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Book 2, Adventures in the Elemental Nations

Arrival in Konoha

The group landed in an ungraceful heap on the ground.

"Urgh, don't let us do that often," Neville groaned.

"If there isn't a very good reason, I don't want to do it ever again," Harry commented, panting heavily.

This had really taken a lot out of him. He gratefully swallowed the pill Neville gave him and which would restore his energy a bit. The three adults of the group had trouble getting into sitting positions. They were still not fully healed from their ordeals.

"Don't overexert yourselves!" Neville warned, going into healer mode as Harry had dubbed it, "Your bodies still need to recover from the time they suffered."

"You don't say," Sirius commented sarcastically, "Did it work? Are we really in the Elemental Nations?"

"Seems like it. The plants are completely different to anything I have seen before," Neville commented.

"There's also energy around that isn't magic. I think it's chakra. I could never really get a good reading of mine of Neville's around Hogwarts, because the ambient magic is so powerful there," Harry informed them, "Not to mention that we were kind of limited in learning jutsus beyond the books my grandmothers left me. We know a lot more about magic than nin- and genjutsu. Our taijutsu should be okay, as we had complete styles to work with next to muggle martial arts."

"So in which direction should we head, Harry?" Neville asked knowing that his friend was the better sensor.

"There is a big concentration of people over there perhaps two to three kilometres away," Harry pointed in the direction, "That could be a village and we can see where we go from there."

"Won't we have problems with the language barrier?" Sirius asked.

"No, Neville and I can both speak and write Japanese fluently and my grandmother wrote that it was the language around here in her diary. For you a normal translation spell should do the trick until you can learn to speak it without the spell. And as we made sure that you all got proper wands before we left, it should work well enough. I'm still working on the alternate foci, but I think I'm close to getting them right," Harry answered.

The project hadn't been finished by the time they needed to go, but Harry would finish the last part in his free time. For now they could make do with their normal wands. Frank had got his old wand back from Neville. He had let a string of very impressive curses loose once he heard that his mother had tried to force Neville to use his wand. It was common knowledge that you needed your own wand to learn magic properly. He was just glad that the wand that Harry got from Ollivander's worked fairly well for Neville and that he had a natural talent for chakra control. Otherwise, who knew how much his education would have suffered?

Harry and Neville made two shadow clones each which would carry the stretchers for Frank and Alice. They didn't want to announce their abilities openly until they needed to. Their plan was to see if they could settle down in a village and find out if any of Harry's distant relatives lived around. It would be easiest to live there. If the village wasn't to their liking, then they could at least get enough information to move to a better suited place. The ritual should have transported them to a place where some of Harry's blood relatives lived.

Once everybody was ready, they set off walking towards the village Harry had felt. After fifteen minutes of walking the real Harry lifted his hand and signalled Neville three incoming people. Probably ninjas.

Neville was on guard, keeping his parents to the back of their group, but for now he didn't do anything that could be seen as an attack. Soon two people landed in front of their group.

"Stop! Identify yourselves and tell us what you are doing on Konoha land outside the normal travelling routes," One of the two demanded.

Both wore dark blue uniforms with green vests over them and a headband on their foreheads showing a stylised leaf symbol.

"We're here to see if your village leader will allow us to settle down in your village," Harry explained. "We come from far away and I used a special secret jutsu from my clan to transport us here."

"Which clan are you talking about?" The second one asked.

"I would like to only give that information to your village leader, as I don't know about the political situation around here. We won't do anything aggressive and as you can see we have three persons among us that are in no state to fight properly," He pointed at Frank, Alice and Sirius who all still looked ill.

"Alright, we will take you to the Hokage where you can tell your tale. Know that we will attack as soon as you turn against us," The first ninja said.

"Understood," Harry replied.

He looked at the others and got nods. They followed the two ninjas. Harry was very aware that the third one was keeping to the tree tops to keep an eye on them. They reached a very large gate after fifteen minutes. Harry had to admit it was impressive. Their escorts informed the guards at the gate of the reason they accompanied them and then they were led through the village. Many looked at them curiously which might have to do with them having two people being carried on stretchers among them and Sirius, even if he walked by his own power, still looked very pale and skinny. Harry took in his surroundings without looking as if he was looking for attack points. The village seemed nice. Nothing indicated massive technology like it was in the muggle world in England, but there were some things.

