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"Charlotte." Legolas rolled the name around in his mouth, giving it a strange sibilance. " What a… unique name. I have never heard it's like." Charlotte chuckled. "Well, I can't say that I have ever heard the name 'Legolas' either. Are you English or something? Your accent sounds that way." Legolas watched her curiously. " What do you mean, English?" Charlotte cast him a surprised look. "Wow, you must have lived a pretty sheltered life. You dress a bit strange, you carry a bow and arrow around, and you don't know what French is. I haven't met anyone like you before," she said, studying him. His clothing was dark, and seemed to blend in with the trees, and she noticed that the wind in the air seemed to favor him, leaving his hair untossed and perfectly straight. He seemed perfectly at home in his body, with a kind of feline grace that became evident as he lounged on the forest floor, although his eyes remained watchful and alert. Switching her gaze to the arrows in his quiver, she was surprised to find that they looked sharp and deadly, with the cold steel glinting in the sun. Grimly, she thought, I am glad I wasn't on the receiving end of those things. An image of herself falling with an arrow stuck in her side happened upon her mind, and she shuddered, pulling her legs in closer to her body. Embarrassed, Charlotte noticed that she was only wearing a pair of tights and a rehearsal skirt with a flimsy leotard. Trying to wipe the blush from her cheeks, she thought, It's not like I have anything to show, I can't even wear anything bigger than a training bra, due to all that cardio work at yoga. I haven't even had my period in three months ( and yes, dancer's bodies will sometimes stop having the "monthly monster" on the fact that many of them are so skinny). Shaking herself out of her own thoughts, she stood up and walked over to her duffel bag. " Well, I suppose it is time for me to be going," she said, hefting the bag over her shoulder. Turning around, she was surprised to find that Legolas had risen from the ground and was standing right in front of her. " I am sorry, Lady Charlotte, but I cannot allow you to wander around the woods of Rivendell alone. It is not safe," he said, gently grabbing her elbow and steering her around to face away from the path that she was aiming to travel down. Jerking her arm away, she thought, And this is where the stupid girl gets molested because she didn't run away when a guy with a bow started talking to her. " No, I really have to get back to my apartment."

"Once again you speak of things I know nothing of," Legolas said. Charlotte snorted. "Listen, for a few minutes I thought it was charming that you were so naïve about the world, Legolas, but now it's starting to creep me out, so I have to be going. Thanks for the medicine." Legolas watched her unbelievably. "On the contrary, I think that it is you, Lady Charlotte, who is unaware of the world around you." Impatience, then anger flashed across her features. "I live in New York, the crime capital of the U.S.A. I think that I can take care of myself." Legolas sighed. " I think that you are mistaken. This is Middle Earth. And I have never heard of a place called New York." Charlotte huffed in annoyance, pushing her hair away from her ears.

"Well, I…" But Legolas interrupted her. Hurrying over to Charlotte, he grabbed the hand that was tucking her hair away. "Why didn't you tell me that you were an Elf!" he barked out. Charlotte looked puzzled. "What? Oh, you mean my ears. Birth defect," she said, tracing a hand over them. She had always had pointed ears, ever since she could remember. The doctors had always said that it was nothing serious, just a mistake in the way the cartilage had formed, but she had always wondered why. It at least had made it easy to be a fairy for Halloween, and people had said that they looked cool. " I have had them for as long as I can remember. Are you okay?" Legolas was looking faintly ill. Muttering to himself, he said, "(We must get you to Lord Elrond as quickly as possible. This certainly complicates matters.)" Turning to face her, he said, "Please forgive me for my previous actions. I never would have drawn an arrow on you if I had known that you are glinnel." Charlotte pulled her hand out of Legolas', hiding it behind her back. " I told you I need to get home! This has been a trying day already." Using her duffel bag as a buffer in between them, she began to walk backwards. Legolas looked too preoccupied to notice the growing distance between them. Tiredly, he asked, "What can I do to convince you that I mean you no harm." Then the orcs attacked.


