. If this wasn't slightly awkward… "Long time no see, Uchiha. You're late today." There was an uncomfortable beat of silence between them, and then Naruto asked, referring to the driver, "Was that your girlfriend for the week? She looked older than twenty."

Sasuke raised an eyebrow before smirking slightly. "You're not very observant, senpai. Wrong on both counts."

'At the beginning of each week, he will definitely say 'yes' and go out with the first person who confesses to him.'

Kiba's words rang through his mind.

"So, senpai, what are you doing here? You have class now, don't you?" Sasuke had continued amiably, voice light. Impeccable manners, dashing face. What else?

Naruto smiled cheerily. "I'm waiting for pizza! We're having a self-study period right now anyway."

"Ahh, I see." Sasuke slumped against the wall next to Naruto, but he remained standing while Naruto sat.

'The reason why Sasuke's popularity doesn't drop even though he puts such an abrupt end to every relationship is because he would sincerely do everything his partner wants in the one week that they date.'

This time, it was Ino's words, from when they'd questioned her on Sasuke a few months before, after her breakup. Her eyes had been wistful. 'I think one week's long enough for a dream. Sasuke is… perfectly faithful.'

Those girls from earlier were probably still anxiously looking for Sasuke, Naruto thought. How stupid.

"So, have you been confessed to today yet?" The words spilled from Naruto's lips on their own accord.

"Hm?" Sasuke sounded mildly surprised. "No, not yet. I didn't think the third years knew about that."

"Well the confessions are going to start from now on, huh," Naruto said, drawing a circle with his finger on the concrete. It was rough and warm underneath his fingertip. "Then… Are you really fine with anyone as long as they confess to you first? Even if they're totally not your type?"

He really didn't know why he was asking this.

"My type?" Sasuke seemed surprised again. "You wouldn't know if someone's your type just by looking at their face, would you?"

"What I meant was—isn't there a type of face or body that you like?" Naruto interrupted, driven by some inherent sense of curiosity. What drove Sasuke to go out with someone for one week? Why did he break so many hearts? For what purpose?

"Hmm…a type? I'm not too sure about that…" It was like Sasuke was seriously considering Naruto's question. "I don't really think about looks…"

Naruto decided to help him out. "For example, the gentle-looking type or the sexy type. Anything like that. Redheads, thin, bunnies..."

Naruto glanced up at Sasuke when he still didn't answer, brows furrowed. Then suddenly, Sasuke straightened and looked down, smiling. "Ah! But I like your face, senpai. I guess that's what you mean by 'type'."

At that moment, from those words, Naruto was hit by a sudden impulse.

"I see," he mumbled, looking away again. "Then how about it?"

Even Sasuke's silence was questioning, as if he could exude whatever aura he desired with as little effort as possible.

I was just curious to see how he would react if I confessed.

That's all.

He smiled up at Sasuke.

"Why don't you go out with me, Uchiha?"

For one brilliant moment, Sasuke seemed stunned, eyes wide. Frozen.

Then another slam of a car door broke their reverie, and Naruto glanced over to see the pizza delivery man.

"Are you Uzumaki-san?" he called.

"Yeah." Naruto stood, brushing off his pants and reaching for his wallet. "Ah—"

"That'll be 3000 yen with tax."

Wait—where's my wallet?

"Here you go."

"Thank you, sir."

Naruto was still patting himself frantically up and down when he remembered that he'd left it in the classroom.

And then there was Sasuke, holding the pizza box while the delivery man drove away.

"Uchiha… I'm sorry, I left my wallet in my class! I'll pay you back later!" Naruto said as they reached the front doors to their school, bowing slightly. "I promise!"

"That's okay. You should get going before your pizza gets cold." Sasuke dropped the pizza box into Naruto's outstretched hands. "I have to go that way." He smiled. "See you later."

Naruto blinked, dumbfounded as Sasuke left just as quickly as he'd appeared.

Eh? It's okay?

Well whatever, I'll just ask one of the girls later for which class he's in to repay him.

He shrugged and returned to his classroom.

After school, Kiba approached Naruto, leaning against the wall as Naruto collected his books. "Hey, do you want to drop by the arcade on the way home?"