Overall the village seemed peaceful. That was a good sign. After a while they reached a tall tower with the kanji for fire on the roof.

"This is the Hokage Tower. We will announce you to Hokage Sama and you can then tell him your story and request citizenship in Konoha," One of their escorts told them.

"Thank you," Harry replied.

They were led to a waiting room with some seats. Neville used the waiting time to check over his parents to make sure that after the ritual they didn't suffer relapses in their condition. To his satisfaction they were okay even if all the travelling had tired them out.

The Sandaime Hokage sat in his office, watching through his crystal ball the actions of the group that he had been informed about by a group of the guards. So far they didn't do anything that might indicate that they were enemies. And the condition of the three adults seemed to be genuine. Though he was surprised that the blond boy seemed to be a skilled medic nin at his age already. Even Tsunade had only really started becoming really good when she was around fifteen.

"So, the black-haired boy says he is from a clan? Any information on the others?" He asked the third member of the group that had escorted the newcomers here.

"He seems to be the leader of their group, even if there are three adults. The two boys have strong chakra signatures while the adults give us strange readings. Their energy is similar to chakra but not really the same," The ninja informed the Hokage.

"Interesting. It would probably be a good idea to talk to the black-haired boy alone first. If they really just want a place to live, we shouldn't stress the sick adults too much and the blond boy is a medic. That way we wouldn't appear threatening to them if they knew that one of them could stay with the sick ones, while I talk to their leader," The Hokage said, "Call him in."

"Yes, Hokage Sama," The ninja left and went to get the boy.

The door to the waiting room was opened.

"Hokage Sama will see you now. Considering that you have three sick persons in your group, Hokage Sama thought it would be easiest for you if your medic stayed with them while you talk to him," the ninja pointed at Harry.

"That's fine, thank you. Nev, I'll be back soon," Harry told his friend.

"Alright, I'll look after them," Neville replied.

Harry followed his escort to a door which was opened for him. He had to admit that he was slightly nervous. But if he was in Konoha, he should have good chances to get their group accepted. After all, the Uchihas had been co-founders of this village. The man he found waiting for him behind a massive desk was probably in his sixties. He wore white and red robes with a conical hat on his head. Harry knew that in this culture it was polite to bow to an important person so he did exactly that.

"Thank you for seeing me this fast, Hokage Sama," He said.

"It wasn't a problem. Now why don't you start with a basic introduction? You told the guards that found you that you were from a ninja clan. Which one are you talking about?" The Hokage asked.

"Okay, I'll start with my name. I'm Harry Potter. Actually I'm descended from two clans. About sixty years ago my maternal great-grandmother and paternal grandmother were transported to a country called England, which is about on the other side of the world and behind the veil that keeps the Elemental Nations hidden. They tried to find out what had happened, but never really could, as they didn't have much information to go by. Both couldn't find a way back and so they settled down in the places they landed in. My maternal great-grandmother was Emiko Uzumaki, who was a medic nin. She used her abilities to heal people in the Second World War of that world, where she fell in love with my great-grandfather who was a civilian soldier. My paternal grandmother was Vivi Uchiha," Harry answered to the shock of the Hokage.

To think that this boy was part-Uchiha and part-Uzumaki.

"They started families and left journals and books about their abilities to their families. On my father's side my family has had special powers for hundreds of years. In the country where I come from, they call it magic. The energy used for the spells that wizards and witches use is nearly the same as chakra, but it only uses the spiritual part of chakra and is normally channelled through a focus. Most English wizards use wands with a core from a highly magical creature as their focus," Harry told the Hokage, knowing that lying wouldn't look well on his request.

"I see. Why did you travel to the Elemental Nations, Harri?" The Hokage asked.

Harry flinched at how mangled his name sounded in this language. He would have to come up with a variant of it.

