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Furious, green eyes stared calmly into hers. "I don't love you. I never did."

Her breath died in her throat as she finally heard his words. He doesn't love me. He doesn't—she pressed herself against the wall behind her as her mind spun. His words circled her mind like vultures, pecking at her every insecurity, clawing at her splintering heart. Is it another woman? A man? Was he on drugs? Is it my weight? Am I that ugly? She wanted to scream. He can't do this to me. She wanted to hurt him. He'll hurt our children, too. She wanted to die. How am I supposed to live without him?

"I don't love you." Why? Why, why, WHY?! What did I do? How could he—he promised me forever. She gasped as her body forced her to take a breath. The cool air calmed her pounding heart, just long enough to clear her mind.

This isn't him.

"No." She knew her husband. She knew every single thing about him. This...this wasn't him.

He scoffed, the alcohol in his breath tainting the air she breathed. "Don't tell me what I feel."

"I don't believe you." She stayed strong. She had to. It was the only way she'd survive.

A nasty scowl marred his face as he inched closer. She fought a tremble that threatened to destroy her facade. "I don't need you to believe me. I know what I feel. Disgust. Hate. Regret. You held me back. Ever since I met you, you held me back, clung to me. I COULD'VE BEEN SO MUCH MORE!" he roared, slamming his palm onto the wall next to her.

"You're nothing but a burden. I should've left you to starve on the streets. One moment of indecision...and I ended up having to take care of you for the rest of my life," Charlie sneered, his coal black eyes trained on her face as he pressed the blade against her neck. She trembled as she felt the metal pierce her flesh. She bit her lip to stop the scream that would get her killed.

"It was because you that I stopped playing. I gave up Julliard for you," Edward snarled. "I couldn't refuse. I was the sheriff. I had to adopt you, waste money on you, pay for your education, buy you clothes, send you to socialize with your whore friends because that's what an upstanding father of this tiny ass town would do," He whispered, his eyes trained on the single stream of blood that ran down her pale neck. "But you got more and more needy. I was never going to do this to you, but you need to know where you're plac—" Edward's rough low voice brought her back to reality. "I could've been famous, instead I was stuck working at shitty shop that isn't even mine." He paused.

Maybe he saw it, what he was doing to her. She prayed to God that he did, because she wouldn't be able to handle it a second time.

Her mind was void of any other thoughts. She didn't want to think. She bit the inside of her cheek to stop herself from tearing up. She needed to be strong. Edward wouldn't hurt her, physically anyway. That wasn't him...it wasn't in his blood like it was in hers.

If she was honest with herself, this...fight was long time coming. It hadn't been right between them in a while. But she never imagined he'd hurt her like this. She just wished she could stop comparing them because they were nothing alike. Even now when he had her flat against the wall without an escape, she wasn't scared of him, simply heartbroken.

Once he was calm enough, he disappeared into the living room. She sank to floor, her back against the wall as she muffled her sobs with her trembling hands.

A single thought remained in the forefront of her mind: Is this the end?