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Naruto has a camera in the epilogue, and I wasn't quite sure what kind of camera it was, so I'm assuming something similar to a Polaroid or something with limited sheets. You'll see why if you read. :)

Please enjoy the last installment of Seven Days.

Seven Days

Epilogue: Goodbye for Now

Students filled the grounds of Konoha Academy, chattering and exchanging numbers with one another, knowing that another year was drawing to a close. It was, after all, the day of the graduation ceremony for the third-years, and sakura blossoms scattered through the air as if in commemoration of the event.

In Konoha Academy, on a set of abandoned stairs, a voice called out, "Smile! This is the last shot, Sasuke. The very last one!"

The dark-haired boy blinked in surprise. "There's no more?"

The boy next to him nodded, his graduated status marked by the large white flower pinned on his jacket. "Yup. I took pictures of everyone so I'd have an excuse to print them all." He held out the camera in front of the pair, turning it so the lenses faced them. "Exactly one sheet left for you and me together. No mistakes!"

"Then I'll be careful not to blink," the other boy answered, lips quirked.

"You better not, or I'll have to buy a whole new camera just for us!" The light-haired boy laughed before aiming the camera at them, clasping the dark-haired boy's hand in his own, out of sight of the camera. "Ready—say cheese!"

Elsewhere in the school, several girls were sighing despondently. "Have you seen Uchiha-kun anywhere?" they would ask each other. "I wanted to exchange mail addresses, but I haven't been able to find him at all."

"Ah, that! It seems like everyone's tried, but no one's seen him."

"He doesn't want to make the person he's dating feel bad, so he just says 'sorry' and moves on…"

"No way, what's with that?"

"Frustratingly cool—haha!"

A long-haired girl shook her head as she passed the clump of girls. "Only three days before school's over and they still want to date him?" She smiled wistfully. "Ah, I remember that one week I had with him. It brings back memories."

"Oi, Ino, what are you talking to yourself about?" A hand tapped her shoulder, and she glanced back to see a brown-haired boy, eyebrows raised at her. "Why are you walking around alone?"

She laughed a little sheepishly, clasping her hands behind her back. "I just remembered that I, once upon a time, had one special week too…" (1)

Pictures littered the landing of the stairs, scrawled with different friends' final messages.

The light-haired boy peeked over the dark-haired boy's shoulder. "Hey, hey, what are you writing?" Upon spying the message, he laughed. "Wait, shouldn't I be saying that?"

The dark-haired boy merely smiled, and dropped his gaze to the other's lips. Smirking, he leaned in, and, silhouetted against the windows and sakura blossoms drifting in the wind outside, the two boys kissed for the last time in the school that had brought them together.

Their picture drifted to the ground, amid the others, and on it was written:

Please treat me kindly from here on too.


(1) Ino's one week is referring to Sasuke's (now past) habit of taking one girlfriend a week.

A/N: Aww it's finished at last. The epilogue is essentially just this little cute bow to tie up the story, and as you can see, I took a different approach to writing it. I didn't mention any names, but I hope you can still figure out who's who - basically, Naruto and Sasuke in the first and last scene, random girls/Ino/Kiba in the middle scene. Also the ending is kind of so typically Japanese, but what can I say? It's a Japanese manga. |D

I know Naruto's never said it before, but he does love Sasuke. Obviously. (He actually says 'I love you' in the manga on Sunday, but I thought it wouldn't fit, so I changed it to 'like you a lot'. Cuz the whole daisuki thing and... idk okay.) And even though the epilogue says 'Goodbye for Now' ... there is probably no sequel coming out after this. Just saying. xD

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