"In England there was a powerful wizard called Voldemort that started a war over the ideal of blood-purity. In his opinion only wizards from long wizarding lines deserved to learn magic. All others should either be killed or enslaved. Not to mention that non-magical people were dirty animals in his eyes. My parents fought in that war against him and became high priority targets. When a prophecy was made that told of a boy that had the power to stop Voldemort, I became a target as the things describing the boy fit for me. The same was true for my friend Neville Longbottom who is the blond boy with the adults in our group," Harry told the Hokage.

"I think we will have to find names that our people can pronounce. Yours is already difficult for me and his is even worse," The Hokage sighed.

"Yes, I noticed," Harry commented to the chuckle of the Hokage. "Well, the jutsu I used was originally created by my parents. They planned to come here with me to get me to safety as they had got information that Voldemort was hunting me. As I was just a baby, I was helpless. They had just finished the jutsu to get us here the day before they were murdered by Voldemort. A friend of theirs had turned traitor and gave up the location of our hiding place to Voldemort. There is a curse that can kill you if it simply hits you. My mother theorised that it forces the soul out of the body which is why you can't defend against it properly. Soul magic is dangerous and difficult. Voldemort used that curse to kill both my parents, but for some reason the curse didn't work on me. He lost his body and fled.

"I was then placed with magic-hating people, my mother's sister and her family, and I grew up abused and neglected. Thankfully my parents had taken precautions to help me, if I wasn't placed where they had wanted me to. The man that had led the fight against Voldemort had decided that he wanted me to become a weapon under his control for the time when Voldemort managed to get his body back. My parents sent me a crate with books on my family history, magical techniques and ninja arts when I was seven. It was triggered by my sharingan awakening. They also included a portkey, which is a magical travelling device, that took me to a safe house where a servant of the Potter family then looked after me and helped me get ready for the time when I started at the magical school they had also learned at," Harry continued his story.

"Hm, so far that sounds good, but what made you decide to come here if your parents made sure you had a good start in the magical world in your home country? I mean surely one man's actions and power alone wouldn't be reason enough to leave behind a country behind the veil as you said," The Hokage asked.

"The older generation in the English wizarding world is completely corrupt. My godfather, who should have raised me, was sent to prison on false accusations and never even got a trial to defend himself. All evidence against his guilt was ignored as false. On top of that Dumbledore, that's the war leader's name, tried to bind half of my magic and make me his puppet before I even started school. That was when I decided that as soon as I was strong enough and could do the jutsu, I would leave. I met Neville at school and at that time he was really timid thanks to his overbearing grandmother who crushed his spirit with her expectations that he should be a copy of her son Frank. Neville's parents were tortured to insanity by followers of Voldemort after he had disappeared. They wanted to find out his whereabouts. Neville's parents were like special policemen, which are called aurors. I got Neville to start training with me and over time he came out of his shell. When he coincidentally found out that his grandmother had planned to sacrifice his magic to restore his father to health, I told him about my plan. He decided to come with me," Harry said.

"I see. How far have you got in your abilities?" The Hokage asked.

"Well, Neville is a fully qualified healer, unofficially of course, and we both sat our graduation exams before we left to take away a way which Dumbledore could have used to get us back to Hogwarts. Normally wizards sit that test after seven years of education, but the only real requirement is having attended school for one year or having passed the OWLs, which is the first important test," Harry explained.

"How did you do that? If I understand you correctly you only spent one year at school." The Hokage asked.

"There is a special room at Hogwarts that uses time-manipulation if you ask for it. It can give you any kind of room and things like books, training dummies, weapons and so on. Nothing can be taken out of the room though that you or somebody else didn't bring into it. For example the room gave us books that were lost in time. We couldn't take them out, but we could use a copying spell that required the raw materials of the book. With that we had the books, even if the originals were mere products of the room," Harry answered, "I used the room from the start of the year and Neville joined me after returning from Christmas break. That's a really important celebration for families in winter and is about a month before the end of the first term of school. One day in the room was ten minutes outside so we got years of magical training in. We are both fully qualified wizards now. In ninja skills I think we have the basic level of a middle ranked ninja. I base that on the descriptions of my grandmother, though I don't know it for sure. Neville would probably qualify as a full medic nin and I as a fuinjutsu master," Harry pondered.

"We can easily test your level later on. You said you wanted to join Konoha, what would the village win from your settling here?" The Hokage asked.

