This story is my own twenty-five days of Christmas challenge. Every chapter in this story will be based off of a Christmas song. I'm hoping to have a new chapter up everyday. All of them feature Severus Snape in them, and the majority also feature Harry. Snape will adopt Harry later on. These stories do go together, but could be read separate. Here's day number one. Enjoy!

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Day 1: Last Christmas

Sixteen year old Severus Snape angrily stalked the halls of Hogwarts. The castle was quite empty due to the holiday season. Severus had decided to stay behind this year. He had nothing to back home for. His mother was dead, his father hated him, and Lily…Lily was no longer in the picture. His scowl deepened when he turned the corner and saw the Maurauders standing there. They had decided to stay behind this year as well, but Severus had no idea why. He knew that this Christmas would be one of his least favorite. Last Christmas had been so much better.

"Happy Christmas, Lily," fifteen year old Severus Snape said as he handed his best friend a small box.

Lily gave him a bright smile as she took the box from him. "Severus, you didn't have to get me anything. You know that I just enjoy your company. I don't need anything other than that."

Severus's pale cheeks blushed. "Well…um…you see…I saw it in one of the stores back home and it reminded me of you. I knew I had to get it for you."

Lily knew that he didn't have a lot of money, but he had saved up for weeks to buy her this gift. He had put it on a layaway and slowly had made payments on it. He would sell potions and have the galleons converted to muggle money. He would then send the money to his mother, who was more than happy to help him make the payments on it.

He tried to turn around before they saw him, but luck apparently wasn't on his side. Potter had spotted him. "Snivellus! Staying behind this year as well? I was worried that I wouldn't be able to give you your gift."

"Go to hell, Potter." Severus sneered and quickly started to walk away. Suddenly, he felt himself being tripped and fell to the ground.

Lily gave him a smile. "I'm sure that I'll love it, no matter what it is."

"You haven't even opened it yet," Severus pointed out. He nudged the small box towards her.

Lily took it and slowly started to unwrap it. She stopped and looked up at him. "Nothing's going to jump out at me right?"

Severus nervously chuckled. "I would never do that to you."

Severus looked up from where he fell and drew his wand. Potter quickly took care of that problem with a swift Expelliarmus. "Poor Snape. Doesn't your family want you? Ha. No one would want a grease ball like you."

"James, what are you doing?" A voice asked down the hall. Severus looked up and saw that it was Lily.

"I know. I just had to check is all," She said and slowly started to take the paper off. Severus loved watching Lily unwrap presents. She never ripped the paper off. She would slowly peel the tape off and then the paper would slowly be removed. Lily savored every present she received; unlike her sister, who was extremely greedy.

Potter quickly handed Severus back his wand. "Oh nothing, Lily. Snape here had just tripped and dropped his wand. I was merely returning it."

She raised an eyebrow at him. "I see. Well, now that you've done that, are you ready to go? I have something to show you back in the common room."

Once the paper was off of the box, Lily slowly opened the small box that was inside.

"Severus," she gasped. "It's beautiful." Inside the box was a heart shaped gold locket with a lily on the front. Inside was a picture of the two of them by the Black Lake.

"Right." He turned back to his other "friends." "I'm going back. You coming?" They all nodded and made their way over.

They all turned to leave, but Lily stayed. She just stood there looking at Severus who was slowly getting up off the ground. Severus could see the look of pity on her face, and he was ready to tell her that when he saw something hanging from her neck. Something gold hanging from her neck.

"Severus, I don't even know what to say," Lily said, still staring at her gift.

"One usually says thank you when they receive a gift." Severus said with smirk as he took the locket from the box. "I'll put it on for you." Lily moved her hair out of the way as Severus clasped the necklace.

It was the locket. The locket he had given her last Christmas. Why did she still have it? She had made it perfectly clear that she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Why did she still have that gift that had meant so much to him? He picked up his bag and slung it over his shoulder. He took a step toward her.

"Thank you, Severus. This is the best gift I have ever received." She placed a hand over the necklace.

"Now you'll always have my heart," Severus said as he placed a hand over her other hand.

"Hey, back off, Snivellus. Lily doesn't want your grease all over her." Potter said, taking a step toward Severus, but Lily stopped him.

"Why do you still have that?" Severus asked, ignoring Potter completely.

"It was a gift. A gift that didn't think I had to return." She told him.

"Didn't I always have your heart?" Lily asked him.

"Believe me, Evans, you already destroyed what that gift meant, so keep it."

"You know what," she said as she undid the clasp. "Maybe I don't want this gift anymore. It's not like it means anything anymore." She threw the necklace on the ground and walked away with Potter.

Severus looked deep into her emerald eyes. "Always. Lily, you will always have my heart."

Severus slowly picked up the locket. Last Christmas, he had given her his heart.

She leaned forward and embraced him. "Thank you."

Now this Christmas, he was all alone.

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