"Yeah, sure," Naruto agreed, before pausing. "Wait, I feel like I've forgotten about something…"

"What is it? You don't have club activities anymore, right?"

"No, but…"

An eruption of whispers came from the doorway to their classroom, and both Kiba and Naruto glanced up.

Sasuke was standing in the doorway, smiling.

Oh! That's what I forgot.

Naruto made his way over to Sasuke and grinned, holding out the pizza money. "Sorry about that, Uchiha. Thanks for the help earlier."

"Hmm? Ah." Sasuke folded the money Naruto had given him. "So you're in class 3-4. That's my class too—1-4." He slid the money back into Naruto's jacket pocket.

"Ah, is that so?" he answered, distracted. "Wait—why'd you give it back?"

"I was wondering if we could go home together today," Sasuke said, ignoring Naruto's question. "Ah, unless you have plans already?"

Confused, Naruto replied, "I don't have plans today, but aren't you the one who's supposed to be doing something right now?" What about that weekly girlfriend?

"Well, no, I don't really have anything I need to do now." Sasuke's voice was nonchalant.

"You've got club activities, don't you? Right?" Naruto crossed his arms, frowning. "You have a talent for archery, you know; it's a waste if you keep skipping." He completely missed Sasuke's somewhat lost expression.

"Ah, by the way—"

"Hey, don't try to change the subject—"

"I'm not trying to do that. Have you got a cell phone, senpai?"

"I do have one. Why?"

"That's great. I was hoping we could exchange numbers and email addresses." Sasuke held up his cell phone, cocking his head.

Naruto blinked at him for a few seconds. Was he always the type of person who'd go out of their way to make friends with others?

In the end, he ended up exchanging numbers and emails with Sasuke.

"Senpai, what's your given name?" Sasuke asked while keying in the number Naruto had given him.

"Eh? Oh, it's Naruto. You know, almost like the fishcake in ramen? Don't ask why."

"It's okay, I can stand ramen."

"You better not be making fun of me," Naruto warned, and Sasuke laughed. It was a nice sound; one that Naruto wouldn't have minded hearing more of.

"Say, can I call you Naruto?"


"Uzumaki is a name that's kind of… hard for me to say." At Naruto's puzzled look, he elaborated, smiling a little. "There was a woman who dumped me once before…and coincidentally, her name is something very close to Uzumaki as well; though her first name is Sakura, so I suppose it doesn't matter."

"…Sure, I don't mind," Naruto agreed. "Only if I can call you Sasuke, though."

So even someone like him was serious about somebody? If it was another one of his flings, I'm sure he wouldn't care much about whether we had the same name.

"Uchiha-kun!" A first year girl came running up to them, panting. She bowed quickly when she saw Naruto, then turned back to Sasuke. "Ah, I've finally found you! Kakashi-sensei is looking for you."

"Ah, really? Thanks. I'll go find him now." The girl nodded and darted away again. "Alright, here." He handed Naruto his phone back. "I've keyed in my number and mail address for you already."

"Eh? Okay…" Naruto held his phone gingerly.

"I'll see you tomorrow then." Sasuke gave one last, soft smile before turning and walking down the hall, strides fluid and graceful.

"Make sure you go to club practice!" Naruto called at the last second, ever the dutiful senpai. Sasuke merely laughed and waved a hand before turning the corner, disappearing.

Naruto sighed and stood there for another minute, utterly confused by the events that had just occurred. Then he looked down and spotted the money still stuffed in his jacket pocket.

Ah! Dammit…I got treated to lunch by a junior.

Smiling and shaking his head, he ducked back into his classroom where Kiba and Ino were waiting.

Later that night, on his way home from the arcade, he finally allowed himself to return to his thoughts about Sasuke.

That was the first time I'd ever had a proper conversation with Sasuke… And surprisingly, he's an even stranger person than I thought he was. All of a sudden, he wants to walk home together and asks to exchange phone numbers and email addresses.

Somehow, everything seems to be progressing too quickly…

A sudden thought struck him, and he paused on the sidewalk, eyes focused on the sky.

'So why don't you go out with me, Uchiha?'

The sun was brilliant and beautiful as it slid into the horizon; just like Sasuke's smile.

He couldn't have taken me seriously…could he?

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