"Well, if you allow us to join, Neville and I would like to join the ninja corps. Neville can do some shifts at your hospital and he would also like to learn more medical jutsus. I think in the last sixty years there would have been a lot of advances compared to what my great-grandmother wrote down. Both Neville and I know how to brew potions that would help healing ninjas from injuries faster than other methods are able to in many cases. We have brought about any magical plant and creature we could get our hands on with us, sealed in special transport boxes, which I sealed in stasis scrolls. That assures that we won't run out of potion ingredients. Neville can also do some research in plants that are native in the Elemental Countries to see if they can be used as well. He has a special connection to plants and they grow a lot faster than normal under his care," Harry said, "I have my sharingan and the abilities that come with it and can teach those that have talent in the art fuinjutsu."

"Yes, that would be a good addition. What about the adults in your group?" The Hokage asked.

"They are my godfather and Neville's parents. They are all fully qualified wizards. Once they are healed, they could join the civilian police in the village or help at the hospital by brewing potions. They were all trained as aurors," Harry answered.

"Alright, I think I can get our council to agree with you settling down here. There are some things you need to be aware of though. The Uchiha clan was nearly completely wiped out by one of their own a few years ago. Itachi Uchiha killed everybody except for his younger brother Sasuke, who is about your age, in one night. We haven't been able to catch him so far and if he finds out that you have Uchiha blood, he might target you," The Hokage warned.

"Can you give me a photo so I would recognise him?" Harry asked shocked hearing about the fate of his grandmother's clan.

"I'll send a chunin over with it later," The Hokage promised. "The Uzumaki clan meanwhile has been killed in the second Shinobi world war and the few survivors spread in all directions and hid their heritage. We have one descendant living in Konoha, his name is Naruto and he is also around your age."

"What about his parents?" Harry asked.

"Died in the Kyubi attack twelve years ago defending the village against the demon fox. I would like if you could try and get to know him a bit. He's quite lonely as the village blames him for the fox attack thanks to his birthday being the same day as the attack of the fox," The Hokage told Harry.

"I'll at least meet with him," Harry promised, knowing how much being an orphan hurt. Not to mention being blamed for something you had no control over.

"Good. How much space would you need for all your plants and animals?" The Hokage asked thinking where he could have the group settle down.

"It would be perfect if we could have a big compound where we can make sure that none of the animals we have can wander out of it. After all, they are mostly completely different to what you are used to. It would probably be good if I made sure that no curious person can get inside as well. I think that seeing a creature that's half eagle and half horse would frighten many," Harry pondered.

"A what?" The Hokage asked shocked.

"It's called a hippogriff. Quite nice to have around if you know how to handle it. The feathers can be used in blood replenishing potions, not to mention that flying on the back of one of them is incredible," Harry explained.

"I see that things won't be boring with you around. Which clan name do you want to use?" The Hokage asked.

"I think Uzumaki will work best, if the Uchiha clan was wiped out only a few years ago. Many won't know too much about the Uzumakis. It wouldn't be a problem if I made the other members of my group clan members, right?" Harry asked not knowing for sure.

"It's possible to adopt people into clans. And while normally the clan members have to share certain traits, I'm sure we can use your ability to use magic for that. I think I also have a good idea where you can set up your clan compound. There are parts of the village that were hit hard in the Kyubi attack and which were never fully rebuilt as the ones living there either moved in elsewhere with relatives or died without heirs. There is one big clan compound that once belonged to the Atamara clan. They died out about twenty years ago. The plan was to use the compound as a new business area, but after the Kyubi attack it was never realised. As we didn't need the space for houses, it was simply left alone. I could sell you the land for a good price and you can set it up to your liking," The Hokage offered, "Which brings up another concern. Do you need monetary support or can you buy the things you need yourself?"

"We're good. We took all the gold in our vaults in England that didn't need to stay in them with us and our three families were really wealthy. If you can direct me to a respectable exchange office we won't have any trouble," Harry answered.

"Your people pay with gold?" The Hokage asked surprised.

Harry nodded and took out one galleon.