Legolas was able to spot them before Charlotte did. Drawing arrows faster than the human eye could follow, he fired them into the bodies of the howling creatures that surrounded them. Black blood spurted from their chests, and they crumpled to the ground, staining the grass with their blood. Letting their comrades fall the orcs leered at him, jeering Charlotte in their horrible tongue. Taking a chance, he looked over his shoulder to see how Charlotte was faring. Frozen in fear, she watched disbelievingly as the horrid creatures hissed at her. Turning back to the task at hand he kept shooting watching orc after orc fall. Reaching back to his quiver, he found that he was out of arrows. "Run!" he shouted, pulling Charlotte away from the orcs. That seemed to snap her out of her daze, and she sprinted alongside him, fear spurring her one. Weaving in and out of trees, they ran through the forest, hearing the guttural shouts of the orcs right behind them. Branches smacked them in the face, leaving thin red lines across the skin. Legolas cried out to the trees to speed them on their way, to tell the bowmen of Rivendell to come swiftly. Charlotte stumbled and he grabbed her arm to keep her from falling. Turning her face to him, he saw the tears coursing down it. She was terrified. As he ran, Legolas cursed himself. I should have brought two quivers of arrows. Now I am endangering this elleth's life for that stupid mistake. Spinning around he hurled the small blade he kept at his side into an orc's chest. He grinned in satisfaction. Drawing his last weapon, he started to throw it, then caught a small movement out of the corner of his eye; Charlotte falling, with a throwing knife stuck in her back, a look of utter terror twisting her features. Legolas caught her as she fell, bright red drops of her blood marking his tunic. Stupidly, he thought, She is so light. I can hardly feel her in my arms. An arrow whistled past his ear. I cannot outrun them, he thought in surprise. How strange. Spinning around to face them, he shouted one last time, a cry of utter despair. "Gurth goth (rim) Tel'Quessir!"


Charlotte was filled with pain. It choked her, raked long claws down her back, and coiled around that hot white coal burning in the small of her back. It was unlike anything she had ever experienced. This was nothing like the dull, throbbing pain of a pulled muscle or the sharp sting of a cut. This was agony, and it was so unbearable that her body went into shock, unable to feel so much. Charlotte watched her leotard, red from the blood, stain the arms that were carrying her. Dabbing her fingers in it she vainly tried to stop the flow, but only increased it, exciting the orcs chasing her. Suddenly exhausted, she leaned back against the sturdy chest behind her and fell into darkness. The last thought that crossed her mind was; I left my bag back in the clearing. It has my pointe shoes in it… I need those.


Legolas looked down onto Charlotte. Luckily she had fallen unconscious. It would give her some respite from the horror that was about to follow. Whipping his head up, he realized that the orcs were almost upon him. Gently placing Charlotte behind him, he snapped into a fighting stance, ready to be on the defensive. Sending up a quick prayer to the Valar, he began to move towards the orcs, swinging his hand down…. But before he could touch the orc, it halted, a surprised look on it's face. Then it fell forward, a sword stuck through it's belly. Behind it, a elf stood, wrenching his blade out of the body. Arrows from surrounding trees buried themselves in the remaining orcs, and they fell, one by one, sullying the forest floor with their stench. Woozy with wariness Legolas turned to thank the Rivendell Elfs. "(Glorfindel. Thank you. I am in your debt. Please. We must get this girl to Lord Elrond immediately. She is severely injured, and has no time to waste.) Gloryfindel turned to the elves, who brought Elvish Steeds out of the trees. Gently, Legolas lifted Charlotte onto the horse in front of him, then swung up behind her, careful not to jostle her wound. Supporting her, he began to gallop towards the walls of Rivendell as fast as he could, the elves beside him riding swiftly and silently. Their horses, realizing the desperate feeling resounding through their riders, pushed themselves hard, foam lathering their sides. The trees themselves realized the peril that the girl was in, and pulled away from the riders, taking care that their branches shouldn't sting them or unseat the Elves. Nearing the walls of Rivendell, the Elves dismounted and threw open the gates, letting Legolas ride through. He rode through many of Rivendell's gardens, choosing the fastest routes, not caring if Elves were disturbed by his horse. Racing to the stables, he handed the reins to a servant, not pausing for explanations, and lifted Charlotte bridal- style, running up to the Last Homely Home.

Note: Gurth golth (rim) Tel' Quessir= Death to the enemy's of the Elves!

Glinnel= Elf-kind

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