3: Party Favors

For the longest time, even after Eriol had left, Syaoran sat in Sakura's living room, in wonderment about why on earth Eriol gave him that bowl. It did have some unusual powers, and was somewhat rare, but still, Syaoran could not see what use it had. Eriol did have reasons for doing anything, really, and Syaoran could easily see Eriol giving Sakura the celestite orb, but he just couldn't figure out what use the bowl would have in the near future.

Crystals. Why was it always crystals? That seemed pretty trademark for a magic item.

'I'm home! Sakura?' Fujitaka, Sakura's dad, had come in through the front door an dropped his things by the umbrella stand.

'Hi dad!' Sakura called from the kitchen. She had finally gotten around to making snacks for herself, and Syaoran, as well as Kero, who seemed almost disappointed that Sakura didn't tell him that Eriol had dropped by. 'Guess what?' She asked as she raced from the kitchen to greet her father. 'Syaoran's come back!'

'Oh!' Fujitaka exclaimed, and looked to the couch. 'About time, too. You know, Sakura was, I think, starting to get a little upset...'

'Dad!' Sakura cried out and shook her head furiously. Fujitaka laughed and ruffled his daughter's hair before taking off his coat and bringing his things to his study. As he left, Kero came in, carrying about all that was physically possible for him to carry on a tray, and, surprise, all of it was food.

'You're going to share that, Kero.' Sakura said, her eyes narrowed. There was definitely a threat that would come after that if Kero didn't share. Fujitaka came back into the room and sat on a chair adjacent to the couch as Kero chowed down, leaving room for people to grab something if they wanted. Sakura found things very strange, even though it had been a long time.

Her dad had magic, and Sakura was trying to show him how to use it, but really her father's academic teaching abilities weren't genetic. Kero had helped out some, but in truth, they really didn't know what to do with her father. He had taken everything very well, though. He also seemed to have vague memories, nothing more than vague, but he still had the shadows of memories of Clow Reed's time, and that in and of itself was rather strange. Every once in a while, Fujitaka would go up to Sakura, and ask "Do you remember when..." and Sakura would have no idea at all what he was talking about. He would just laugh after that and tell her to forget it.

In many ways, though, it was good to have him know about everything. Since Yukito really didn't have any grandparents, as they were just false memories to keep Yue hidden, he decided to sell his house, and move in with Sakura. Yukito was hardly seen anymore, so there was almost always some corner in the house where Yue stood brooding about something or other. According to Kero, however, Yue had really loosened up.

Toya had moved out to go to college, but Sakura knew that he felt out of place with all of the magic in the Kinomoto house these days. He would visit on the weekends, though, on occasion, and no one knew how he did it, but he would convince Yue to sit at the dinner table with them, and even managed to get a few words out of him.

Sometimes, Sakura would come home to find that a few Cards had released themselves and decided to experiment in the kitchen, or even play... cards. Fujitaka would claim that "they used to do this all the time", so Sakura would look at him strangely then he would just laugh, and join them.

Tomoyo's "Kinomoto Archives" had more than tripled in size. She would drop by unexpectedly sometimes, camera in hand, and she would just sit for an hour and record whatever they were doing at the time, which, somehow, Tomoyo found absolutely fascinating. She knew that they would just openly use magic in the household, or sometimes by mistake, which she found worthy to fill three whole bookshelves full of.

'Dad, I wanted to know if we could... I guess, throw a little party, because Syaoran's back to stay. I just wanted to invite Tomoyo and maybe Toya even. Oh! And by the way, Eriol came by.'

A look crossed Fujitaka's face that Sakura had not seen her father use before. She couldn't put a name to it, but Syaoran's clairsentience bowl, which still sat in the coffee table, suggested that it was aqua blue. 'Oh. I haven't seen him since he left.'

'I hadn't either. He gave Syaoran that bowl thing there, and he gave me this.' Sakura held out the globe that Eriol had gotten for her.

'It's lovely.' Fujitaka said with a warm smile.

'I don't know how to use it, yet. He said that Kero or Yue would show me how. I also wanted him to come to the party. He seemed to know about it already, and he gave me his number in England. I think it would be neat to have everyone who knows about the Cards' -Sakura looked to a group of them, Cloud, Power, and Sleep, who were playing Risk! On the dining room table- 'all here. I'm sure we could all think up marvelous games to play, especially you, Syaoran, and Eriol because you two know so much about magic, and you probably know a whole bunch of games, right?'

Syaoran turned red and shook his head. 'I don't know any, sorry.'

'Well, that's okay. Hey, Kero, did you ever play any games that needed magic?' Sakura questioned, looking for ideas.

'Oh, sure,' Kero said, reveling in the attention. 'Clow would play these hideous games of hide-and-seek.' Fujitaka laughed knowingly as Kero told the tale. 'No one ever found him because he cheated every single time. He would go invisible, you see, and just stalk behind the unsuspecting seeker. And when Clow was seeker... oh, boy, look out. Because of all his magic, he could just sense where everyone was without even trying. There was still an incentive to keep playing it with him, just to see if you could beat his tactics.' Kero suddenly grew to a dramatic close by saying: 'To Clow, games meant war!'

Everyone laughed at that, even Syaoran, though he didn't do so for very long.

'What about you, Yue?' Sakura said to the figure in the corner. 'What games do you remember playing with Clow?'

Kero flew over to Yue and grinned devilishly. 'Aww... come on. I know you played games with Clow, so don't deny it!'

'I wasn't going to,' Yue said. Sakura swore that if Yue had ever been spiteful, then that was it. She could tell that, even though he hid it, Yue got satisfaction from Kero being wrong. It seemed very sibling to Sakura.

Yue took the smallest step forward and closed his eyes. 'He would play guessing games. He'd cast an illusion using a certain element to do so, and then I would guess which one.'

Kero gave a very blank look to Yue. 'That's not a game, Yue, although it was boring enough that you would think so. Those were sense sharpening exercises!'

'Hey, Kero, they still sound interesting.' Sakura said defending Yue. She was being honest. They did sound very interesting, although she barely knew how to use any magic at all outside the Cards.

'Well, Yue, why don't you tell them about the morning games Clow would play with you?' Kero said mischievously. 'Or shall I?'

Yue crossed his arms and stepped back into his corner.

'Fine. Well, on Saturday mornings sometimes, Clow and me would go into Yue's room while he was still asleep and we'd... wake him up...' Kero smiled widely. 'Clow stopped after he got it so that Yue was scared to go to sleep on Friday night.'

'That's a prank, not a game.' Syaoran said with a scoff.

Sakura looked a little shocked. 'Is it really true? That's terrible!'

'Don't forget, Keroberos, the... games... he would play with you.' Yue said calmly from the corner.

Syaoran smiled spitingly. He grabbed the chance to embarrass Kero. 'What games?' He asked Yue.

Yue looked soberly at Kero. 'The ones where Clow would put catnip down the sink, just for you.'

Sakura held back her laugh as she pictured Kero in his true form clawing at the kitchen sink, trying to reach the catnip at the bottom of the drain.

Yue continued. 'Or how about his fending games? Or-'

'Yue! Got it!' Kero cried. 'Just be quiet! You'll... you'll ruin my reputation!'

The faintest of smiles touched Yue's lips. 'His box games with you were amusing, too.'


Hee! How cute! Ahh, the humour of it all. Some of those games sound like... fun... How do you like the way I interperited how things would be, since Fujitaka knows about magic, now?