"This is the biggest unit of the wizarding currency, called a galleon. It's pure gold and the ones issuing the coins are the goblins. It's part of a treaty that ended the last war against them. The next lower unit is a silver coin called a sickle and the last one a bronze one called a knut. Sickles are smaller than galleons and knuts smaller than sickles. The true value here is in the material of the coins." Harry informed the Hokage.

"Indeed. I would guess one of these gold coins would get you about five thousand ryo. To have an idea of the worth of a ryo, you need about twenty ryo to buy a whole bread," The Hokage gave an example and Harry calculated.

A galleon was worth around fifty pounds not considering the exchange rate of the Ministry. So five thousand ryo were fifty pounds, making one pound worth hundred ryo. A bread in muggle England normally cost about two pounds. Which meant that things were massively less expensive around here than in England. He could use that as a measure. Wizarding prices were screwed up anyway.

"Okay, that helps, Hokage Sama. How much would you ask for the compound?" Harry asked.

"Two million ryo. You can have a look at the compound before you decide of course. Part of the grounds are forest area, there is a small lake on it and large fields. There are only two small houses but with just five people for now you should get by and you can always build bigger houses as you like," The Hokage gave a basic description of the compound.

"So far that sounds really good. If it meets our needs, I'll take your offer. Now, would it be possible that Frank and Alice get checked by your medic nins? While Neville is great, he came up with the method to restore his parents after all, his knowledge of medical jutsus is limited as I said and I think with Konoha being a ninja village, your medics would know a lot about getting people back into shape after long periods of physical inactivity," Harry asked.

"That's no problem and I'll offer the same to your godfather. Now I just need the names of all your new clan members," The Hokage said and took out a form.

"Well, obviously the surname would be Uzumaki for us all. Hm, I can change my first name to Haru as it's quite similar to Harry, Neville can go by Nev officially. Sirius by Siri. I'm not sure about Frank and Alice though. I'll have to ask them as they need to have a name they recognise after they were in a basic coma for years," Harry pondered.

"I'll leave it up to you. If you change the pronunciation slightly Frank and Alica will work," The Hokage suggested.

"I'll tell them. When can we inspect the compound?" Harry asked, hoping that the compound would fit their needs.

"I'll call a chunin to show you the way and get the members of your group that need medical attention to the hospital," The Hokage promised.

"Thank you very much, Hokage Sama," Harry said bowing.

"You're welcome, Haru. Now concerning yours and Nev's introduction into the Konoha ranks, I think we can simply put you onto a genin team together with one of the new graduates from this year. The exams are in two weeks and from the current predictions of graduates, we have one more than we can put into three man cells. With you both not growing up in the elemental nations and neither of you having fighting experience, it would be best if you gained it under the tutelage of an experienced jonin. If you show that you have the skills for promotion, your jonin sensei will get instructions to nominate you for the chunin exams quickly. They are held every six months in different villages," The Hokage told Harry.

"That works for us. The only request I would have for a teammate is that it isn't an arrogant, introverted egoist. Nev and I can work with nearly all kinds of people except for that, because we suffered too much because of that kind of people," Harry said.

"That can be arranged," The Hokage nodded. The request wasn't too difficult to meet. "I suggest you get caught up on some history and geography, the rest you can learn over time," Harry nodded at the suggestion.

It was three hours after Harry's meeting with the Hokage and a chunin called Iruka was currently showing him and Neville around their soon to be new clan compound. The place was really perfect for their needs. They could set up all kinds of buildings that they would need for their creatures and greenhouses for the plants. There was more than enough space. Some of it would be turned into clan training grounds. For the price of twenty thousand pounds it was really a bargain. It probably was so cheap, because it was a good distance away from the other clan compounds that were inhabited and it needed massive repairs. But with a bit of magic, not to mention hordes of shadow clones and some house elves, they would have it up and running in at most a month.

"I like it Nev, what about you?" Harry asked.

"It's perfect for us. We can set up everything we need and the two houses that are inhabitable will suffice until we get a better one built. I can take one with my parents and you the other one with Sirius," Neville informed Harry.

"Great, then I will take care of signing the sales contract with the Hokage. The others are better off staying at the hospital for a week or so. Until we have at least the basics ready, it's better for them to get medical treatment around the clock," Harry stated.

Neville agreed with that sentiment.

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